Rev Up Your Engine with TopVision Life Jump Starter

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Have you been looking for a new productivity technique? If so, have you considered trying the Topvision Life Jump Starter?

This product is one that PowerVanity released to help you get everything done and exceed your goals. In this Topvision Life Jump Starter Review, I’ve shared detail of the jump starter.

A thorough review is the best way to learn about something before purchasing it. That’s why I’ll cover everything about this product, from the history behind it to its features, pros, cons, and more. So, why are you waiting here? Let’s start with.

How To charge Topvision Life Jump Starter?

The Topvision Life Jump Starter is charged using a USB cable, which makes it easy to set in the car or on your desktop. You plug the Micro-USB cable into your device and then hit the other end into a computer or wall charger. As you’re charging, you’ll notice that the power level will remain at 100 percent until it’s finished setting. Once it’s ready, you’ll see that it has reached 100 percent and is ready for use.


How To Use Topvision Life Jump Starter?

Once you have charged this device, you’ll be able to use it whenever you need. Hook it up to the USB port of your computer or vehicle’s electrical system and start charging. Once it has enough juice to power you through the day, it will automatically turn off. The Topvision Life Jump Starter will turn on automatically whenever you need it.

Is It Safe To Use?

Yes, the Topvision Life Jump Starter is safe to use. It has been designed with advanced surge and spike protection and overcharge protection, which means you won’t have to worry about any devices becoming damaged during use. The product is designed to protect your devices from all types of damage. 

So you don’t have to worry about damaging them yourself. This product will keep them safe for you. All of these safety features make it the perfect product for everyday use. You can feel comfortable charging your devices at home or on the go with this device and not worry about anything wrong happening.

Topvision Life Jump Starter Review

I found the product to be a handy item in my garage. The ability to monitor battery voltages. It allows an individual to know when their vehicle is hooked up correctly. I have used this device several times and found it helpful in overcoming many issues.

This versatile product allows you to operate various devices without worrying about charging. The product is easy to use and has useful features that help provide power. 

The USB QC3.0 is the perfect equipment for my needs as I need to jump-start a stalled vehicle or re-charge a battery bank. This device is simple to use and comes equipped with everything one needs to hook up. It starts with a vehicle or large battery bank that can be used in power outages, camping, or on extended boat trips.

Pros and Cons


  • LCD screen shows the voltage.
  • The starter contains intelligent charge technology.
  • It comes with a lithium Jump Box.
  • The jump starter comes compact and lightweight.
  • Portable with a carrying strap and a car charger.
  • It comes with power cables.


  • It cannot be used on vehicles with engines with a fuel injection system or high-octane gas.

Main Features

Here are the essential features of the TOPVISION LIFE Jump Starter:

  • Hyper safe protection

    Each time you engage the device, the screen will turn green and show the amount of charge your battery has. When used with a compatible fuel-injected vehicle, the net will display information about whether or not your car is on. The 2200A peaks are current for vehicles equipped with large batteries or engines that require high-octane gas.

  • LED smart display

    This portable device comes with a LED light that turns on when the user engages. The LED light has multiple settings, one of which is a flashing indicator for Test Mode. Test Mode allows a technician to charge a vehicle or other small battery banks without damaging them. The LED light also has an audible feature that will illuminate and blink as the battery reaches 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% charge levels.

  • Portable design

    This particular product is compact, allowing it to be used on the go. The compact design allows it to be used with most vehicles and batteries with an external power adapter.

  • LED flashlight

    The 2200A comes with a flashlight with multiple settings, one of which is a siren alarm. The flashlight also has 3 different brightness settings, which can be used for up to 30 hours on one charge.

    Advanced Features

    Let’s take a look at the advanced features that make this product stand out from the crowd:

  • High-Speed Charging 2200A peak current

    This device fully charges a battery in a few minutes and can recharge the battery up to 4 times faster than regular charging. This portable device can also assign various compatible devices at quick rates, including cell phones, tablets, etc.

  • Multi-function power bank

    A portable device with a cell phone charger can be used to charge other compatible devices. The multi-function power bank also has USB ports that can be used to recharge the device with or without the direct battery output. 2200A is a small and lightweight product that is perfect for charging small batteries on the go, vehicles, and other equipment.

  • 2500A Power output

    This portable device has a 2500A peak current. It allows you to engage multiple large batteries at one time without overcharging or damaging them. This portable device can fully charge most small-medium-sized vehicles within a few minutes, giving them enough power to get them started with their engine running.

  • Battery Capacity

    You’ll get a powerful battery that you can use with small to large type batteries. This portable device consumes very little electricity allowing it to be powered by almost any vehicle battery. The car charger also has an overload protection feature that will not overcharge your devices.

  • Portable design and compact size

    This product is compact allowing it to be used while on the go. The compact design also allows it to be used with most vehicles and batteries with an external power adapter.

Comparison Between Topvision Life and Schumacher Jump Starter 

Topic Topvision Life Schumacher
Dimensions 9.84 x 5.28 x 4.29 inches 11 x 11.25 x 5 inches
Weight ‎2.79 pounds 13.86 pounds
Battery Capacity 21800 Milliamp Hours 10000 Milliamp Hours
Battery Type Lithium Ion Standard, AGM
Voltage 12 Volts ‎12 Volts


How do you charge a jump starter?

I advise jump-starting your vehicle’s battery packs before going on a long-distance journey. The indicator of a boost pack may either be a light or a fuse. Insert the charger directly into an outlet and charge the battery until it lights up.

Are jump starters worth it?

Yes, jump starters are worth the price. But don’t just take our word for it. First, let’s talk about how battery chargers work. If your vehicle’s battery is dead, you can make sure a battery charger can give it a boost of power to get it started again. Lifewire describes.

How many amps is a good jump starter?

Between 400 and 600 amps is plenty to kick-start any car or truck that is a little small or very driven. You’ll need 1500 to 2000 amps for freight and interstate transport vehicles. Compact, personal cars can only be initiated with up to 150 microamps.

Can you overcharge a portable jump starter?

Using a portable jump starter in higher current rate than the recommended charge rate, the battery will gradually weaken. When you finish using the jump starter, you should immediately disconnect it from the wall outlet. This will help ensure your battery will be able to last much longer.

Are lithium jump starters better than lead acid?

Generally, lead-acid jump starters are more high-maintenance than lithium-ion ones. They begin to lose their charge very quickly, cutting down on their life-span, while lithium-ion batteries are a bit more durable. Lithium-ion batteries tend to operate longer without maintenance.

What is the life of a jump starter?

If you find yourself dealing with faults in your generator, it will last about three to four years. On the other hand, quality jumper cables can last a lifetime and easily outlast your car’s lifespan.

Final Words

If you want a portable jump starter for a car, I recommend getting yourself one of the Topvision Life Jump Starters. You will be surprised at how it works and how much energy it gives you to continue your daily work and life without any worries. 

This device can be used in case of a power outage and in emergencies. The best part is that all the features of this fantastic product are very affordable. They made this device one of the best investments you can make for your car. If you are still have confusion, scroll up to check my TOPVISION LIFE Jump starter review again. Happy driving!

TopVision Jump Starter - real world use
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