Foxwell NT644 Elite Review

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The Foxwell NT644 Elite is best suited for technicians, workshops, and auto enthusiasts. The OBD II scanner is designed by the most renowned industry experts. It can provide an easy diagnosis to approx all electronic control modules. It supports many service functions like EPB, Oil light reset, BRT, DPF, SAS, TPMS, Battery Configuration, ABS Bleeding, TPS, etc.

The scanner comes with a durable rubber case and has a great user experience. It is capable of printing, recording, and playing real-time data. The Foxwell NT644 Elite has maintenance features to add upon. There is no doubt that the device will meet all your expectations.

Another diagnostic scan tool you can grab is known as Foxwell Nt634

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Foxwell NT644 Elite In-depth Review

The scanner is an ideal device for auto-technicians, workshops, auto-enthusiasts, and repair shops. The compatibility of the device is competitive in the auto-diagnostic tool market. 19+ maintenance functions and 10+ OBD II functions showcase their importance for your workshop. Added features like Data playback, printing and, live data streaming with lifetime update trigger you to have one and have new beginnings at your workshop.


  • It has an Instinctive interface and friendly navigation.
  • It has 19+ commonly used maintenance service functions.
  • It is compatible with 60+ automotive brands and over 1000 models.
  • It has 10 OBD II service functions.
  • The scanner is able to show the transmission oil temperature.
  • It has an in-built DTC library to answer all the potential queries.
  • It can be a great start for beginners and newbies.
  • It reduces the probability of potential errors by providing proper guidance through an extensive array of functions.
  • The Foxwell NT644 Elite can conduct deep inspections like SRS, ABS, HVAC, Transmission, Wiper System, Emission System, etc.
  • It can conduct full system diagnosis compatible for all ECMs which includes electrical systems, drive, body, and chassis.
  • Common trouble codes are fixed by utilizing a wide range of maintenance functions
  • The ECU performance of the scanner is good.
  • It has an Auto VIN application which plays a substantial role in the overall performance of NT644.
  • The scanner supports both English and Spanish.
  • It also can diagnose specific components of the vehicle.
  • It gives the liability of visual illustrations in the form of graphs and text.
  • The scanner is also able to perform injector coding.
  • The Foxwell NT644 Elite also offers Gear Learning feature.


  • It offers limited connectivity.
  • You won’t get updates or report printing features if you are operating on Mac Systems.
  • The Update installation process can take several hours.
  • Moreover, the inspection procedure can take a few minutes which is frustrating at times.
  • The Foxwell NT644 Elite doesn’t support the actuator tests.
  • The Foxwell NT644 Elite is not supported by larger SD cards.
  • The NT644 vehicle scanner won’t perform transmission fast learning.
  • The scanner also doesn’t have the Airbag reset feature.
  • The NT644 Elite is also not capable of EVAP testing.

Top Features

1. Read and clear codes

The detailed Foxwell NT644 Elite review illustrates that the device is capable of reading and clearing Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs). It locates the fault sources and clears them to turn off MIL afterward. The OBD II scanner will read your vehicle data and regulate the tested control unit. It is effective for VE data (graph) and deep analysis.

2. Live Data Streaming

While conducting a Foxwell NT644 Elite, you will find that it can perform live data streams for a variety of vehicles.

3. OBD II Functions

This scanner supports EOBD/OBD II car protocols. Moreover, it can execute 10 OBDII inspection modes. These modes cover clearing DTCs, freeze frame, reading error codes, live data, O2 monitor test, DTC lookup, Onboard monitor test, I / M readiness, and vehicle data.

4. Maintenance Service Functions

The Foxwell NT644 Elite offers approx 19 most commonly used service functions such as DPF, Oil Light Reset, TPMS, TPS, BRT, ABS Bleeding, odometer, Gear Learning, clutch adaptation, injector, CVT, A / F trim, seat match, PRIME fuel pump, window, turbo, and language change.

5. Compatibility

The scanner shows fair compatibility. It is capable of diagnosing over 60+ vehicle brands and 1000+ models.

