Type S Jump Starter Review

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There is no more overwhelming feeling than turning on your car engine and realizing the battery power is dead. Regardless of the distance, you drive per day; you might need a Type S jump starter at any point. Car batteries drain for many reasons; thus, having your potable jump-started gives rest of mind and safety.

There are varieties of portable units in the store, and we have lithium Type S jump starters for both professionals and car enthusiasts. We have a complete buying guide to enable you to choose the jump starter that will meet your specifications.

Type S Jump Starter Review

1. Brand: Type S Jump Starter

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The Type S jump starter is one of the best tools to start your dead battery. Trying to use the traditional jumper cables takes time and energy. The Type S jump starter gets your car going in a few seconds. Type S make features the next-generation lithium-ion technology. Lithium-ion performance is no match compared to traditional lead-acid batteries.

The jump starter comes with a smart jumper cable and includes an 8,000 mAh capacity power bank. They are more functional and can be charged as much as you want. Also, it serves for a long time before going off. This device features top-notch versatility. Most come with in-built USB, USB Type-C, and micro-USB outlets to charge your belonging such as smartphones, smart watches, or headphones on the go.

The rechargeable lithium-powered LED flashlight is installed in most Type S models. It has several flashlight settings such as hazard, flashlight, and strobe. It comes in handy when you need to change a car tire in the dark, search for keys on floorboards, flash a passing vehicle for help, and many more.

Best  S Jump Starter Review 

These battery techs are ultra-portable, compact, and lightweight for easy storage in available space. The weight is usually around 5 pounds, making them perfect and easy to handle. These models have exceptional value for money and still give most features as other premium-priced units.

Additional Parameters

When selecting a type S jump starter, you would like to find out other qualities that make it better than the traditional jump starter. Some of these fantastic features include LED lighting, USB ports, and a charge indicator. Also, some type S jump starter comes with an air compressor to help inflate flat tires.

  • Cranking: Considering this aspect of the jump starter is essential. Usually, the range of power released within 30 seconds is a factor for cranking amp rating.
  • Length of the cable: Cable length is dependent on your choice; choosing a lengthy cable is needful in accessing your vehicle’s battery terminal. We recommend a cable length of 12 feet.
  • Size: Considering the size is essential; however, most type S jump model features a portable size design. Regardless of the small size, it has a different weight; thus, you need to figure out the one you want.
  • Easy to operate: Considering an easy-to-manage jump starter is essential. Thus, before buying this device, check out if it is reliable and easy to operate. Check out the customer’s review for important information before purchasing the product. Through, the previous and current customers’ reviews, you will get to understand the pros and cons that come with the product.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Reliable and durable
  • Suitable for most engines
  • It has reverse polarity alarms
  • Suitable for charging electronic devices
  • It features a powerful power bank
  • Easy to operate


  • Expensive at high capacity
  • Overheats when used for a long period

2. Costo type S 8000 mAh Jump Starter

The Type S jump starter’s 8000mAh battery can start most 3 Litre and 6 Litre diesel automobiles and trucks. We like that all input and output connectors have rubber coverings. It’s IP64 splashproof that extends its operation in different weathers. 

If you make a mistake with polarity and/or get a short circuit, the jump starter will beep and reset the alarm. You’d get a long black battery clamp, which is reasonable for practical use. 

Once you put in the jump leads, the LCD screen will advise you on what to do. The LED light turns on after another power button is pressed. The light includes a flashing mode for use when you’re stranded.

Micro USB charging cable included. If you have a USB C, you can utilize that with this jump starter. Three USB ports charge the jump starter, iPhones, smartphones, and tablets. 


  • Ergonomic design
  • USB Connectivity
  • Large Capacity
  • Built-in guidance
  • Smart protection against incorrect polarity, over/under voltage, or short circuit
  • USB charging capability


  • Less versatile case
  • Limited inclusions

Features to consider before purchasing a Type S Jump Starter


An ideal type S jump starter is that which has a long-term serving capacity. It should have impact-resistant as this enhances the longevity of the jump starter.


Looking into the safety quality before making a purchase will keep your mind at rest. A suitable jump starter should be able to go off on itself or make a sound when the cable is not connected well.

This feature is a safety measure that helps protect your car. Hence, you should make it a priority to check on the reverse polarity as it is an important safety feature to consider.

Power output

This jump starter has different power outputs; thus, it is essential to check the power capacity of the device before making a purchase decision. Usually, the power output is measured by the current delivery amperage generated by the type S starter.

