An Overview Of The Best Supercapacitor Jump Starter

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Aren’t you fed up with your old battery charging facilities? Doesn’t it seem too hectic to stimulate and charge the car’s battery every time? Guess what? The best supercapacitor jump starter technology is here for the rescue. Supercapacitors are the latest technology that is an alternative to old lithium-ion batteries. It recharges the capacitors of your car to make it work again.

There is no need to recharge the batteries at home or in your garage. Let the supercapacitors do their work. They consume power from the weak battery points of your car and then ultimately charge the car’s capacitor to make it run again.

The latest versions of this technology are more equipped with certain technological upgrades & advanced gadgets. The machinery is all about details, features, reviews, pros & cons. Let’s discover more about the supercapacitor jump starter.

For transparency, please note that some of the links on this website are Amazon Associate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. The use of such links comes at no additional cost to you.

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Battery Vs. Supercapacitor

Supercapacitors can supply energy around ten times faster than batteries can, which refers to their greater specific power. On the other hand, batteries can store 10 times more energy, which refers to greater specific energy, for longer periods of time

Do supercapacitor jump starters work?

Over a period of a few minutes, a capacitor stores this slow-moving charge. Then, when you turn it on, a burst of high-amperage power is released, allowing your engine to turn over. Once you get your automobile started, the alternator will begin to replenish the battery. 

Top Features Of An Ideal Supercapacitor Jumpstarter

What must be an ideal jump starter for you? One that is non-hectic to use, one that is affordable & lasts for the long term, or one that can be used for multiple devices and also is eco-friendly.

An ideal & best supercapacitor can be divided into general and advanced features that make it the most in-hand and final product to test and use.

General Features

  • Weight: The weight of this item is approximately 3 pounds or 1.3 kilograms.
  • Dimensions: The dimensions of the product are approximately 11*5*2 inches in the form of l*w*h.
  • Voltage: The voltage consumed by this item is 12 volts.
  • Reliable Power: It provides approx 450 amperes of power to jumpstart your vehicle instantly.
  • Long-Lasting: It includes short circuit & reverses polarity options that extend its life up to 10 times as compared to traditional jumpstarters.
  • Safe Product: No internal batteries are installed, the built-in supercapacitor activates physically that minimizes the risk of explosion.
  • Weather Friendly: The product is weather friendly and can work efficiently from freezing -40℃ to heating 70℃.
  • No Regular Charging: These jumpstarters don’t require regular charging. It consumes power from weak car batteries & charges the capacitors.
  • Override Mode: The microprocessor-controlled, this product has also an override mode which makes the engine start without requiring the battery.
  • Multiple Use: Besides the car, the supercapacitor jump starter can undergo motorbikes, tractors, and motorboats also.
  • Economical & Long Life: It can last up to 10 years of life as it includes supercapacitor technology.
  • Cold Starts: This product is ideal for the cold starts of engines. Even it supports cold starts of heavy vehicles also.

Advanced Features

The following are the advanced features of this item, making it the best supercapacitor jump starter in the town

  • Wide Range Of Use: This device can be used for multiple vehicles that range from motorbikes to tractors and motorboats.
  • Advanced Coverage: Besides the normal features, it also includes a starter, a case for easy carriage, and a USB charging cable.
  • Display Feature: It includes an LCD to display all the required information about the device and the vehicle.
  • Built-In Charger: The built-in charger connects an extension cord to a live AC power source to recharge the jump starter’s inner battery.


From reluctant use to upgradable technology, from eco-friendly conditions to high-quality resistance, the latest and this high-tech product come with various men-friendly advantages that can save one time, money, and also a job !! The super advantages of this ideal device can be sorted down as:

  • Easy to use.
  • Multiple charging resources.
  • Damage and water resistance
  • Weather supportive.
  • Professional design.
  • Upgradable technology.
  • A convenient & multi-device technology
  • Good capacity for smaller engines


Besides the purposeful advantages & features, even the best supercapacitor jump starter can also have some demerits.

