Best Motorcycle Jump Starter

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The need to select the best motorcycle Jump Starter is inevitable, and it has definite features. The Jump Starters are chosen as per personal choice. It is a must to consider the high market ratings and user experiences. The benefit to a rider is to keep everything handy. There is a need to overcome the problem, and the motorcycle Jump Starter is a great way to bring power back to life.

It’s possible to choose lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries for a motorcycle’s jump starter. While lead-acid battery starters have existed for some time, their lithium-ion counterparts are a more recent innovation along. Another new innovation is the supercapacitor jump starter in the market now.

As long as there is a motorcycle Jump Starter, it is tough to get your bike running again. There is a problem in using a jumpstarting device, and you must know the types as they are the same in design.

A few models are expensive, and a few may be relatively cheaper. On the other hand, you cannot get all the features you expect.  However, you can find the best motorcycle Jump Starters online and settle for your choice.

Motorcycle Jump Starters are of two types and they are plug-in devices and Jump boxes.

  • Jump boxes are types that are portable battery chargers. They are available in a box with attached cables. The cables stay in place as they are attached to the box permanently. This Jump Starter type works as a lifesaver, as the battery dies suddenly on the road. They are helpful as there is no need to acquire external power. The jump boxes are miniature it is simple to carry and can be stored in a backpack or glove box.
  • Plug-in devices are the types of Jump Starters that need a power outlet. These plug-in units are easy to charge at home, and they work perfectly. The best part about plug-in devices is a dead battery gets charged, but the charging process is slow. This jump starter type provides a trickle option enabling a fast charging process. These types of devices are not portable. Before buying a Jump Starter for your motorcycle, consider the type suitable for your motorbike.

Top 6 Motorcycle Jump Starter Review

Photo Title Buy
NOCO Boost Plus...image NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp Check Prices
Aproca Hard Travel...image Aproca Grey Hard Storage Carrying Travel Storage Case for BEATIT G18 QDSP 2000Amp Check Prices
GOOLOO Jump Starter...image GOOLOO Jump Starter 1200A Peak Check Prices
IMAZING Jump Starter...image Imazing Portable Car Jump Starter - 2000A Peak Check Prices
DBPOWER 1000A Portable...image DBPOWER 1000A Portable Car Jump Starter Check Prices

For transparency, please note that some of the links on this website are Amazon Associate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. The use of such links comes at no additional cost to you.

1. NOCO Boost Plus GB40 Lithium Jump Starter

For transparency, please note that some of the links on this website are Amazon Associate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. The use of such links comes at no additional cost to you.

NOCO Boost GB40 Jump Starter‘ is a top-rated Jump Starter with excellent reviews. It is a portable jump starter and is from a respected battery manufacturer. NOCO features a higher rating of the amperage as 1000A.

It facilitates charging a dead motorcycle battery fast and connects all the 12V automatic batteries. It ascertains a safe and easy way to jumpstart your motorcycle, thanks to the technology of reverse polarity protection and spark-proof, built-in technology.

Apart from motorcycle jumpstarting, the NOCO GB40 Jump Starter unit has additional goodies that are tempting, such as the portable power bank and LED 100 Lumen flashlight to charge the mobile devices quickly.

The device has a water-resistant housing and is rugged to serve for a longer time. The features include a rubberized casing, and it averts scratching of surfaces. Bear in mind the Jump Starter is portable and has a lightweight, ultra-compact design, and comes with a microfiber bag that is easy to carry.

The NOCO Jump Starter clocks a huge amps rating of 2000 amps. It is a measurement of how it will provide the target battery with the juice. The NOCO is good as other starters. The casing is secure and tough that even if you accidentally drop it, you need not worry about its cracking.  This Jump Starter with 12V batteries is not bad, and the standard battery type is suitable for all commercial automobiles and motorcycles.

NOCO-Boost-Plus 12-Volt-GB40-1000Amp-Lithium-Jump-Starter

The safety focus of this unit is apparent in its spark-proof connectors that ensure no sparks fly as you attach to the target battery your starter.

The casing and the safety features are a beautiful addition to this unit. Overall, it is definitely the best Jump Starter. You can go for this unit if you are looking for a safety control and amperage rating.


  • LED flashlight
  • Highest amps rating
  • Ultra-safe casing


  • Hard to grip and heavy

2. BEATIT G18 QDSP 2000Amp Peak 12V Portable Car Jump Starter

BEATIT is the company that manufactured a Jump Starter for the motorcycle, and it is an ideal choice to get any dead battery charging.  The Jump Starter of a motorcycle can beat its competitors as it has definite features. BEATIT is the right choice for anyone looking for a small Jump Starter.

BEATIT Jump Starter has all the features required to unwrap the features. It delivers powerful charging, facilitating that the battery charge gets complete in seconds. It is claimed to have a quick process for charging, ensuring it is a safe battery.

