Best wheel spacer for jeep, ford & Silverado

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Wheel spacers are a functional kit that allows you to apply space between the wheel and the hub. When it comes to wheel spacers for Jeep, Ford, and Silverado, you must find the compatible ones and consider other technical specifications that affect the performance and suit your wheel goals. Check some best wheel spacers available in the market for those vehicles below.


1. Spidertrax WHS007 Wheel Spacer

Spidertrax WHS007 is a wheel spacer kit that perfectly fits Jeep, Ford, and Silverado. Coming with anodized blue, the vehicle-specific spacer allows you to space out front and rear hub-centric wheels. The best wheel spacers for Silverado provide your additional suspension life and clearance when you want to install bigger tires on your four wheels.

Pure Billet Aluminum Material

We’re interested in how each Spidertrax WHS007 is made with direct milling to keep Pure Billet Aluminum. It tells us how solid the wheel spacer’s construction is while keeping it lightweight. As you might have known, adding a spacer to wheels typically generates handling problems because it adds too much weight to the set. Spidertrax WHS007 has fixed this particular problem by using lighter material.

Enhance Handling Performance

First of all, Spidertrax WHS007 works perfectly in adding spacing to your wheels and preventing them from colliding with suspension structure and frame rails. The problems occur usually when you’re using larger wheels for all-terrain experiences. With this spacer, you can have better control and range.

It means you can have more flexibility on the terrains where wider control ranges are needed. The use of bigger tires for either Jeep, Ford, or Silverado will no longer be a problem.

High Precision and Durable

Spidertrax WHS007 comes with a highly precise and concentric lug nut design. We can easily install the best wheel spacers for Silverado to our model car’s wheel. It apparently comes from the traditional lug nut manufacturing process or the cold-headed. The precise design beefs up your tires and wheels that allow better distribution of tractions for off-roading.

Spidertrax WHS007 has strong durability properties especially because of the Chromoly wheel studs that are specially coated. It allows the unit to be more resistant to corrosion, heat, and wear which are the main problems in the wheel area.  


Generally speaking, Spidertrax WHS007 improves the handling due to the additional clearance. The spacer is ideal if you expect enhanced control performance with off-roading capabilities.

2. KSP wheels spacers 

KSP Performance is a prominent auto part manufacturer and it has the 5×114.3 wheel spacer that can fit your Jeep, Ford,  or Silverado vehicles. It offers heavy-duty construction and accuracy to provide not only more space for bigger wheels but also better traction control.  We’ve highlighted some features below.

Air-Craft Grade Material

KSP best wheel spacers for Silverado are made from solid aluminium, the same material that’s used to make air crafts. We think it’s the best idea to proportionally achieve durability and lightweight spacers. KSP uses carbon steel lug nuts to ensure the heavy-duty performance of these wheel spacers. As expected, we find no signs of corrosion or stripped yet after months of usage.

However, you’d need to properly install the spacers to prevent immediate damages to them. Do not use the impact wrench but use thread-locking instead. For a solid result, we recommend you call a professional to install the wheel spacers.

Improve The Comfort

The use of KSP wheel spacers actually improves your riding experiences. It actually reduces the vibration when you’re driving at a high speed thanks to perfectly fit spacers. Not only that you can achieve the flushing tire looks but you can also maintain more comfortable driving.

Precise and Safe

We’ve measured each lug nut and the dimension of the KSP wheel spacers. The manufacturer likely uses CNC to craft the best wheel spacers for Silverado because they have even shapes and measurements. You won’t find any sloppy lug nuts when wrenched to the threads that ensure they perfectly fit between parts.


KSP Wheel spacers is a compatible product for Jeep, Ford, and Silverado vehicles. It’s a great product to invest in if you aim for both the look and control. It’s slightly more expensive but you can expect more durability and precision.

3. ZHTEAPR ‎ZTE001WS Wheel Spacer

ZHTEAPR ‎ZTE001WS is a universal wheel spacer sold in a set of four pieces. Unlike the previous two products, it’s a plain wheel spacer that fits most 4-5 lug vehicles. The thickness is 12mm which is perfect if you only need to space wheels slightly from the hub. Easy installation and solid aluminum are other advantages.

