Best Bluetooth Obd2 App For ios & Android

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It is becoming difficult to imagine a life without any assistance today. When you have to go to work in an unknown place, you need your GPS or a GPS App on your smartphone.

When you go on vacation with the family, thanks to all these new apps, you’ll quickly find a place to eat without having to use that good old road map that took a long time to read. (keep one anyway in case the planet is not yet 100% covered by satellite signals)

And when your vehicle’s little warning light flashes on your dashboard or a breakdown prevents your car from running correctly. Of course, you would love to have an app that helps you understand what’s going on and can quickly find a solution without having to go to a mechanic who is usually very expensive and unavailable.

And This is why a diagnostic system quickly becomes helpful for this kind of situation. Besides, the mechanic also uses an OBD system to identify your fault. So thanks to a small Bluetooth OBD 2, you will now have access to the same information as this one, for a few euros only.

Now that you have purchased your small device, you should now use it on your smartphone. And either you already have an app included with it, or you will need to download one.

That’s why this article today will focus on a selection of apps under the Android and IOS system for its newly acquired Bluetooth OBD2.

Top 6 App Review

1. Torque Pro



Torque is a vehicle effectiveness symptomatic instrument that utilizes the OBD II Bluetooth connector associated with the OBD2/ECU control.

You can create a custom dashboard with built-in widgets. It uses GPS to allow the track log with engine recording to see what your car was doing at any given time. Torque helps you repair your vehicle and reduce repair costs.

Pors & Cons


  • Dyno / Dynometer and power / HP
  • Read transmission temperature
  • Speed timing – it has become more accurate than GPS
  • CO2 emissions indicators
  • Personalized dashboard
  • User profiles
  • Tweets automatically tagged by GPS
  • Extensive database of error codes and history of error codes
  • Support for different color themes
  • Available to send registration information directly to the web or by email for analysis.
  • HUD mode for night driving
  • GPS Real-time speedometer and compass
  • Turbo Boost for vehicles that help MAF and MAP
  • Voice cautions
  • Support of vehicle docks
  • Permits you to share application screen captures to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, and so forth.
  • Backing for tablet gadgets
  • Deals with different vehicles that utilization OBDII Bluetooth connectors (practically all vehicles delivered after 2000).


  • High battery consumption.
  • Incongruent for certain vehicles.

Overall Best 9/10

2. Carista OBD2

Carista OBD2 app interface



Carista OBD2 permits you to tweak your vehicle by improving its electronic alternatives. Indeed, it helps you audition your roadster for error investigation and exterminate existing legality and emission testing flaws.

One should capital a composer who restricts himself to the OBD2 solemnity of the car. Someday you authorize the Carista app to inherit your car’s terms and conditions from the adapter.

It will let you know if the off-road hit. OBDclick says that if you don’t have an adapter yourself, you can access the numbers yourself.

Extended diagnosis. It is because the Carista tool can maintain the viability of your roadster and warn of faults. So you can expect that to turn off the inattentive universe of codes, reset the Orientation Domination Examiner, and write If You’re Dignity like Emissions Tests.

Unfortunately, all the manufacturers and compatible models can be assimilated (almost complete vehicles produced after 2000).

In nutrition towards other tools, Carista yourself granted reach to rare diagnostics advanced from the manufacturer, adequate as ABS, airbag, navigation, etc., and you passed on mine to reset those indicators in their supported models.

Pors & Cons


  • The Carista app allows you to modify the behavior of your vehicle
  • it can fix headlights to turn on, albeit at startup.
  • Control the doors to lock them when moving; Or change the sound emitted by the rear parking sensors.
  • It runs in the background and can sound an alarm once the engine temperature reaches an unsafe level.
  • Carista can do it all.


  • Membership error when saving changes to settings
  • Adaptation problems with some adapters

Overall 8.5/10

3. OBD Car Doctor Pro

OBD Car Doctor Pro app



The administrative and functional application, OBD Car Doctor, reads the criteria sent by your orchestrator and reports in full the parameters of the intention and the car intangibility: speed, zigzag of rotation, temperature, tracked, and multiple singular criteria of sensors supported by your vehicle.

