Bluedriver Vs Fixd Comparison

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FIXD OBD2 Professional Bluetooth Scan Tool


  • It reminds you to get your vehicle to maintain the schedule.
  • FXID app runs on both iOS and Android systems.
  • Your cell phone is the gadget on which all the pieces are displayed, offering you a more transparent, more oversized, and extra acquainted display.
  • Easily install between your cell phone and Bluetooth
  • Able to monitor as more as five cars at one time


  • It might work on all iOS devices instead of iPad Professional and is incompatible with devices operating on the Windows operating system.
  • Limited features because it doesn’t assist SRS transmission.
  • The scanner has a comfortable tip, which makes it hard to assume.

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BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool

Reasonably priced OBD-II scan tools have been around for some time. However, BlueDriver permits for deeper knowledge and extra portability. BlueDriver consists of an OBD-II dongle connecting to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The BlueDriver app permits a lot of options and takes benefit of a smartphone’s computing energy and connectivity.

The free BlueDriver app runs on iOS and Android devices. The display screen consists of icons for the principle capabilities, whereas a strip alongside the underside affords a shortcut, labeled Stay, to view the information stream out of your engine. A secondary menu display screen consists of icons for the user manual, customer support, and ordering the BlueDriver dongle.

The sensor works effectively with each of the working methods and produces information concerning engine effectivity.

It is going to be a helpful buy whether or not you may have an iPhone or Android smartphone.

You’ll not directly have entry to the huge database of professional repairs performed by certified technicians using the scanner.

Each second, the scanner is evaluating the efficiency of your engine and the emissions towards the database.

You’ll be able to instantly mail the report through your smartphone to your common automobile mechanic to avoid wasting money and time.


  • Diagnoses a large number of automobile programs, more significant than different scanners
  • Real-time data help to diagnosis your car.
  • When a Freeze-Body Code is detected, the scanner offers you to take a screenshot of the machine
  • Shows all error codes and sends notifications to your cellphone
  • Error codes and others data generated that can be print and share.


  • It doesn’t give details about the crank and abs sensor
  • Not appropriate for vehicles that run on diesel

Bluedriver VS Fxid: Difference between BlueDriver and FXID

Difference between BlueDriver and FXID


In the case of Bluetooth Scan Tool and Code Reader, you have to follow two points and make a purchase.

  • Vehicle compatible
  • Device compatible

Since all these scanners do not have a built-in display, they have to be controlled with the app through phone or tablet. This makes the scanner compatible with both your car and your smartphone.

1. Device compatibility

FIXD: FIXD OBD2 Professional Bluetooth Scan Tool & Code Reader Compatible for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones. But you cannot use on Windows PC, mobile, and Linux-based devices.

BlueDriver: Like FIXD, BlueDriver is compatible with iOS and Android. But it has some limitations such as iPad Pro and iOS 11x devices can not be connected properly. The scanner app will not support Windows devices. However, in the versions of Windows 11, you can run the Android app. The idea is that the software may have minor bugs.

2. Vehicle compatibility

FIXD: FIXD Professional OBD2 Scan Tool supports Chevrolet, Subaru, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Honda, BMW, Dodge, BMW, Nissan, VW, Lexus, Tesla, etc. That means you can use it in any car.

  • vehicles made in 1996 or newer (gas-powered)
  • 2008 or newer vehicles (diesel)
  • Will support without any kind of interruption.
 Check here for your vehicle compatibility 


BlueDriver: BlueDriver will support all types of vehicles. The company optimizes some conventional brands of vehicles so that there is no problem in diagnosis.

You will get good service in Ford, Nissan, 2005+ Mercedes, Mazda, Hyundai, Toyota, GM, Chrysler cars. That means you will get better benefits after the 1996 model cars. But Not suitable for cars that run on diesel.

Again many have reported that the 2007 535d (EU) car model is not supported. Even after the update, the problem is not solved.

I would recommend FIXD from my personal experience in terms of compatibility.


The more functions and features a device has, the more advanced it is. Typically, a standard scanner features code to read and erase, code definition, check engine light, real-time data display, data printing, or sharing. You can get these features between Fixd and Bluedriver.

But to be an advanced scanner, it is important to have ABS & SRS transmission, TPMS, Freeze Frame data, O2 sensor, Exceptional Tips, Emissions Readiness. Some of these features can be noticed in Bluedriver but not in Fixd.

Fxid Bluedriver
Check engine light Yes Yes
O2 sensor Yes Yes
Fuel trims Yes Yes
Live data streaming Yes Yes
Freeze-frame Yes Yes
TPMS Yes Yes
Engine transmission Yes Yes
Resetting CEL Yes Yes
ABS systems Yes Yes
SRS No Yes
Reports (Pro Tips) No Yes
Price estimator No Yes
Car monitor Yes No

Functionality: BlueDriver VS FIXD

The main difference between BlueDriver and FIXD in terms of features is in terms of repair reporting and car monitoring. BlueDriver displays repair reports as pro tips but cannot FIXD.

Also, the car monitor feature is in FIXD but not present in BlueDriver However, in terms of features, BlueDriver will provide a much better and smoother service.

Number of Vehicles

At the same time, the BlueDriver app can only diagnose one car. But the Fixd app can diagnose up to five vehicles at once.

If you own 2/3 cars then Fixd will be the best for you. If you want you can buy a 2/3 Fixd scanner and install it in your cars.


If you look at their price, the price of Fixd is around half that of BlueDriver. If you own a lot of cars, you can buy three or four.

However, BlueDriver is an advanced-level scanner, on the other hand, it is of Fixd average type. The price of BlueDriver is not very high considering the features and benefits.


With a Bluetooth transmission system, you will get signals within a certain range. It all depends on the Bluetooth chip in your phone and the chip inside the scanner. The manufacturers do not specify the Bluetooth version.

I can tell from my personal experience that bluedriver can transmit without any hindrance.

Ease of Use

The app interface of the two scanners is very simple. It is also very easy to install in the car. But you will get the pricier side in BlueDriver app which will save you money and protect you from unscrupulous mechanics.

With the BlueDriver Scanner, you can find out the estimated cost for each error code. Professionals recommend BlueDriver as the application software is very smooth and for advanced features.

How you can connect the two scanners to your car:

  • Connect the device to the carport
  • Enter the app and pair it with Bluetooth
  • Diagnose the code and read the error code

This way you can use the code readers yourself. There are also some obd2 third party software that helps with code diagnosis.

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