Thin Spacer

It’s one of few thin wheel spacer products currently available in the market. If you only need to apply a small space between wheels and the hubs, ZHTEAPR ‎ZTE001WS would do the job.  The spacer is only 12 mm thick and it has even thinner variants you can choose from. Since it’s a thin spacer with universal construction, you must fit-install it to avoid cracking.

Wide Compatibility

As a universal wheel spacer is compatible with four and five-lug vehicles. However, it’s compatible with PCD 98 to 120mm which is the universal range.  This way, you’d certainly find it compatible with your vehicles as long as their PCD is still in the range. We’ve tried ZHTEAPR ‎ZTE001WS on some Jeep, Ford, and Silverado vehicles and it works well.

Easy Installation

As a universal wheel spacer, ZHTEAPR ‎ZTE001WS comes with bolt-on installation requirements. It’s very easy to install the best wheel spacers for f150 and requires simple tools to complete the job. However, it’s better to use a hand wrench instead of the impact one so you can control the bolting.

The universal installations even allow you to use the standard bolts and nuts.  You won’t find them in the ZHTEAPR ‎ZTE001WS package because you can use what you already have. Still, professional help are recommended for better results but you can buy the kit online on Amazon.


ZHTEAPR ‎ZTE001WS is a straightforward option if you need a thinner spacer. It’s a universal wheel spacer that’s surely compatible with your Jeep, Ford, or Silverado vehicles. 

‎4. ZY WHEEL ‎ZY-028 Wheel Spacer

‎ZY WHEEL ‎ZY-028 is a 20mm wheel spacer with grade 10.9 like our first two products. Coming from a set of two spacers, it becomes the best wheel spacers for f150 which vehicle owners want to work on their front or rear wheels. However, it offers more for Jeep, Ford, and Silverado vehicle owners.

Eliminate Vibration

When properly installed and fitted to the wheel and hub of your vehicle, ‎ZY WHEEL ‎ZY-028 would be doing its job. Not only adding space, but this wheel spacer can also eliminate possible vibrations coming from the spaced wheels when you are driving the vehicle. These allow you to ride your car more comfortably even if you’ve installed bigger tires on your wheels.

Make Clearance

With a thickness of 20mm, ‎ZY WHEEL ‎ZY-028 can provide countable clearance on the wheel area. This way, it would prevent your tires or wheels from colliding with the calipers and shock breakers. The best wheel spacers for f150  improve your controls when driving your vehicles on different terrains or as you’ve tuned the wheelsets.

A lot of Kit Inclusions

When we purchase ZY WHEEL ‎ZY-028 spacers, the kit already includes ten pieces of lug bolts that are precisely paired with the spacers. This way, we don’t need to purchase compatible bolts because we can certainly count on their precision when installed to the wheel hub.  However, it should be noted that this spacer has the cone seat type so you need to confirm whether or not your vehicle supports one.


Since ZY WHEEL ‎ZY-028 comes in a pack of two spacers, it’s ideal for Jeep, Ford, and Silverado car owners who want to make some clearance on the front or rear wheels instead of all of them. You can expect a well-fitted installation from the 10 lug bolts that have been included in the kit.

5. ECCPP 8 Wheel Spacer

ECCPP has a variety of wheel spacer products but this particular size would fit Jeep, Ford, and Silverado vehicles for sure. It’s another aluminum wheel spacer product with hardened 10.9-grade bolts that provides more advantages once installed in your vehicle.  

Further Spacing

Coming with that particular measurement, this 8-lug wheel spacer enables further spacing between the wheels and the hubs. It’s certainly not a thin spacer because it provides a noticeable flushing tire look even when you’re still using the standard tires. Whether you want to achieve the looks or obtain more driving control flexibility, this spacer would do the job.

Fix Clearance Issues

Compared to previous products, the ECCPP wheel spacer is certainly thicker which means making the wheel further from the hub. Functionally, this spacer would fix most clearance issues and provide you with wider control over your wheels. Even when you use high traction tires or apply some non-standard settings, the wheels won’t collide with the fender, brake calliper, or shock breakers.

Wider Tire Installation

Whether you want to use a larger tire, lower, widen, or lift the wheelset, this ECCPP spacer can flex the installation. It’s another advantage of the measurements brought by this particular spacer. Since it offers more clearance, we’d also have more flexibility in working on your wheels.