6. Deep Examinations

The Foxwell NT644 Elite performs deep inspections for the entire automotive mechanism like SRS, ABS, HVAC, Transmission, Wiper System, Emission System, Power Voltage, Body, Chassis, etc.

Advance feature

1. ECU coding

The Foxwell NT644 Elite can execute ECU operations.

2. User-Friendly Experience

The Foxwell NT644 Elite has a wide range of functions which is quite impressive. Apart from it, the way it guides its user is where this scanner is separated from the crowd.

Glancing at the main menu, the first option you will find is the Auto VIN application. This function enables the scanner to discover the vehicle’s data operating and calibrating accurately.

After collecting data on the vehicle, the Foxwell NT644 diagnoses vehicles in a beginner-friendly environment. The user can execute a full-system Scan as well as isolate a specific control module for inspection.

3. Visual Inspections

The freeze frame data whether a post or live scanning is readily accessible. Moreover, the data is also saved for later operations. There are three different types of graphs and text to check the performance of specific modules. The scanner is usually hooked to a printer for getting hard copy records or micro SDs are used to store the information.

Foxwell NT644 Elite Review vs Foxwell NT608 Pro Review

Foxwell NT644 Elite Review vs Foxwell NT608 Pro Review

Brief Overview

The main differences between NT644 Elite and NT608 Pro are presented below:

  • The Foxwell NT644 Elite has 19 service functions like CVT, BRT, DPF, Gear learning, EPB, Injector, Oil reset, Odometer, SAS, TPS, TPMS, PFP, Bleeding, AFA, Seat match, Clutch, Windows door, Lang_Change, and Turbo, etc.
  • NT608 Pro has 25 maintenance services with additional functions like EPB Service, Oil Light Reset, DPF Coverage, Battery Configuration, Steering Angle Sensor (SAS), Throttle Body Alignment, CVT, Injector Coding, Gear Learning, and TPMS, etc.
  • Features like Headlamp, Tcm Oil, and Transmission Adaption are not present in NT644 Elite.
  • NT644 Elite is not capable of changing the tire size.
  • NT644 Elite does not execute EVAP testing operations.
  • Both scanners offer free lifetime updates.

Detailed Comparison

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    NT680 Pro
Reads and Clear Codes Yes Yes
OBDI and OBDII Compatibility Yes Yes
Freeze Frame Data Yes Yes
Oil Light Reset Yes Yes
EPB Service Yes Yes
ECU Information Yes Yes
ABS Bleeding Yes Yes
Battery Registration Yes Yes
DPF Regeneration Yes Yes
TPMS Yes Yes
Turbo Yes Yes
Clutch Yes Yes
Gear Learning Yes Yes
AFA Yes Yes
Headlamp Yes
Tcm Oil Yes
Change Tire Size Yes
Airbag_Reset Yes
Transmission Adaption Yes
Evap Test Yes
Control Module Programming/Coding
SAS Yes Yes
Injector Coding Yes Yes
Quick Hotkeys Yes Yes
CVT Yes Yes
Screen Size FTF 4.3′ Color screen FTF 4.3′ Color screen
Multilingual Support Yes Yes
Vehicle Coverage Covers 70 brands with 19 service functions Covers 70 brands with 25 service functions
Works On All Electronic Systems Yes Yes
Odometer Yes Yes
PFP Yes Yes
Seat match Yes Yes
Windows door Yes Yes
Reads Live Sensor Data and Graph Yes Yes
Oil Light Reset Yes Yes
Language Setting Yes Yes
Updates Lifetime free updates Lifetime free updates

What is inside the Box?

The Foxwell NT644 Elite comes with a durable rubber box. The things included with the package are:

  • Rubber Case
  • Bi-directional Elite Scanner
  • Plug-in Cable
  • User Guide
  • Little Cable for Updating your Scanner


Does the scanner work on the 1996 xj12 Jaguar and 2012 Jeep with 2015 ram?