The cons of this product are:

  • Not that user-friendly
  • Battery charging and battery reserving may vary and shift sometimes in the form of volts.
  • Take a long time to jump-start an engine.

Rezervo RZ-300 Supercapacitor starter review

For transparency, please note that some of the links on this website are Amazon Associate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. The use of such links comes at no additional cost to you.

The Rezervo RZ-300 is the top of the line when it comes to ultracapacitor technology-based portable automobile battery jump starters. You won’t have to worry about being stranded again with this jump starter.

It has a starting current of 300A, making it suitable for starting a wide variety of vehicles, including automobiles, RVs, trucks, snowmobiles, boats, and so forth. This item is useful in a wide variety of situations, including survival, exploration, and camping. 

This ultracapacitor battery is able to start the vehicle in both extremely hot and cold situations, whereas conventional jump starters struggle.

With a huge starting current the battery-free Rezervo RZ-300 is a powerful tool for jump-starting vehicles. It may be used to jump-start a variety of vehicles thanks to its rapid charging process.

It can be used immediately after being charged, unlike conventional jump starters. You can jump-start 12V automobiles with just a little juice from your car’s battery.

Important Information About The Supercapacitor Jumpstarter

Your money has value, ain’t it? So why should not invest it in a better place? After listing down the features, pros & cons of an ideal jump starter, let us dive more into the specs of this product to make it the best supercapacitor jump starter.

More Useful Information About The Supercapacitor Jumpstarter

1. Power Of A Jump Starter

The power of a jump starter matters the most. It is the backbone of this product. The main perception is that the greater power, the better & reliable the product is, ain’t it? But it is the wrong opinion. These types of products have the peak power and peak amperes listed that should be considered the most before buying a jump starter.

For an ideal and durable product, the power must be within the listed and specified max power so that the product can work efficiently in cold starting of engines, whether they are heavy or light in tackling extreme weather conditions, & in increasing the lifespan of the vehicle’s engine.

Moreover, the quantity of power supply that your battery can execute for half a minute at 32° F is referred to by the cranking amps (CA), which is intended to restart the vehicle if you are a cold environmentalist, one also must consider a battery’s (CCA). Meaning that a good amount of level is required for commencing or cranking amperes for extreme weather conditions

2. The Jump Starter’s Size

The jump starter’s size also plays an effective role in the ease of the consumer. Unlike the old-fashioned models, the latest version of these devices is coming in an ideal size. They are portable devices that can be easily lifted and bucked up in the back seat of your car.

The ideal size of an ideal jump starter also plays the main role in case of emergencies, which is the main cause of its manufacturing, isn’t it? Generally, a new type of these is veritably firm. The jump starters we’ve then are more atomic than an ideal distance of A4 paper. In any case of a bad day or emergency, one doesn’t need to hang up on long calls and argue with bosses, instead the durable and easy-to-hold jump starter luggage can save you on a rainy day.

3. Construction Quality

This can be or can be not a point to consider for many buyers but the fact is that before investing in any product, quality is the main thing that needs to be assured first. You may surely not be very much pleased by finding that in case of an emergency, instead of recharging your capacitors and engine and your device busted into pieces.

For resolving and avoiding these types of problems one needs to assure the quality before buying one. For assurance of better quality, one can move towards the branded product with more positive reviews and comments. One can also read the description or guide that details the specifications and quality control on that product.

Technically, the units describing the quality control themselves have an appropriate mass to them and didn’t feel like it can be sensitive to wreckage from daily use. To add further, the quality of this device considers the factual battery itself.

4. Some Cherry To The Top Features

The Supercapacitor Jump Starter 

Besides the technical and general features, there are some other important features too which must be considered before buying this product to make it a useful investment & the best supercapacitor jump starter. Most of the portable and durable jump starters can also serve as power banks, apart from providing a quick power source for the engine.

This power standing is separate from the peak/ coil power standing and gives you an idea of how numerous other electronics you can charge on the go or how numerous times you can power up between recharges.

