How To Jump AC Compressor Clutch

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If your car’s air conditioning clutch isn’t engaging, you’ve arrived at the right place! In this article, we will walk you through how to jump AC compressor clutch and other issues regarding these components. Failure of your car’s AC compressor clutch can be caused by a number of factors. There are a variety of reasons, ranging from basic to complex. After reading this guide, you’ll be able to identify and determine the cause of the failure.

Compressor clutches are components found in the air conditioners (A/C) units of vehicles such as cars, buses, and other vehicles. These clutches are an example of electrical, or electro-mechanical, clutches, which are powered by electricity but and help for mechanical torque transfer.

When the air conditioning is turned off, the compressor clutch allows the pump within the compressor to freewheel. An electronic signal is transmitted to the compressor clutch whenever the air conditioner is turned on, and the compressor has to run. This engages the clutch and automatically connects the pulley and pump by causing an electromagnet to switch on.

How Does an AC Compressor Clutch Work?

Basics of Compressor Clutch

Your car’s AC compressor is powered by a belt drive coupled to the engine that spins continuously. The belt drives a rotor that is linked to a clutch plate. An electromagnet, a wire coil that generates a magnetic field while current is passed through it, is located near the rotors. Another friction plate is placed to the rotor that operates the air conditioner across from the friction plate


An electromagnet generates a high magnetic field that passes through the rotor when it is turned on. Due to the fact that both the fan belting rotor and the air conditioner rotor are comprised of iron, the magnetic field magnetizes both of them, causing them to be drawn closer together. As a result, the friction plates are forced into close proximity to one another. At first, only the rotor friction plate is spinning, but the compressor’s friction plate is not spinning at all.

Once they come into contact with one other, therefore, friction between both the two plates causes the air conditioner rotor to rotate. As soon as the electromagnet is switched off, the friction plates snap apart, and the How To Jump AC Compressor Clutch comes to a complete halt.

Step By Step Guide To Manually Engaging AC Compressor Clutch

A malfunctioning compressor clutch has been said to be one of several major issues that might arise in a vehicle. When this component fails, the engine doesn’t really receive adequate cold airflow, which might cause serious problems. You can avoid a trip to the repair by manually activating the compressor clutch. You should also be able to inspect the clutch to see whether it is faulty or not.

Solution 1: Set Controls To Max

Before starting the engine, turn all air conditioning controls to MAX. Examine the state of the clutch on its front side. Check to see if the engine’s clutch & pulley are spinning as well. If only the pulley rotates, there’s a problem with the compressor clutch, which can be caused by a blown transformer, poor clutch oil, low-pressure locking, or an exposed wire in the oil.

Solution 2: Detach The Connector Cable

Before moving on to the next phase of the diagnosis, keep in mind that in some automobile models, a low-pressure switch might cause problems with the compressor clutch’s circuit. The system’s machine keeps the relay connected, but due to the defective switch, it can turn on and off. A thorough examination of the system of the vehicle will assist you in determining the root of the problem.

Disentangle the connector cable from the clutch oil in this phase. Keep it away from the rest of the system. Check the ground as well as the voltage of the batteries at the disconnected connector cable with a digital voltmeter. If you can’t read the voltage measurements, check the fuse. If the fuse is fine, proceed to the clutch relay.

Signs That Your Car’s AC Compressor Clutch Is Defective

Higher Cabin Temperature

The most common sign of a damaged compressor clutch is a greater cabin temperature than usual on hot days when the air conditioner is needed.

A damaged compressor is likely to blame when the cabin temperature rises abruptly. Because the compressor is unable to control the refrigerant flow due to a damaged clutch, it malfunctions.

Very Loud Noises

It’s possible that a compressor is failing if you switch on the air conditioner and hear a loud noise. The compressor, like the engine, has multiple moving parts.

Noises are a typical issue when the clutch or another moving part begins to fail or seize. A stretched or leaking bearing, on the other hand, might produce a high-pitched shrieking sound. A stuck bearing, on the other hand, will make a grinding noise.

Because determining which element of the compressor has failed is so difficult, it’s often better to replace the complete compressor rather than try to repair it.

Fluid Leaking

The bearings within the compressor can be destroyed if the compressor clutch fails. Fluid leaking into the front seal as a result of a failing compressor clutch is uncommon, but it does happen.

Examine the compressor for signs of liquid escaping from the front seal.

What Causes an AC Compressor Clutch To Stop Working?

High pressure or voltage problems, or a combination of the two, are the most major causes of clutch failure. The pressure controls on the compressor will repeatedly engage and disengage if the charge is incorrect. Because there isn’t enough oil moving, the compressor may overheat if there isn’t enough charge.


How do you trick an AC compressor?

Remove the switch and use a test light to ensure that one of the wires is powered. As long as you have electricity, you can connect the two wires with a paperclip to engage the compressor clutch.

How to jump an AC low-pressure switch?

Don’t use a wire from the battery to check/jump the low-pressure switch. The low-pressure switch’s plug should be unplugged. To jump the plug, bend a firm piece of wire into a U shape must only be two wires and insert it into the plug. It will even work with a paper clip.

Should the AC clutch spin freely?

When detached, most AC clutches are built to spin freely, as are the pulley and How To Jump AC Compressor Clutch when they are engaged. If the clutch spins all the time freely and the engine’s compressor never turns on, it’s possible that it’s not engaging & needs to be changed.

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