Best Air Compressors under 200$ on Market Nowadays

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Air compressors are necessary for our regular life as they give you options while you’re working with power tools or filling gas. They come in handy for both indoor and outdoor. When you’re willing to buy an air compressor for yourself, you have varieties in power, tank size, the capacity of pressure, flow rate.

When you’re turning a limitation for 200$, we’re here to help you by coming up with a list of best air compressors under 200$.

You have multiple options when you’re willing to buy an air compressor and our job is to ensure that you’re not missing other options like functionality, portability, and versatility.

According to our ranking, the best air compressor under 200$ is the DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor. It comes up with a 6-gallon tank (the highest in this price range), 165 PSI maximum & 2.6 SCFM.

Our top picks are

  • DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor
  • Makita MAC210Q Quiet Series
  • Craftsman Air Compressor
  • California Air Tools 8010 Steel Tank Air Compressor
  • BOSTITCH Air Compressor Combo Kit
  • Stark Portable Quiet Air Compressor
  • Stealth Portable Ultra Quiet Air Compressor
  • Metabo HPT Pancake Air Compressor

In this article, we’re going to review the best air compressors you can buy for under 200$. Besides, we’ll be sharing a buying guide at the end to make your purchase more specific.

Let’s start from here!

1. DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor

The Dewalt Pancake is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a large-capacity compressor on a short budget. It comes up with a 6-gallon tank (22 L) to give you a huge capacity. The model and outlook of this compressor are good and it can provide you 165 PSI at maximum.

This compressor is highly durable and portable. It comes up with a 75.5 dBA noise level for quiet operation. The delivery rate for this machine is 2.6 SCFM. It’s great for air tools and pneumatic applications.

The pump is oil-free and requires low maintenance. That’s a huge plus point as you don’t have to worry about taking care of the machine on a regular basis. This compressor weighs 30 lb making it highly portable. You just have to make sure that there’s a suitable power source for this machine to work on your job site.

It contains Dewalt high flow regulator for a better and increased performance. The Dewalt pancake air compressor comes up with a console cover that protects the controls safely. However, this cover is removable in case of quick repairs.

The compressor features 2 universal Dewalt latest technology couplers for supporting 2 users at the same time. The outlet tube is rerouted and it also comes up with a ball drain valve.

The high-efficiency motor is designed for a quick and easy startup even in the harshest weather. It also comes up with a cord wrap for making it easy to store or carry around.

Overall, in your budget, the best option is the Dewalt Pancake air compressor as it’s providing you with a huge tank, great 165 Psi max, and 2.6 SCFM.


  • Gives max 165 Psi
  • 6 SCFM delivery rate
  • 6-gallon large tank
  • High-efficiency motor
  • High flow regulator
  • 2 universal couplers
  • 5 dBA noise level for quiet operation


  • The compressor vibrates a little

2. Makita MAC210Q Quiet Series

The Makita quiet series air compressor is a lot smaller than the previous one. It comes up with a 2-gallon sized tank for a better performance. It’s not made for harder jobs and it can’t deal with power tools like the previous one.

But for tire feeling or sports for feeling, it’ll do just fine. This machine is named after the quiet series as it operates pretty smoothly. The noise level for this air compressor is 60 dB. This machine is made ideally for indoor use.

This machine is corded electric and it can give you 1 horsepower at its maximum. However, the PSI measurement for this compressor is 135 at its maximum. It comes up with an oil-free dual-piston pump for increased durability.

The Makita Quiet series compressor runs at lower RPM that ensures you’ll be getting a longer pump lifespan. It’s made for maintenance-free operation and it’s also lightweight for portability. It weighs only 44 pounds.

It comes up with a roll caged construction that makes sure that you’re getting the versatility of using the machine across your job site. It also helps a lot in storing.

The ideal indoor uses of this compressor are base or case installation, finishing, or trimming your carpentry. It can also help you with furniture or cabinet making at the same time. The Makita Air compressor is highly versatile in this budget as it’s giving you a lot of options.