BEATIT Jump Starter has a lightweight and small design. It is easy to be stored in a glove box and is easy to carry on the road. The Jump Starter features safety and is simple to use without worry about incorrect sparks or connections.

It offers safety technologies such as overload protection, over-current protection, overcharge, over-voltage protection, and high-temperature protection. It will not harm the battery.

BEATIT G18 QDSP 2000Amp Peak 12V Portable Car Jump Starter

The Jump Starter features a wireless charger, and it offers a USB dual quick charge port and a wireless 10W charge featuring a 21000mAh capacity. It helps as it is compatible with devices and is quick charging. Using multiple devices is possible effortlessly with BEATIT Jump Starter.

The Jumper cable and the Jump Starter are equipped with an LCD screen, and it helps display the balance power, while you can see the vehicle battery voltage in the display. This product works in all types of extreme conditions and does not harm the Jump Starter.


  • Lightweight and a small design to store in a glove box
  • Compatible with different devices charging
  • Powerful and fast charging costing the process hardly few seconds
  • Equipped with LCD showing vehicle voltage and balance power.


  • Short life cycle

3. TOPVISION 2200A Peak 21800mAh Portable Car Jump Starter

TOPVISION is the powerful and the best motorcycle Jump Starter with great reviews. It’s matchless 200 A output of peak current is ideal for 12V motorcycles to jumpstart with the other vehicles in a few seconds. It provides on a single charge up to 50 jump starts.

TOPVISION comes with high-quality clamps and is equipped with repeated use assuring maximum longevity. The clamp’s built-in feature protects from short circuits, overcurrent, overload, overcharge protection, and overvoltage. Thus the fear of battery damage is ruled out, and the electrical system is also safe with motorcycle jumpstarting.

This portable Jump Starter features an LED flashlight that is ultra-bright and has 3 light modes. It is truly handy when you get caught in the mid-road or in an emergency, or even at night when you are enjoying some outdoor adventures.

It has splendid features, including an LED screen to show the battery charging level and USB charge ports. Bear in mind, the unit is a compact size, and the design is lightweight, enabling you to carry easily anywhere you go.

BEATIT G18 QDSP 2000Amp Peak 12V Portable Car Jump Starter

Overall a good choice is the TOPVISION Jump Starter, and it works fantastic. However, it is not recommended for heavy vehicles and trucks. Nevertheless, it is yet suitable for many more mid-size and range vehicles.


  • Power bank Built-in 20800mAh
  • Built-in protection and high-quality clamps
  • Equipped with quick charger USB 3.0 port


  • A bit highly-priced

4. Nekteck Multifunctional Portable Jump Starter 600A Peak

For transparency, please note that some of the links on this website are Amazon Associate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. The use of such links comes at no additional cost to you.

The list of top motorcycle Jump Starters is many, and it looks like everything is appropriate. However, it is a must to look for a popular portable unit such as Nekteck Jump Starter for your motorcycle. It will work as a lifesaver at the right moment when your battery decides to give up and give you a shock on the road.

The Jump Starter, Neckteck comes ready offering you up to 500 Amps. It is enough power to get started with motorcycle batteries and also with lawnmowers, ATVs, and many more such vehicles. The power capacity is 12000mAh, and it translates many jumpstart sessions before it actually requires charging. The advantage of this Jump Starter is the jumper cables that feature clamps; allowing you to jumpstart a hassle-free ride on your motorcycle.

As you are using this Jump Starter, peace of mind is certain. It has the feature of built-in protection that you can be safe from situations when there is overvoltage, short-circuits, overcharging, and similar hazards.

The Jump Starter looks for extras as it comes equipped with a flashlight, and it is helpful when you get stuck during camping or at night. It features a micro USB cable or a cigarette adapter to charge the devices and also comes facilitating easy transportation in a storage bag.

Neckteck is the winner among the portable and smaller Jump Starter series. It offers good amperage with small size and has a host of accessories and awesome perks. For 12V batteries, it works at 500 amps, and the digital display is strategically placed in this Jump Starter in the center at the top.

This Jump Starter brings a good chunk of amps. It ranks higher than many portable similar models that appear to bring and offer small amperage ratings. It features a cigarette-lighter adapter for free and allows you to plug into the lighter during an emergency. It is a nice addition to have to consider its functionality in urgency.


  • Micro-USB cable
  • LED flashlight
  • Portable and small


  • None

5. Imazing Portable Car Jump Starter – 2000A Peak 18000mAH

For transparency, please note that some of the links on this website are Amazon Associate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. The use of such links comes at no additional cost to you.

The Imazing Jump Starter is good for a motorcycle. It features a peak capacity of 2500 amps and translates up to eight liters to get a diesel or gasoline engine started. It is an ideal single device that is appropriate for most vehicles.

