Halo Bolt Jump Strater Review 

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Are you looking for a portable charger that can charge your gadgets and even start your engine when the battery is dead? BOLT 58830 could be your answer. Today, you can have one charger or power bank for everything thanks to the battery pack technology.

Among battery packs available in the market, we decided to write a halo bolt 58830 review because it’s a decent product you can invest in. You can benefit from its charging and jump-start functions.

Best Halo Bolt 58830 Review 

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Jump Starter for Various Vehicles

BOLT 58830 is a fully functioning car jump starter that allows you to start your car engine when the battery is dead. The number “58830” actually refers to the battery capacity of 58830 Wh which gives you up to 217 stars for standard cars and up to 96 times for SUVs.

It’s certainly an impressive spec because even a generic portable jump starter may only give you somewhere around 30 starts.

This way, you can simply put the portable charger in your car wherever you go. You can pull and set it as a jump starter in an emergency situation real quick. It allows you to start the engine by at least reaching the auto shop nearby for further checkups and/or battery replacement.

Wide Device Charger Compatibility with AC Outlet

BOLT 58830 has complete ports to accommodate almost all charging compatibility with USB to micro USB ports. You can charge smartphones, tablets, and other battery-powered gadgets.

Unfortunately, BOLT 58830 doesn’t support fast charging yet but you can still rely on continuous charging when going mobile.

Coming with an AC outlet, BOLT 58830 stands out from competitors because many of them only have USB and DC outlets. This feature allows  BOLT 58830 to charge more devices including the one that requires wall adapters. Let’s you want to charge your laptop or Macbook, you can straightforwardly connect your charging adapter to the BOLT 58830’s AC outlet.

Universal Phone Charging Capability

Going specifically to phone charging functions, BOLT 58830 has universal charging compatibility. It’s because the portable charger has USB ports that allow you to connect USB to micro USB regardless of your smartphone.

Whether you have a phone with USB A or USB C, you only need your data cable to connect the other side to BOLT 58830.

However, there’s a little bit of a downside to using USB ports. BOLT 58830 does consequently not support fast charging. Even if your smartphone or tablet supports fast charging they would only be slowly charged with BOLT 58830. Well, you can still operate the phone/tablet when it’s charged with the portable charger.

Various Color Options

What is more interesting about BOLT 58830 is the color option that you can choose from. You can select Grey, Gold, Black Graphite, Blue Graphite, Rose Gold, Silver Graphite, Violet Paisley, Wood Grain, and Camouflage. Have you ever found a portable charger with extensive color options?

Car Charger Support

BOLT 58830 already supports car charging so you can charge the portable charger in your car while driving. We can either wall-charge or car-charge BOLT 58830 so you can ensure it is fully charged whenever you’re.

This way, this power bank would be always ready whenever you need it to charge your gadget or jump-start your car.

Lightweight Design

We’ve found that the BOLT 58830 is pretty lightweight even though the design isn’t so compact. It’s understandable because BOLT 58830 has a larger capacity but the manufacturer has successfully maintained the lightweight.

It’s also pretty easy to carry and to store for car uses or generic uses. More importantly, it won’t eat up too much space even when you have to keep on in your trunk or dashboard storage.

Other Features

Despite charging and jump-start functionalities, BOLT 58830 also comes with helpful features. It already comes with LED floodlights which are very helpful in emergency situations.

A carrying pouch is also included in our purchase so you can easily carry and store the portable charge. All accessories like jumper clamps with cable, DC charger cable, and other amenities are also included.

Safe Operation

BOLT 58830 comes with complete protection from the reverse circuit, reverse current, short circuits, or overloads.  Whether you want to use it to jump-start your car, charge your gadget, or power your appliances, you can always have a safe operation.

Without these protections, you put components of your device and vehicle electricity at risk of being damaged.

