Best OBD2 Scanner Under 100

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Auto technicians or specialists and car owners make use of OBD2 scanners to gain an understanding of the data collected from the internal system of a vehicle.SO that we discuss the best OBD2 Scanner under 100$.

These devices can get data relating to the car’s temperature, RPM, position, speed, throttle, etc. Most importantly, this device helps maintain your vehicle’s health by sending alerts by gathering information from the various internal sensors to correct the anomalies in any car.

There are two different kinds of OBD2 scanners available in the market: Code readers and scan tools. There are plenty of options available to the customer when they look for the best obd2 scanner under 100. To choose the ideal best budget obd2 scanner, the consumer must be aware of its significant features alongside its pros and cons to make an informed decision.

Top 9 Cheap Obd2 Scanners

Bafx Products Bluetooth Obd2 Scanner

This OBD2 scanner tool will work on all the cars purchased within the USA after the 1996 model. The highlight of this product is that it works on all OBD2 ports, and you can monitor the vehicle’s performance in real time.

It provides a two-year warranty from the manufacturer. It is available for $21.99 at many stores, so it can be considered an option for best obd2 scanner under 100.

Pors & Cons


  • The user can read and reset the check engine light appearing on your vehicle.
  • It works on all OBD2 protocols, including CAN and J1850, to provide full assistance.
  • It provides assistance in real-time for issues like O2 data, EVAP system, fuel pressure, and other car reporting protocols.
  • The best obd2 scanner with live data offers a huge application selection to the user, and they can choose from any OBD2 application like Dash Command, Torque pro, OBD Fusion, etc.


  • The device is not compatible with iOs devices like iPhones or iPads etc.
  • It has Bluetooth technology, making it an outdated device and only compatible with Android phones and laptops or PCs.

Autel AutoLink AL319

It is an error code reader with a “plug n play” feature and considered as best autel scanner in the OBD2 industry. It has a straightforward user interface that makes it usable by professionals and ordinary vehicle owners.

It supports Reading DTCs and uses live data streaming, I/M readiness, and Freeze-frame to evaluate the root cause of the lighting of the Check Engine light on your vehicle.

It can be considered OBD2 scanner under 100 given the vast features it has to offer. It also helps detect deep-rooted problems within the vehicle to avoid extensive costs incurred for the repairs that can be considered unnecessary.

Pors & Cons


  • It comes with a 12-month warranty.
  • It also offers a lifetime of free software update
  • The device is compatible with seven different languages like French, Spanish, and English, etc.
  • It provides accurate and rapid diagnosis on cars from all the world-class manufacturers.
  • It has a one-click I/M readiness key that enables users to use a TFT color display, LED indicator, and built-in speaker.
  • No batteries are required for the charging of this device. You plug it into your car or PC, or laptop, it will charge on its own.


  • The user manual provided in the box is not helpful enough to guide the users to use and apply different codes to evaluate the vehicle’s health.
  • Software update from the website is not that easy to install.
  • It may not be best cheap obd2 scanner under 100 as the users expect more code reading and added features.

ANCEL AD410 Enhanced OBD II

This device has wide compatibility with vehicles manufactured in the USA after the 1996 model. It also supports all OBD2 protocols like ISO9141, J1850 PWM, CAN (Controller Area Network), and KWP2000.

It is the choice of the consumers for best obd2 scanner under 100 at many car-buying websites. It requires no battery charger as it has a plug, and it gets power directly from the OBD2 Connector installed in the vehicle.

Pors & Cons


  • It is compatible with German, French, English, Spanish, Finnish, Russian, Portuguese, and Dutch.
  • It operates as it reads rapidly and erases the related codes once fixed on its own.
  • It turns off the MIL, i.e., check engine light.
  • It supports EVAP (Evaporative Control) and O2 sensors.
  • It has a 4″ TFT genuine color display to show precise results on the screen.
  • It has a Friendly User Interface, where the user can efficiently access Settings, OBD2 Diagnostics, DTC lookup and Review, and I/M readiness.
  • The Review and Print option makes it easy to save the diagnostics report and get it printed for use in the future


  • Difficult to read the device on Laptops or Personal Computers.
  • Poor hardware makes it a relatively cheap buy for the consumers.
  • The user manual provided in the box is not helpful enough to guide the users to use and apply different codes to evaluate the vehicle’s health.