Likewise, it allows suggesting flap charts of indications in the current season. In addition, the car Doctor is checking the engine light check. Finally, OBDclick indicates that it reads and clears stored fault codes and associated complaints.

Pors & Cons


  • Indicators in times made of the machine: speed, rotation curve, temperature, weight, and disparate sensors.
  • Drawing reproduction flap indications in the actual season
  • Check the aim of the intention lighting: error codes and associated project shutdown criteria.
  • Recording of parameters in a natural step
  • Allows you to hum and display populated settings.
  • Saving settings in the background
  • View and name the saved parameters
  • GPS cargo catch
  • Fuel economy settings
  • Allows cataloging and distribution of DTC data
  • Consumption of puff at the evolution of the periods of the century


  • Blurry connection behind cheap adapters
  • To correct the errors, you have a distraction from additional step-by-step manipulations.
  • Bluetooth immanence issues

Overall 8.5/10

4. HobDrive

HobDrive app



It would help if you attempted pretty possibly the most underestimated applications on the Play Store. HobDrive is, in this way, a keen on-board PC and analytic programming as per OBDclick.

HobDrive utilizes your ELM327 connector and GPS sensors to quantify travel standards. Therefore, ELM327 (Bluetooth, Wifi) is suggested.

Pors & Cons


  • Vehicle sensor file
  • Motor diagnostics
  • Excursion recording PC
  • Execution devices
  • Agenda arranging
  • Computation of MPG
  • Adaptable visual format


  • Low clearance (obscure) on higher goal gadgets
  • Bluetooth association issues

Overall 8/10

5. DashCommand

DashCommand app for obd2



Change your Android gadget into an adaptable showcase and observing framework. DashCommand places you in charge – Monitor and information log motor and vehicle execution, mileage, and immediately read and clear irksome check motor lights, all with the simple to utilize DashCommand application.

his application likewise includes an expert skidpad showing parallel and accel/slowing down Gs with min/max markers, a race track that outwardly outlines your area, speed increase, and slowing down.

Pors & Cons


  • Survey and erasing deficiency codes
  • Fuel show: normal economy, distance to discharge, time to exhaust, fuel level.
  • Eliminating the motor light
  • Information recording and replay
  • Measurements: distance voyaged, fuel burned-through, average carbon dioxide emanation rate, efficiency, normal speed, most extreme speed increase.
  • Execution perception: motor speed, speed increase, slowing down, and so forth
  • Motor Information: coolant temperature, delta air temperature, lambda check, and so on


  • DashCommand requires a viable outside equipment interface, bought independently, to connect with the vehicle.

Overall Best 9/10

6. EOBD Facile

EOBD Facile app interface



EOBD Facile is a digital auto characteristic programming that works with ELM327 interfaces. It is accessible in a few dialects (French, English, German, Danish, Spanish, and so on).

Through the OBD plug on your vehicle, EOBD-Facile permits you to get to indicative information, for example, recorded deficiency codes.

The complete form additionally empowers you to drop blames and switch off the pointer on the dashboard.

Pors & Cons


  • See the motor and transmission deficiency codes (likewise called DTC) just as the showcase of their significance in French (over 5000 definitions accessible)
  • Clear deficiency codes
  • Clearing the motor admonition light on the instrument board
  • Continuous showcase of the vehicle’s sensors and conceivable account in a document. Contingent upon the design of your car, you will want to see: the vehicle speed, motor speed, motor temperature, start advance, motor force, the measure of air conceded, and so on
  • Make your excursion accounts on an SD card and replay them utilizing the EOBD-Facile PC programming.


  • Inconsistent for certain vehicles.
  • The free form doesn’t do a lot.
  • Conductivity issues have been accounted for it.

Overall Best 9.5/10

Which one is best for you?

A recent study revealed that most Android phone users tend to download free applications on their smartphones and search for them constantly.

In contrast, a slightly more percentage of iPhone users running on the iOS operating system tend to download paid applications, and many reasons can push you to download Paid apps.


One of the most important reasons for anyone to download paid applications is that they are entirely free from annoying ads and provide the user with an experience without any hindrances, whether while playing or working on the application.

