P0341 Code: Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Performance

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Are you having a P0341 code? Don’t get panicked or rush into replacing components. The code appears as a result of your ECU detecting irregularities in your camshaft, especially on its position sensor circuit. Let’s learn further about the P0341 code including the meaning, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and solutions below.

P0341 Code Definition

P0341 is literally defined as “Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Range/Performance”. An OBD-II generic code with the number P0341 is shown by an OBD2 Scanner for DIY when the engine control module (ECM) has determined that the corresponding sensor does not conform to the standards. There is no correlation between the pulses produced by the sensor and those produced by the crankshaft sensor.

Error code p0341: Causes & Diagnosis


In comparison to the crankshaft sensor, the camshaft sensor produces a significantly lower number of pulses in response to a predetermined number of engine revolutions. There is either a short in the wiring or a connection problem with the speed sensor, and it keeps losing its connection. 

The diagnostic issue code P0341 on an Obd2 Scanner For Japanese Cars could have been triggered by any one of diverse factors, each of which could have a varying degree of severity. When working to find a solution to the current problem, it might be helpful to have a solid understanding of each of these potential underlying causes. Those may include: 

  • The camshaft position sensor has become faulty
  • The reluctor wheel of the camshaft has been damaged
  • The wiring of the camshaft position sensor has been pinched or chaffed
  • A connection problem at either the PCM or the camshaft position sensor


Proper diagnosis is crucial when it comes to the P0341 code. You can attempt these procedures before replacing any component you think they’re damaged:

  1. In order to confirm that there is an issue, scan the codes and record the data from the freeze frame on your OBD II scanner like Autel IM608 or others. To achieve it, of course, you’d need an OBD II scanner with freeze frame capability.
  2. It then does a driving test after clearing the corresponding error codes to see if the worry persists.
  3. Perform a visual inspection of the wiring as well as other connections leading to the camshaft sensor, looking for any signs of broken wiring or loose connections.
  4. Firstly, the connection to the camshaft sensor is severed, and then examine the signal voltage and the resistance. 
  5. Examine the sensor connections to look for any signs of corrosion.
  6. Performs a visual inspection of the reluctor wheel sensor to look for any signs of damage or breakage on the vehicle’s camshaft or its gear

Common mistakes when diagnosing the P0341 code

Failure to examine and detach the camshaft sensor to detect metal presence on the sensor, which may generate irregular readings by the corresponding sensor or no readings at all, may cause an accident.

If such a failure can’t be replicated, the sensor will need to be replaced. At the end of the day, the common yet fatal mistake when diagnosing P0341 code is when the mechanic doesn’t perform a complete, proper diagnosis.

How to fix P0341 obd2 code

In order to assist in diagnosing and resolving the underlying cause of diagnostic trouble code P0341, the actions that are listed below can be followed. Before performing any of these repairs on your own, you should always refer to the factory-specific service information for your particular vehicle.

1. Find Any Related Error Codes

Using a reliable OBD2 scan tool like Foxwell NT614 & NT510 Elite on the port, you should first make sure that there are no extra diagnostic trouble codes present before commencing the process of diagnosing the issue. Before moving further, it is imperative that any codes that have been detected be completely diagnosed and taken care of. 

2. Perform A Proper, Complete Inspection

As a first step, make sure the camshaft position sensor in your car is free of any problems. This includes indicators of damaged wiring, wrecked camshaft sensor, or faulty harness connector. A visual inspection would allow you to assess the condition of these factors and you need to repair any damage whenever possible.

3. Inspecting The Reluctor Wheel

If the foregoing checks turn up with no problems, it’s time to move on to the reluctor wheel. This check may usually be made by visually inspecting the hole of the camshaft sensor in the timing cover of the engine whenever possible.

4. Performing Freeze Frame Data

Furthermore, we’ll get to see the sensor of the camshaft position in operation by seeing some paused footage of it in motion. Make an effort to understand the frequency with which this issue occurs and the specifics of how it manifests itself.

5. Inspect The Input for The Sensor

Measure the actual voltages at that sensor and compare them to the recommended ranges provided by the car’s manufacturer. You should check to see that the sensor has a stable feed of power, ground, and signals from all of its inputs.

6. Check The Path to PCM

Check the signal wire connecting the sensor of the camshaft position and the PCM using a proper multimeter and a wiring diagram for your individual model.

In the presence of continuation, the camshaft position sensor should be replaced. However, if it’s not, you must discover where the torn or exposed point(s) in this circuit are starting from. 

Tips to Avoid in future

Since this code deals with internal components that are not readily apparent to the bare eyes, it is almost impossible to avoid it. An OBD II scanner like Innova 3150 would have been a more convenient way to find out if you get this code and how soon it appears.

Preventing the occurrence of such problems may be aided by keeping the relevant powertrain components in good working order. Proper maintenance on your powertrain could be a solid solution to avoid getting the P0341 code in the future.


The same applies to this code as it does to the majority of others related to the powertrain: fix it immediately, and P0341 isn’t an exception. For complete access to error codes and information about the sensors they pertain to, an excellent obd2scanner is essential. You must perform a proper diagnosis before applying any troubleshooting regarding the P0341 code.

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