Foxwell NT201 Orange

It is considered the best obd2 scanner under 100 given its features, easy UI, and affordable price. It is one of the few OBD2 scanners that can count as best budget obd2 scanner.

Various bloggers and other automobile websites recommend NT201 to appeal to the masses for its usability and affordability. It not only saves you the money for the unannounced repairs, but it also saves you time in detecting and diagnosing the potential problem in your vehicle.

It is a one-click smog check with an I/M Readiness key to see engine emissions and sensors. The device consists of 10 modes for OBD2 tests that can work on most domestic gasoline and imported vehicle models after 2006.

Pors & Cons


  • It has a 4′ TFT colorful LCD, which the user can enjoy while viewing the diagnostics data.
  • No battery is required. The user can plug in the OBD2 scanner directly to the vehicle to view diagnostics information.
  • Convenient for auto shop mechanics and even home users based on its easy-to-use UI.
  • Given its price, it can consider best cheap obd2 scanner as well.


  • The user manual provided in the box is not helpful enough to guide the users to use and apply different codes to evaluate the vehicle’s health.
  • Its limited compatibility with devices makes it challenging to get the software to upgrade.
  • It is a relatively slow device to read the codes given by the sensors on the vehicle.

OBDLink LX OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner


It is a high-speed scan tool that can potentially transform the user experience on a PC or a laptop, or smartphone through automotive and fast diagnostics on your vehicle’s health. It is a wireless device and installed with Bluetooth that makes it easier to use.

It can plug into your car’s OBD2 port without draining your car battery. It is also easily compatible with third-party applications to gain access to diagnostics information.

Pors & Cons


  • It is a high-speed diagnostic tool that makes its use relatively quick and easier for users.
  • It is compatible with third-party applications like Torque and DashCommand.
  • It comes with hacker-proof wireless security.
  • It is workable on most cars that came into the market after 1996 in the USA.
  • It also comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee for the users.
  • The most appealing aspect about the device is its 3-year repair or replacement warranty offered from the manufacturer’s end


  • It is not compatible with iOS devices due to its Bluetooth feature.
  • It does not support hybrid or electrically charged vehicles.
  • The device does not read live diagnostics data.
  • The device is comparatively prolonged in terms of usage and can take up to hours to read a single code from the engine sensors.
  • An overpriced product that fails to offer the high-end features but the other OBD2 devices are offering.


It is a professional vehicle diagnostic device for car owners and also for the mechanics at workshops. This obd2 scanner can easily read and erase codes with a built-in DTC dictionary with all DTC definitions allowing you to determine the straight cause of the check engine light on the vehicle.

It is also known to be strongly compatible with gasoline vehicles manufactured after 1996. It can be considered best obd2 scanner under 100 for the vast features it has to offer.

Pors & Cons


  • It supports all OBD2 protocols like KWP2000, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM, and CAN. 8.
  • It is available in various languages like English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, and German.
  • It has a unique one-click I/M readiness status design that makes the scanner easy to use for all vehicles.
  • It has Red-Yellow-Green LEDs to indicate the status of the vehicle.
  • There is a built-in speaker to give notifications in case of any fault or significant problem in the vehicle.
  • It testes for anti-shock and slips for its design. It can be used outside the vehicle while in motion or parked, as per the owner’s choice.
  • No batteries are required for the charging of this device. You plug it into your car or PC, or laptop, it will charge on its own.
  • The device has a free software update for a lifetime to fix the bugs and upgrade it to new parameters, which will make it easily compatible with future cars.


  • Regular updates are required before each use.
  • Not compatible with iOS and requires a Windows-compatible PC or Laptop.
  • It does not provide details and descriptions to each unique code which makes it unclear to the end-users.

