Review And Comparison Of The FOXWELL NT630 Plus And NT604

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If you’re just like other car owners, you probably know that diagnostics cost much money. Every time you take your car to the mechanic to check your engine, you will need to spend more money.

A car diagnostic scanner can help you save time, money, and effort to diagnose your car without going to the repair shop. You will need this to watch your Comparison Of The Foxwell NT630 Plus and NT604.

The automatic diagnostic tool can be connected directly to the PC and gives you ample information about the fault code, data flow, and a wide array of information about each component in your car.

FOXWELL Obd2 scanner is one of the most prominent brands of automatic car scanners in the marketplace. It has a lineup of devices that have tons of positive reviews from its customers.

Two tools have been slated as the best devices for many reasons. They are FOXWELL Car Scanner NT604 and FOXWELL NT630 Plus. In this opportunity, I’ll share the reviews of both options so that you can compare them before choosing one for your car diagnostic session.

Without further ado, let’s just go straight to the reviews and Comparison of the FOXWELL NT630 Plus and NT604.

Let’s see the FOXWELL NT630 Plus review first to look at one of the most recommended car diagnostic tools on the market.

  • The first thing you will notice about this device is its sleek and compact design.
  • With the help of this tool, users can read and get rid of destructive codes in their vehicles.
  • The device is ready to inspect a wide array of vehicles and supports OBD2 test modes.
  • The device users can benefit from the lifetime free updates, making the device more relevant from time to time.
  • The 4.3-inch color TFT screen is adequate for reading the error codes.

The NT630 indeed has excellent value for the price. Despite its compactness, the tool has dozens of features, including reading ABS systems, reading and clearing error codes, checking the engine light, and live data graphing. Those features can provide accurate readings.

With updated technology residing in the device, you can identify your car’s problems in a matter of seconds. There is no need to go to the repair shops and waste your money on this purpose. The tool can accurately help you identify the exact vehicle’s issues to troubleshoot them. Great FOXWELL NT630 Plus reviews from past customers have proven the effectiveness of the device.

The reliable vehicle diagnostic tool yields incredible checking of the ABS, engine light, body control module, navigation system, and steering wheel.

The OBD2 scanning tool needs to be reliable, durable, and sturdy. You will want a future-proof tool in your possession so that you can maximize the diagnostics of your car. The FOXWELL NT630 Plus review comes with the best materials made of durable plastic, which can sustain for an extended period. Using this buddy for a long time in the future will make you less eager to buy a new scanner anytime soon.

The ergonomic design of the device eases your inspection and diagnostic routine. The smaller size makes this tool usable in corners and narrow spots. You can easily store it on your desk, in compartments, and so on.

It weighs just 3.24 pounds, so it is easy to carry the stuff around. If you are on the go, this device is definitely for you.

The scan tool comes with a wide range of features that won’t fail your experience in maintaining your vehicle’s condition. You can use this tool to diagnose the ABS, manage the error codes, and inspect your car’s ABS. The device’s 10 OBD2 test modes can assist you in testing the component, live data, and many other things—comparison Of The Foxwell NT630 Plus and NT604.

Besides coming in the English language, the device also comes in the Spanish language. You can switch to another language to help you maximize the features without language barriers.

It is straightforward to use the tool for operating and reading the codes. The FOXWELL NT630 Plus review has a code reader that is easy to understand. You should thank the 4.3 inch TFT color screen for this fantastic feature. It is easy to operate the whole thing.

The manufacturer also offers lifetime free updates for all of the devices’ users. You can routinely download the latest version of their software and reap the benefits from the improved features. You can update the software right through the internet for free, for a lifetime. There is no need to pay any fee for the updates.

The lifetime free update feature makes it viable for the users to update the latest software to enable the tool to inspect the vehicle more effectively. The new updates can also fix the bug, errors and upgrade the functionality.

The tool is ideal for both DIY and car repair shops. Whether you have a car repair shop or are conducting a project repair at home, the diagnostic scanner provides everything you need to make a precise diagnosis and get the results you need.

By using this device, you can eliminate all of the labor costs. Some human tasks that You can replace are checking the ABS or component, sensors, switches, and many more Comparison Of The Foxwell NT630 Plus and NT604.

The only takeaway that bothered our reviewer was that it is not the most versatile scanner out there. It is not compatible with some vehicles. To make sure that you can use this tool for inspecting your car, you could look at the manufacturer’s official site.


  • sturdy and robust construction.
  • Compact and ergonomic design.
  • a lot of features
  • Multilingual options and code definitions
  • Free software updates in perpetuity
  • compatible with a wide range of vehicles.
  • Saving time and money on labor


  • Some users noticed delays in some functions of the device.
  • Work in some vehicles (this can be fixed, though, through the software updates).

FOXWELL NT604 Review

The FOXWELL Car Scanner NT604 review is the next thing to read. Some folks who have problems with the smaller screen of the NT630 Plus could use the NT604 instead.

Once you unbox the package of your NT604, you won’t need to download the software first since it is already there. You can perform a quick scan and test your car the moment you turn your device on. With the machine, you can solve the car’s problems before scanning the main issues, such as ABS, SRS, engine, and transmission.

The NT604 Elite Diagnostic scan tool offers such fantastic diagnostics with great AutoVIN functionality. It comes with effective code readers and scan tools that are updated to the newest 2021 version.

