Innova 5110, 5210, 5310 Review & Comparison

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The primary purpose of making Innova Scan Tools is to provide a suitable scanner for the mechanics at different levels. These scanners are in the affordable range and give accurate results to almost everyone. If you want to find out the car’s problem at home, Innova scanners are great because they are simple to use.

This article will discuss reviews and comparisons among Innova 5110, INNOVA CarScan Advisor 5210, and INNOVA CarScan Inspector 5310. Ultimately, you will know which scanner is best for you. I have arranged the comparison easy the way so that you can find your suitable Innova scanner.

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INNOVA 5110 -...image INNOVA 5110 - Newest 2022 OBD2 Scanner with ABS, Free Updates, Real Customer Service from Trusted USA Company, Smog Check & Check Engine Light Reset, Get Verified Repairs & Parts on iPhone or Android Check Prices
INNOVA 5210 -...image INNOVA 5210 - Newest 2022 OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool - Read/Erase ABS Codes, Live Data, Battery/Charging System Test, iOS and Android Check Prices
INNOVA 5310 -...image INNOVA 5310 - OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool - Read/Erase ABS/SRS Codes, Reset Oil Light, Live Data, Battery/Alternator Test Check Prices

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INNOVA CarScan Reader 5110 code scanner review

I like INNOVA CarScan 5110 Code reader exceptionally because of the simple interface and fewer functions. The scanner can read and clear the error code fastly. These three scanners are connected to vehicles via cable, and your smartphone connects with the scanner via Bluetooth. The device is straightforward to operate due to the four buttons. Its black and white display seemed a lot annoying to me. However, the scanner did not seem too irritating because you can operate it through your phone.

The scanner helps you to store the data. Also, you can print or play later if you want. The worst thing is that the live data feature is missing that causes a lot of difficulties.

You don’t need to worries about compatibility and updates. You can solve all problems with the Repairsolution2 app. Another exciting thing is that the phone app will notify when the trouble code find. Overall good but missing lots of essential features.


  • The Innova 5110 scanner shows 20 pitch data on display.
  • Four buttons that’s why easy to use.
  • Supports three languages: English, Spanish, French
  • There is a check engine light feature.
  • You can reset only the oil light.
  • You can store data and play it back.
  • There is a facility to update the scanner through the app.


  • It can’t read abs bleeding and abs code.
  • Oil Level Reed & Oil Life Check features are missing
  • Lack of led indicator and Smog Check Readiness function
  • You can’t test the battery and charging, But the Innova 5210 and 5310 scanners can do.
  • The ability to process data is deficient.
  • Can’t show Live Data & Freeze-Frame Data. This feature is essential if you are a mechanic.
  • The black &white display causes a lot of problems while reading the text.

INNOVA CarScan Advisor 5210 code reader review

INNOVA CarScan Advisor 5210 Code Reader is almost comparing as a Professional Scanner. The device has a wide and colorful full display. Also, the color display is not a problem to read the text. The scanner has nine buttons. At first glance, it looks complex but using it; I realized it is much easier.

As we compare with the Innova 5110 scanner, it has the same features. So I did not write again. But there is a few more function here. You can inspect live data such as you can measure rpm, speed, oil temperature, etc. There are also battery maintenance facilities.

I assumed the premium feel by using the scanner. There is an advantage to update it through a repairsolution2 app.


  • Easy to use and has nine hotkeys.
  • Supports led indicators function.
  • There is a facility to connect with a phone and update it through the app.
  • The Innova 5210 obd2 scanner can test charging and reset the battery.
  • Show live data & freeze frame data.
  • Supports three languages: English, Spanish, French
  • The check engine light feature is available, and you can only read the abs code.
  • Only the oil light can reset through this scanner.
  • Colorful display and 20 pitches data show.
  • You can store and print data.


  • There is no advantage of abs bleeding and Hybrid Battery Cell Voltage Read.
  • The Smog Check Readiness feature is not available. It is a negative aspect.
  • There is no feature to Check Oil Level Reed & Oil Life.

INNOVA CarScan Inspector 5310 code scanner review

For transparency, please note that some of the links on this website are Amazon Associate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. The use of such links comes at no additional cost to you.

INNOVA CarScan Inspector 5310 Code Scanner will be placed in the professional ranks. Besides, The device looks attractive because of the Colorful display and nine buttons. This scanner has the same features as the Innova 5210 model. However, its processing capability is faster and more functional.

Compared to the Innova 5210, this device has extra Oil Levels & Oil Life functions. The main reason I like the code reader is its processing power. It will highlight all the errors in front of you in a short time. Updates and notification systems are the same as Inaba 5210. The scanner can read abs code, but there is no benefit of abs bleeding. For this, you can try Innova 5510 scanner.


  • Can read and clear trouble code immediately.
  • There is an ability to connect with phone via Bluetooth
  • It supports three languages: English, Spanish, French
  • you can only read the abs code and check the engine light.
  • The Innova 5310 scanner Can reset the battery and test battery charging.
  • Display live data & freeze frame data
  • Able to check Oil Level & Oil Life.
  • Colorful display and 20-grade data show.
  • Easy to use and has nine hotkeys.
  • Shows code on display very fast by processing data instantly.
  • Data can be stored and played back.
  • 5310 Obd2 scanner has a Smog Check Readiness function.


  • There are no facilities for abs bleeding and Hybrid Cell Voltage Read.
  • Multiple advanced features are missing as we compare prices.

