5 Best Bidirectional Scan Tools For Your Car

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Are you looking for a bidirectional scan tool? Don’t need to worry now! You just have come to the right place. In this article, here will be discussing the best bidirectional scan tools available in the market.

We have jotted down some of the best options available for you. Here we will explain how they can create a strong impact on your work. Before going further, let’s discuss some fundamentals that are needed for you to understand.

What is a Bi-directional Scan Tool?

A bidirectional scan tool is a powerful tool in the world of vehicle repairing. It is a diagnostic mechanism that allows sending commandments. This factor makes it quite different from traditional scanning devices.

One key difference is that the bi-directional scan tool can issue commands from the service center’s computer to the car’s engine control unit (ECU) or Electronic Control Unit.

Moreover, it can also make a request from the ECU to bring information from the car itself. In contrast, typical OBD2 scan tools only have the ability to read data from vehicle diagnostic link connectors and send them back to a personal computer. And they do not have the ability to read data from a vehicle’s ECU or Electronic Control Unit.

The main purpose of a bi-directional scan tool is the same as other types, which is to collect all kinds of information from cars and trucks. In addition, it can also perform functions such as activation of electronic control units within the car. And it is able to streamline the diagnostic process.

Main Functions

  • Running different system sets simultaneously
  • Accessing the engine control module
  • ECU Coding facility
  • It saves a lot of time. You don’t need to pop into every other inspection; the scanner will do itself.
  • It’s just not limited to the diagnostics part but with equipped with many advanced features.
  • The accuracy is top-notch, and you just can’t compete in this factor. Graphical representation makes the entire problem much easier and simpler to understand.

How to Choose the Best Bidirectional Scan Tool?

Photo Title Buy
ANCEL V6 Bi...image ANCEL V6 PRO Bidirectional Scan Tool, Check Prices
2024 Elite LAUNCH...image 2021 Upgraded Version LAUNCH X431 V Check Prices
Innova 5610 OBD2...image INNOVA 5610-Newest 2021 OBD2 Check Prices
Autel MaxiCheck MX900:...image Autel MaxiPRO MP808K OBD2 Check Prices

For transparency, please note that some of the links on this website are Amazon Associate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. The use of such links comes at no additional cost to you.

So, finally, you have decided to buy a bidirectional scan tool. Keep in mind some of the following points.

  • Go for the best and reputable brand’s machine.
  • Compatibility of your scanner is essential with the current and upcoming vehicle. So, do check on that.
  • See how the customer support of your chosen company is. If any fault comes up, how do they react?

How to Use the Best Bidirectional Scan Tool?

Let me explain it with an example.

  • There’s everything normal. You feel the pressure gauge and operate the key, but nothing happens. What can be the problem?
  • Maybe it’s the cause of any problem in the circuit, or it’s not accepting the commandments; any component is a misfit. It could be anything.
  • Here comes the efficiency of the Bi-directional scan tool. By using this, you can give any command to the fuel pump. If now it reacts and shows pressure, voila! Now it would function properly.
  • Diagnosis can only be made by imparting proper commandments to the circuit.

1. ANCEL V6 Bidirectional Scan Tool

For transparency, please note that some of the links on this website are Amazon Associate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. The use of such links comes at no additional cost to you.

This device has an 8″ HD touchscreen. It comes along with an 8000mAh built-in rechargeable battery. The storage is expandable to 32G memory and has 10.0 Android system OS. Its Diagnostic features work amazingly and can handle 80+ car makes and 10000+ models of car. If you are looking for something like deep analysis where data showcasing, reading of clear codes lives, etc., should be available, then it’s for you.

All of these advanced features generate a detailed report. The report helps in planning a budget required for repairing as per the client’s needs.

Let me tell you more about its exciting features!

  • In addition to turning off the warning light, this feature resets the Engine Oil Life system too. It determines the ideal oil change interval based on driving conditions and climate.
  • Moreover, the Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) Service deactivates and activates the electronic braking system. It assists with controlling brake fluid, opening/ closing of brake pads, and among other things.
  • Similarly, the Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) Service calibrates the Steering Angle Sensor (SAS). It saves the contemporary guidance wheel function inside the guidance perspective sensor EEPROM because of the straight-beforehand function. The guidance perspective sensor fault reminiscence is routinely deleted after the calibration is finished successfully.
  • And the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Service shows sensor IDs from the automobile’s ECU. It includes inputting TPMS sensor alternative IDs, etc. Checking out sensors is all a part of the TPMS carrier function.
  • It additionally has a DPF Service. It carries out several duties associated with the Diesel Particulate Filter device. DPF regeneration, DPF thing alternative teach-in, and DPF teach-in after alternative all are treated via way of means of the tool.
  • The Injector Coding function works even supposing injectors are disabled, injector leaks, etc. Other problems with it can also imply that turning off the injector is no longer sluggish down. The IMMO carrier lets you invalidate a misplaced automobile key and software an alternative key fob.
  • The Bi-Directional control testing feature is incredible on its own. It sends commands to different components. It also checks the working statuses and access of all subsystems. Apart from having all these high-tech features.


