What Is The Obd2 Connector?

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The OBD2 is a connector that comes in a trapezoid shape and allows any kind of code reader for an OBD2-equipped vehicle. OBD2 matches the 1996 gasoline-powered vehicles and 2008 diesel vehicles as well. It is usually necessary to access your vehicle’s computer for diagnosing purposes. Using the OBD2-II port, you will be able to communicate with your vehicle directly.

But the location of your OBD-II can vary from vehicle to vehicle. In general, it is located below the steering wheel so that the driver can reach it easily. Still, if you don’t find the OBD-II of your car, check out the manufacturer’s guide.

Why Is My OBD2 Port Not Communicating?

Why Is My OBD2 Port Not Communicating?

Three certain reasons can cause this severe problem, and if you don’t fix them, you won’t get your OBD-II facilities. However, the OBD-II port will stop communicating if-

The Data Link Connector Get Damaged

The connection to the OBD computer will stop if the DLC is damaged. DLC can be damaged for many reasons. For instance, if the DLC breaks or melts, it will be completely damaged and stop communicating.

Blown Fuses

If your vehicle’s fuse is blown, it can be another significant reason for the OBD-II port not communicating. But, how will you recognize whether the fuse is blown? Well, you can easily check out whether the OBD-II is blown through the cigarette lighter of your car. If you see the fuse seems dark or shady inside, it will mean the fuse is faulty.

Imperfect Installation of Aftermarket System

OBD-II will not connect to the car computer system if you go through an imperfect aftermarket system installation because the aftermarket system tapped into the OBD port or DLC wiring harness to power them. Aftermarket systems are, for example, navigation systems, radio, security systems, etc. So, if the installation gets imperfect, it will start tempering and damaging your vehicle’s function to communicate while inspecting OBD.

What to Do When Your OBD2 doesn’t Connect?

What to Do When Your OBD2 doesn’t Connect?

The reasons we have shared are very common, but there are still some ways you can get rid of these problems. Let’s know how-

Fix the Aftermarket System Installation Problem

It can be pretty tough to recognize if the aftermarket system installation wasn’t perfect. If you can check is good, but if you cannot do it yourself, take help from a professional. And fix the problem.

Test the Cigarette Lighter & Change the Fuse

If you have to identify whether the fuse is blown, check the car’s cigarette lighter first. Later, you will understand if the fuse is defective. And, if the fuse is defective, you should change it.

Test the OBD Computer

Next, check the function of your vehicle’s OBD computer. You can use the OBD tech service plan or check the emission monitoring system. Again, you can use the identification number of your car/ vehicle to get help from your car dealer directly.

Contact the Car Servicing Center

If you still cannot solve your problem, we recommend you contact your nearby car servicing center. They will provide you with the necessary services for mechanisms and technicians who can diagnose your problem.

How Do You Power Up Obd2?

To power up the OBD-II connector is pretty easy, and it will not take a too long time if you can follow the right way. Well, plug your OBD port into the car’s port located on the driver-side dashboard. Turn your car on and power the scan tool and enter the info if it requires, for instance, your car identification number.

However, if the OBD-II hasn’t come with any external port (power supply), use the 12VDC to power up the OBD.

Which Pin Is Power On Obd2?

The OBD2 comes with 16 pin locations which are as the following numbers:

  • Pin 5, 6, 14, and 16 occupied; your car will support CAN.
  • Pin 5,7,16, and 15 occupied, your car will support KWP / ISO
  • Pins 2, 5, and 15 occupied, your car will support VPW

However, pin 16 supplies the OBD2 protocols and configurations and gets connected to the car battery.

Things You Should Consider While Installing OBD Device

You must check out the condition of your car and whether it will get any bad effects after fitting the OBD tool. Check the manufacturer’s guide in that case. Also, you have to make sure that mechanics will get easy access to the OBD port while necessary for servicing.

And, the f installing functions of OBD will not be the same for all models. Therefore, you’ll have to keep a good knowledge about its installation process before you begin.

Universal Connector & OBD2

The car owners become confused about whether they need to use a universal connector for the OBD2. If you are also confused like them, you must focus on your vehicle’s brand. Because not all the brands require a universal connector for OBD2.

However, using a universal connector for your OBD2 tool will make the data transmitting process fast. So, you can visualize the necessary data anytime.

OBD-II Tool Safety Tips

To prevent injuries, you should follow the given instructions:

  • Keep your car in a well-ventilated area while working for OBD fixing. It will prevent the accident from carbon monoxide and other toxic gas.
  • Don’t keep connecting and disconnecting the equipment to test again and again while the ignition is on. It will damage your code reader from the DLC (Data Link Connector)
  • Use a digital multi-meter when measuring the electrical measurement of your vehicle. And, it will help you avoid onboard computer damage.
  • Maintain your car tool properly; for instance, keep them dry, oil-free, and dust-free.

To Wrap Up

The OBD2 is an essential part of a vehicle system because it powers up your vehicle with diagnostic functions and reporting capacity. In a word, it will provide you with all the necessary information about the current condition of your vehicle. So, the importance of this tool is enormous.

However, if your obd2 has power but won’t connect to the vehicle, you should fix them immediately. Hopefully, this article could help you fix your OBD2 connection problem.

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