Common things among Innova CarScan Pro 5510, 5210 & 5310

Maintenance Performance & Safety: INNOVA 5110, 5210, 5310 CarScan Reader will help you find and fix problems quickly. You can control the device with your smartphone. Also, You will find the RepairSolutions2 application in the Google Play Store and App Store. The scanner connects to the app via Bluetooth. You can purchase by choosing the exact part. You will get the benefits of regular technical bulletins and safety recalls. You will also have access to Innova’s best-in-class database.

Top Features

Extra coverage: The Innova 5310, 5210 & 5110 scanner read the trouble code and erase it. Also, it will display code severity. Code severity means it will notify you when you need an immediate fix for your car. The Innova scanner has professional-level functionality. You will not need a technician. If you want, you can play the role of a home mechanic. You can do small things yourself.

EMISSION STATUS: I like its Easy Self Diagnosis System. These three INNOVA scanners Know your car smog check results and other important information.

Easy to use: Innova 5110, 5210, 5310, 5410, 5510, and 5610 models support 20 pieces of information on a single screen. No need to scroll down to view your data. You’ll find errors quickly and don’t need to scroll.

RepairSolutions2 App: Innova updates all their scanners (present Bluetooth modules) through the app. The Innova obd2 scanner notifies you when exact parts are required for repair, verified fixes, technical service bulletins, maintenance schedules.

Check Engine Light: You can clear and check the engine light with a button. I like the straightforward function.

Language support: English, French and almost all Innova scanners Support the Spanish language.

Firmware Update: No separate update is required for Innova 5110, 5210, 5310 scanners. The company provides the latest version. However, if you want, you can go to the official website of Innova and see if any update is available for your scanner.

You can get the software from Play Store and App Store.

Main Differences among Innova CarScan Pro 5510 vs. 5210 vs. 5310

Design and Display: Although the three scanners look the same, they have many differences. The INNOVA CarScan Reader 5110 scanner has four hotkeys, and the Display is black and white. Although you can see 20 pitches of information, the black and white Display will look weird and challenging to read.

Both the Innova 5210 and 5310 have nine buttons and come with a colorful display.

Battery Maintenance: It is normal to make the scanners do battery reset and maintenance to the advanced level. Innova 5310 and 5210 OBD2 Code Reader have this feature. You can test battery charging with this scanner.

But the Innova 5110 Professional OBD2 Code Reade does not have the battery maintenance feature. That means if you want to take it, you will be more hesitant into the real world.

10 OBD2 Modes & Live Data: Live data is an essential feature of almost all mechanics. A car owner will want to see RPM, speed, oil temperature in real-time with his scanner. Even I would never buy this type of scanner. Innova 5310 and Innova CarScan Advisor 5210 scanner has a live data feature, a positive aspect.

Even with this 100$ budget, almost all scanners have a real-time data feature. But the Innova 5110 scanner does not have this capacity.

Oil Light Reset: The oil system can be reset with Innova CarScan Inspector 5310 and Innova 5210 scanner. On the other hand, there is no role in 5510.If you don’t know How to Reset The Oil Pressure Sensor ,you can read through that content.

It is possible to reset the oil lightly with Innova 5210, but the oil level read and check life is impossible. For this, you can try these models of Innova 5310 & 5410.

Abs function: This scanner will always work for your driving safety. It means that the processor in the scanner has an ABS (Brake) system. You can read abs brakes perfectly with this scanner. INNOVA 5110 Code Scanner Diagnose the braking systems of most 2006 and newer domestic and Asian vehicles.

However, abs bleeding, airbag system functions are not in this INNOVA 5110 Code Scanner.

Protocols: Innova supports EOBD protocols in both CarScan Advisor 5210 & CarScan Inspector 5310. These are usually made in Europe.

On the other hand, Innova 5110 supports only five communication protocols: SAE J2480, KW 2000, ISO9141-2, J1850 PWM, and J1850 VPW.

Compatibility: If you have a USA design car, you can confidently buy any one of the three scanners. It will also support foreign or domestic 1996 or newer cars, hybrid vehicles, SUVs, and light trucks. Will keep all models like Volkswagen, Audi, Toyota, Scion, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Chevrolet, Dodge, BMW, etc.

Innova 5210 and 5310 will give excellent performance for more function and compatibility. You can also choose a compatible scanner with your car by visiting the Innova Coverage Checker.

Innova 5110 Vs. Innova 5210 Vs. Innova 5310

For transparency, please note that some of the links on this website are Amazon Associate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. The use of such links comes at no additional cost to you.


Innova 5110

Innova CarScan Pro 5110 Code (Who wants to save money and light problem fix)

A cheap budget and regular drivers who do not have much problem with his/her car will be recommended. If you are a beginner, you can try it. It is not for a professional mechanic and advanced user.

Innova 5210

Innova CarScan Pro 5210 Code Scanner (Average for Home Uses)

Since the 5510 does not have a live data feature, the Innova 5210 is of much better quality. If you have 2/3 cars and are looking for a slightly foreign-level scanner, you can try Innova 5210. Those of you who have a small mechanics shop can try it.

Innova 5310

Innova CarScan Pro 5310 Code Scanner (For Home and Car Mechanics Uses)

If you have some knowledge about car parts, you can try Innova 5310 scanner. But why? It has rare feature oil reset, ABS / SRS code reading. Perfect for you as a car owner & mechanic. There is no difficulty in use so that You can apply it in the home.

If you are a professional mechanic, I recommend purchasing the Innova 5510 scanner.

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