How To Reset The Electronic Parking Brake

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The Electronic Parking Brake system isn’t only about safety but also convenience. It allows you to deploy emergency braking in a safer and more controllable way. However, there are situations where you need to learn how to reset the electronic parking brake as they become faulty and need replacements. Learn more about electronic parking brakes below.

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What Can Electronic Parking Brake Do?

Electric Parking  Brake is a major breakthrough in the braking system as it improves braking performance, safety, and handling. These are what the electric parking brake can do:

  • Automatic Operation: Handbrakes and electric parking brakes are diametrically opposed. Your automobile comes to a complete stop when you press the Electric Parking Brake (EPB) button. The EPB is more accurate and efficient than a typical emergency brake system because of its automated brake mechanism. Both the front and rear wheels benefit from the electric park brake’s performance.
  • Improve Brake Handlin: Cable-operated parking brakes can’t compete with the precision of electric parking brakes. Electronic parking brakes outperform traditional brakes in many situations. They run more smoothly and are more reliable than manual ones. These certainly improve brake handling.
  • On-Drive Rollback Prevention: Modern electric parking brakes have Hill Start Assist besides effectiveness and efficiency. A Hill Start Assist function applies brakes to the rear wheels automatically.
  • Enhance Emergency Braking: Electric parking brakes’ capacity to quickly apply the brakes in an emergency is one of their key advantages. Because of the improved braking system, it’s possible to drive faster while the EPB is still on task. The EPB system works by repeatedly engaging and disengaging the vehicle’s back axle until it comes to a stop. It’s definitely safer than manual emergency brakes that can cause your tires to lose their traction which increases the chances of collision. 
  • Space Saving: It takes up less room in the car because it does not require any handling lever and wiring, only a button. As a result, it saves more space in the cockpit than most traditional brakes.  Manufacturers can add other functions to the center console in the absence of a hand brake lever. 

What Can Faulty Electronic Parking Brakes Do?

When the EPB gets faulty or malfunctioning, you’re losing the performance of that electronic parking brake.  The advantages become disadvantages if the car owner neglects the faulty electric parking braking.

As with any automotive electrical system or component, EPB malfunctions can arise if the wiring and switching components get damaged in one or another way. These can cause the system voltage to become too low or a fuse to blow up causing the system to malfunction. 

The onboard computer of your vehicle may record a malfunction code and illuminate the brake light. Finding the root cause of the problem is made easier with the aid of a scan tool. You can consider Foxwell NT510 Elite & NT530 Review & Comparison to get the best suitable scanner.

Common Reasons

When the EPB becomes faulty, you might experience hardships in engaging and disengaging the braking system. You can read Innova 5160 Review and use the scanner to retrieve the code and find the meaning that would be one of these causes

  • There is a problem with either the switch for the brake pedal or the switch for the gear stick selector.
  • The EPB module is not properly communicating with either of the switches. There is a communication breakdown.
  • There is an electrical problem with the module or actuator of the EPB.
  • The EPB’s motor is malfunctioning or has become blocked.
  • The cables for the parking brake have become rusted.

How To Know If an Electronic Parking Brake Is Faulty?

When your EPB becomes faulty, you typically notice some early signs or symptoms. They can become worse when you don’t immediately fix the problems. That’s why it’s very important to acknowledge the possible signs of faulty EPB.

  • The EPB shows declining in performance typically when it no longer retains the vehicle securely enough. 
  • The EPB not being able to hold the vehicle securely is the most prevalent sign that the cable or wire that controls the parking brake is problematic.
  • There is a problem with the EPB system including corrosive cables, shortened wiring, etc.
  • The parking brake light has illuminated as triggered by one or more problems we’ve mentioned above.

How To Reset The Electronic Parking Brake Light?

reset epb

With a scan tool, you can easily reset the EPB light. You can also do an active test with the Best Bidirectional Scan Tools before resetting. However, there are actually ways to reset the EPB light without a scanner by following the manufacturer’s rest procedure and resetting the OBD.

1. Manufacturer-Specific Reset Procedure

Every manufacturer may have its own procedure to reset the ABS light. It’s no rocket science but slightly tricky. These steps below are only for an overview as the procedure for your car can be different.

  1. Turn on the ignition and put your vehicle in parking mode. The brake pedal should not be pressed at this time.
  2. Use the EPB button to engage the electric parking brake and then release it.
  3. Release the EPB button when you hear the sound of a mechanical movement.
  4. Engage the EPB button and hold it for another three seconds or until you hear two beeps then release it. 
  5. At this point, your ABS or brake light should come off. Otherwise, you can repeat the procedure or use another method.

 2. OBD Reset

Another way to reset your EPB or ABS warning light is by resetting the OBD of your car.  By the time the OBD restarts, the EPB is also restarting and it would typically turn the light off.

  1. Take the positive cable off of your car’s battery and disconnect it.
  2. By maintaining pressure on the brake pedal, you can completely discharge the power left in the system.
  3. The central computer of the vehicle will be reset as a consequence of this action.
  4. Simply reconnecting the battery will bring the power back on.
  5. If your attempts are successful, the ABS light should come off.


What does ”service electronic parking brake” mean?

If your brake warning light is on when the parking brake is off, you need to get your brakes examined. That’s the same thing if you get ”service electronic parking brake” on the display.

Why is my e-brake light on?

The light comes on when you’ve engaged the parking or emergency brake so you must disengage it before driving. If it stays illuminated after disengagement, there might be problems with your EPB. 

Where is the parking brake switch located?

Instead of using a hand lever, EPB on your car is controlled by a switch. You can find the switch in the dashboard’s center or on the instrument panel’s lower left side, just below the steering wheel.

How much does it cost to replace a parking brake sensor?

When the EPB sensor becomes faulty, it’s better to replace it. The cost may go around $150 including the parts and labor cost but it depends on the auto shop and other factors.


If you’re looking for a more convenient and efficient way to stop your automobile, the electronic parking brake is the ultimate feature you can expect from modern cars.  However, as the electric parking brake system becomes faulty, you’ll encounter several common issues. Get the problems fixed before resetting the warning light.

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