Complete OBD2 Codes List With Basic Explanation

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If any function does not work on the computer, it gives you an error code. You can solve this query manually by searching this code on Google. In the same case, If there is a problem with your car, the OBD2 code reader will explain to you with a five-digit code where the problem happens.

You got a light idea about the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC). Now I explain how to read this Trouble Code and clear it.

Before, You should know the basic explanation of Codes before clearing and reading. I will also give you a list of OBD2 Codes with meanings.

Basic Explanation of OBD2 Codes

DTCs are usually five-digit codes. These five digits carry different meanings.

The First Character (P, B, C, U)

  • PBCU means there is a problem between the four main parts of the car.
  • Powertrain(P): The enormous part of the code is p. Powertrain includes emissions, transmission, ignition, and some parts of the engine.
  • Body(B): You can understand that the electric parts of the car’s body are pointing. Here includes airbags and details of the power setting.
  • Chassis(C): The code that starts with c indicates the problems inside the chassis. ABS, brake fluid, axles are part of it.
  • Undefined(U): This error code will show an error in any part of the vehicle except the Powertrain, Body, and Chassis.

The second Character (0, 1)

  • 0 indicates the generic OBD2 code.
  • 1 usually refers to the Manufacturer Specific Code.

What is Generic & Manufacturer Specific?

Generic codes: OBD2 codes that apply to all vehicles are called generic codes.

Manufacturer Specific: The car manufacturers themselves include some special codes, and they are called Manufacturer Special Code.

Different between Generic & Manufacturer Specific

Short Comparison
  • The generic code usually denotes 0 and is in the second position of the error code. E.g., C0xxx
  • The generic code indicates the same error in all official vehicles.
  • Manufacturer Specific is indicated by 1 in the second place. E.g ., C1xxx
  • Car organizations customize manufacturer codes. These cannot find in the database of Generic Code.

The Third Character (1 to 8)

Third digit indicates one to eight

  • 1- Fuel and Air Metering
  • 2- Fuel and Air Metering (Injector Circuit)
  • 3- Ignition System or Misfire
  • 4- Auxiliary Emission Controls
  • 5- Vehicle Speed Control & Idle Control System
  • 6- Computer Output Circuit
  • 7- Transmission
  • 8- Transmission

The Fourth & Fifth Character

To see these characters “00”, “01”, “03”. The Forth & Fifth digit Indicates special faults.

OBD2 Codes List

There are 5000 generic codes and manufacturing specific codes in total

most popular obd2 codes

 Complete Obd2 Codes list download (P, B, C, U) 

How to Read OBD2 Codes

1. Select the OBD2 scanner

If you are a beginner, it isn’t easy to choose the right one. Our website has reviews of OBD2 scanners based on your needs.

2. Set Up An OBD 2 Scanner

OBD2 Scanner is very easy to use and set up. Insert the male plug in the scanner into the OBD2 port of the vehicle. The ports are usually under the dashboard, beneath the steering wheel. In the case of Bluetooth, you have to pair it with the app.

3. Read OBD2 Codes

It is not possible to solve the problem without reading the code. Clicking the scan button on the scanner will bring up some trouble codes in front of you. You need to keep a note of these for later use. Some code readers have the advantage of printing. You can take it.

In the case of the Bluetooth OBD2 scanner, the device has to be paired with the phone. There are some third-party apps for this, and the company provides the app.

I would reconsider using the scanner manufacturers with their built-in app features because they are more compatible with the device.

After pairing, you will get a list of codes by scanning in the same way. You can save them in PDF format.

How to Clear DTC Codes

There are two ways to clear trouble codes. The first is to clear Obd2 Codes without a scanner if you do not have a scanner. This method can solve the problem by disconnecting the battery.

Besides, this power fuse removes all the settings from the car’s computer in addition to the DTC.

The error codes are often not removed, but the “Check Engine Light” is turned off. Also, the crucial settings can be deleted, and there is a possibility of separation from the network. So we will recommend clearing the DTC with the Obd2 scanner.

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