TOPDON AL300 All OBD2 Functions Scan Tool

It is known for its I/M readiness status that enables the users to identify the issue or problems detected from engine emissions quickly. It will help save repair costs, and it is compatible with the majority of the OBD2/CAN/EOBD- compliant cars all over the world.

This device provides real-time sensor readings from emissions/ mph/ rpm/ fuel trim/ mass airflow and O2 sensors. It has plenty of features to offer to the users at a reasonable price. Some consumers consider it the best obd2 scanner under 100 for the affordable price in the market. All you have to do is plug in this device and drive The rest will provide the diagnostics information.

Pors & Cons


  • The device detects faults in advance in the vehicle to help the owner deal with extensive repair costs.
  • It is compatible with OBD2/EOBD/CAN protocols all over the world.
  • It receives Real-time sensor readings from RPM/MPH/emissions/o2 sensors and mass airflow.
  • It is a small and compact reader that does not require any added expertise to operate and use.
  • It has a 12-month product guarantee with a quick guide to starting up with a manual having full details and descriptions.
  • The company offers 24/7 customer support in case any issue may arise.


  • It has a recurring issue in removing codes.
  • Not easily compatible with all models and makes of vehicles within and outside the USA.
  • Sometimes it faces the issue of reading codes

Autel MaxiAP AP200

It is known for its high compatibility due to the effectiveness of the Bluetooth technology installed in it. This Autel AP200 is easily adaptable for iPhone and Android smartphones. It can be considered the best autel scanner with suitable OBD2 functions that can use to assess any vehicle’s health. This OBD2 scanner has BT4.2 connectivity that ensures its connectivity to be more stable and easier to use.

Pors & Cons


  • It offers a 12-month warranty for its hardware against any manufacturing or material defects.
  • The device is easily compatible with newer vehicles with OBD2 protocols.
  • It is suitable for iPhone and Android
  • It can download for a lifetime.
  • It is The best auto scanner with stable connectivity.


  • Users are unable to find the upgraded version for Android phones on the Google Play store.
  • The software is difficult to understand for ordinary users.
  • Inability to run tests that may be required in one vehicle but may differ in another car.

Autel Code Reader Diaglink (DIY Version of MD802)

ice can read live data streams, and it is also able to freeze-frame. It resets the brake pad thick that may be required in some manufacturers and models of automobiles. It also supports as many as ten modes with the latest OBD2 test specifications like Reading codes, live data, freezes frame, O2 test, Component test, and I/M Readiness. The device also turns off the ECU and the brake lights as it effectively reads the codes and erases them from the system. It is the best obd2 scanner with abs and srs.

Pors & Cons


  • It is an all systems diagnosis capable of assessing every module in the vehicle system like Engine, ABS, SRS and Transmission, Oil Reset, and OBD2 Scanner.
  • This device is the best autel scanner which customizes from MD802 complete systems.
  • It accepts a wide range of codes that enables the system to read and clear all systems effectively.
  • It provides a 12-month warranty for the hardware.
  • It also ensures that the user gets free lifetime software updates on the device to be compatible with updated models of vehicles


  • The device faces issues in upgrading, and without an upgrade, it is not likely to operate on a vehicle.
  • Inability to perform appropriate functions on the vehicle when it is required.
  • The user has to purchase new software for each new car. It is not a feasible option if the owner wishes to use it on different vehicles.

Buying Guide 

What Can an OBD2 Scanner Do?

The best OBD2 scanner with live data can provide an appropriate diagnosis of the problems and issues in the vehicle based upon the data collected from its sensors. It can use to troubleshoot the service codes and also to clear the codes.

There are various conditions within the vehicle that enable the check engine light to stay on forever; it is due to these OBD2 scanners that can reasonably clear the codes quickly. The customer when they look for the <best obd2 scanner under 100 then they choose the ideal best budget obd2 scanner for them.

The best budget scanner is the one which provides ample features to the user with regular free software upgrades, and easy compatibility with vehicles of all makes and manufactures altogether, like the Autel AP 200, which is also the  auto scanner alongside being best affordable  obd2 scanner.

