Innova 3020 Review

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Looking for a reliable and authentic info-based Innova 3020 review? We’ve got you covered! Just read on, and you will find each and everything about Innova 3020. 

A diagnostic test determines a vehicle’s source of a mechanical issue. Almost all vehicles have an internal computer that monitors their central systems and components. The computer also sends manufacturer notifications and tracks their performance. A diagnostic scan tool can collect data from a car’s internal computer. Using a diagonalizing tool, you can monetize engine, cooling systems, brakes, and exhaust systems.

Innova makes a wide range of scan tools, and its products are the best on the market. The scanners are widely compatible and are ideal for self-diagnosing virtually any car. Innova scanners never disappoint the users. Some scanners are for OBD1 vehicles, and some are for OBD2 vehicles. 

In this round-up of the Innova 3020 review, you will learn all about its features, and specifications. Moreover, we will shed some light on why it will be the perfect choice for your vehicle. So let’s dig in!

Innova 3020 Review

For transparency, please note that some of the links on this website are Amazon Associate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. The use of such links comes at no additional cost to you.

Innova 3020 is one of the best diagnostic vehicle tools that enables you to save diving. The device is compatible with all OBD II protocols. This makes it compatible with most cars that are available on the market. 

You can perform an accurate self-diagnosis using this scanner tool, and make a report about any problems. Error codes give users the reports, and the software’s user manual is easy to understand. 

With the Innova 3020, you need to connect it to your car’s OBD II data link cable to run the scan. It will help you understand what is going on with your car if it is experiencing issues. Following that, you will be able to take the right action to resolve the problems.


  • This device can erase, activate, and deactivate the engine light. Additionally, it checks the engine light status. Keeping the user informed at all times ensures his safety and well-being on a road journey. 
  • You can easily detect engine issues with the color-coding model of the scanner.
  • The scanner can deliver accurate readings.
  • It displays up to 25 readings at once, making it extremely helpful.
  • The Innova 3020 is extremely popular because it is simple to use. Additionally, the scanning tool comes with a quick reference guide. 
  • The mechanic or owner can repair the device if they have the device on hand. Because the data can be re-read every 30 seconds with the automated mechanism.


  • You cannot connect the device to a computer through the USB interface.
  • It is capable only of diagnosing engine warning lights.

Main Features

Read and Clear Code

Featuring a black and white LED-backlit display, the scanner offers scanning in any lighting condition. The readings are visible by large black marks. Therefore, the user is better able to interpret the results.

The display is small, but you can see all of its features at a glance. The device serves its purpose well. you are an automotive enthusiast or a car owner looking for how to read Abs codes with or without a scanner. whenever Innova 3020 scanner helps to solve the abs codes.


With the Innova 3020, you can read and erase problem codes from a wide range of vehicles. These models are as follows:

  • Ford
  • Chrysler
  • GM
  • Toyota
  • Honda models

With the Innova 3020, you can scan some vehicles, including SUVs, trucks, SUVs, and even hybrids.

Live Data

Every 30 seconds, the data is automatically refreshed in the scanner. Such a feature is essential. It helps you identify which issues have already been fixed and need to be addressed during the repair process.

O2 monitor tests and engine trouble codes are all available through this scanner. Moreover, the data is accurate and easy to understand. This ensures a safe trip on the long road. 


The easy-to-understand user interface makes the scanner incredibly easy to use. In addition to that, a user’s manual is included with the system, which contains all the information you will need to use the device.

Interested consumers can use Innova’s website to understand better diagnostic problem codes (DTCs). By doing so, they will be able to identify and fix any issues.

Innova Software

Software developed by Innova powers the Innova 3020 scanner. Users will be able to access a wide range of diagnostic tools through the program.

Therefore, readings are more accurate, and car repairs are better as a consequence. The Innova 3020’s developers appear to feel that the software is sufficient for their device.

Display With Everything at One Place

While you’re on the road, you can view all the pertinent information on the Innova 3020’s patented screen. It is capable of displaying no less than 25 pieces of critical information simultaneously.

