How To Fix P0014 Code?

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As for auto on-board diagnostic, P0014 is one of the most appearing codes on the scanner’s screens. Let’s find the meaning, symptoms, serious problems and eventually fix p0014 code problems.

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P0014 Meaning

P0014 Meaning

P0014 is one of the OBD2 generic codes that refers to “bank one exhaust camshaft position” with “timing over-advanced” status. The code indicates that the engine’s control module has declared that the current bank one exhaust is more advanced than what’s commanded by the ECM. This more advanced position defined by P0014 is usually caused by the camshaft position timing that gets slowed or advanced in the meantime.

How serious is the P0014 code?

Experts could categorize the OBD2 code P0014 as quite serious code. This same code not only appears on the screen, but you might have also noticed signs of problems. These include:

  • The engine hard starting issues
  • The engine may be stalling or running erratically
  • The vehicle becomes less efficient with the symptoms of increased fuel consumptions
  • The engine valves and pistons may experience accumulated carbon
  • The engine valves may soon contact the piston when the camshaft is out of time, and the timing chain has advanced the gear teeth after driving the vehicle for a longer time.

Causes of the p0014 code

When p00014 appears on your OBD2 scanner’s screen, there might be several related causes. These include:

  • The advancement of the bank one exhaust camshaft is too excessive when the engine control is commanding it to reduce the timing level(slowing down).
  • Your vehicle has excessive oil viscosity that may be clogging the passages. The oil flows from and to the camshaft-phasers may experience some restrictions in this particular circumstance.
  • The oil control solenoid to the bank one camshaft could have been open due to shorting.
  • Certain conditions hold the camshaft phaser in the advanced position.

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Symptoms of the p0014 code

p0014 error codes usually manifest some symptoms that you can notice or observe when starting or driving your vehicle.  If you’re noticing one or more of these symptoms, your car might have experienced p0014-related problems.

  • p0014 would turn on the check engine light as the generic sign you need to follow up, but more characters become noticeable.
  • As the camshaft gets stuck way more advanced than its default position, the engine may get harder to start throughout time.
  • When the camshaft is in the way-too-advanced position, it creates inefficiencies. You’d undoubtedly notice reduced fuel mileage, and you spend more money on your daily mobility.
  • When the camshaft position becomes more advanced throughout time, you’d find the engine stalling or getting rougher.
  • As it drives fuel inefficiency, your vehicle wouldn’t pass the upcoming emission test without fixing the problems first. Reversely, if you perform an EVAP system test with a scanner and it fails, then you might have the p0014 codes.

How to fix the p0014 code

At this point, you should know how to fix the p0014 code by resolving the related problems referred to by the code. There are some common possible fixes and repairs for p0014, including:

  • Perform a road or driving test to reset the fault codes. The tests might be different for car makes and models. You better get the user’s manual book or contact the car manufacturer.
  • You can forcibly reset or clear the fault codes with a scanner. However, some scanners wouldn’t proceed with code clearing before you fix or resolve the related problems.
  • Try replacing the engine oil and filter with the one suitable for your engine. Get the oil with the proper viscosity of the machine. If you have a second car, find the best oil suggestion from the manufacturer or community.
  • As for fixing the bank one exhaust camshaft, you can either repair or replace the wiring to the oil control valve to resolve the problems.
  • If the wiring replacement doesn’t fix the issues, then you may consider replacing the bank with one exhaust camshaft’s oil control valve.
  • You can also try repairing or replacing the camshaft phases or timing chain to get rid of the issues.

Some of these very solutions have more detailed guides on the vehicle’s service manual. You can follow them to repair or replace complex components for resolving the p0014 error code.

Common Mistakes

While there are solutions for the p0014 code, many people can wrongly fix the problems that are not only not solving the problems but also creating new ones. Be sure to avoid these common mistakes when resolving p0014-related issues:

  • You are not visually inspecting the wiring, valve, and connector to confirm the actual problems with the bank one exhaust camshaft position.
  • Fail to get the engine oil with the proper viscosity and specification for the vehicle.
  • Not checking the actual condition of the engine oil and the oil level itself.
  • You are not scanning and documenting the p0014 code and related codes regularly. You can use the live stream data and freeze frame data to pinpoint the scan results and determine where the codes are triggered.
  • Clearing the codes without fixing the problems that cause damages to spread and worsen.
  • Not performing visual and double-checking whether or not the code persists after repairing, replacing, and resetting.
  • You may not observe the timing changes when the bank one exhaust camshaft disconnects the OCV. You must monitor the timing data consistently because you can skip valve faults if the changes occur, which could be a problem in wiring or ECM.
  • Not performing pinpoint tests for the p0014 error code and not following the recommendation from the scanner or other reliable resources.

Final Word

As you might have seen above, a p0014 is a reasonably severe OBD 2 code. If your OBD2 scanner’s screen shows this code, you must diagnose and treat it further, or it would develop into more significant issues and damages in your vehicle.

As for how to fix p0014 code problems, you may use the scanner to diagnose the problem correctly, do visual checking, perform necessary tests, and apply corresponding repair or replacement to solve the actual issues before clearing the code.

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