The hardware and software of the diagnostic tool are designed for vehicle owners who want to identify the real issues with their cars before fixing them.

The OBD2 scanner tools already come with the updated software that you can use out of the box. You can immediately use the device and its software after receiving it at your doorstep.

The NT604 comes with many broader coverages than its predecessors. It can cover more than five dozen car brands. This device can help you troubleshoot the most popular cars, SUVs, and trucks.

The NT604 diagnostic tool comes with an OBDII diagnosis, ABS scanner, SRS scanner, transmission, and an engine code reader. You can use the device to check whether your care is emission-tested ready. The other components to use are the live data stream, DTC library, data viewing, and printout.

AUTO VINOVIN feature of the device can identify the vehicle and conduct a quick efficientlysily. This feature will work with the updated software, which can tweak the capabilities of the diagnostic and fix the compatibility issues for good.

All of the feature bundles in NT604 are feasible for 60+ car brands from around the world. The update of the software is all free. You won’t need to pay a single dime to update the software in the future.

English is not the only language available on the device. It offers many other languages, such as Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, etc. You won’t need to use different devices interchangeably due to the barrier of language. In other words, you don’t need to translate the message manually through Google Translation service or other translation services.

The Foxwell OBD2 scanner will help you conduct a thorough scan and inspection of the vehicle. It will accurately identify the underlying problems in no time. You don’t need to wait for hours or days to get the best inspection results. The device will conduct and finish the tests in a matter of minutes. It will automatically turn on the warning light to inform you about particular parts that need to be fixed. After repairing the specific problem, the warning light will go off to let you know that you’ve solved the problem.

There’s a chance that you will use the device again in the future to check on your car’s condition. By then, you will want to make sure that the software is updated to keep yourself informed.

The 4-in-1 diagnostic scanner is all you need to check on your vehicle’s ABS, SRS/airbag system, engine system, and transmission system.


  • Easy to Use
  • printout Better NT604 Elite
  • Diagnostic Scanner
  • There is no additional software fee.
  • There is no language subscription.
  • Solid Protective Case Plastic Carrying Bag KO
  • A Reliable Car Health Monitor
  • free updates for life
  • Take note of the transmission temperature.


  • less ergonomic.

Key things that are common between FOXWELL NT630 Plus and NT604

Diagnosis of the ABS System

Both devices provide accuracy and reliability in the diagnosis of the ABS, SRS, or SAS faults. The indicator will inform you that there is something wrong with the ABS of the vehicle. The devices will figure out the causes. After fixing the issues, the warning sign will be gone.

SRS/airbag system

The Air Bag system is one of the most important parts to inspect. The devices allow you to conduct a thorough analysis and detection of the vehicAirbag bag problems, including collision sensors, air springs, plug loosening, circuit errors, etc.

Auto VIN

Comparison Of The Foxwell NT630 Plus and NT604 comes with an AUTO VIN feature that can help you identify the vehicle and perform a quick scan.

Update for free

You can update software for all devices for free. The manufacturer won’t charge you a single dime for updating the vehicle’s software.

Difference between Foxwell NT630 Plus vs. NT604


  • Design: The NT630 has a compact and ergonomic design. It tends to be smaller than NT604 so that it can be easier to store it. You put it in your pocket, bag, purse, backpack, or other storage. You can hold it with one hand.  Meanwhile, NT604 is less ergonomic. You need to keep it with two hands. But it has a larger display screen.
  • Costing: The NT630 model is more affordable than the NT604.
  • Transmission systems: NT604 can run a diagnostic on the vehicle’s transmission system. You won’t find this feature in NT630.



Why can’t I reset ABS/SRS/SAS on my car with NT630?

The device cannot clear the airbag crash code. Users can only erase the DTCs after fixing the problems. To diagnose again, update the scanner. Or, you could contact the officials for quick help.

Why didn’t I receive the Verification Code when using FoxAssist in NT630?

A: You will need to check your email address to check the verification code. Consider checking the junk or spam folder as well. You could also contact their support to help you out.

The update has been halted. What happened with that NT630?

A: You most likely connect your scanning device to your PC or laptop using a USB cable. Some users also reported the same problems. You could upgrade via card reader instead. Install the downloads in batches rather than all software.

How do I update my Foxwell Nt630?

  • Visit the official manufacturer’s website at Download the update tool, called FoxAssist.
  • Register an account and sign in using your credentials. Connect your device to a PC or laptop with a USB cable. Or use the card reader on a PC.
  • Click the Update Icon. Click Activate to proceed with the update.
  • Click Download, then click Upgrade.
  • You will do the update in a few minutes.

Will the NT604 read transmission temperature for the 2017 Subaru Forester?

Indeed, the NT604 can read transmission temperature for the 2017 Subaru Forester.

Will the upgrades be accessible in the future?

Of course. The Nt604 Elite Car Scanner comes with a lifetime free update that will benefit all users.

Final Verdict

There you have them! Both the NT630 Plus and NT604 come from the same brand, Foxwell. So, you can expect how good their qualities are. For me, the most determining factor is the compatibility and compactness of the devices. I chose the NT630 Plus over the NT604 simply because it has an ergonomic design.

The only complaint I have is that the NT630 does not come with a transmission-checking feature. Meanwhile, NT604 has it. If you don’t like smaller display screens, consider choosing NT604 over the latter. All in all, the decision is yours.

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