How To Fix code P0011

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The P0011 code refers to Intake Camshaft Position Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance (Bank 1).

When this code appears on your scanner’s screen, it requires immediate handling as there’s something wrong with your engine.

Learn more about how to fix code p0011 below. 

P0011 Meaning

p0011 meanings

P0011 is a generic code of on-board diagnostic(OBD)II that refers to the more advanced condition of camshaft(bank one intake) than what’s determined/informed by the engine control module(ECM).

An OBD-II scanner can provide this code as information of a more severe problem in the related components.

How serious is the code?

The P0011 code is informing you of a severe problem with the engine performance. In some cases, the signs are apparent when the engine sounds(and runs) are rough and hard to start.

On the other hand, the camshaft failed position can lead to fuel inefficiency, lousy mileage, failing engine components, and so forth.

When the problems with camshafts are sustained, they can develop into more severe problems and damage other components like the valve train. Without handling, prolonged P0011 code can lead to total engine failure.

P0011 symptoms, Causes & Repair

Symptoms of the P0011 code

While the P0011 code can lead to a more severe problem for your engine, it’s pretty fortunate that the code shows symptoms that you can observe.

  • The control module or ECM would engage your engine light as it tries to reset the camshaft position.
  • It’s likely hard to start your vehicle’s engine as the camshaft is stuck in a more advanced or retarded position.
  • You’d get lousy mileage and a poor emission rate where you’d simply have to pay more for fuel. More obviously, your vehicle would likely fail most emission tests.
  • The engine would typically sound/run roughly, hardly accelerate, or stall when it has lousy camshaft position and timing.

Causes of the P0011 code

When the P0011 code appears on your scanner’s screen, it could indicate:

  • The sensors indicate the camshaft is more advanced than what’s commanded or determined by the ECM. The wiring faults or poor connectors could be the causes.
  • The more advanced position of camshaft when the control module commands it to retard to a lower timing level. At this point, the mechanical components are the problems instead of the electrical components.
  • The clogged passages due to too thick oil, insufficient oil flows, or stuck oil control solenoid to the bank one camshaft. When the oil viscosity is too high, it would halt the oil flow and potentially clog the mechanism.
  • The camshaft-phasers, as the fundamental timing mechanism, are in the advanced position and get stuck

How to repair the P0011 code

fix p0011 obd2 codes

repair p0011 obd2 codes

While the P0011 code requires professional handling, there are some troubleshooting solutions you may follow for DIYers.

  1. As the code appears on your scanner’s screen, you can start with visually checking the wiring, connectors, and valves on the bank one camshaft. It’s the common issue that triggers the code, so you better do it first.
  2. Try to use oil with different viscosities for different seasons to prevent poor oil flow and clogging. Ensure that you do a regular oil change and filter replacement.
  3. Use the freeze frame data feature to identify the point where the code was triggered. Do documentation on the trouble codes to get a better overview of the causes.
  4. Clear/reset the error codes with your scanner and run a retest. If P0011 still occurs, you may try to update your scanner’s firmware to ensure compatibility with your vehicle’s ECM.
  5. If the step 1-4 doesn’t solve the problem, the P0011 code may refer to the timing issues that require professional handling.

Common Mistakes

  • The most common mistake is to skip visual observation on the wiring, connector, or sensors which are the common problems that trigger the code.
  • Failing to change the oil regularly and using oil with not suitable viscosity could lead to the problem.
  • DIYers ignore one-time error possibilities and skip retesting.
  • Ignoring the manufacturer’s diagnosis protocol and skipping necessary steps lead to unnecessary part replacements or wrong troubleshoots.
  • Skipping and ignoring wouldn’t solve the root causes that can wreck the engine anytime.

Final Discussion

The P0011 code refers to more severe and complex problems in your engine. DIYers may learn how to fix code p0011 but skipping or ignoring necessary steps can damage the engine further instead of solving the issues.

Checking the wiring, connector, and sensors is the best shot for DIYers. If the code still appears, you better go to a professional auto shop.

This Dreaded Code Killed My Car (P0011)

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