  • 1 Hp air compressor
  • 2-gallon tank
  • Runs at lower RPM
  • 60 dB noise level for quiet operation
  • Ideal for indoor jobs
  • Roll caged construction
  • 135 PSI at maximum


  • The tank is a bit smaller for some users

3. Craftsman Air Compressor

Here comes a masterpiece from the brand Craftsman. It’s almost like the Dewalt Pancake air compressor. You can call it a copy of that one as well. The only difference is in the weight and pressure. It weighs a bit more than the Dewalt. The weight of this compressor is 32 pounds.

The craftsman pancake compressor can give you 150 Psi at its maximum while the Dewalt pancake offers you 165. The building quality of this compressor is pretty awesome and it’s manufactured in the USA. So, no doubt about the quality or longevity for sure.

The tank size of this compressor is 6 gallons, the same as the Dewalt. It’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor tasks. It can deal with larger tasks at the same time. The delivery rate of this compressor is the same as the Dewalt, 2.6 SCFM @90 PSI.

However, the durable and long-lasting oil-free pump is made with a dual-piston and it requires low maintenance at the same time. It can work just fine with power tools. If you’re working from Jobsite to Jobsite or you’re buying it only for home use, it’ll fit everywhere.


  • 6-gallon large tank size
  • 150 Psi air pressure
  • 6 SCFM delivery rate
  • No maintenance oil-free pump
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor
  • Lightweight weighs only 32 pounds
  • Cut inch pressure for diversity


  • The safety control valve is a bit tricky

4. California Air Tools 8010 Steel Tank Air Compressor

This California Air Tools 8010 Steel Tank Air Compressor is a bit larger than all these air compressors in this list as it comes up with a large tank size. The steel tank capacity is 8 gallons while the Dewalt or the Craftsman is offering only 6 gallons.

This machine is a real giant as it comes up with everything you need in an air compressor. It’s too quiet for an 8-gallon air compressor. It’s a corded electric air compressor and it runs with 110Volt.

However, the maximum pressure of this air compressor is 120 psi. It’s pretty quiet as the noise level is 60 decibels only. The low amperage draw makes the compressor pretty durable, 8.5 amps. Like other air compressors in this list, this one also comes up with an oil-free low maintenance compressor to provide you with long-lasting service.

It weighs 48 lbs. It’s one of the best air compressors available under the price point of 200$ just because of its wheel kit. The wheel kit makes it highly portable. The power of this compressor is great as it comes up with 1 HP.

The maximum continuous runtime of this compressor is a bit lower. It can run for 40 minutes continuously. The motor is designed for easy and quick start-up. This air compressor will be ideal for use in a job site where noise is a major issue.


  • 120 Psi air pressure
  • 8-gallon large tank
  • Corded electric compressor
  • Lower amp drawback
  • 60 dB noise level
  • Dual-piston oil-free pump
  • Requires lower maintenance
  • Wheel kit for easy portability


  • Continuous runtime 40 minutes

5. BOSTITCH Air Compressor Combo Kit

Here’s another Pancake shaped air compressor from the brand Bostitch and it’s one of the top air compressor packages because of the brad nailer it includes with the package. The compressor is almost the same as the previous 2 pancake air compressors.

It comes up with a 6-gallon tank and the delivery rate is 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI. It gives you a long run time as well as continuous airflow. It comes up with an oil-free pump and requires low maintenance at the same time. The Maximum pressure is 150 Psi.

The motor is high efficiency and it’s made for a quick start-up even in the harshest weather. The noise of this compressor is a bit higher than other compressors. It comes up with a 78 dB noise level.

It’s a corded electric air compressor and it runs with electricity. This compressor is ideal for both indoor and outdoor tasks. It works pretty well with any kind of power tool.

It weighs 35 pounds that make it lighter and portable at the same time. If you’re looking for the best all-around air compressor under 200$, this can be your priority.


  • 150 Psi pressure at max
  • 6-gallon tank
  • Nailer included with the package
  • 6 SCFM delivery rate at 90 Psi
  • Oil-free pump
  • Low maintenance air compressor
  • Air hose included


  • The noise level is 78 dB

6. Stark Portable Quiet Air Compressor

This one is a little out of the league-type air compressor coming at the same price point. It’s offering you everything bigger at this price point, that’s a matter of wonder and fact to put the compressor at our top list at the same time.

