How to Reset The Oil Pressure Sensor

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Folks are easily panicking when the oil pressure sensor light comes on. While it’s highly recommended to immediately check what’s actually wrong, you need to calm down.  First thing first, you’d need to fix the problems and then learn how to reset the oil pressure sensor to turn off the warning light. Find out more about the causes of oil light comes and how you can actually solve the issue below.

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Why Does My Oil Light Come On?

The oil pressure sensor captures problems and sends the signals to the OBD system. If there’s any problem with your oil regiment, the light would come on. However, it doesn’t tell you the specific problem and there are actually several factors that can illuminate the oil check light.

  • Low Oil Level: The low oil level can straightforwardly result in low oil pressure. This can happen at any moment, regardless of the fact that you’ve just had your oil changed. As engines get older, the oil in them burns more quickly. This problem can be caused by worn piston rings, leaking seals, and other issues.
  • Malfunctions: While the most common cause of the illuminating oil light is low oil levels, malfunctions can also be factors. A faulty oil pump, a broken pick up tube, a blocked oil filter, or even leaks can all contribute to this problem and make the oil pressure light come on. Even the malfunctioning sensor can send a false warning and illuminate the lamp.
  • Dirty/Old Oil: Oil can get dirty and old which affects its viscosity or overall performance. Your oil sensor might be able to capture these changes and inform you to change the oil with the new ones. Check your mileage and the visual appearance of the oil.
  • Faulty Oil Pressure Sensor: A defective faulty oil pressure sensor can be the problem if the warning light still comes on but the oil level in the engine is fine. Inaccurate measurements will begin to appear if this sensor malfunctions. A warning light is activated when the readings fall outside of acceptable ranges.

What Should I Do if The Oil Light Comes On?

Before resetting the oil pressure sensor or turning off the oil light, you must fix the ‘oil light come’ problems first. You can also check the Veepeak VS Bluedriver VS OBDLink MX+ Review to get the best suitable scanner for the job. It’s very dangerous to neglect the warning as you may wreck the engine once and for all.

  1. Correct The Oil Level and Viscosity: Check your engine oil level and see whether it’s already enough. The correct oil level will generate the correct pressure detected by the sensor. It’s also very important to use oil with correct viscosity.
  2. Fix Any Oil Leak: If your oil level keeps lowering even after several fillings, there might be leaks in the infrastructure. If you can’t figure out what it is, you better take your car to a dealership or service center to get professional handling.
  3. Replace The Oil Pressure Sensor: If you have good oil pressure and level but the oil light still comes on, you might have a faulty oil pressure sensor. If resetting doesn’t work, you would likely need to replace the sensor unit.
  4. Replace The Oil Pump: Faulty oil pumps can also cause low oil pressure. You better replace the pump as recommended by the dealership or service center to prevent issues from reoccurring.
  5. Reset the oil pressure: After fixing the root causes that illuminates your oil light, then you can now grab a scan tool or reset it manually.  

How To Reset Oil Pressure Sensor?

There are two major ways to reset oil pressure sensors. You can either use the manual method or use the best OBD2 scanner for Mercedes for more convenience. While using a scan tool is handier, resetting the sensor manually is just fine if you don’t have one.

Manual Method

You don’t need any connector to reset the oil sensor manually. Please follow these steps carefully:

  1. Start the ignition into the on position but don’t start your engine at this point
  2. In the space of ten seconds, you should gradually press the gas pedal three times in a row. Try your best to spread each pressing evenly within the time period.
  3. If it’s successful, your oil pressure sensor has been reset. If the oil light still comes on, then you need to repeat the procedure.

Using Scanner

Some scan tools available in the market have the capability of resetting oil sensors. You can check Foxwell NT510 Elite, NT530 Review online for references. These scanners might generate specific codes referring to the oil sensor so you can comprehend the actual problems first. After applying troubleshoots, you can now press “Clear” or “Reset” on your scanner.


What will a faulty oil pressure sensor do?

Inaccurate measurements can occur when this oil pressure level becomes faulty or malfunctioning. Lights indicate that the readings are outside of acceptable ranges. At this point, the warning light can illuminate over a false reading.

Why won’t my oil check light go off?

After changing your engine oil, you better check the oil pressure sensor first to exclude a failing sensor as the cause of your oil light remaining on. This can lead to a variety of engine problems including when the oil pump isn’t pumping enough oil to adequately lubricate the engine’s moving parts.

Can you clean an oil pressure sensor?

Oil pressure sensors are the most common suspect when the oil level isn’t the problem.  Fortunately, you can easily clean the oil filter screen with air pressure or brake cleaner. However, most people simply replace them rather than fix them because the filter is considerably cheap. 

How long can you drive with a faulty oil pressure sensor?

It’s very important to stop driving immediately with the oil light illuminating. Your vehicle’s engine can only function for around half an hour when not oiled properly. Even for just a 5-minute drive with low oil, the damage might be extremely costly. You need to immediately check the oil level and filter. 


The oil pressure sensor would trigger the oil light in your dashboard when it detects irregularities in the engine oil. However, an oil pressure sensor can be the problem itself when it becomes faulty and falsely measures the oil. You need to overcome the actual problems before you can reset the sensor. A manual method and scanner can be used for resetting so the warning light can come off. 

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