Best Air Compressor for Impact Gun

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Do you know most people have their air compressor not working well because they don’t match the size of the impact gun properly ? But in the market, various sizes and models can confuse you to choose the right one.

So, how can you find out the best air compressor for impact gun? What are the requirements for it?

Right size, power, tank size, and other factors are of utmost importance to choose an air compressor. The wrong choice can bring bad experiences and unnecessary nuisance.

This is not an easy-breezy task for a newbie to find out the suitable air compressor for a wrench. Instead, it’s a gruesome job to pick and select the right product.

But don’t be upset, buddy. In this air compressor review, we will explore every twist and turn off some carefully selected compressors.

Best Air Compressor for Impact Gun

Best Air Compressor for Impact Gun Overview

Choosing the best air compressor for the impact wrench depends on certain criteria and several factors. Moreover, models and brands are shining mazes that everybody tries to avoid.

Here, we have listed the best among the best products from our market analysis and evaluation to facilitate your smooth buying journey.

Compressors for ¼-inch impact wrench

The following two compressors are for ¼ inch impact wrenches. You have to compare and contrast between these two, to choose the right one. We shall guide you according to the impact wrench size.

1. Craftsman Portable Air Compressor

Top Features

  • Tank size: 1.5 Gallon
  • Air flow: 1.5 CFM (@90 PSI)
  • Maximum power: ¾ HP
  • Maximum PSI: 135 PSI
  • Material: Q235b Steel
  • Voltage: 120
  • Noise: 79 dB

Craftsman is a well-known company for tools and machines worldwide. If you are a fan of this company and need an air compressor for a ¼ inch impact wrench, you can try Craftsman 1.5 Gallon Air Compressor.

We know that ¼ in a wrench does not need so much air pressure. For this type of wrench, 1.5 CFM is a standard one and the best size. For small projects, it provides enough power.

The weight of this product is very light. The handle is also convenient to move quickly. Therefore it ensures easy portability of the compressor.

What’s more, you don’t need to provide much effort to maintain the pump because it is oil-free. The compressor is so durable because of the Q235b steel structure.

So, for your home or garage and workshop, this can be a perfect choice. It can be your best companion for your hobby, such as painting, fishing nails, etc.


  • Effective to do your job quickly
  • Easy to carry and maintain
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for many tools such as nailer, spray gun
  • Automatic safety bulb available to keep the air tank safe.


  • A little bit noisy
  • Little Sticky coupling

2. DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX DC Air Compressor Kit

Top Features

  • Tank size: 2.5 Gallon
  • Air flow: 1.2 CFM (@90 PSI)
  • Maximum PSI: 135 PSI
  • Voltage: 60
  • Noise: 79 dB
  • Lithium ion battery powered

DEWALT Flexvolt Air Compressor is another excellent tool for cordless tool lovers. This tool provides utmost portability and allows you to continue work for a long time.

Dewalt is a reputed company for different power tools. This model is a standard one among the cordless class. This tool has one turn regulator that allows you to work without fighting with the dial.

The tool is built as a standard one with a brushless heavy-duty motor, oil-free pump. There is a roll cage that is durable and protects the device.

It provides more power than one and 1.5-gallon machines. However, this machine is not for big projects such as roofing or farming but a perfect one for primary level projects.


  • A convenient one with plenty of power
  • Contains self-regulating feature
  • Works pretty well for tires
  • A powerful battery and a good quality charger
  • Accurate pressure adjustment is possible for OneTurn regulator


  • Little bit noisy.
  • Only good for small projects

Compressors for 3/8-inch impact wrench

If you want to use a compressor for a 3/8- inch impact wrench, it requires more power. Around 3-3.5 CFM power air compressor is better for this impact wrench’s size. See the following models and brands to find out the best air compressor for impact tools.

3. California Air Tools 2010ALFC Ultra Quiet air compressor

Top Features

  • Tank size: 2 Gallon
  • Air flow: 3 CFM (@90 PSI)
  • Maximum power: 1 HP
  • Maximum PSI: 125 PSI
  • Material: Aluminum and alloy steel
  • Voltage: 110
  • Noise: 60 dB

The California Air Tools air compressor is a great option for 3/8- inch impact guns. It is a durable machine and also the quietest one.

