Best Budget obd2 Scanner For Android & ios (Bluetooth)

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You may have heard of the two acronyms OBD and OBD2. You may even know them by one or the other. But in all likelihood you didn’t know what each of these acronyms stood for. OBD stands for on-board diagnostic computer system and OBD2 stands for off-board diagnostic computer system.

The on-board system is what keeps track of your car’s system and assists you when problems occur. On the other hand, the off-board system is what enables you to view the trouble codes or problems as they occur.

These two systems work in conjunction with each other in order to pinpoint the problem and give you suggestions as to how to solve the problem.

While both systems are primarily designed to assist drivers, some manufacturers have added features to their vehicles in order to allow them to also interface with these software programs. This way, you can get help troubleshooting your vehicle as well.

Difference Between OBD And OBD2

When it comes to understanding the differences between OBD and OBD2, there is actually quite a bit of confusion surrounding the subject. The main reason why the confusion exists is because the two acronyms are not commonly used together.

Even within the automotive community itself, there are those who have developed certain terms that are meant to describe two completely different subjects. By understanding what the difference between OBD and OBD2 is, you’ll be better informed about how your vehicle operates and whether or not it’s time for a tune-up or an overhaul.

The software that keeps track of your vehicle’s systems serves as the brain of your vehicle and while you can access it from the driver’s seat, you can only do so via the console.

As mentioned earlier, these computer systems are designed to help drivers diagnose and repair their vehicles. There are many different components inside of them and each one functions differently. If you need to know what the difference between OBD and OBD2 is, you first need to understand how these components work together.

OBD stands for on-board diagnostic computer system and OBD2 means that it’s an acronym for on-board digital computer interface. Once you gain a greater understanding of how these two different components work, it’ll be easier to comprehend what the difference is between OBD and OBD2 when it comes to your vehicle.

These two terms are often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to two different computer systems. The OBD is the one that is used internally by your vehicle. The OBD2 refers to the computer used externally by your vehicle.

Since the OBD2 is used to interface with the diagnostic computer, it is often referred to as the OBD interface since it acts as an interface to the diagnostic computer.

Top 5 Cheap Bluetooth obd2 Scanner Reviews

1. FIXD OBD2 Professional Bluetooth Code Reader for iPhone and Android

Main Features

  • It features a fully functional Bluetooth wireless transceiver, which operates on either A or B frequencies.
  • It comes with a special tool that helps you read and decode the diagnostic trouble codes, while recording the trouble codes, to analyze them later.
  • Other features of the FixD ODB2 include a user friendly graphical interface, and various power saving modes, that can help to maximize the life span of the device.
  • The device is also capable of detecting and interpreting the common trouble codes, while recording the codes for further analysis. With such a big and powerful capacity, this particular tool is surely the right tool to handle your OBD related problems.
  • Another cool feature of this Bluetooth ODB2 Pro is the manual that it comes with. This feature helps the users to scan and understand the entire working procedure of the device, before they proceed further.
  • Other features of fixD ODB2 professional include support for the Windows as well as Mac operating systems.
  • Apart from that, this device also comes with a 1 year guarantee, which offers the user’s full satisfaction and peace of mind, by using the fixed ODB2 Professional Bluetooth Scanners.

If you are looking for a professional Bluetooth scanner and code reader, the FixD OBD2 Professional can be a good choice. This tool has been created by experts in the field and is well suited to read OBD codes that are hard to understand or to decipher manually.

There are several different versions of the FixD OBD2 Professional OBD2 scanner, but the most accurate one should be the OBD2 Professional v2.

This tool comes with over two hundred factories installed scanning sensors, which can scan for diagnostic trouble codes as well as general data.


  • Being the most comprehensive tool that is available when it comes to the radio frequency identification (RFID) data on vehicles, fixing a handheld device allows for the quick and easy detection of a vehicle’s problem through its built in LCD display.
  • Most handheld devices would require a professional technician to come out and manually inspect the faulty part. In some cases, where the fault is more complicated, requiring the device to be fixed via a code
  • The pros of this innovative product are also ideal for data recovery. A handheld device does not only allow for the easy readout of the vehicle’s trouble codes, but also allows for easy data recovery when it comes to fixing the device.
  • If the wrong device is used to scan the vehicle’s data, it might not result in the data being successfully recovered since there is a loss of quality in the process. This is why the device is perfect for those who need a high degree of accuracy in their scans.
  • Being an advanced tool that provides quality scanning results, it can help determine which specific part of the device is the cause of the problem
  • The scanning process is also very fast compared to other scanning systems that are available in the market today.