  • Full System Diagnostic feature
  • Cost-Effective
  • Bi-Directional Control testing feature
  • 15+ key functions
  • Features Real-time data
  • Free Battery testing service
  • Free Upgrade option


  • Some people experienced compatibility and durability issues.

2. LAUNCH X431 V Pro 4.0

For transparency, please note that some of the links on this website are Amazon Associate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. The use of such links comes at no additional cost to you.

This device has a 10.1″ touchscreen. It comes along with a 7000mAh built-in rechargeable battery. The storage is expandable to 32+128GB extendable memory and has 9.0 Android system OS. The Launch X431 device has an incredible feature of the All-In-One Car Diagnostic Scan Tool. It includes dealing with automotive scanning, calibration functions, modification, etc. It has 31+ amazing functionalities to go in-depth testing services. Not only this, but it goes best with Online coding, ECU coding, and other such functionalities.

Let’s explore some of its advanced features one by one!

  • LAUNCH X431 V 4.0, one of the greatest bidirectional scanning tools, contains several advanced functions (no programming function). It’s a bidirectional scanning tool for performing certain tests and functions, such as opening and closing the air conditioner clutch and so on.
  • Its amazing functionality of viewing and capturing + recording the data in real-time is worth seeing. View and capture (record) data in real-time. This information, which includes the present operating status of the parameters and/or sensor information, can be used to determine the vehicle’s overall performance.
  • You can also generate a full system diagnostic report with a single click, which can be forwarded to the office or sent straight to your customer. The vehicle health report card can also be printed.
  • Its All Systems Scan tool feature is incredible, presenting that it scans all systems of the car, including ABS, SRS, exhaust system, etc.
  • Not only this, it has 15 free reset functions, which also include injector code, IMMO, register of battery, DPF, gear learning, etc. You won’t regret opting for this scanning device.


  • Full System Diagnostic feature
  • One-click update
  • Remote Diagnosis
  • 2.4GHz&5GHz Dual-Frequency Wi-Fi
  • 8X Faster Auto VIN Technology
  • Advanced ECU Coding
  • More than 15 Reset Services
  • Free Battery testing service
  • Free Upgrade option
  • It supports almost 24 languages
  • It covers almost 150+ Car brands


  • Some people experienced issues in the company’s tech support service.
  • It is a bit heavier to use, approx. 11 pounds in total.

3. LAUNCH X431 V+ PRO Elite Latest Bi-Directional Scan Tool

This device has a 10.1″ touchscreen and comes along with a 7000mAh built-in rechargeable battery. It has a storage that is expandable to 32+128GB extendable memory and has 9.0 Android system OS. The Launch X431 device has an incredible feature of the All-In-One Car Diagnostic Scan Tool dealing with automotive scanning, calibration functions, modification, etc.

The processing system is of quad-core 2.0 Hz CPU. It has 31+ amazing functionalities to go in-depth testing services. It includes wiper and seat navigation, multimedia availability, cruise control system, air conditioning, and. In contrast, other relevant systems regular scanners don’t test.

Not only this….

  • But it goes best with Online coding, ECU coding, and other such functionalities. And there’s more to it.
  • This model comes with some advanced features such as X-431 ADAS Mobile/PRO. It helps in the ADAS Calibration of vehicle cameras.
  • How can we forget the Video scoping feature, the TSGUN sensoring capabilities, X-PROG 3, and BST360 Battery Test clip Analyzer?
  • It allows you to verify the output, allowing you to determine whether or not any equipment or system is functioning properly. This one-of-a-kind quality isn’t seen in most code readers.
  • It has a wide support system ranging from Asia, Europe, the United States, and China.
  • Steering Angle Calibration, DPF, TPMS change, and battery register are among the 11 highly developed features included in the Launch X431 bidirectional scan tool.
  • The only flaw in this product is its 11-pound weight, which may be too much for some people.\

I hope this description has answered all of your questions; if not, please search this device on Google. To obtain a direct answer to your inquiry or speak with a professional technician about your specific automotive problems.


  • Full System Diagnostic feature
  • One-click update
  • Remote Diagnosis
  • X-431 ADAS Mobile/PRO
  • Video scoping feature
  • Works best on Diesel cars
  • TSGUN sensoring feature
  • X-Prog-3 programming
  • X431 Printer Free with Wi-Fi
  • 8+ hours battery time
  • BST360 Battery Test clip Analyzer
  • 4GHz&5GHz Dual-Frequency Wi-Fi
  • 8X Faster Auto VIN Technology
  • Advanced ECU Coding
  • 23+ languages to select from
  • Free Battery testing service
  • Free Upgrade option
  • More advanced features than just diagnosis
  • 2-year warranty


  • Some people experienced issues in the company’s tech support service.
  • Not good with heavy-duty vehicles.