The Imazing is a powerful unit, and it gets started before a recharge up to 30 times and more. You can be aware of the battery life that is remaining as the LED readout is convenient to see from the case outside. It is a suitable alternative for the LED bars moving from red to green. The readout percentage offers an exact idea of the time it requires recharging.

The Imazing Jump Starter is useful for your phone’s recharge or other electronic devices. It has a 3.0 port quick-charge. It has spending features that you will never have to worry about to receive some nasty shock.

There will be no damage to your motorcycle as there are built-in safety eight features, and it is enough to keep sparks from flying. The final feature that is worthy is the built-in flashlight. It has SOS, constant, and strobe functions that are ideal for roadside emergencies or even to use at night.

Adding to all this assistance is the two-year warranty offered by the company and the technical support program for a lifetime.


  • LED battery indicator.
  • Quick charge 3.0 port.
  • Eight built-in safety features


  • Only one recharge USB cable is provided.

6. DBPOWER 1000A Portable Car Jump Starter

For transparency, please note that some of the links on this website are Amazon Associate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. The use of such links comes at no additional cost to you.

DBPOWER produces a range of Jump Starters.  It is the reason you can get smaller and less expensive to larger models. You may pick your choice. This Jump Starter is suitable for a motorcycle and is also a unit that is highly rated.

DBPOWER Jump Starter 800A features a portable and compact design, and it allows carrying easily the Jump Starter anywhere you go. The jumpstart is appropriate for any motorcycle to manage emergencies. The device is small in size and offers a powerful pack punch. It offers whopping 800 amps as the peak current and enables getting quickly back on the motorcycle and to get going.

This Jump Starter comes equipped with cables of heavy-duty and the clamps are of good quality ensuring an easy experience of a jump start. It also features intelligent jumper clamps and is integrated with protection over short-circuit, overvoltage, overcharging, and so on. There is a USB port built-in and 1800mAh as the total power capacity to rely on to fully charge your tablet, smartphone, and laptop.

With a peak power of 2000 amps, it comes in a compact design. You can easily monitor on the LCD screen the power that is remaining and get your way easily taking the assistance of the compass, even if you get lost. It is ideal for larger motorbikes and can start diesel engines up to 6.5 liters and gasoline engines up to eight liters.

Even with its power, the unit is light and small that carrying it around is not a trouble and the carrying case ensures everything is tidy and nice. It ensures safety and functionality in abundance.

The DBPOWER Jump Starter features LED light indicators to track battery life. However, it does not show the readout percentage.


  • Carrying case provided.
  • Small and lightweight.
  • Useful as a power bank
  • Advanced security technology


  • The LED battery fails to display in percentages.

How Do You Start A Motorcycle With A Dead Battery?

Choosing the best motorcycle Jump Starter entails considering multiple ways. It is on focusing the method to use a portable Jump Starter. The advantage of this unit is that it is fast and pretty easy to use, and is portable to carry anywhere. Here are the steps to start a motorcycle having a dead battery:

  • Connect cables – Connect the cables to the battery terminals from the Jump Starters, ensure you turn off the motorcycle and the Jump Starter. Begin by connecting with a red handle the clamp to the positive battery terminal. It should be followed to the negative terminal with a black handle. If there are problems in reaching the battery terminals, you may connect on the chassis terminals, such that the battery is properly connected to the motorcycle.
  • Turn the Jump Starter on– Turn the Jump Starter on and get it into action. Units with multiple voltages in the settings are ideal for use featuring different batteries. However, ensure to set for your motorcycle battery correct voltage.
  • Start the motorcycle– Using the Jump Starter; it is time to start the bike. Ensure to crank for 2-3 seconds. These units will deliver maximum power in short bursts that bring an end to the cranking. Thus, it will keep the built-in battery from damage.
  • Step 4: Disconnect the Jump Starter– Once the motorcycle starts, the remaining is to continue the ride by disconnecting the Jump Starter. It is best to disconnect it, to begin with, negative terminals, and follow with positive ones. Ride the bike giving high revs after disconnecting, for 15-30 minutes, and help it to recharge the battery.

TIP: If the bike does not start, give a few minutes of the Jump Starter to cool before giving it another try. Even after a few attempts, the bike does not start, which means the battery is dead, and you can replace it with a new one.

Benefits of Motorcycle Jump Starters

Nekteck Multifunctional Portable Jump Starter 600A Peak

 A good investment

A motorcycle Jump Starter ensures you are independent with starting the bike. As the battery goes flat, it becomes embarrassing. Depending on someone to start your engine does not ensure a satisfying outcome. There may be access issues with your motorcycle and that can be solved with a jump start.