Top Features

  1. Portable Jump Starter: When you have a universal power bank that provides sufficient power to jump start your vehicle
  2. Multi-device compatibility: you can prevent your phone, tablet, and Power Bank from ever running out of battery by charging them all.
  3. Multiple USB Ports: The fact that this portable Charger has two USB 2. 4V charging ports mean that they can simultaneously power several devices. Included in the package is a Car Charger, which will ensure that you can keep your Bolt charged while you are on the move.
  4. Universal Charging Capability: Keep your Mac, PC, phone, or tablet charged while traveling or use it as support in an emergency situation with this universal charger for laptops and mobile devices.
  5. AC Power Output: A 120-volt AC wall outlet gives electricity to your laptop while you’re on the go. At this point, it can hold enough charge for up to 8 hours on a 13.3-inch Macbook Pro’s battery


  • Portable charger with jump starter
  • Universal Compatibility
  • AC outlet
  • Lightweight design
  • Full-cycle support with car charging support
  • Safe operations with complete protections
  • Power appliances within range
  • Complete inclusions


  • Immediate stop charging issues
  • Some jump-start function problems
  • 217 jump starts are questionable
  • AC outlet compatibility is limited

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How to use and setup BOLT 58830

Using BOLT 58830 as a jump starter isn’t difficult at all. However, you need to follow the halo bolt 58830 review and the correct steps correctly to jump-start your vehicle properly with BOLT 58830. You must not use it for charging any device when using it as a jump starter.

  1. You can start by plugging the jumper cables into the output of BOLT 58830. Ensure that it’s completely plugged in and the connection firmly seated before starting to jump your engine.
  2. On the other side of the cable, clamp it to the battery of your vehicle with a red-colored clamp on the positive(+) terminal and a black-colored clamp on the negative(-) terminal. For any reason never connect two opposite poles with your clamps. Check the flashing light in the jump start button: Red means the connection is incorrect, try to disconnect and reconnect the jumper cable to start over.  
  3. Once done, you can proceed with the jump start by pressing the “Jump Start” Button once. A flashing green light means the connection is okay but it’s still proceeding with safety checks. 
  4. At this point, you can turn on the ignition and start your engine.
  5. Only try up to three consecutive times for jump-starting attempts. You’d need to give it a break for another safety check for about 15 seconds before you can jump-start your engine for another three consecutive tries. If it’s about a weak or dead battery, your vehicle should have been on by now but if it’s not, there must have been other problems and you better call professional technicians.
  6. If you’ve successfully started your engine with BOLT 58830, you can now disconnect the jumper clamps from your car battery and you’re ready to go.


Does the Halo bolt have to be fully charged to jump-start a car?

If it’s a brand new Halo Bolt and for first-time use, it’s highly recommended to fully charge the unit before using it for a jump start or charging your gadgets.

From there, you can jump-start your car with a Halo bolt even when it’s not at full capacity. You can then charge your Halo bolt with an AC wall adapter for further use.

Why is my halo bolt blinking?

Your Halo Bolt jump starter can either blink red light or green light. The red light means that the jumper cables aren’t connected properly to the battery and/or to Halo Bolt.

Greenlight appears after you press the “Jump Start” button which means that your Halo Bolt is proceeding with safety checks.

How long will 58830 MWH last?

The exact time BOLT 58830 can last would depend on the charged device. You can have up to three-day talk times with your phone, up to 24-hour tablet operation, and eight hours of laptop battery life. As for the AC outlet, it would vary for each appliance you power with  BOLT 58830.

Can a halo bolt charge a car battery?

Halo  BOLT 58830 is a portable charger and jump starter but it’s not designed for charging your car battery even though it has the same voltage. Just like other jump starters,  BOLT 58830 has considerably low amperage that’s only sufficient to start your engine but not even close to fully charging the vehicle battery.

Can I bring my halo charger on a plane?

Halo chargers are TSA-approved because they’re categorized as lithium-ion chargers and/or portable batteries which are now allowed on passenger aircraft. However, they’re only approved for carry-on, not in the baggage. If you want to bring your halo charger, be sure to carry it with you in the carry-on bag.

Can a HALO jump a dead battery?

Short answer: Yes. HALO  jump starter is designed to start your engine when your battery is dead. It can start various types of vehicles from lawnmowers to SUVs.  As for vehicles, Halo jump starters can start both gas and diesel engines with no problems.

Final Words

Halo BOLT 58830 is a solid portable charger and jump starter you can consider investing in. Our halo bolt 58830 review reveals that it works perfectly for both functions when you get the right unit. It’s a complete package of portable chargers that can charge various gadgets and start your vehicle when the battery is weak or dead.

You can charge pretty much everything with  BOLT 58830 through the USB ports and AC outlet. If you’re looking for a massive power bank with the ultimate jump starter function,  BOLT 58830 could be a bold choice for you. 

Halo Bolt Review / Test - Jump starting 5.4L V8 Triton Engine on Ford Econoline with dead battery
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