It comes up with even a larger tank. The capacity of this tank is 10 gallons. It’s more of a big outdoor industrial air compressor on a tiny budget. The power source for this compressor is electricity and it runs with 115 volts.

The maximum pressure this compressor can give is 125 Psi and it’s pretty good for different tasks like power tools or little tasks like filling gas. The compressor weighs 55 pounds that make it portable. You can carry it with you everywhere.

The maximum power of this air compressor is 3.5 hp. It comes up with a cast iron pump and a big cylinder. The pistons inside the pump are designed for faster recovery. This air compressor is claimed to be 50% quieter than other compressors in this range.

It has a low amp drawback that ensures longevity and durability. This compressor oil-free compressor is designed for low maintenance as the cylinder is made with cast iron. If you’re looking for a big deal on a short budget, this one can be your choice.


  • 125 Psi pressure
  • High 3.5 hp power
  • Oil-free low maintenance
  • 10-gallon horizontal tank
  • 120v electric power
  • High-efficiency pump


  • A bit heavy for portability issues

7. Stealth Portable Ultra Quiet Air Compressor

The Stealth Portable Ultra Quiet Air Compressor comes at number 7 on our top list. It’s a 3-gallon air compressor, a bit smaller than other compressors on this list. It’s also a corded electric air compressor and it requires 120 volts of electricity.

The maximum pressure this pump can provide is 150 Psi. It comes up with a quiet operation design. The noise level for this compressor is 65 dB which is pretty awesome. This compressor is made with handheld capacity as it’s a bit smaller. It’s a positive sign for portability.

The low amp motor of this compressor starts even in the coldest weather. The oil-free pump ensures low maintenance and easy repairs. The delivery rate of this compressor is 2.5 CFM at 90 Psi. The delivery rate increases if you count it in 40 Psi.

The design of this compressor is compact and lightweight. It comes up with a blue color body that makes it look beautiful at the same time. If you’re looking for the best indoor air compressor for household activities, this is the one you’re searching for.


  • 3-gallon tank
  • 150 Psi air pressure
  • Maximum power 1 HP
  • 65 dB noise level
  • Low amp drawback
  • 120v motor for quick startup
  • Handheld capability and compact design


  • The cord is a bit short

8. Metabo HPT Pancake Air Compressor

The last one on our list is the Metabo HPT Pancake Air Compressor. If you’ve scrolled down all the air compressors and didn’t find any of them interesting, try this one. It’s from the brand called Metabo and it’s one of the Pancake-shaped compressors.

It also comes up with a 6-gallon compressor tank for a better capacity. The maximum pressure output from this machine is 150 Psi. It’s perfect for any kind of indoor and outdoor task. It comes up with everything you need in an air compressor.

The delivery rate for this compressor is 2.8 CFM at 90 Psi. It’s easily able to operate different kinds of nailers. It also comes up with an oil-free low maintenance motor. The motor is designed for a quick startup in cold weather.

The maximum power output of this compressor is 1 HP. It’s extremely light and weighs only 36.5 lbs. The weight makes the compressor portable at the same time. The 2 universal couplers make tool change convenient.

The steel roll cage design gives you safety and storage at the same time. It comes up with industrial gauges and regulators. This compressor is ideal for any kind of power tool application along with little tasks like filling a sports ball.


  • 6-gallon tank
  • 8 CFM delivery at 90 Psi
  • Oil-free low maintenance
  • High-efficiency motor
  • 73 dB noise level
  • 5 lbs compressor weight
  • Universal quick couplers
  • Industrial gauges and regulators


  • A bit louder compared to others

Best Air Compressors under 200$

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Air Compressor Under 200$: Buying guide 2021!

When you’re comparing all these air compressors, there are several features and facts that are coming over and over repeatedly. All these features are different for every air compressor. Now, when it’s on you to choose the best one, you may get confused easily.

To help you a little, we came up with a buying guide. This guide will show you what you need to consider while you’re buying an air compressor in your budget and what to avoid.

Motor power

When your budget is limited to 200$, you won’t be getting a huge power from your compressor motor. But there are options you can choose from. The ideal motor power in this range will be 1 horsepower.

If you can afford higher or get a better deal with quality assurances, you can grab that one. Or else, the 1 hp will do your job properly. The higher the motor power, the precise and quick the job.