Power output

The range of power a jump starter releases is the maximum amperage. Therefore, purchasing a jump starter with powerful peak amps is vital in generating power to turn on your vehicle’s engine.

How to use Type S Jump Starter 

Before utilizing your Type S jump starter, ensure it is properly charged. Putting on protective gear before jump-starting a car is very essential. In addition, be sure the car is off and the keys are off the ignition. Allow a distance between the battery and the charger. Confirm if the battery charger’s voltage is in correspondence with the Type S jump starter. Before connecting the cable, it is crucial to recognize the negative and positive clips. Usually, red indicates positive while black means negative.

Check to confirm your type S jump starter is off before you connect the clips to the car battery. After connecting the type S jump starter to your vehicle battery, turn on the jump starter. After turning on your vehicle, do not crank your vehicle engine beyond 5 seconds. You might need a new battery if the car fails to respond after attempting 4 to 5 trials.

However, after starting the engine, ensure to put off your Type S Lithium jump starter and take out the black clip and then the red one.

How do you charge a type S jump starter?

Charging at home:

  • Insert the USB-C or Micro USB cable into a computer’s USB-A port. Fast Step 2: charging is possible with a 2A USB wall adapter.
  • Plug the USB-C or Micro USB Charging Cable into the Jump Starter’s Micro USB Port.
  • When charged, disconnect the Jump Starter. Not for long periods.
  • Unused jump starters should be stored safely.

Charging on driving:

  • Connect Micro USB charging cable to 12V USB Charger and the car’s 12V outlet.
  • Plug the Jump Starter’s Micro USB charging cable in.
  • When charged, disconnect the Jump Starter. Unused jump starters should be stored safely.

Type S Lithium-Ion Jump Starter Vs. Lead-Acid Jump Starter 

We have two main kinds of Type S jump starters, namely lithium-ion and Lead-acid jump starters. These two units feature a portable design, but the lithium-ion jump-starting device has lighter weight compared to the Lead-acid jump starter.

Lithium ion is expensive, but it has incredible power that makes it stand out. On the other hand, the Lead Acid jump starter has a heavier weight and provides more function compared to the lithium-ion jump starter.

Lead-acid jump offers some fantastic features like an air compressor perfect to inflate your vehicle’s flat tire. In addition, lead-acid makes are sturdy and long-lasting and this makes it the perfect choice for garage functions, better than the lithium-ion jump starters.


What is a Type S jump starter?

When a battery is dead or drained, the jump starter helps with a powerful charge to get your vehicle started. These portable devices can be kept in a grove box or a car trunk.

Are jump starters dangerous for your car? 

No, jump starters are perfectly safe. Ensure you follow the manufacturer manual for guidelines and always connect everything in the right way and manner.

 How do I repair my jump starter? 

Most problems are due to drained jumper batteries. If you own one of these units, you should charge it after each task. Charging times depend on o how much you use the jump starter, but usually, it takes 4 to 5 hours to charge fully.

However, make sure you charge your device every 3 to 4 months when you do not need it. It prolongs the life span of the unit.

How do I change my jump starter?

Charging this unit is one of the simplest tasks. Most models can be charged via a micro USB connection while you connect to any standard electrical outlet. The device features colored-coded LED lights that usually indicate when the battery is fully charged.

Do I hook up the positive or negative cable first? 

Connect the positive (red) cable first, and then connect the negative (black) cable. When removing the cable, disconnect the negative clamp before the positive clamp.

Can my jump starter be overcharged? 

No. You can’t overcharge a jump-start except the unit is damaged. However, the built-in circuitry should automatically turn off once the battery is fully charged.

How to Use Costco jump starter?

Please follow these steps:

  1. To use, push the mode button that will start on the device. It shows the battery percentage.  
  2. Connect the jump cable clamps to 3 pin port.
  3. Connect the red clamp to the battery’s positive terminal. Black clamp on battery’s negative terminal. Please connect the red clamp first.
  4. Turn on the ignition and start your engine

Final words

There are different types of Type S jump starters in store, and selecting the perfect option can be overwhelming. We have stated the essential factors you need to look into before buying a Type S starter. This rechargeable battery jump starter is an outstanding modern alternative to the old jumper cable that takes time and drains energy.

When choosing this device, look out for battery capacity and cranking amperage as your first consideration. Type S jump starters are a blend of value, functionality, and durability. There are built-in safety features such as reverse polarity and reverse connection.

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