Manufacturer uses here a technology to keep the sound level 60 decibels. With a powerful motor, you get enough power but less noise. The pump is oil-free and has excellent durability.

It comes with dual-piston pump that provides more air than some other compressors with the same powered motors. Portability is another plus point of this tool. So, you can consider it as an ideal compressor with premium features.


  • Ultra-quiet one
  • Very much portable
  • Comes with powerful motor
  • Longer runtime
  • Rust-free
  • 4000 hours as minimum life before wear


  • Smaller storage tank

4. CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor

Top Features

  • Tank size: 20 Gallon
  • Air flow: 4 CFM (@90 PSI)
  • Maximum power: 1.8 HP
  • Maximum PSI: 175 PSI
  • Material: Q235B Steel
  • Voltage: 120
  • Noise: 80 dB

Craftsman is now the popular household name for power tools. For high-quality tools with a long lifespan, this brand is the right choice.

This model comes with a 20-gallon capacity, which provides the 175 PSI tank pressure that is amazing. The motor power is also great. So, you can use this one for both industrial and household use.

The machine is made of stainless steel, which makes it more durable. As the tank is oil-free, you need not spend your time maintaining it.

Besides, this machine is also a portable one, and you can easily move it with its rubber wheels. You can consider it as the best cheap air compressor for impact wrench but also a powerful one.


  • Durable structure
  • Quite good for professional industrial work
  • Affordability and durability come together
  • Looks smaller but powerful enough to perform various tasks
  • Easily movable for rubber wheels


  • Loudness is the only downside

Compressors for ½-inch impact wrench

If you worked with impact wrenches before, you know a ½-inch impact wrench is most common. This size is middle size. For these wrenches, you have to choose suitable sized air compressors.

However, 3.5-5 CFM compressors are ideal for this wrench. Let’s see some air compressors suitable for 1/2 -inch wrenches.

5. PORTER-CABLE PXCMF220VW Portable Air Compressor

Top Features

  • Tank size: 20 Gallon
  • Air flow: 4 CFM (@90 PSI)
  • Maximum power: 1.5 HP
  • Maximum PSI: 150 PSI
  • Material: Steel
  • Voltage: 120
  • Noise: 84 dB

Are you If you are searching for an oil-free powerful air compressor with a huge tank capacity? Porter Cable Porter-Cable is another famous brand, another flickering light amidst darkness. Their air compressors are impressive. If you search for genuine customer reviews, you will find many positive reviews.

The manufacturer uses an induction motor which is more durable than universal motors. For this reason, this air compressor can run continuously.

This machine comes with a steel-made air tank which has a capacity of 20 gallons. For a homeowner or a professional looking for a large but portable one, it is the right one. It does not go empty quickly. The large gauge with the tank constantly measures the pressure level of the tank air.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Durable construction
  • Rubber wheels increase mobility
  • Easily runs some heavy equipment
  • Air tank needs low maintenance
  • startup needs low voltage


  • A bit noisy

6. NorthStar Single-Stage Portable Electric Air Compressor

Top Features

  • Tank size: 20 Gallon
  • Air flow: 5 CFM (@90 PSI)
  • Maximum power: 2 HP
  • Maximum PSI: 135 PSI
  • Material: Cast iron
  • Voltage: 115/230
  • Noise: 80 dB

The air compressors from NorthStar are always durable, and NorthStar provides the best working experience. This one is a heavy-duty compressor made of cast iron and a V-twin pump.

The pump does not transfer heat to the cylinders. Besides, it However, the pump of this machine is oil-lubricated and runs smoothly. So, the pump life prolongs. The tank is certified by ASME.

For commercial shops, it is an ideal one. You can use it for air ratchet, siphon feed sandblaster, nailer, impact wrench, airbrush, spray gun, and many more tools.

If you are tensed about the tank, the good news is that superior technology is used here to make the air compressor keep working without any problem. You can use it year after year. As the motor runs smoothly, it makes less noise.