Some other extra features of this device include a supplementary charging port that is common, and it’s standard to have a built-in flashlight with three modes (on, blink, and rapid strobe). Moreover, many latest jump starters include the extra USB charging/connecting port, cigarette lighter, alligator clamps, LCD/LED display, and many more. These small but valuable features serve as a cherry on the top and add more value to your ideal yet most durable and long-lasting supercapacitor jump starter.

What to look for before buying a Supercapacitor Jump Starter

After considering and stating all the relevant factors, pros, & cons of a jump starter, let us invade the authentic buying guide of this product so that your investment may turn out to be durable & life-longing.

Firstly, list down and cross-check all the features and specifications before buying a supercapacitor jump starter. Nextly, shop from a relevant and known brand for the best quality. One can prefer shopping for the most recognizable brands and models from Amazon. Another factor to consider is that price does not indicate the performance of the product but, the build quality & specification does.

Before buying this product, browse through the positive and negative reviews of previous buyers. It will build up a strong image of the item in your mind.

  • Price: Don’t rely on the price of the product. The prices may fluctuate and may change over time, but the price is not an indicator of the quality and superiority of the product.
  • Go through the specification: Before buying any product, one must go through the specifications, features, and manual guide of the item to understand it and make the right and profitable choice.
  • Invest wisely: If you are investing, then invest wisely it is advised to purchase the hot-selling or top-reviewed products for better and accurate results.
  • Safety precautions: Machines are not as wise as a human. Before jumpstarting a vehicle or before implementing your strategies, must follow the safety precautions first, as it may save you from big incidents.
  • Quality first: The supercapacitor jump starters also vary from quality to quality. It is prescribed to shop from the effective place and the effective manufacturer so one’s expense for the product can be led out to be a profitable investment.
  • Consider the cons also: Just like every other tech, even the best supercapacitor jump starter also have cons. So don’t back up if there are some cons of this product, but it is prescribed and advised that shop and buy the product having more pros, general and advanced features, and more specifications resulting in profitable expense.


If there is no battery, how does the jump starter battery get power?

The supercapacitor jump starter consumes a battery from the dead batteries of your car to make it restart. The unit converts the low battery to a higher battery to jumpstart your vehicle in any case

Can you store it with a 99% charge? In case you charged it and didn’t use it?

The units will lose charge after a certain time but, that’s not the problem for this product. This product is specially designed in such a way that it charges itself from the dead batteries of your vehicles. For more safety, simply just carry a small previously charged 12V garden tractor starter battery in one’s trunk and, even that would be enough to restart the vehicle

How would this “ultracapacitor technology” jump starter compare to other lithium battery-based jump starters? Any pros and cons comparison?

The lithium-ion-based jump starters had too many cons. They have to be charged. They were not durable and also had safety issues of bursting out. But the supercapacitor jump starters are an upgradeable technology. They don’t consist of batteries so charging them is not a headache.

Furthermore, this technology is safe and more durable, and long-lasting as compared to the old lithium batteries

What is the temperature storage recommendation for this batteryless charger?

The use range is -30F to 140F. It is prescribed to not store it in direct sunlight for long periods or expose it to heat. Though the exposure temperature can be 140F, so it is not bad to expose at that level but for the safe side heating, and exposure at that level is not a good sign for electronics longevity that’s why exposures in extremely cold weather must be avoided for low current and also it should be avoided in extreme hot weathers for damaging batteries

Can a supercapacitor jump starter be used in multiple vehicles, such as motorbikes, trucks, motorboats, etc?

The latest and advanced models of jumpstarter are designed in this way that they are functioning multitasking. Their use is not just limited to the cold start of the cars, but they can also be used in starting or powering a dead engine of a motorbike, a heavy vehicle, or even a motorboat in some cases

How long will it crank an engine for? And if it doesn’t start do you have to charge it for a second attempt?

