Thinktool Pros Review: Is It Worth Buying?

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Thinktool Pros should be the next modular smart diagnostic device based on Thinkcar’s Android 10-system. Thinktool Pro, including its distinctive modular design, could be used in various settings. It has TPMS monitoring, streaming data visualization, and programming capabilities.

Thinktool Pros is wide, with a 10-inch touchscreen that makes it simple to traverse menus and perform advanced functions. It sports a three-foot drop-proof case and therefore is robust and slip-resistant. Continue reading our Thinktool Pros review to learn much more about the benefits of this practical automotive gadget!

Thinktool Pros Review

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The Android-based automobile scanner diagnostic tool Thinktool Pros is compatible with different Android-based pcs. It has a ten-inch display with a constructed camera and ADAS calibration and ECU programming capabilities. It has 64GB of RAM and can perform TPMS testing also.

The program is simple and might even be installed for free from the internet. A Built-in Bluetooth adapter is also included. You could use a cable or Bluetooth network to link the scanner to the laptop.

Over ten thousand model years and a hundred and fifty different car brands are supported by the scanner Thinktool Pros. It could also be utilized to configure your car’s numerous components. This software supports over a hundred languages, so you can select the one that best suits your needs.


  • The maintenance resets and bidirectional controls on the tool help function smoothly
  • Great service information and support
  • The tool’s automatic updates make it simple to use
  • Supports thermal imager, lab scope, etc.
  • Comes in excellent packaging, and everything is neatly stacked in a designated area
  • ThinkTool compatible add 8 Expansion Module
  • Supports over a 100 different languages
  • It offers a better price compared to other scanner tools on the market


  • AutoSearch requires too much time to read the VIN
  • Thinktool pros are unable to add other apps or access websites/Google

Main Features

Thinktool Pros Review

While researching the Thinktool Pros review, we found that Thinktool Pros by Think car has many unique features. We will try to list most of them here in our Thinktool Pros review.


It helps to transfer sensor information to a new Think car sensor by substituting a sensor that has run out of battery and is no longer functional. Sensor programming can be done in three ways: automatically, manually, or through activation replication.

ECU Coding

After completing repair and replacement, the Thinktool Pros Coding function is utilized to re-flash your vehicle control module, allowing you to program the adaptive data again for specific components.


  • Combine: For statistical correlation, the graph integration state is displayed.
  • Value: The parameters were displayed as values in such a list manner.
  • Customize: The streaming data selection to be displayed could be customized. When you press the button, the list of streaming data items emerges in a pull-down menu on display. Choose one object (maximum of 12), and the waveform matching all these items will appear on display immediately. If you need to eliminate something, deselect it.

Quick Print Diagnostic Reports

It has a thermal printer that could work with both the base unit and the module port. It uses an intelligent detecting mode. After the automobile is connected, its system will immediately recognize your vehicle’s details, perform a vehicle inspection, and provide a report.

Automated printing could be configured to require no human interaction during the process. You could print your diagnostic reports quickly and easily from any location.

Live Data Stream

Support for screen recording, streaming data recording, and more with the Live Data Stream feature of Thinktool pros. One-click automatic diagnosis report creation and an expandable printer that could be shared/purchased by email Module for print.

Software Updates

WIFI update with a single click keeps you informed about the current bug patches, new cars, and newly added parameters and functionalities—two years of free updates for gasoline software, One year of free updates for Diesel software.


The OBD2 scanner comes with free updates for two years, a five-year warranty, and free technical support for life.

Advanced Features

thinkcar pros with mercedes

Let’s check out some advanced scanner features in our Thinktool Pros review.

ABS Bleeding

The ABS bleeding feature must be used to bleed the braking system and reestablish ABS brake responsiveness whenever the ABS includes air. The ABS bleeding feature must be used if the ABS pump, ABS computer, brake master cylinder, brake line, brake fluid, and brake cylinder is replaced.

Engine Power Balance

The scanner helps to identify engine power and shows data about power balance. If you read the data correctly and on time, you’ll be able to maintain a power balance in your car’s engine.

Battery Matching

This feature allows you to execute a resetting procedure on the monitoring device of the vehicle’s battery, clearing the previous low battery sensor data while matching the current battery.

TPMS Reset

The TPMS resetting feature must be used after the pressure gauge MIL has been turned on and service has been completed to reset the tire’s pressure and switch off the pressure of the tire MIL.

Tire pressure rebooting is required after a few maintenance procedures have been completed: tire pressure seems to be lowest, tire leaks, monitoring device of tire pressure is supplanted or installed, the tire is supplanted, the sensor of tire pressure is damaged, or tire is supplanted for a vehicle with TPMS capability.

ETS Reset

It’s one of the 34 unique maintenance features of Thinktool Pros software. ETS resetting is essential for any OBD2 scanner to perform effective scanning.

Thermal Imager

Thermal imagers use heat rather than visible light to create images. Although heat and lighting are components of the em spectrum, any camera that could detect visible light will not identify thermal energy and vice versa.

Video Scope

A video scope is a versatile inspection instrument that may be used to examine places that aren’t visible usually. This advanced feature is also included in the Thinktool Pros.


What to do if the connector is missing?

We recommend contacting THINK CAR’s after-sales support or even regional sales when something like this occurs.

The downloaded diagnostic software is inconsistent with the serial number?

There seem to be many connectors recorded under the gear account, with the registration number of the correct connection yet to be chosen.

Select the correct number of the serial connector in the targeted settings-

select the [My Connector] section. Long press and erase the problematic software, then go to the upgrading center to reinstall and resolve the problem.

What to do if I failed to enter into the vehicle ECU system?

Please double-check if the vehicle has the system installed, if the VCl has properly connected, and if the automobile ignition switch was turned on or not.

How does a non-standard OBDII via connector work?

Follow the directions to connect any non-standard adapters included with the box.

Can l use the same type of charger to charge the tablet?

No, the proper charger should be used. The organization is not liable for any harm or financial loss from using a charger that Thinks car does not supply.


The Thinktool ProS is a convenient diagnostic scanner tool that can do full-system checks. It also works in combination with the unique ThinkTool modular line. And Its Android-based operating system makes it simple to operate and contains all of the necessary features.

Think car is a brand from China and different other countries. Its items are backed by a lifetime warranty and are government-approved. The firm has certified and authorized all of the parts. You could also be confident that they are all created by highly qualified experts. All you need to do only is attentively follow the instructions. We hope our Thinktool Pros review will help you decide whether to go for this gadget or not!

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