  • The first and most common pro is the fact that it is a wireless device, which makes it convenient to use in a variety of locations.
  • While in the past people had to either climb over fences or use other means to monitor their vehicles’ emissions, these devices eliminate the need for extra precautions.
  • This alone can be a huge plus, as no one wants to think about their vehicle’s emissions while they are away from home.
  • While this may seem like an easy con, it is not, as it is based on the fact that the Bluetooth devices used to communicate with these scanners are not always compatible with older models.
  • While these may be technically not compatible, there are several cheap and even free devices that will work with them.
  • While you may not have to worry about compatibility now, it could become much more important down the line. In the future, you may find your expensive devices are not compatible with your old devices, leaving you without a vehicle to use.
  • It does not come with a warranty. While this is a minor con, it can turn into a major concern if you have problems with your device.

2. Bafx Products Wireless Bluetooth Obd2 Scanner (For Android Only)

Main Features

  • It can scan all types of automobiles including cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and the list goes on.
  • This unit works well with the vehicles that run on gasoline, so if you run an auto repair business or a service company, you will surely find this handy
  • Auto steering and auto acceleration
  • Trouble finding a code when the unit is not connected
  • Device compatibility
  • Low battery indicator
  • Speeds limit Notification.
  • This unit uses the latest in computer technology, namely the Bluetooth technology, which is capable of wireless communication with several Bluetooth enabled devices. With this, it can communicate directly with the computers and read all the codes.

A Bluetooth diagnostic code reader is a device that can either be built into a phone or it can come as a separate piece of hardware.

It is used to decode the various signals that come from various wireless devices, like PDA’s, cell phones, wireless credit cards, and even lap tops.

A lot of people don’t really know what all this technology is about. It all starts with the invention of the Universal Serial Bus (USB), which is a computer networking standard. This type of technology allows for the transmission of data between computers.

The first devices to come out of the company who are using this technology are the Bluetooth devices that are used today.

Specific review of BAFX Obd2 scanner


  • When you use a device that has an updated Bluetooth driver, you’ll ensure that it’s running correctly, and that you don’t have any potential connectivity issues.
  • Did you know that with a Bluetooth device, you never have to deal with losing or quitting Bluetooth connections – ever? With wireless scanning, you can easily check if you have an open or closed connection and, thus, can determine whether your device is running as it should or not.
  • The best thing about it is that it’s always in your pocket, ready to scan and act upon any potential errors.
  • No more digging around behind the device looking for the proprietary documentation, or worse yet, sending it back to the manufacturer, who probably won’t have made any improvements.
  • A high-quality Bluetooth code reader will provide you with a quick scanning process, as well as other features, such as Bluetooth driver updates and other special functions.


  • One of the worst disadvantages is that you have to keep on holding the trigger button on the Bluetooth device while it continuously analyzes the codes.
  • This might not be very convenient, since you are not expected to place your finger over the button every second.
  • The tool can also get a little messy. It would be a little difficult to use if you have an integrated laptop with a case or a pen holder.
  • In addition, you cannot use this gadget if your hands are full of food or drink.
  • There is no backup. You cannot restore any data that has been lost. This means that you will only be able to recover the information that is present right now.
  • Another con of this gadget is that it does not support OBD formatted drives. If you wish to use such a device, you will need a different kind of device.

3. BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android

Main Features

  • The cool feature of the BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro Odbid Scan Tool is its compatibility with most of the popular smartphones including the iPhone 4, HTC Evo and Motorola Defy. No matter if you own an old model or a brand new device, you can use this Odbid Pro driver in almost all the Odbid scanning programs.
  • The Features of BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android are quite impressive. This OBD converter is a small device, and so very easy to use. It can be used on any Bluetooth enabled device, which includes but is not limited to the iPhone and Android phones. In addition it can also be used on any computer with Bluetooth support.
  • The Features of BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDI Convertor include support for up to nine OBD scanner types. All nine types of scanners are supported on the BlueWDIC-Pro, including the iDiscovery Pro, the CodeCheck OBD, the Proscanner, and the Triport, as well as the Emmanual and Empower OBD.
  • However, the most interesting feature of the Blue WDIC-Pro is that it can work in conjunction with the BlueTracker Pro. So the BlueWDIC-Pro can double up as the BlueTracker Pro, making for a very complete diagnostic tool.

If you are looking for the best Bluetooth Pro OBD scanner, BlueDriver is the tool for you. The BlueDriver OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android is the most comprehensive and user friendly OBD scanner for vehicles.

Most of the time, even mechanics or car owners don’t know which kind of OBD scanner they should get because of the variety available in the market. With the help of this handy tool, owners can find out the real reason why their car or truck is not working properly and can easily fix it.