The quickest time for cranking or recharging an engine of a dead car starts from 10 seconds. An ideal and best supercapacitor jump starter won’t take too long to start an engine. Even though if the device is unable to jumpstart your vehicle within 3-4 minutes, then one must consider this factor and should reach towards charging this device for the second possible attempt

Is connecting the negative to the battery more dangerous than conventional jump starters?

No, that isn’t that dangerous but, one must always check their connection before attempting to do any service. Moreover, also the new models of the jumpstarters have a safety built-in that will not allow one to jumpstart a vehicle if the ports or cables are connected incorrectly. But for safety, checking the right connectivity must be the first choice

Does this unit have a life expectancy of so many charges?

These jump starters are way more advanced than the old lithium-ion batteries. This means that they can be used more than 10,000 times before any noticeable loss of performance. Their life expectancy can range from 10-12 years. These ultracapacitors in the ProBooster keep the same starting current, even at extreme cold weather—down to -30°C

Once charged, how long will the capacitors hold their charge and be capable of jumpstarting a vehicle?

The capacitors aren’t batteries. Their charge will fade within 24hrs. But one doesn’t need to be worried about its charge. Every time before use, one needs to charge this device. With the durable charging of the supercapacitors, it can deliver up to approx 800 amperes within 2-3 minutes in extreme cold climatic conditions

Can one leave this device uncharged for 6 or more months? Will it be ok? Is it healthy?

Yes, one can leave this device to uncharge for 6 months or more. As the supercapacitor jump starter charges itself from the weak/dead batteries of your car. But in a certain case, the device is not able to lift the battery from the dead, sources then one can also recharge it from multiple sources such as the cigarette lighter of any other car

Are supercapacitor jump starters safer than lithium-ion batteries?

Absolutely, the latest models of these devices are well-equipped with advanced technologies and are safer as compared to the old lithium-ion batteries. Furthermore, they are more durable and long-lasting because they are the most advanced technology of the jumpstarters family, and their life can extend up to 10-12 years

What is the ideal price of an ideal supercapacitor jump starter?

An ideal jump starter’s price may fluctuate or may vary from $80 to $150. An ideal device within this price range will include all the general features that are a must for a customer’s satisfaction.

Moreover, the price is not an indicator of the best product, but the listed qualities, specifications, and features of the product are

What precautions and measures should one take before jump-starting a vehicle?

It is advised to not touch the endpoints of the cable together as it may result in a bust. It is prescribed to start a vehicle with a dead or the weakest battery because these are designed to work in that sense. Turn the vehicles off before jump-starting and set the parking brakes. Once the vehicle starts, allow it to run idle for approx 30 seconds or more so that it may function well.

What are some additional features that can make my investments worth it? OR, what are additional specializations that are included in the new models of jump starters to make them fancier?

The latest and new models of supercapacitor jump starters are outfitted with the best and upgraded technology. They have all the necessary features added that are a must for the customer’s satisfaction.

Additional features in new and upcoming models of these products include multiple charging facilities, tools such as alligator clamps, a broad LED display, increased power and voltage supply, and better build and construction quality that is enough to make it the best supercapacitor jump starter in the town

Some top brands/supercapacitor jump starters to consider while buying?

Although these types of electronic devices and machinery are purchased, by citing the listed descriptions and specifications of a product.

But some of the hot-selling products are Autowit SuperCap 2 12-Volt Battery-Less Portable Jump Starter, OzCharge RescueMate 12-Volt Super Capacitor Jump Starter – 1000 Amp, Bolt Power D29, GOOLOO Upgraded 2000A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter, TACKLIFE T6 800A Peak 18000mAh Car Jump Starter, etc.

Is it bad to start your car with AC on full blast?

It wouldn’t be a problem for today’s automobiles, so don’t fret. Many people used to believe that having an air conditioning system was harmful due to the extra strain it put on the engine during startup.

When can I start jumping rope after the C-section?

If you had a cesarean section, you shouldn’t start exercising again until you’ve seen your doctor and are at least six weeks postpartum.

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