Durable and Lightweight

Even with that thickness, ECCPP can still be lightweight and durable thanks to the true T6 billet aluminum with an anodized surface. The best wheel spacers for f150 are more resistant to corrosive exposure so you can use them for different terrain and weather much longer than the ordinary spacer.  The high durability also comes from its 10.9 grade hardened bolts.


If you’re looking for a thick wheel spacer but still desire light control, then this ECCPP product is your answer. It provides more tire clearance and better control over your wheels when driving the vehicle.

6. Venum Wheel Spacer

These Venum Wheel spacers are for the rear only and are made from forged aluminium. They’re compatible with 8-lug vehicles including some Jeep, Ford, and Silverado vehicles. The hub-centric wheel spacer offers both functionalities and visual benefits.

Fix Clearance Issues and Reduce Vibrations

With the hub-centric construction, Venum Wheel spacers provide you with two fundamental advantages. First, you can expect perfectly fit spacers that connect your wheels and hubs so they can solve the clearance issues. Second, the solid installation of the spacers allows them to reduce or even eliminate possible vibrations. We’ve noticed that the spacers have eliminated collisions between tires/wheels and the surrounded parts.

Better Handling on Off-Road

We’ve found that the best wheel spacers for jeep from Venum Wheel cater to the off-road performance very well. The hub-centric construction and aerospace material enable a better handling experience. At this point, you can drive your vehicle on a multitude of terrains with no problems. The thicker the spacers you use, the more aggressive your vehicle looks.

Different Thicknesses

Venum Wheel spacers actually come in different thicknesses from 1” to 4” that flex your ways of spacing the wheel and the hub. You can choose the one that suits the clearance and/or appearance you want to achieve from the spacers.

Solid and Durable

Venum Wheel spacers are made from solid Aerospace 6061 T6 forged aluminium so they can stand longer and heavier usages. We’ve tested these spacers and they can endure different terrains. However, the best performance of Venum Wheel spacers is determined by the proper installation. We recommend you use professional services to install these adapters.


Venum Wheel spacers are the best wheel spacers for jeep with a range of thickness options that cater to different spacing requirements. You can also expect better traction control and more durability from these spacers.

7. Squirrelly Wheel Spacer

The last hub-centric aluminum spacers in our list come from Squirrelly which is designed for performance. It’s a 5-lug spacer with a quite wide compatibility and 15mm of thickness.  Squirrelly spacers come in a pack of two pieces so we need to purchase two packs for four wheels. Anyway, the spacers offer advantages that you can benefit from.

Space The Wheel and The Hub

Squirrelly wheel spacers do a great job in furthering your wheels from the corresponding hub. It’s a 5-lug adapter that works perfectly for Jeep, Ford, and Silverado. The overall thickness is 15 and it comes in a set of two spacers so you can use the kit for either rear or front-wheel setup.

High Precision

It’s very easy to install Squirrelly wheel spacers because we’ve found them very precise. The manufacturer apparently uses CNC to craft the best wheel spacers for jeep instead of using traditional moulding techniques. The solid construction also minimizes the traction coming from the wheels and reduces possible vibrations when driving.

Thickness Options

While this particular product refers to 15mm spacers, Squirrelly Performance Parts actually has more thicknesses that you can choose from. We’ve found that this particular thickness provides you with moderate spacing but the manufacturer also has the 20mm spacers if you want to achieve more flushing looks.

More Stable Handling

These Squirrelly wheel spacers offer ideal thickness if you want to achieve more stable handling over your vehicle. We’ve found that you can have 10-20% better traction control as you install this adapter on your wheels. However, some people may use thicker spacers as they want to achieve more aggressive wheel goals.


If you want to achieve moderate space between the wheels and the hub, this Squirrelly product is the best wheel spacers for jeep with ideal thickness. We also find that this spacer can enhance control over wheels on different terrains. The perfectly fit hub-centric spacers also improve the comfort of driving.

What are Wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers are additional automotive parts that you can use to further wheels from the hub or body of the vehicle. It basically adds more space between the wheel and the hub based on its thickness. Physically, the installation of wheel spacers results in wheels/tires flushing outward the body.

Consequently, the distance between wheels in the front or rear set becomes larger. The wheel spacers work by moving the wheel instead of the hub assembly. People use wheel spacers to achieve performance and appearance on their vehicles. Some of them also want to fix clearance issues when installing larger or high traction tires.

