About Me

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Hey! Welcome to the weekly tool and thanks for visiting our website.

David Richard founded weekly tools in 2018. he is a formal mechanical engineer. he completed his graduation in 2009 from the University of Colorado Denver. now he is working for a well-known company. he is a prowed father of her little angel. David loves to spend time with his family.

In the weekly tools Blog, we mostly talk about tools that make our daily life easy! our vision helps people find the right tools for appropriate work.

As a mechanical engineer, it’s easy for David to explain the functionality of the tool. David tested most of the tools before writing a review. It helps him to learn something new and suggest the best product for you.

Do many people ask why David creates weekly tools? when David starts working in the early stage he faced may trouble. he believes every one opinion so he tries almost all the tools to do a simple task. then he realizes it’s not going to be working so he decides he write a review so people don’t suffer that problem that he faced.

As a result In 2018, David officially launched weekly tools! We believe this website will help you to choose the right product for your workshop and gives you an awesome buying experience.

We apologize we can publish a review every day but we try our best to publish a review every single week. if you want to know a specific product review feel free to contact David. he will try his best to send his opinion.

Thanks again for visiting our website and giving us your valuable time. Also, I have another blog obdcore.com. If you like our stuff don’t forget to like and share! have a nice day.