The Ultimate Guide To Viking Jump Starter And Power Pack

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When you are on the road, unexpected car faults can be overwhelming. Every car owner should possess a portable viking jump starter in their toolbox, so you never get to wait around when your battery is flat. If you are used to jumping starter cable, here is an option that will give a fast and reliable solution.

Portable jump starters are more convenient to use and compact enough to fit into available space. Over the years, portable jump starter has become popular, and many of them serve as a power bank for your electronics. There are plenty of options out in the market. Thus, you need to know about the most suitable portable jump starter.

Viking Jump Starter Review  

Viking car jump starter operates with the aid of a lithium battery, it is also known as a lithium-ion jump starter and power pack. The device generates 221 amps as the starting current and 450 amps for the peak current. Also, it has an 8,000 mAh capacity power bank that serves for a long without going off.

These units can jump-start vehicles with eight-cylinder engines or UTVs. In addition, the cranking feature is a vital element of this jump starter as it is the total range of power released by the battery in 30 seconds by 0 degrees Celsius. Hence, purchasing a jump starter with cold-cranking amps serves best during winter or in locations with low temperatures.

Viking Jump Starter Review  

The jump starter includes reverse polarity that makes the device turns off, or the alarm goes off when there is an error in cable connection to the battery terminals. Moreover, the control unit features a pair of lights, the first is green to indicate the starter is ready to work, and the second is the red light to indicate something is wrong.

In addition, the device comes with a three-watt LED flashlight to see in the dark or flash passing vehicles for help. The USB ports allow you to charge electronics and other smaller devices through the USB ports.

Another interesting feature is the air compressor which helps inflate your tire, less you get stranded at any point. The unit comes with a long cable that is able to extend to the car battery terminal without stressing you. Also, this device has value for money and has a price that still keeps buyers within their budget.

Furthermore, Viking jump starter functions for long and has a sturdy build for durability. The device is an easy-to-use brand with a simple procedure. All you need is to connect the red clamp to the negative terminal and connect the black to the negative battery terminal. Also, the input and output sockets are well labeled to enhance easy navigation even under low light conditions. It comes in an ideal zipper storage case with shock-resistant rubber corners, and it holds all the accessories in one place.


  • It has the ability to deliver sufficient amount of amps
  • Easy to navigate and designed for emergency
  • Designs offer safety
  • It features reverse polarity
  • Portable and lightweight design
  • It features multi-functions


  • Produces less energy
  • It tends to overheat and lessen functionality

Viking Jump Starter Pack Manual

Viking Jump Starter Pack Manual

Before using this device to jump-start your car, it is essential to read the Viking jump starter pack manual. Some vehicles have automatic ignition systems without the need for a jump starter. While some cars need particular jump starters to lug. Hence, reading through the manual is vital.

  1. If you want jump-start your car, make sure the engine and the jump starter device are off before you jump-start. Likewise, cross-check to ensure no electrical gadget like a Smartphone or pc is in connection with the car. Due to the fact that jump-starting can generate a power pitch capable of negatively affecting all connected devices.
  2. Make sure your vehicle’s gear is in Neutral mode before you jump start.
  3. Right before turning on the jump-starting device, make sure the clamps are correctly attached to the terminal. Note that red clamp should be fastened to positive terminal, while the black clamp should be attached negative terminal.

Safety Measures To Operating Viking Jump Starter

Typically, Viking battery starters feature safety tips; but, some tips are universal for operating a jump starter.

  1. Avoid debris and dirt: When using a Viking battery booster for your car, make sure the connection clamps and battery terminal are in perfect condition. Ensure you clean any form of dirt and contaminant which may get in the way of the jump starting your car.
  2. Do not start in the rain: Do not jump start your vehicle in the rain. Just like handling other electronic devices, keep the battery from coming in contact with water. As water conducts electricity, it can have an adverse effect than expected.
  3. Wear thick gloves: Ensure you have a tick glove on before jump-starting your vehicle. It helps in preventing possible electrical shock. Also, wearing safety spectacles is ideal for protecting the eyes from spark, which might happen due to jump-starting. Although, some jump starter comes with an anti-sparking method.
  4. Do not put on jewelry or lose clothes: Do not wear sagging jewelry and loose-fitting clothes to perform jump-starting. This will prevent any form of an accident while looking out for your safety.


How do I operate a Viking jump starter?

First, open the hood of your vehicle and locate the battery. Figure out the negative and positive battery terminals, and then fix the two jumper cables correctly. It normally comes with a red and black clamp. Connect the red to the positive battery terminal, and the black goes to the negative battery terminal.

Turn on the jump starter and go forward to the ignition. Kick start the car. Try cranking for 5 seconds and if it does not respond, stop it. Next, allow it to rest for a few minutes before making another cranking attempt. If after trying four times, and your car does not respond, find out if there are other problems.

How do I charge a Viking jump starter?

Charging your Viking power pack is one of the easiest things to do. The device comes with a charger. You can connect the charger to the USB-c port on the device and plug the charger into any available electrical outlet.

How long does a jump starter do takes to charge? 

Typically, a jump starter takes about 6 to 8 hours to fully charge when it is down. However, many factors determine how much time a jump starter needs to charge. The manufacturer manual should state how long it takes your specific jump starter to charge. Lastly, the charging time depends on how low or weak the battery is.

How do I tell if the car battery is dead?

Before using the jump starter, it is essential to find out the main reason the automobile refuses to respond. If you observe that the engine makes a cranking noise whenever you turn on the ignition, then a dead battery is not the issue, and jump-starting it is just a pointless act. On the other hand, if you turn on the key and it makes no noise, then your car may have a dead battery, and jump-starting is the only option.

Final Words

Purchasing a Viking jumper device come in handy when your car battery refuses to respond. There are different categories of lithium-ion battery starters and Viking battery starter is one of the best. We have summarized the entire essential features you require before purchasing a battery booster device. Also, before choosing a jump starter, it is essential to know the cranking amps and the peak amps. As a car professional or enthusiast, always let your need and specifications guide you as you set out to purchase a jump starter.

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