Tank size

The tank size actually matters as it’s your central processing unit for the compressor. In this price range, the ideal tank size will be 6 gallons or 22 L. Bigger tank size makes your compressor heavy and hard to carry.

Besides, a compressor that comes up with a bigger tank makes more noises. If you’re not looking for an industrial compressor, the 6-gallon tank size is perfect. In our list, there are several compressors with a 6-gallon tank size.

If you prefer bigger, you can go for the California Air Tool or the stark one. They are bigger than 6 gallons. In that case, you need to consider portability and noise.

Output pressure

This depends on you, how much air pressure you’re expecting out of your air compressor. The ideal output pressure in this price range will be 150 Psi. But the Psi Output depends on your requirements.

If you’re willing to run heavy tools or nailers like drills or impact wrenches, you need a high Psi output. If you want multiple tasking at the same time like airbrushes or nail guns, you need split Psi in both hosses powerfully.

But if you’re willing to do light jobs like filling tires or sports balls or you’re willing to clean tools, you need lower Psi. Choose according to your preferences. The Ideal pressure will be 150 max.

Oil-free motor

Buying an oil-free pump is essential. The internal moving parts of the motors come up with Teflon coating. This coating reduces any kind of internal friction to make your motor durable. The Teflon coating makes your motor work fine for a long time without any maintenance at all.

However, when the Teflon starts wearing, your compressor will break down. Yet, this is the most time-saving and helpful mechanism in the case of air compressors. So, buying an air compressor with an oil-free mechanism is a must.

Delivery rate

The delivery rate you can get at this price range is 2.8 CFM at 90 Psi. This delivery rate is common. The delivery rate determines how much air your compressor is releasing per minute. The more the flow rate the quicker your job is done.

However, in this price range, getting more than this is quite impossible. If you can manage more than that, you can grab that one.

Accessories and Design

Make sure your compressor comes up with necessary accessories like gauges, cords, hoses, adapters, Porter Cable and other tools. Cord wrap helps a lot in case of storing.

Besides, the outlook and design are pretty important. You don’t want to buy something ugly that makes you embarrassed while looking at it. All compressors in this list are great and good-looking. The designs are great.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: What is the best air compressor for home use?

For indoor use, the best air compressor is a little one that comes up with a regular 2–6-gallon tank, lower noise, good psi, and delivery rate. According to our comparison, the best indoor compressor is the Dewalt pancake air compressor.

It comes up with everything you need. It has a 6-gallon tank, it’s durable and lightweight, it can give you great power and flow rate.

Q: Is it OK to leave air in a compressor?

It’s not a big deal if you leave air in a compressor. But you need to remember that leaving pressurized air inside the compressor sometimes has moisture. This moisture is harmful.

The moisture will cause corrosion and eventually, you’ll end up having a junk machine.

Q: Can an air compressor explode?

The air receiver tank may explode sometimes. It’s possible. But this case is pretty rare. When the pressure inside the compressor is high and the air is trying to overfill it, it may explode. But most of the air compressors come up with air control to prevent such an issue.

Q: How long do air compressors last?

Air compressors are highly durable compared to other regular life machines. A regular rotary compressor lasts more than 20-30 years and with proper care and maintenance, a reciprocating compressor lasts more than 15 years. So, you don’t have to worry about longevity.

Q: Why is my air compressor hissing?

The hissing of an air compressor is a sign of over-pressurized air inside the tank in most cases. This is pretty rare but it happens sometimes. If you feel like your air compressor is hissing, screaming, or whistling, turn off the air conditioning unit as soon as possible.

Q: What’s better oil or oil-less air compressor?

For home and indoor use, oil-free compressors are ideal. Oil compressors are made for heavy tasks and require regular maintenance while oil-free compressors are made for lighter tasks. They don’t last longer while compared to an oil compressor.

But if you’re buying a compressor for home use, the best option will be an oil-free air compressor.


So, these are the best air compressors under 200$ available on the market right now. If you’re looking for an air compressor for home use and you’re willing to do all your tasks by yourself, an air compressor from these will come in handy at some point.

These air compressors are tested and they came up on this list from proven results. You can rely on the list and buy any of these undoubtedly.

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