The machine comes with a portability kit such as smooth rolling steel bearing wheels. So, move it quickly to your work area. As the design of the tank is vertical, it saves your space.


  • Suitable for commercial shops
  • Durable one to run for years strongly
  • Low oil consumption for long head life
  • Easily chargeable within short time
  • Life of this machine is 20000 hours


  • Slightly restrictive regulator
  • Heavy to carry

7. Eagle EA-5000 Silent Series 5000 Air Compressor

Top Features

  • Tank size: 5.5 Gallon
  • Air flow: 5 CFM (@90 PSI)
  • Maximum power: 2 HP
  • Maximum PSI: 125 PSI
  • Material: Metal
  • Voltage: 115

The Eagle EA-5000 air compressor is the best option for professional-grade work. From the name, you can guess that it provides minimal sound.

It is so silent that you may not believe it. Professional workers like its high output. Use this amazing one and enjoy the most efficient machine. The performance will amaze you.

The machine is portable, and you can use it for indoor and outdoor projects. If you have this one, you do not need a loud heavy compressor anymore. For a team project, it is a comfortable one with clear communication.


  • Best smallest air compressor for an impact wrench
  • Extra silent feature
  • Llight-duty air compressor
  • Durable one.


  • Little bit heavier
  • Shorter power cord

Compressors for 3/4-inch and 1-inch impact wrench

Finally, I am going to show you some ¾ and 1-inch air compressors for a large project. But this type is not so common because of their sizes. As they are powerful and big, they are used for commercial purposes.

8. Industrial Air ILA4546065 Hi-Flo Single Stage Compressor

Top Features

  • Tank size: 60 Gallon
  • Air flow: 14 CFM (@90 PSI)
  • Maximum power: 4.7 HP
  • Maximum PSI: 155 PSI
  • Material: Cast iron
  • Voltage: 240

The Industrial Air air compressor is a larger one for many pneumatic tools. A vertical stationary machine can deliver up to 155 PSI pressure for more extended time performance.

It is not for a beginner but only for serious professional DIY users or contractors. You can use it for high consumption tools, paint sprayers, nail guns, and many more.

This is a durable one for a long-lasting air solution. The motor used here is a heavy-duty one with 4.7 HorsePower and 230 Volts. So, it works well for high-performance projects and ensures a trouble-free experience.

The body is made of cast iron, and the pump is a three-cylinder one with an aluminum head. Proper heat dissipation keeps the surface cool.


  • Long lasting one with same performance over years
  • Best output air compressor
  • Get high airflow
  • Good for long runtime and large projects


  • A good one but loud

9. Powermate Vx PLA4708065 80-Gallon Electric Air Compressor

Top Features

  • Tank size: 80 Gallon
  • Air flow: 14 CFM (@90 PSI)
  • Maximum power: 4.7 HP
  • Maximum PSI: 155 PSI
  • Voltage: 240

Those who will make a budget for a big, powerful, and reliable one can take this air compressor of Powermate. It comes with a three-cylinder pump, aluminum head, cast iron body, and valve plate.

The surface remains cool for faster heat dissipation. You will get 155 PSI pressure as maximum output. So, there is no need to discuss performance. The dual voltage induction motor performs highly to ensure a trouble-free working experience.

The materials used here make the machine durable and long-lasting.

It has a pressure gauge and on/off switches to control the machine properly.

Moreover, it comes with a larger capacity.


  • A better choice for industrial uses
  • Overall performance is amazing
  • The price is not higher either
  • A convenience one with on/off switch
  • Durable belt guard


  • Very noisy
  • Heavier

10. Quincy QT-54 Splash Lubricated Reciprocating Air Compressor

Top Features

  • Tank size: 60 Gallon
  • Air flow: 15.4 CFM (@90 PSI)
  • Maximum power: 5 HP
  • Maximum PSI: 175 PSI
  • Voltage: 230

Quincy QT-54 air compressor can be the best air compressor for a portable gun if you want an air compressor with a medium tank size but more power.

It is a compressor that can be your companion for a lifetime. The operating cost is low, but efficiency is higher. It is designed in such a way that it produces more air at lower power.