All of the information you need about your vehicle is at your fingertips, saving you time and making driving easier.

Diagnostic Scans of a Vehicle

This scanner is primarily used for detecting OBD II coding. Thus, it performs extensive car diagnostic tests and provides detailed information.

To determine why the warning light is on, the scanner tool investigates deep into the problem. After that, the MIL generates a report outlining the reason why it is active. Based on the results of the diagnostics guide, the user can identify the underlying issue.

Clear error codes and run a scan

The Innova 3020 is also capable of detecting and identifying error codes. Temporary error codes are all those codes that are removed by the device.

When persistent error codes occur, they are automatically cleared when the underlying issue is resolved. By removing error codes from them, you may make your automobile function more smoothly.

Advance Features


ABS code scanners can assist you in identifying any problems with your anti-lock braking system or internal airbag system. The Innova 3020 can diagnose and clear ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) codes on most vehicles. The code reader can also locate failures in other vehicle components in addition to brakes, wheels, and speed sensors.

The 3020 can also read and erase any problem codes that are often responsible for turning the check engine light.

Color Coding Model

The gadget operates on a color-coding approach based on three areas. Green indicates there are no issues, yellow indicates that possible problems have been found. Red indicates that the engine has been inundated with problems and requires immediate repair.

In this way, the user can detect problems more efficiently. A user manual is also available to understand the process.

Emissions Readiness

Failure of an emissions readiness monitor can lead a vehicle to fail a state inspection. Disconnecting the battery or clearing the problem might cause readiness monitors to show this state.

As it is mentioned before, Innova 3020 is designed to work with OBD2 protocols. The device enables it to check the emission readiness of OBD2 vehicles.

Difference Between Innova 3020 VS. Foxwell NT310

For transparency, please note that some of the links on this website are Amazon Associate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. The use of such links comes at no additional cost to you.

Innova 3020 Diagnostic Code Reader Scan Tool with ABS for OBD2 Vehicles easy to use advanced diagnostic tool for your vehicles. On the other hand, the Foxwell NT310 Dwell Tach Tester Works on all 12-volt domestic and import vehicles with cylinder engines.

Here is a comparison table that shows the core difference between Innova 3020 and NT310.


Foxwell NT310

Innova 3020

Idle speed of the engine Capable of checking the idle speed of the engine. Capable of checking why the check engine light came on.
Capability Suitable for 12-volt domestic vehicles and engines with 4, 6, and 8 cylinders. Works in OBD2 cars, trucks. 
Connection type Simple two-wire connection. Use a cable to connect with the vehicles.
Type compatible with OBD 2 OBD2 Scan Tool.
ABS Codes Not compatible. Diagnose  ABS codes.


What are INNOVA and its RepairSolutions2 app?

The repairSolutions2 mobile app works with the newest wireless Innova OBD instruments. To locate the problem and fix it quickly, repairSolutions2 gives customers vehicle-specific inspection reports.

Does the Innova 3020 Read ABS codes?

The Innova 3020 can read and clear ABS codes on most cars. The code reader can identify faulty brakes, wheels, speed sensors, and other vehicle components.

Are Innova Scanners Any Good?

Innova scan instruments are among the most effective currently available on the market. A wide range of products is available, from low-cost entry-level devices to costly high-end models. Some are OBD1 compatible, while others are just for OBD2 vehicles, and some are both.

How Do You Read an Innova 3020?

The Innova 3020 comes with a manual book that makes it easy for users to read the device.

Does Innova Have Free Updates?

Yes, Innova updates are available for its device. 

Can Innova Scanners be Updated?

If you use the feature, you will be able to use some advanced features which were previously only available through expensive scan tools.

Good Bye Words

That’s all from our review. A diagnostic test can save both the driver and the technician time and money. Before onboard computers, a car owner had to describe their vehicle’s problem and wait for a professional. They tested various items to diagnose the issue, which was frequently time-consuming and costly.

Additionally, modern technology can identify minor issues before they turn into significant problems. Using an Innova 3020 diagnostic code reader scan tool makes detecting your car issues and solving them efficiently.

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