4. INNOVA CarScan Pro 5610 OBD2 Car Code Scanner – BiDirectional Scan Tool

For transparency, please note that some of the links on this website are Amazon Associate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. The use of such links comes at no additional cost to you.

The Innova 5160 is one of the maximum sought-after bidirectional experiment gear, which helps EPB & SAS. It has the cap potential to examine and clean, the take a look at the engine. It carries out an intensive community experiment on a vehicle, etc. It is normally famous because of its sturdiness and user-friendliness compared to different alternatives inside the market.

How is it one of the best devices to have?

  • This best-featured device helps in identifying and rectifying the problems in just minutes. Its capability with synchronization of different apps helps in retrieving the real-time data in no time.
  • Its Premium OBD2 Code reading services come with an advanced set of features and functionalities like checking engine codes, checking the life of brake pad, taking care of pressure gauge & temperature things, etc.
  • The bi-directional feature works best with sending the commandments. Most importantly, the self-diagnosis feature helps in making it different from others devices available in the market.
  • This bi-directional scan tool can simultaneously handle four ABS and SRS graphs. This scanner provides real-time data to help you make quick judgments.
  • It also has an Auto-Update feature that allows the tool to automatically update the OS, the MaxiDAS system, and the Vehicle. In that entire process, a one-year free update online is available.
  • It can assist in the rearrangement of the electronic parking brake system and the changing of brake pads. With this scanner, you can modify the sensoring. The upgrades on this low-cost bidirectional scan tool are well-known, and it operates on three AA batteries. It also aids in the execution of tests.
  • This low-cost bidirectional scan tool is known for its updates. It runs on three AA batteries. It also helps you run testing.


  • 5610 OBD2 Scanner Peak Performance
  • OBD2 code reader empowered functionality
  • Self-Diagnosis feature
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Sends commands with a Bi-directional controlling feature
  • ASE-Certified Customer Support Team
  • Free Upgrade & Updates option
  • Warranty up to 1-year
  • Customer support is available in both English and Spanish.
  • Updates are completely free.


  • Connectivity issues.
  • Slight expensive

5. Autel Scanner MaxiPRO MP808K Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool

For transparency, please note that some of the links on this website are Amazon Associate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. The use of such links comes at no additional cost to you.

Autel Scanner MaxiPRO MP808K professional scan tool covers all the advanced OE-Level All module diagnostics coverage. It includes comprehensive service functions like active testing services, bi-directional control, ABS bleeding, etc. The best thing about it is that it has 11 non-standard connectors.

  • The 30+ service functions include a variety of tasks like oil reset, injector coding, throttle, suspension calibration, etc.
  • One more added-on feature in it is its free software updates for 12 months plus the refund option. This option makes it a risk-free purchase. It is one of the best options to have.
  • Autel MP808K Automotive Diagnostic Tablet is equipped with the latest VIN-based automatic VIN technology. It allows you to identify and obtain vehicle information with a single touch.
  • The MP808K is in combination with automatic scanning technology. It automatically performs a comprehensive scan of all vehicle ECUs. Moreover, it identifies system errors and obtains a DTC. This is a great professional scanning tool that can efficiently perform all system diagnostics.
  • Professional car scanner Autel MP808K has IMMO key function to protect your car from theft. It has two basic functionalities. First, it disables the lost vehicle key. Second, it adds a new key to the vehicle. It supports long-distance work.
  • The HDMI & Bluetooth ports are good enough to enable you to communicate from any kind of distance.


  • OE-Level All module Diagnostics feature
  • Supports 80+ vehicle makes
  • It comes along with 11 non-standard connectors
  • 30+ service functions
  • Free software updates
  • Refund money option available


  • Speaker can also be added.
  • It is quite expensive as compared to its competitors.
  • You have to contact Autel China’s office for any problem as Autel USA does not support the device. This factor becomes a hassle sometimes.


Different people have different preferences; the verdict is based on this principle.

  • If affordability is your issue, ANCEL V6 and the Autel AL619 can be your best choice.
  • Similarly, if you are a beginner and trying to explore the device, the Autel AL619 is for you.
  • In contrast, if you are into more advanced mechanisms and are professionals, go for the LAUNCH x431

So, here we have differentiated the review as per different preferences and expertise. Sometimes there are particular functionalities you need but are not compatible with your scanning device, so choose wisely. Always read lots of reviews and take opinions from the experts.

Differences between Bi-directional vs. Normal scan Tools

We will discuss the bi-directional scan tools in detail later. Let’s discuss the highlighting and limiting features of it.