How to install Wheel Spacers

Regardless of what wheel goals you want to achieve, you need to install Wheel spacers properly. Generally speaking, hub-centric wheel spacers are more recommended considering their better safety measure. You can follow the simple steps below to install your wheel spacers.

Prepare suitable car jack, torque wrench, socket set, jack stands, wheel chocks, and cleaning agent.

  1. Find the flat surface and raise your vehicle on the part you want to install the wheel spacers on.
  2. Lift your vehicle from the center part of the frame using the car jack
  3. You can loosen the lug nuts but don’t remove them yet
  4. Once the car has been successfully lifted, put the jack stands in place on both axles
  5. After they’re properly supported, you can remove the car jack
  6. You can now finish removing the lug nuts and eventually remove the wheels from the hub
  7. Prepare the hub by cleaning them properly
  8. Slice the wheel spacers one at a time on the hub following the standard lug nuts firmly
  9. You can tighten the spacer lug nuts if you’re using the bolt-on spacers
  10. Check and ensure the thread is enough to secure the spacers on the hub
  11. Get the suitable torque specs for your wheel spacers
  12. Torque the lug nuts of the  wheel spacer following the original pattern
  13. You can now reinstall your wheels
  14. Hand tighten the lug nuts toward the hub and apply more moderate force
  15. Do the final check and tightening on all worked wheels
  16. You can replace the car jack again, remove the jack stands, and lower your car

Benefits of Wheel Spacers

As additional auto parts, Wheel spacers actually offer benefits for their users. In most cases, wheel spacers are installed for upgrade purposes whether it’s for performance or appearance. There are at least three benefits of the best wheel spacers installed on your wheels.  

Enhance Handling Performance

The ultimate benefit of wheel spacers is enhancing the overall handling, gripping, and cornering performance for street-focused riders. It’s because the spacers create a larger gap between the right and left wheels. Performance-oriented drivers would obtain better controls on their vehicles with wheel spacers in place.

 Enable The Usage of  Larger Wheels/Tires and Brake Calipers

Wheel spacers certainly fix the clearance issues that allow you to install larger wheels and/or tires for off-roaders. However, spacers for larger wheels are usually for the rear installation. Either way, the spacers prevent the larger wheels/tires from rubbing the surrounding wells and fender flares. On the other hand, car owners can also install larger brake calipers with the spacers in place.

Provide Aggressive Looks

With the wheels that go outward the hub and body, car owners can achieve more aggressive looks over their vehicles. With spacers installed, the wheels would slightly flush out the flares. Some car owners even install thicker spacers to achieve more aggressive looks. Wheel spacers are available in the market in different thicknesses.

Types of wheel spacer & Top Brands

In general, you can find two major types of wheel spacers including hub-centric spacers and lug-centric spacers. It should be noted that these two types of wheel spacers are different from each other and so is the installation procedure.

Hub-centric wheel spacers

These spacers fit perfectly and are centered by the hub. The hub’s centering flange would fit centrally with the spacers’ borehole. This kind of spacers can only be installed on the central and result in well-fitted spacing that reduces the vibration.

Lug-centric wheel spacers

Unlike the hub-centric counterpart, these spacers are centered by the lug nuts. You can find the borehole is slightly larger than the hub and not centrally positioned or fitted. Installing lug-centric wheel spacers is more tedious because the off-center installation can generate vibration issues like unbalanced wheels. Professional installation is highly recommended if you want to use lug-centric wheel spacers.

Generally speaking, we recommend hub-centric wheel spacers because off-center installation isn’t possible. You can’t wrongly install this kind of wheel spacer so there won’t be vibration or safety issues. On the other hand, hub-centric wheel spacers are more common in the market and have wider compatibility.

What to look’s before buying an Wheel Spacer For Jeep

Since there are various wheel spacers available on the market, you’d need a proper guide to find the one that suits your requirements and preferences best. It should be noted that the right wheel spacers are subject to compatibility and wheel goals you want to achieve.

Determine The Right Size

First of all, you need to determine the correct size of wheel spacers for your vehicles because the incorrect ones would be a waste. The size covers the thickness and overall measurement of the spacers. Determine whether you need thinner or thicker wheel spacers.