Most of the time, car or truck owners simply look for the brand name or the logo on the device. This is not a wise idea because often times, these brands don’t make the devices reliable enough to use.

So before you purchase anything, it would be a good idea to do thorough research on the product. Find out what the pros and cons are of each brand and which one has the best customer support.

Once you have enough knowledge about the device you intend to purchase, you won’t have any problem in using it anytime you want.


  • The user-friendly interface and the compatibility to most mobile devices.
  • This product can read many OBD II specifications and can scan your car without much hassle at all.
  • It is extremely easy to operate and the technical support is also very good and is available round the clock.
  • Most manufacturers have certified BlueDriver to work with their handhelds. In fact, it can read most OBD specifications of a vehicle and can even identify the engine trouble in your vehicle even if you do not try to check it yourself.
  • Another Pros of Blue Rider Bluetooth Pro ODBID Scan Tool that makes this gadget very popular is that it is very portable. This can be carried around anywhere like a small hand held device which is very convenient. This is especially useful to people who do not own a lot of gadgets and who move around a lot. It is also very compact, so you can carry it anywhere you go.


  • The Cons of Blue Rider Bluetooth Pro OBD Scan Tool are its lack of compatibility to many OBD devices and the fact that it cannot recognize many common scanner types.
  • However, it has a very high quality scanner and can scan your car’s engine and exhaust. But, you need to connect it to a computer using Bluetooth cable to upload the scan result to an e-mail or an FTP site.
  • In case of older OBD Scanner like the Blue FD, you will not have to worry about compatibility issues, but this new product certainly surpasses it in terms of quality.
  • The blue driver is the program that is used in order to convert your OBD into a very readable format so that any computer can read it and then use it to diagnose your car and tell you what is wrong with it.

4. OBDLink LX OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner for Android and Windows

Main Features

  • The OCD Larson OBD2 Bluetooth scanner is a device manufactured by the OBD Connect company.
  • It is similar to the other handheld scanners like the handheld Universal Serial Bus reader and the handheld Blue Tooth.
  • It also has some other features like support for diagnostics data in real time and automatic data removal, multiple user interface, data compression and many more.
  • The OBD Link LX features a user-friendly interface and comes with an easy to follow manual that is full of tips and instructions. The scan process of the OBD2 Bluetooth drivers and the scanning of the serial ports in your vehicle will be fasted up and the results are displayed on the LCD screen.
  • The OBD Scan software is designed in such a way that it allows you to fix any possible problems with the engine and to diagnose problems of the car. You will be able to print out the diagnostic trouble codes on the OBD2 Bluetooth driver’s LCD display.
  • This LCD screen will help you understand the diagnostic trouble codes and it will also allow you to select the ones that correspond to the symptoms that you are having. The scan function and the reset function work in such a manner that they can help you reset your engine and read the trouble codes.

OBDLink LX is a new generation OBD2 wireless protocol scanner designed to interface with vehicles’ on-board diagnostics systems via Bluetooth.

A lightweight handheld device that works with any OBD scanner, this universal handheld OBD2 scanner is easy to use and has been specifically designed to work with any OBD2 compatible vehicle.

The patented On-The-Demand Licensing (OTLD) design allows the OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner to communicate with OBD2 certified diagnostic systems via Bluetooth without the need for a third-party Bluetooth adapter or dedicated Bluetooth transceiver.

Furthermore, unlike other OBD2 wireless devices, the OBD2 Scanner for Windows and Android devices supports standard OBD scan procedures including CAN-SPAD compatibility, emission level control, generic emissions control and diagnostics, accessory diagnostics, and emission data collection.


  • The pros of OBDLink LX OBD2 Bluetooth scanner for Windows and Android are mainly due to the fact that it is a built-in accessory with the modern cars.
  • This scanner is one of the most effective ways to diagnose your vehicle’s engine as well as other electronic systems in an effort to prevent future repairs and possible problems in the vehicle. You can even connect this scanner to your computer via Bluetooth and make the necessary system updates or repairs whenever needed.
  • Moreover, you can use this scanner for both the handheld and the fixed wireless solutions. It is a versatile piece of equipment that will help you maintain the condition of your car in the most efficient way.
  • Another thing you should look at when considering the pros of OCDLink LX Odb2 Bluetooth scanner for Windows and Android is the compatibility.