It’s a yes! The OBDII Foxwell NT644 Elite scanner will work with 2015 RAM, 2012 Jeep, and 1996 xj12 Jaguar. Still, for the 1996 xj12 Jaguar, manual selection is required. There is an option named “Jaguar–Manual selection–Other Vehicle”, and then choose it. Observe the 6 digits after VIN.

Does the scanner support bidirectional control?

The Foxwell NT644 Elite does not support bidirectional control. You can look for other options like think tool mini if you want legit bi-directional support.

The Included software of NT644 will execute Full System Diagnosis for approx 94 car makers. It has 28+ maintenance functions. Moreover, it also offers wireless connectors and Lifetime free updates.

Apart from it, the Optional software can perform ECU coding and Bi-directional tests(worth 49.95 USD/year for each vehicle brand). This feature can be activated with your consent.

Will the odometer feature of the device support different brands?

Unfortunately, it’s a NO! The odometer won’t support different brands. For more details contact the makers.

Will Foxwell NT644 Elite fix the throttle body of the 2003 Honda CR-V?

Yes, this OBD II scanner will reset the throttle body of the 2003 Honda CR-V.

Will the scanner work on Volkswagen eos 2008?

  1. Yes, NT644 is capable of working on Volkswagen eos 2008. It will read and fix faulty codes.

Will the scanner support Espanol?

Yes, this OBD II scanner supports both English and Spanish.

Does it work with Chevrolet 2003?

Yes, FOXWELL NT644 Elite vehicle scanner will work on Chevrolet 2003. In case of any problem during the inspection, contact the makers.

Will the scanner work for Subaru WRX 2015?

Yes! The Foxwell NT644 Elite scanning diagnostic tool is able to execute operations on this car.

Will Foxwell NT644 be able to illustrate the transmission oil temperature of honda pilot 2017 (9at)?

Definitely, the scanner will present the transmitting oil temperature of your car.

Must the engine light glow to execute an in-depth diagnosis of the vehicle?

The NT644 Elite scanner is used for diagnosing operations and doesn’t depend upon checking if the engine light is turned on.

Will the device support larger sd cards than 16GB?

Unfortunately, the current version of the scanner is not available for larger SD cards.

Do they come with a screen protector for safety concerns?

NO! Currently, the protective case and cables are part of the package instead of the screen protector.

Will Foxwell NT644 Elite support 07 dodge charger, to read HVAC codes, to fix the steering angle, and BCM?

The Foxwell NT644 Elite vehicle scanner is able to read BCM and HVAC codes on an 07 dodge charger.

Unfortunately, the scanner is not able to reset the steering angle for your vehicle. If you face any issue in testing contact the makers.

Will the Foxwell scanner offers the code meaning?

Yes, the Foxwell NT644 will provide you with the meaning of the code.

Will the Foxwell scanner adjust the speedometer on my Ford F250 2003 for sizable tires?

Unfortunately, the Foxwell NT644 Elite review concludes that the scanner won’t fix the speedometer of your car.

Is NT644 Elite a perfect replacement for NT510 Elite?

The Foxwell NT644 Elite is not a perfect replacement for the NT510 Elite. Apart from other things, the Foxwell NT510 Elite operates with actuator testing which the NT644 Elite does not support.

Does the NT644 scanner execute transmission fast-learning?

Unfortunately, the NT644 scanner is not capable of performing transmission fast learning.

Will the scanner support hybrid batteries?

The current version of the Foxwell NT644 Elite vehicle scanner is capable of supporting this function. But, contact before buying and give the details of the brand and model to confirm.

How can we convert the temperature from the Celsius scale to Fahrenheit?

The temperature scale can be converted from Celsius to Fahrenheit by going under the menu and clicking the “setting” option. The Foxwell NT644 Elite is a full system diagnostic tool with 19 service functions.

Final Word

Hopefully, this Foxwell NT644 Elite review clears all the ambiguities present in your mind. So, this is your moment. Get your NT644 Elite now and make your workshop/toolbox worth it. The scanner won’t cost you much and bring revolution to your professional career.

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