Compatible Product

It’s essential to straightforwardly check the compatibility of the product with your vehicles. Some manufacturers disclose the compatibility along with the technical specifications. If you’re not sure, you can simply confirm it by contacting customer support before purchasing one.

Respective Manufacturers

It’s very important to buy high-quality wheel spacers only from the respective manufacturers. They’re more expensive but you can get more durable, precise, and stronger spacers to be installed on your wheels. Generally speaking, aluminium spacers with 10.9 hardened grades are more recommended because they’re lightweight and resistant to corrosion better than other materials.

Consider the Installation Procedure

Comprehend the installation procedure from the manufacturer before purchasing the wheel spacers. If it gets too complicated, then you’d need to get professional help to properly install the spacers. If you prefer DIY installation, you better choose the easy one. Generally speaking, Hub-centric wheel spacers are easier to install. On the other hand, you should also consider the bolt-on and lug nut system.  It’s not technically difficult but you can choose the one you prefer the most.

Wheel Goals

Whether you’re a performance-focused or appearance-focused car owner, you need to choose wheel spacers to meet your wheel goals. Thicker spacers usually generate more aggressive looks but some street-focused drivers prefer thinner spacers to achieve particular driving performance.

Hub-centric vs Lug-centric Spacers

We’ve explained two different types of spacers: hub-centric and lug-centric. Generally speaking, we recommend hub-centric wheel spacers because you can’t unintentionally install them off-center the hub. This isn’t only safer but they would reduce or even eliminate vibration issues coming from the wheel.

Compare The Prices

Last but not least, you can compare the prices of the wheel spacers you’ve listed. After the compatibility, technical specification, and preferences, you can now find the products that suit your budget. Generally speaking, high-quality wheel spacers are more expensive but you can expect more strength, precision, and durability.



When installed properly, you can safely drive the car with two-wheel spacers on the rear or front axle. However, you better check the wheels where the spacers are installed for every 100 miles to see whether or not misalignment or failing bearing.


Wheel spacers are manufactured for specific vehicle models to follow their hub size and overall technical requirements. Even universal wheel spacers can’t fit all vehicles but cover a particular range of hub sizes instead. You must ensure that the spacers would fit the hub and match the bolt pattern.

3. Can you drive fast with wheel spacers?

Driving fast with wheel spacers installed in your vehicle’s hub is generally safe as long as they’re installed properly. The safety is also determined by the quality of spacers because weak products can easily strip and break at high speed.

4. Do wheel spacers come in sets of 2 or 4?

In the market, you can find wheel spacers that come in a set of two or four. Even the same spacer products can have different packages. You can buy a set of two spacers if you want to apply different thicknesses for the front and rear setup.

5. Do wheel spacers affect ride quality?

The ride quality won’t be specifically affected by the wheel spacers. However, poorly installed spacers can cause general vibration issues that may affect the overall control. Drivers may also obtain control benefits with properly installed wheel spacers.

6. How do spacers work on cars?

Wheel spacers further the wheels from the hub that consequently increasing the gap between a pair of wheels. If you still use the standard wheels and tires, you’d find the spacer instalment provides you with some handling benefits. It’s easier to corner or to grip with wheel spacers installed.

7. Are universal wheel spacers safe?

Wheel spacers are generally safe when it’s fully compatible with your vehicle and properly installed. It’s not recommended to modify wheel spacers to fit the hub because they can crack or break anytime. Get professional help to properly wheel spacers on your vehicles.

8. Do spacers ruin wheel bearings?

Since wheel spacers add more pressure and leverage to the wheel bearings, they can break more quickly than if you don’t have one. Therefore, you need to check the setup regularly and it’s better to replace wheel bearings more frequently.

9. Do wheel spacers affect alignment?

Since wheel spacers have fixed construction, you won’t need re-alignment after installing the wheel spacer. However, you would need one if you make some changes on the caster or camber that refers to further upgrades on your wheel setup. Still, taking an alignment check after installing wheel spacers would be great.


We’ve reviewed the Best wheel spacer for jeep and we can conclude that your purchase decision should be laid on several factors but compatibility and quality are the foremost ones. If you’re Jeep, Ford, or Silverado car owner, you can simply choose one of the wheel spacers listed above. For easy installation and perfect fit, we recommend hub-centric wheel spacers instead of lug-centric spacers. Finally, you need to properly install wheel spacers for a safe and better driving experience. 

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