About Foxwell NT706 Automotive Diagnostic Tool

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Are you looking for a reliable OBD2 diagnostic tool to analyze and troubleshoot your car? If so, I would recommend you invest in the Foxwell NT706 scanner. This device can help you find out what is wrong with your car, where the problem is, and how to fix it. Today, I will share some of my experiences with the Foxwell NT706 scanner. So please keep reading on for more information.

Foxwell NT706 Automotive Diagnostic Tool

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When I unboxed the Foxwell Scanner NT706, the first thing I noticed was the size and weight. It is a much smaller tool than other scanners because I can take them everywhere.

The Bluetooth connectivity makes this scanner stand out from the rest of them. So, you may link your phone or tablet to it over Bluetooth to access data. It’s perfect for working on your car in remote locations where there isn’t any cell phone service. This tool saves you hours trying to diagnose a problem by not having service while in those places.

I had a chance to test the scanner in my driveway, where I wasn’t having any problems with the car. It was a matter of checking things like the battery voltage and clearing out some check engine codes. All the functions are very easy for me to access and use, so I could find everything I needed quickly. I recommend turning this feature on because you’ll need it if you want to read anything in direct sunlight.

The Foxwell NT706 has some great features and benefits with a few drawbacks. Before I go through the NT706’s drawbacks, I’d like to highlight some of its positives.


  • The scanner is easy to carry anywhere you go.
  • It’s easier to use in conjunction with your phone.
  • You can view both analog and digital readings of your car.
  • The scanner is fast and accurate.
  • It connects via WiFi and connects to your phone or tablet.


  • The volume level when using headphones is low and may need to be increased for some people.

Main Features

If you are looking for a car scan tool compatible with all the latest electronic systems, Foxwell NT706 Can be the best choice. So let’s dig into its main features.

1. Live Data

Live data is the ability of the scanner to read and record the real-time information of your engine. The user can check the data and see it for all vehicles on the screen. This information is crucial for people looking for a problem with their car because it explains how it operates and what might be wrong.

2. Smart Scan

This smart scan feature allows you to pinpoint the most critical data. The feature is perfect when you want to do preventative maintenance on your vehicle. This scan can be useful in finding out your fuel level and cooling system, enabling you to fix potential problems with your car right away.

3. Full OBD II Functions

The full function of the OBD II can monitor and diagnose various aspects of your vehicle. For example, it can tell you the air conditioner adjustment state, throttle position, and other things. This scanner can tell you what’s wrong with your car, allowing you to take it to a mechanic.

4. Wide Vehicle Coverage

NT706 is a complete scanner that you can use on various vehicles. It can read and record any data from most vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, and even RVs. This function allows anyone to use the scanner on the spot and check if the issue persists.

5. Diagnostic Report

This feature will allow you to learn what is wrong with your vehicle. It comes with up to 100 reports that can be printed and put into the glove compartment for future reference. It will keep you from asking mechanics what is wrong with your car because it saves you time and money.

6. One-Click WiFi Update

The NT706 scanner will make updating the app as simple as one click. You won’t have to worry about updating the app because it will do so automatically once connected to WiFi. The manual update feature can be used if you want to update your software without doing it online

Advance Features

This scanner also comes equipped with a large high-definition touch screen that makes reading data easier. I would like to introduce you to some of its advanced features this time.

1. Advanced Datastream Graph

The Datastream graph will show you real-time data in easy-to-read graphs so you can diagnose your car. It allows you to check the vehicle’s codes before leaving your home and determine if your car has a problem.

2. ABS

NT706 scanner also has an intelligent ABS code display, detecting and displaying any current codes within your vehicle. It can be very useful because it makes it easier to check if your car is in trouble or not before you get into your vehicle.

3. SRS

SRS is a system that detects if your car has any faults with the seatbelt, such as the presence of a fault code. It works in conjunction with ABS and Traction Control, and if any issues arise, you will likely notify you.

4. Transmission Diagnostics

The scanner also has transmission diagnostic features that reveal information about your transmission. It can use to check for any issues that could cause a major problem in your car. Using this scanner in your vehicle will help you determine if the problem is within your vehicle’s engine.

What’s the difference between Foxwell Nt706 vs. Nt716

Foxwell nt706 and nt716 are very similar diagnostic tools. You can not see the difference in quality. But nt706 is less expensive than nt716. Here I introduce two models for you to choose from.

Difference Foxwell NT706 Foxwell NT716
Graph Type Single & Multi-graph Type Single
Merges 4 Pids Yes Yes
Weight 3.42 pounds 1.92 pounds
 Auto VIN Yes Yes
KO Arm system Yes No
Oil light Reset No Yes
Error Fault Code Reader Yes No
Battery Voltage Monitor No Yes


How do I merge live data in a graph?

You can drag and drop live data from one graph to another to merge it.

Is Foxwell NT706 tool can turn components on and off?

No, it can’t. It can only detect faults and give you some information about certain engine parts, like how much oil is left.

Doe the Foxwell NT706 scanner tell you the cause of error codes?

The scan tool NT706 doesn’t tell you the cause of error codes, but it does give you a high-level overview of the code. It’s a bit like looking at a computer screen.

How do I reset my nt706 it has a password I set but forgot from not using it?

If you forget your password, please enter the following key sequence to reset it. Press and hold both the Power button and the Reset button for 10 seconds.


The Foxwell NT706 automotive scanner is a great tool for inspecting your car. It is easy to use and has many features that make it a great choice for car mechanics. Don’t forget to research before making your purchase of any diagnostic tool. If you are looking for any automotive scanner that does more than basic diagnostics, this would be a perfect choice.

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