The pump-life rating of this compressor is 30 000-hour. It works on five horsepower. Even if you run it for a long time, it will not get hot. There is a moisture drain valve located on the leg of the tank and keeps the underneath dry. The pump is made of cast iron and provides 175 PSI maximum.

As the tank is in a vertical position, it takes less space. You can quickly move this machine from one place to another.


  • Long runtime
  • Space saving one
  • drains accumulated moisture properly
  • Great pump life rating


  • A bit on the expensive side

Best Air Compressor for Impact Gun

It is always a good practice to have a glimpse over the buying guide before you finally purchase a product. We’ll here try to provide the proper guidelines to make your work a lot easier. Let’s see the essential things that you should consider.

Power source

Generally, you may find two types of portable air compressors based on their power supply, and they are electric and gasoline.

For most indoor applicants, electric compressor is the best choice. The gas-powered compressor is used by the builders who use it for commercial purposes.

Airflow (CFM)

Different impact wrenches have different air flow requirement. Here is a list showing the most used impact wrenches and their CFM requirement-

Air tool Avg. CFM @ 90 PSI Avg. Operating PSI
Impact Wrench (3/8″) 3 90-100
Impact Wrench (1/2″) 4 90-100
Impact Wrench (1″) 10 90-100

Find your impact wrench requirements and then pick your compressor.

Maximum pressure

Greater PSI will allow you to run more powerful and multiple tools. It also directly interacts with the amount of air flow. So, you want to have as much PSI range as possible. You should at least have 125 PSI in your compressor for impact guns. Larger compressors should be in the region of 150-175 PSI.

Motor power

The power of a compressor mainly depends on motor power. For a consumer-grade machine, 0.5 HP is used. Compressors with 2 HP are powerful enough to run the motor for most of the impact tools.

Cord Length

You may guess that a long-corded machine is better than a short-corded one. Because, with a long cord, you can move the device wherever you need. Some air compressors have 10 feet cords, and some come with 15 feet. So, it is your decision which length is best for your work.

Tank Size and weight

Tank size is measured in Gallons. Most of the small-size portable compressors come with a 0-6 gallons size tank. Think about your project, and then choose the tank size. For domestic uses, the compressor with 0-3 gallons is enough. For professional uses, you need a larger tank.

On the other hand, weight depends on the size of the tank. A larger compressor can be more than 80 pounds. And the smallest size comes with 20 pounds of weight.

Oil-less or oil air compressor

Oil-less air compressors require low maintenance. Besides, it is contamination-free. On the other hand, oiled compressor provides larger output and its noise level is lower.

Noise level

Noise is always irritating. So, you should find out the air compressor that produces less noise. Usually, powerful compressors make more noises. Try to find out a compressor within 80 dB noise level.

Other considerable factors are warranty, brands, price, materials, durability, etc. So, before going to the market or ordering one online, you should do research remembering these matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we’ll mention some of the most often-asked queries by users and potential buyers. If you have any questions as well, we recommend you drop a message on the comment box.

How much air pressure is needed for an impact wrench?

Ans: It depends on the size of the wrench. Some need pressure near 90-100 PSL. And some even need more. So, it’s a relative question.

What do you mean by an oil-free air compressor?

Ans: Oil-free compressor means the compressor that comes with the oil-free cylinder. For this type, you don’t need to use any oil as a lubricant.

Does a better compressor have higher CFM?

Ans: The answer is no. Compressors are designed for a particular CFM. A better compressor will deliver that power more accurately and consistently. It will also be durable.

What size air compressor is better for an impact wrench?

Ans: The size of an air compressor depends on several matters such as your air tool’s size, power source, power capacity and many more.

Are impact wrench and impact guns the same thing?

Ans: Yes.

Final Verdict

I try my best to provide the necessary information that helps you to choose and purchase the best air compressor for impact gun.

Eagle EA-5000 is a good choice if you are looking for a smaller size. But in case your wallet is thin, you should opt for Craftsman.

You can take any of the provided models according to your necessity and our guideline. Try to select one with the necessary motor power, tank capacity, and an oil-free pump with less noise.