What is the best budget obd2 scanner?The Best Budget obd2 scanner


If you are on the lookout for best budget ob2 scanner under 100, then we recommend you to select the one from the list that best fits your need;

  1. BAFX OBD2 scanner for Android devices only
  2. Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD2 Scanner Automotive Engine Fault Code Reader
  3. ANCEL AD410 Enhanced OBD II Vehicle Code Reader Automotive OBD2 Scanner
  4. OBDLink LX OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner for Android and Windows
  5. Foxwell OBD2 Auto Code Scanner & Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool
  6. SEEKONE OBD2 Scanner Tool for All OBDII Protocol Cars Since 1996 (Upgraded SR860)

What’s the difference between an essential code reader and a scan tool?

A basic code reader is mainly a simple version of the scan tool, but it can only perform basic scans on the trouble codes. On the other end, a scan tool can read and clear the trouble codes in the vehicle.

It may also provide an advanced reading of codes with appropriate playback features, diagnostic procedures, and built-in testing systems.

The best OBD2 scanner is Innova CarScan Pro 5210, based upon its up-to-date features that make car data available at the user’s fingertips with its advanced hardware and easy-to-use user interface.

How we test OBD2 scanners?

Test best obd2 Scanner

You want to know which OBD2 scanner is the best OBD2 scanner and which one is best budget OBD2 scanner for your vehicle. You plug it in your car and come to know if it is compatible with your car make accordingly.

Why buy the best obd2 scanner with live data?

Best Obd2 scanner with live data is the one that enables the user to view the diagnostics information while the engine is on, and the user may be driving the vehicle as well. It helps identify the root cause of a potential failure or fault within the vehicle’s engine or other sensors altogether. It helps gain information while the car is running, potentially giving a better understanding to the user.


Where is the OBD-II port?

The OBDII port locates behind the latch, and it may contain a protective cover. When any OBD2 device is required to get plugged in, the user must open it up to reveal the port and plug in the widget to get it started.

Is my OBD-2 scanner compatible with Apple products?

The majority of the obd2 scanners are not compatible with Apple products. Autel AP200 is easily adaptable for iPhone and Android smartphones, and you can try it with this particular OBD2 device.

How do I know that the OBD2 scanner is compatible with my vehicle?

Almost every obd2 device has a return and refund policy, and you can try the obd2 scanner on your vehicle and see if it is compatible with your vehicle model and make accordingly.

Can I use the same OBD-II scanners as mechanics use?

The best OBD2 scanner under 100 does not imply whether a professional or a regular car owner should use it. Users must look for the best obd2 scanner with abs and srs that provides full features and supports the relevant car make and model altogether.

What is an OBD2 Scanner?

An OBD2 scanner helps you gain first-hand information on the potential faults and problems occurring in a vehicle.

What Problems Can an OBD2 Scanner Detect?

An obd2 scanner helps in detecting the different inconsistencies that may occur in a vehicle. It can read trouble codes that receive from the ECU, the onboard computer system in cars. These readers also receive data from car emissions, rpm, mph, engine emissions, and numerous other sensors.

Who Should Buy an OBD-II Scanner?

Anyone who wishes to save on the extensive repairs on their vehicles that may appear unannounced should invest in scanner under 100 to beware of the faults and problems in the car.

Which is the best obd2 scanner under 100 for the consumers?

According to the consumer’s feedback, BAFX Products Bluetooth Diagnostic is the best obd2 under 100 based upon the wide range of features it has to offer.


If you are looking for the best OBD2 scanner under 100, you have several options from which you can make an informed decision. The best budget obd2 scanner for your vehicle is the one that is compatible with your vehicle’s make and model.

You should run tests on your car with the appropriate OBD2 device before deciding and do ample research to end up with best cheap obd2 scanner that provides you with the best features.

Since this one device can save a considerable amount spent on repair, it is a pretty hectic task to pick the best one and the one that is best affordable obd2 scanner for the masses.

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