Having a portable Jump Starter is the right solution to eliminate problems. They are easy to transport light, and most come in a carrying case, facilitating carrying it with ease. Besides, there are valuable reasons to consider buying the best motorcycle Jump Starter and to treat it as a good investment.


The ideal reason to use a Jump Starter is to safeguard the electrical integrity of the vehicles and to avoid depending on some host vehicle. The standard jump leads give no protection to the vehicle, and it means to welcome a host of electrical issues. Managing to negotiate problems implies relying on some host vehicle’s jump start to have enough juice for your engine.

Fortunately, there is nothing to worry about when you have a Jump Starter. They have a power output and a LED power display to know your stand, charging abilities, and power.

What to looks before buying a Motorcycle jump starter

Knowing how to get the best motorcycle Jump Starter is a must so that it is compatible with the bike. It is a device that should meet the requirements, such as:


The key requirement for a motorcycle Jump Starter to look for are its ampere rating. The amperage rating for beginners is on how fast the charge enters the battery of the motorbike. With a higher rating, the bike will be faster and it gets charged. At the same time, it also starts running again. A 1000mAh model meets an average motorcycle’s needs.

Portable Design

Finding the best Jump Starters is to look for a lightweight design. It means it should be easy to store and feature portability.   You may say no to the models that are heavy and appear bulky or very huge. It is because they will not be convenient enough on a ride and maybe tougher to go with a motorcycle even if they are useful.

The fact cannot be denied that small cruisers and sportbikes feature the least storage capability. It is to bear in mind when you are shopping for a motorcycle Jump Starter and you want the bike to store it and to take it with your wherever you go.


An essential aspect to consider while shopping for a Jump Starter for a motorcycle is voltage rating. It is important to ascertain it is compatible with the battery of the motorcycle. The majority of batteries of motorcycles are 12V, and getting a battery with a 12V rating is appropriate. It will jump-start your bike and also charge the devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc.

Built-in protection

Jump-starting your motorcycle is not a safe process always. Potential hazards are ending up damaging the battery of the motorcycle or even the electrical system of your bike. It may cost a lot with repairs and replacement.

However, it can be avoided by buying a Jump Starter featuring built-in protection to stay safe against overloading, short-circuiting, over-voltage, and over-current, reverse connections, etc.


The motorcycle’s modern-day Jump Starter units give life to a dead battery. They come equipped and are handy with extra features. The coolest extra indicates USB ports to charging of the devices, compass, built-in flashlight, USB cables digital LED screen, cigarette lighter, heavy-duty clamps, and more.


How Long Will A Motorcycle Battery Last Without Charging?

Any average motorcycle battery does not last more than 2-4 months if it does not run. The new batteries last longer having an average of 3-5 months. The older batteries do not last more than 1-3 months, and the battery dies even if the motorcycle is sitting.

Can I Overcharge My Bike’s Battery?

Yes, overcharging the battery of a motorcycle is possible, but such actions result in the fast death of the battery. It is the reason experts do not support leaving the charger in connection to the battery. It is because it will cut the lifespan short and end up draining soon.

How Many Amps Are Needed To Start A Motorcycle?

A 12V motorcycle battery requires 200 amps or more. The motorcycle condition also matters as to how many amps to get started. For new engines, you require 210 amps to get them running. The rust of the older engines hinders the functionality and needs more amps even to get started.

Is it bad for the starter to kick over while jumping a motorcycle?

Starting the bike and turning over the engine using the rear wheel is not good. Generating momentum, by rolling down a hill or asking someone to push a motorcycle generates energy to the drive train and crankshaft that air and fuels are forced in. It compresses and ignites the mixture in the combustion chamber that makes the motorcycle run.

 When I jump-start my motorcycle it will die when I take the jumper cables off?

Jumpstarting a motorcycle, a long time sitting one is the easiest method to trigger a dead battery to start. You require using the jumper cables and connecting the motorbike battery to the battery of another vehicle.

How do you use a jump pack on a motorcycle?

Affix the black negative clip to your bike’s frame or any metal object. You can jump-start your bike’s battery by activating the portable jump starter and ensuring it is adjusted to the appropriate voltage(typically 12V). If you want to start your motorcycle, you shouldn’t hold the button down for more than a few seconds at most.

How to jump-start a BMW motorcycle?

Please follow these steps:

  1. Remove the positive terminal cap.
  2. Connect the red jump lead to the drained battery and the donor battery/jump starter.
  3. Connect the black jump line to the donor battery’s negative terminal
  4. Start your engine

Bye Bye Words

Using this guide above, you can conveniently choose the best motorcycle Jump Starter working appropriately. It should help you start easily and allow pursuing your journey. Ensure you pick a unit bearing unique features to fulfill a motorcycle Jump Starter. Arm yourself and make life easier so that you are not stuck in an emergency.

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