  • If you find this OBD2 Bluetooth scanner for Windows or any other similar Bluetooth device, the first thing you should consider is the price of the scanner. There are devices that may be very expensive like the OBDLink Proscan which will cost almost $150.
  • However, there are also pros and cons to be considered so you may end up finding a device that will meet your needs at a low price or may even be able to get one of the most affordable scanners around.
  • There are drawbacks though, most notably the need to constantly update the firmware. While this is a minor inconvenience compared to the benefits, it is a significant drawback for some.
  • Most of the time, the Scanner for Android is more preferable because of its simple setup, compatibility with most OBD sniffers, and low cost.

5. AUTOPHIX 3210 OBD2 Scanner Enhanced Car Diagnostic Scanner for ios & Android

Main Features

  • If you are a car or truck owner, you might be in need of an enhanced diagnostic scan tool for your vehicle.
  • A vehicle diagnostic scan tool can perform many functions that your regular diagnostic scanner cannot.
  • You have to have it if you want to get the full worth of your money out of your vehicle repairs.
  • The features that this particular tool has can help you detect any possible problems before they become too costly. Some of these features are discussed below.
  • It can also tell you if there is a problem in the areas of your vehicle’s cooling system, engine and fuel system.
  • When a symbol is displayed on the screen of your diagnostic scan tool, you should pay more attention to it as it gives you more information that can help you pinpoint the problem.

Most of the time, diagnostic scans or troubleshooting can be done through the PC or laptop. This is a very tedious and time-consuming task and it will consume your precious time in the process.

But there are now many new electronic gadgets that has built-in diagnostic scan feature that makes it easier to troubleshoot your vehicle’s problems. This is also one way of protecting yourself from any possible damage or malfunction of your vehicle while in transit.

You will definitely feel more comfortable with these new diagnostic tools because they are very easy to use. These instruments have the capability to scan through your car’s engine functions and provide you instant results.


  • The pros of an enhanced Car Diagnostic Scanner fault code reader are that it is fast, easy to use and in most cases. It gives you the results right away
  • They are usually inexpensive, and therefore worth the cost.
  • They save you a lot of time, which as we all know is an important commodity these days.
  • Most people tend to rush into a purchase without fully understanding the product, and buying a diagnostic scan tool, as opposed to a manual repair process, is not only quicker but much more economical, not to mention safer.
  • There is also no danger associated with using an in car tool, or indeed, using a tool that is attached to you by wire. The information that is stored in these devices is all stored digitally, so there is no risk of data corruption or loss.
  • The pros of an in car diagnostic scan tool include the obvious advantage of saving you money.
  • However, they are so much more than that. Because they have all the data already programmed into them, they can look up literally thousands of codes in just a few seconds, and in turn will give you the diagnosis of exactly what is wrong with your vehicle.
  • It is a very fast and very effective process, and because it is done digitally, there is no longer any risk associated with a human looking up the code and interpreting it correctly.
  • In the end of the day, if you have made an investment in a diagnostic scan tool for your car, you will be glad that you made the decision to go down this route.


  • It is the fact that it takes more than one person to operate the scanner. In other words, it cannot be used efficiently if a person is using it in a group or if more than one person is operating it.
  • Some people who are using this car diagnostic scanner for their vehicles have found that this makes it more difficult to get the information they need from their vehicles.
  • This scanner is capable of scanning more than thirty channels in each channel and it is capable of getting detailed information on the vehicle’s diagnostic trouble codes and it is capable of giving the vehicle’s control codes out in all thirty channels.
  • It is a bit expensive. It can be as much as three hundred dollars on the high end and as low as twenty-five dollars on the low end. If you are using this car diagnostic scanner for your vehicle, you will find that it is quite a heavy investment to pay for this tool.
  • It is that the customer support provided for this product has been found to be below standard at best.

Buying Guide Of OBD

OBD scanner reviews have shown that one of the best features of an OBD kit is the ability to download your scanner data onto a computer. Most scanners today come with the ability to upload and save data into your computer.

This is great for anyone who needs a simple, quick, easy-to-use interface for their scanner to allow them to do their own checks and diagnostics on their vehicle.

But what if you need to run more checks? Or if you want to expand what you can do with your OBD software?

  • This is where buying guides of OBD come in. These guides show you how to expand the functionality of your scanner.
  • The biggest advantage of using a guide of OBD is that it allows you to save time and money by being able to understand and navigate your vehicle’s computer system. Many scanners are designed with simplicity in mind.
  • However, because they are designed to work with many different vehicle models and make changes to the way things work depending on the environment that the vehicle is stored in, some scanners aren’t as effective as they could be
  • .A guide of OBD will allow you to use all of your scanners to their fullest.
  • A guide of OBD may also come with some of the best scanners on the market. Some of the most advanced scanners available include: RealTime, Corse, iMoto, Tekla, X Spike, Radiology Student, and SmartCheck. While these are the most popular scanners on the market, there are other benefits to be found by purchasing a guide of OBD.
  • Most of these guides have all of the pros and cons of each type of scanner to allow you to make the best decision for your needs.

