How To Fix P0171 Code (Symptoms, causes & Repair)

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The P0171 code means the fuel system is running weak, or a vacuum leak exists. The car’s engine displays the P0171 error code if it receives too much air or too little fuel.

P0171 define: System Too Lean (Bank 1) [system is running weak or a vacuum leak exists]

P0171 Code Symptoms

P0171 Code Symptoms

If it is not possible to diagnose the symptoms of the disease, it is not possible to diagnose the disease. Also, be aware of the problems that can be seen if the fuel system and vacuum leak.

  • First of all, your car will lose power. You will notice that its efficiency is not the same as before.
  • Check the engine light. You will notice the light is going up and down.
  • You will notice that starting the engine can be harder than before.
  • The P0171 arrow code can often cause chaos inside the engine.
  • In many cases, the engine may die
  • If the code is not resolved for a long time, You may severely damage the catalyst converter or the vehicle.

Error code P0171 causes

P0171 causes

Some important factors in the vicinity of the car engine cause the fuel system to run weak, or a vacuum leak exists.

  • Vacuum leak faulty injector which may cause fuel system is running weak, or a vacuum leak exists
  • It is also caused by a weak fuel pump
  • Faulty fuel pressure regulator may display this arrow code
  • This problem is often caused by faulty sensors such as oxygen sensors and mass airflow sensors.

How would you get the code P0171 if you were a car mechanic?

pressure sensor

There are no other problems in your car, and you are ready. You can easily detect vacuum leaks with a vacuum gauge. The hosepipe produces a hissing sound whenever your car engine is turned off. It is possible to get some ideas through this.

  • Easiest way is read this trouble code with an Obd2 scanner
  • Mechanics immediately test the fuel pressure sensor and MAF sensor with pressure gauge. MAF is the monthly airflow.
  • The air and fuel ratio of the car should be 14.6: 1. But this error code will show whenever its value changes. So the mechanics tested the vacuum and the fuel pressure.
  • If the problem is not identified even after these tests, test the mass airflow sensor and the oxygen sensors.
  • If any one of these tests is faulty, the mechanics can understand a problem. If you are not worried, then you have to take the idea of the problem of the power train control module.

Why is the P0171 code serious for your car

If this code is found on a vehicle, You will reduce its efficiency. If the ratio of fuel to air is not right, the waste will increase.

You will waste your fuel more, and the engine will not get more power than before. There is less power than before.

So once you have identified the code, find out the solutions without delay. Otherwise, the code is stored in its power train control module, but that car’s engine will not run well.

What can I do to fix the code P0171

fix the code P0171

repair the code P0171

If you are a mechanic, you can easily solve the P0171 arrow code by following the steps below.

  1. If you notice a fault between the pump and the fuel filter, you can replace them.
  2. You can also change the fuel pressure regulator. The problem is supposed to be solved through this.
  3. If not, you can replace the powertrain control module
  4. You can replace the oxygen sensor and the airflow sensor with new ones.
  5. Changed more than one injector.
  6. If you repair the vacuum leak in the hose, the airflow will be normal.

Most important point you follow when trying to resolve this code:

  • Do not read the manufacturer’s manual
  • looking for any technical service bulletins
  • Store the code and drive it, so fix it quickly.

Note: This type of obd2 scanner will help you to find this error code

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