What Size Jump Starter Do I need

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You need a jump starter no matter what type of car you own. In a dead battery, a jump starter can help you start your car. Any vehicle can use a jump starter, a simple and easy-to-use technology.

Having a jump starter in your car can save you a lot of money. You may also be wondering what size jump starter I need? In that can, we can help you determine which jump starter is suitable for your vehicle. 

What is a Jump Starter? 

What is a Jump Starter?

A jump starter is a battery device that can help you jumpstart your vehicles. The device does not need an additional vehicle to jumpstart your car but works similarly to jumper cables. Jumpstarters are easy to carry and rechargeable. You can easily connect it to your vehicle using a booster cable and give life to your car’s dead battery. 

There are two main jump starters: self-contained jump boxes and plug-in units. Batteries in jump boxes are completely sealed, maintenance-free, and easily rechargeable. 

What Size Jump Starter Do I Need For My vehicle?

What size jump starter you should buy for your vehicle depends on several factors. Here are the things you must consider before buying a jump starter.

  • Vehicle Engine Size
  • Vehicle Age
  • Cold Cranking Amps
  • Budget
  • Battery Jump Starter Size
  • Safety Measures
  • Other Features

Vehicle Engine Size

The first thing you should determine before buying a jump starter is to check the engine size of your vehicle. If your vehicle is more extensive, you may think you need a more substantial jump starter. But that is not the case; you should check the internet to know your vehicle’s engine. And according to that, you should choose a jump starter. 

Vehicle Age

It is essential to consider the age of the vehicle in addition to its size before buying a jump starter. After so many years, the car parts no longer function like they are new. This is why if your car is old, you need more power to start your car.

It is a good idea to have a battery jump starter that can jumpstart your oldest and most significant vehicle.

Cold Cranking Amps 

You should probably take this thing into consideration. To start your car, you need sufficient power. 

What Are Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)?

During 30 seconds of 0°F operation, the CCA is the maximum number of amps the jump starter can produce. Those who live in cold climates might need to consider battery jump starters with higher cold-cranking amps. So you may have a question in mind. What are cranking amps in a battery jump starter?

Cranking amps describe a battery’s power during spring, summer, and fall. A jump starter’s cranking amps are output amps over 30 seconds at 32°F. 


Budget is another essential thing to determine which jump starter you should buy. With an advanced jump starter, you can get extra features. But that will cost you more money. 

There can be extremely expensive jump starters, but there are also many less expensive ones. Conduct your research and choose the one that will work for you.

Battery Jump Starter Size

The characteristics and features of the battery will determine the size of the jump starter. It is possible to find large jumpstarters designed to start a fleet of vehicles. You should look for a jump starter that is portable and easy to carry. 

There is a massive difference in size and weight depending on the type of battery. A jump starter uses two types of batteries. They are: 

  • Lithium-Ion
  • Lead-Acid

Obviously, both of these battery types have their own advantages and flows. Generally, lithium-ion batteries are smaller and light-weighted. 

Safety Measures

When choosing a jump starter for your car, you must consider safety measures. Modern jump starters come with safety measures. It will prevent you from going wrong when connecting the terminals with cars. 

Battery jump starters may also have the following safety features:

  • Protection against overcharging
  • Protective measures against overvoltage
  • The overcurrent and overload protection

Other Features

A jump starter can work as your life-saving accessory. You should consider other features when choosing a jump starter for your car. Today, the Jump starter comes with various features.

  • USB Charging
  • Flashlight
  • Power Outlets
  • Air Compressor


What Size Car Jump Starter do I need?

Having a portable jump starter for your car is the best idea. With lithium-ion batteries, jumpstarters are generally compact and easy to transport. You can take them anywhere and anytime since they easily fit into your car. 

How Many amps do I Need to Jump-start My Car?

It generally depends on the engine size of your car. Any average consumer vehicle can be started with 500 to 600 amps of power. It is possible to boost small and compact vehicles with as little as 150 amps. Larger commercial vehicles may need as much as 1500 or 2000 amps of power. 

How Many Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) do I need for my car?

Battery CCA ratings describe how well the battery can deliver sustained output at specific temperatures. The cranking amps measure how much power a battery generates in spring, summer, and fall. In general, a battery should have at least one Cold Cranking Amp (CCA) for every cubic inch of engine displacement. 

Is more Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) better?

If you live in a cold area, a maximum CCA jump starter is better for you. The rating indicates how much power your jump starter can provide for 30 seconds at 0°F. A battery whose CCA rating is higher will have more starting power.

Why does Peak Amperes matter on a jump starter?

The maximum current a jump starter can provide quickly is called its peak amps. It helps to turn your vehicle engine quickly and gives a jump boost. 

What is the Lowest Temperature My Portable Starter is Likely to Be Needed?

A jump starter is a must-have tool in the winter season. When the temperature starts falling, it may cause death to your car’s battery. This is the time you need a jump starter to start your car. 

Why Does the Jump Starter Keep Clicking?

If you hear a clicking sound after starting your jump starter, it’s because there is an issue with your battery or alternator. It means the jump starter is not getting enough current from the battery. This is the reason you hear the sound. 

What is a good CCA for a battery?

If your battery has at least 650 CCA, that means it is a good battery. The higher CCA rating indicates more power to the battery. For your jump starter to perform well in the winter, you should make sure it has a high CCA battery. 

Final Thoughts

A jump starter is a valuable tool that you should have in your vehicle. It enables you to avoid getting a mechanic to jumpstart your car. The battery characters and other features mainly decide the size of a jump starter. We hope we have answered all your questions regarding what size jump starter I need. Moreover, take your time and do proper research to select the best jump starter for your vehicle. 

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