Bidirectional Scan Tool Normal Scan Tool
User friendly but a little tough for mere beginners. User friendly. The best option for beginners.
Advanced features such as Programming, ABS, SRS, Key fob, etc Basic features such as Real-time data, extracting time-freeze information, etc.
Pricier. Affordable.
Information transmission functionality is present. A normal scanner has only the ‘Read-Only’ option. It can’t transfer information.

How does Bi-directional Control Work?

  • Bi-directional functionality works best for multifunctional properties. It uses one of the best hardware mechanisms that expertly handle the two-way flow of information.
  • For example, one can easily perform tests on their vehicles without even getting in. It is easy to check how the car responds to different command sets. Thus identification of errors becomes easy.
  • A bi-directional experiment device works with the aid of utilizing specialized hardware. Because of this, the individual using the device can without a doubt command the car to carry out numerous capabilities. It includes beginning the throttle or powering the ignition.
  • It leads to mechanics performing without difficulty, running assessments on their motors without getting inside the driver’s seat. They can stroll around the auto simultaneously. It helps the bi-directional experiment device to peer precisely how the car structures respond.
  • As a result, a technician can pinpoint issues and troubles within a car while not applying a tedious trial-and-blunders approach.

What to look at before buying a Bidirectional Scan Tools For Your Car In 2022

Now you know what a bi-directional scan tool in detail is. What’s in trend, comparative analysis, and everything related to it is in your check. Sometimes, we get confused while choosing what we want. Moreover, the programming & scanning in a scan tool goes hand in hand. And when there are several options available in the market, it gets difficult sometimes to select the best option for yourself. So, we have jotted down some useful points to help you make the right decision.

  • Firstly always check the compatibility of your desired scan tool. It is one of the desirable standard systems that help the external systems in line with the computer system. Mainly for compatibility, you have to check amongst the two scanners only, i.e., OBD I and OBD II. These days only OBD II is in trend, and the former one is quite outdated.
  • The second thing to check is the average response time of the machine. You may check how much your diagnostic tool lags or not. If your system has a longer duration of response time, so the entire diagnostic process would get delayed. It would lead to back-to-back faults. You will always need a fast and prompt-response giving scanner.
  • The third thing to check is to maximize the user’s safety level. You should check how efficient the anti-lock braking system is. Moreover, how it works in all situations. Moreover, how the full safety restraint system responds to different situations. It should have some safeguarding techniques to deal with accidents. Most importantly, how the verification options should be prompt too. In a good scanner, multifunctional options should work smoothly.
  • One of the last things to consider is Coding. It comprises a large and broader part of the control engine module. It alters the vehicle’s settings. A module’s overall performance can be tweaked, remapped, coded, or programmed as per its designated specifications. Likewise, coding and programming provide an in-depth perception of the vehicle system. It helps the technicians troubleshoot and resolve complex care issues.


Should I buy a bi-directional scanning tool?

We get questions about this topic the most. In maximum cases, the solution is yes! A bi-directional experiment device gives an unmatched capability. There are many factors in it that different kinds of experiment equipment simply can’t compete with.

However, this capability comes at a cost. Remember, bi-directional experiment equipment is usually costly. There are price range alternatives to be had, though, which you can check. We have listed down more than one of them in our listing above.

We suppose that bi-directional experiment equipment is really well worth it for beginners and expert mechanics. This equipment can substantially simplify a car technician’s existence. It’s most unlikely that you will be disillusioned after choosing up your personal bi-directional experiment device.

It is best to use for specialized tasks related to your car. If you are facing any complex problem which is unidentified yet, go for it. In this case, the bidirectional scanning tool will only work for you.

Are bi-directional control and ECU programming the same?

No, not at all. In ECU, the entire coding & programming processes change the settings of the computer. It enables you to take the manual testing and control in your hands along with the other components. It doesn’t affect any other permanent changes.

How to check the bi-directional scanner’s compatibility with my vehicle?

The best way is to check the company’s website generally. It always has all the options and requirements mentioned. If you don’t find then contact the manufacturer through the given email address. INNOVA has an incredible option of self-compatibility checker online, which makes the entire process fast.

Do these bidirectional scan tools need any registration before I use them?

No. It doesn’t need any further registration process. But you may need to register in any of the associated apps like FoxAssist etc., if needed. It will be a hassle-free process in general.

How to update the bidirectional automotive scan tool?

It is different for the different manufacturer’s devices. You may check the product’s website or check the manual for full information.


So, finally, we have approached the end of this article comprising the best bidirectional scan tool. Hoping that it will have helped you a lot. From the reviews mentioned earlier, you may choose the best models. If you’re in a rush, you can check out the verdict section of the product. Please tell us which product you enjoyed best and why. One thing more to keep in mind whatever your scanner, it may have unlimited opportunities to explore.

So, it’s a long-term investment that will pay you afterward. We wish you the best of luck with your choice.

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