Additional benefits

Paid apps are ad-free, but they also come with more features than their free versions. Users who pay for these apps get new things; for example, the paid version of the AVG Antivirus app gives more security features that they don’t have. Available in the free version.

Early updates

Early regular updates are another factor in choosing paid apps because those who pay get periodic updates that make the app more stable than the free ones that don’t get constant updates.

Consume less package

Paid apps can also help reduce mobile data usage significantly, and this is because they do not contain ads; free apps can run ads for 10 to 30 seconds.

The best OBD2 Scanner for Android?

Autel MaxiCOM MK808 OBD2 Scanner for iPhone

Autel MaxiCOM MK808 OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic auto symptomatic status is associated with the obd2 port. So you must have a car in circulation after 2001—Solving in a protective case with a USB cable, charger, and micro SD card slot.

 What is the best OBD2 Scanner for ios?

 BlueDriver Pro OBD2 Scan Tool for iPhone

BlueDriver interfaces with a vehicle’s OBD2 port and afterward to a cell phone control application using Bluetooth. It offers virtually every one of the highlights accessible in better quality devoted gadgets at the cost of a fundamental committed OBD2 corded scanner.

How to connect the obd2 app from your car?

Step one: Find the OBD socket.

Socket location varies from car to car, so you can use the following app to help you find the location of the OBD socket and connect the OBD Bluetooth plug very quickly and without the hassle of a long search.

The application contains a search engine to find your OBD socket according to the brand and class of your car! This application aims to help users find the OBD socket located in their vehicle.

Step Two: Buy a suitable OBD Bluetooth plug.

Fortunately, the plug is available in online stores such as Amazon, or you can buy it from any store that suits you. Just choose from the list on the top.

Step Three: Connect the attachment to the socket

After connecting the plug and socket, a new Bluetooth network will appear on your mobile screen. Connect it to your phone. If the PIN CODE request, enter 0000 or 1234, and so you have succeeded in connecting your car to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. All you need now is the appropriate application to show the results of the test.

 Step Four: Perform an OBD Check

The application works with various fault detector devices. Which you find in different electronic markets, you can search for “Torque Lite, or Torque Pro” in

You can find out your car’s problems yourself through these OBD Bluetooth applications, and the cause of the malfunction with the latest OBD-2 technology makes it easier for maintenance engineers to repair your vehicle quickly and go to the holidays directly.

Step Five: Interpret the fault codes.

You may need a way to understand the fault codes, which usually will not be understood by an ordinary person, so in this case, you may need a translator for the fault codes through the following application: OBD2 CHECK ENGINE CODES.

Step Six: Dealing with Troubleshooting

If you are a fan of repairing your car yourself, you can use search engines to find some resources such as videos, books, and spare parts prices that may help you improve your vehicle yourself.

What to looks at before choosing an obd2 scanner app?

First thing first, you must get a scanner that covers the particular frameworks and capacities you need.

The fundamental sweep devices are regularly portrayed by limited usefulness. So, for example, if the ABS light in your vehicle is on, getting the least expressive demonstrative peruser covering just the capacities, similar to discharges testing, won’t help by any means.

One of the misguided judgments of OBD-II scanners is that they will mysteriously make shortcoming codes and issues vanish. Indeed, you can utilize it for clearing blame codes in your vehicle.

However, it doesn’t fix the underlying problem. Instead, an OBD-II scanner allows you to discover the trouble spots in your car so you or your specialist can pinpoint and resolve the issue.

Modest OBD-II Scanner. It doesn’t give you progressed determination capacities, so you need to understand what you are genuinely searching for, what you need to tackle in your vehicle, and pick the best for you.

Since you have a rundown of the best OBD2 applications for iOS/Android, you might need to go out and introduce anyone that suits your vehicle.

Stand by. It’s impossible to affirm the similarity of your vehicle with your ideal OBD2 application without practical testing it, so set aside some effort to keep an eye on this before you submit your cash.

Most OBD2 application engineers offer a complimentary light form for this reason, while others don’t and need you to get the paid variant from the beginning. Discover which one turns out best for you and settle with it.

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