Buying Guide Of OBD2

  • Buying guide of OBD2 scanners is a good option for those who are not sure of what they want but would like to know all about the scanners available in the market. OBD2 stands for on-board diagnostic computer system and it is used to determine the problems in your vehicle when you take it out for a car wash or a repair.
  • This scanner is designed to work for all kinds of vehicles such as cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and other automobiles. The best features of this scanner include the fact that it is easy to operate, has several options and high quality video display.
  • When you are looking for a scanner, it is important to note that there are two kinds of scanners available – universal and custom. A universal scanner is compatible with most cars manufactured by any carmaker, while a custom scanner can only work with cars which came equipped with their specific OBD2 scanners.
  • The reason why you need to buy OBD2 scanners when you have them is because universal scanners are not powerful enough to read problems in vehicles that were not designed to support OBD2 technology. Buying a custom scanner ensures that all the problems related to OBD2 will be fixed and that your car will be able to work perfectly even with a faulty OBD system.\
  • There are also several factors you need to consider when you are buying guide of OBD2 scanners. One is the compatibility of the scanner with your specific OBD system. If you are going to use this scanner with an OBD2 compatible system, you need to make sure that the OBD interface is properly implemented by your vehicle.
  • It is also essential to check whether the scanner is compatible with your computer or whether you will need a special driver to use this scanner with your computer. Scanner reviews will help you find the best scanners and you will surely end up with one that works perfectly with your OBD2 system.

What Is the difference between a Scanner and a Code Reader

What is the difference between a scanner and a code reader? Basically, a scanner is a tool that is used by programmers for reading code and it performs some kind of verification. This tool acts as an editor or a type-writer for the source code.

On the other hand, a code reader is a machine that can be used by humans to read the code. Often, a scanner or a reader is interchanged with a code printer because both these tools are basically the same except for the fact that the latter has some extra features.

So, now that we already know what the difference between a scanner and a reader is, we can begin to answer the question, “What is the difference between a scanner and a code reader?” Basically, a scanner is used to read text and sometimes, a line of code is just too long and the text to be scanned needs to be trimmed or condensed.

A good scanner can determine whether or not the line of code contains embedded spaces and/or punctuation marks. For instance, if you were writing the following code: int x = 10; int y = 2; if (x + y > 50) The above code is clearly written but a human cannot read it since it is filled with unnecessary punctuation marks and spaces.

To solve this problem, a scanner can be used. It reads the lines of code and removes the unwanted punctuation marks or spaces. On the other hand, a reader/code printer is used to print out the given lines of code so that humans can read it.

Lastly, both scanners and readers are important in coding because a human can understand the code better than a machine which ultimately makes a human a better programmer or technician.


What Is The Best OBD2Scanner For The Money?

There are so many OBD2 scanners on the market that you can easily get overwhelmed when trying to make a decision of what the best one is for your needs.

Fortunately, there are very easy ways to determine which OBD scanner will work the best for you and your vehicle. The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to purchase an OBD2 scanner for your car or truck.

Once you have made this decision, you will need to decide how much money you want to spend on the scanner.

What Is The Best Cheap Scan Tool

What is the best cheap scan tool you can download? This is a question asked by many, including computer technicians who frequent forums on the topic.

What they often don’t realize is that what they read on these topics isn’t always correct, because they are always reading from one person’s point of view, which isn’t necessarily the best way to get the information they need.

It’s also not very informative to go into the technical details of each program or piece of equipment when someone is just looking for a general answer to the question, “what is the best cheap scan tool?”

All they are seeing is one piece of software that does the same thing, over again, with a different twist or configuration.

Do cheap code readers work

How do cheap code readers work? There are two ways to answer that question, and they are slightly different. The first way is what you may call the old school way of doing things. You would go to a retailer such as Best Buy a brand new scanner for a few hundred dollars.

Once you get it home, you would hook it up to your computer, use it to scan the barcode and tell the store if there was a problem with the product. If there was, then it would be replaced free of charge.

Do all OBD2 scanners work on all cars?

While all OBD2 scanners are designed to read a certain code and do a certain job, not all scanners will work on every make and model of car. There are dozens of different companies that make OBD2 scanners and hundreds of different models.

Each one of them will scan different kinds of cars, but because of the fact that there are so many different makes and models, not all scanners will work on each one.

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