How to Fix P059f Obd2 Code (Causes, Symptoms & Diagnosis)

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The OBD II fault code P059F occurs typically in Chevrolets and Nissan cars. The presence of this code indicates that your car has a motorized grille shutter mechanism.

Your vehicle’s drag coefficient will decrease when you increase your speed thanks to the dynamic/active grille shutter system, which opens and closes the grille as needed. When you use the OBD2 Scanner for DIY and get the P059F code, you’re actually having a problem with this component. Let’s learn more about it.

P059f meaning

P059F is defined as “Active Grille Air Shutter Performance”. The vehicle’s chassis control system has recorded a DTC for P059F because it has observed faulty air flow through the vehicle’s active grille shutters. However, it requires a proper diagnosis to determine where the actual problems are located.

Error code P059f: Causes, Symptoms & Diagnosis


There are different causes of P059F and you need to determine them with a set of diagnostic orders and the help of an Obd 2 Scanner with Abs and Srs on your hand. You might find one of these issues that trigger the error code.

  • The Motor for the Active Grille Shutter has become stalling or stuck
  • Connectors and cables that are either loose or damaged in some way
  • There is either a break or a short in the actuation wiring of the Grille Air Shutter Actuator.


P059F comes with noticeable or observable symptoms, from check engine light to burning smell. Whenever you notice one or more of these symptoms, you should diagnose it further:

  • The engine warning light is illuminating
  • Uneven and rough shifting that appear consistently, continuously
  • The motor of the Active Grille Shutter becomes so noisy
  • Poor acceleration or performance in terms of horsepower
  • The smell of burning coming from the vents of the vehicle or from under the hood


If you have a Chevrolet or Nissan car that is equipped with an active grille shutter system, the system will do a self-diagnosis to ensure that it can open and close in the correct manner each time you drive the vehicle.

When you turn off the ignition, there is a consistent opening of the grille shutter. The PCM would then issue a directive to shut down the following time the vehicle is turned on. After that, it reopens back up instantly, and the process of self-diagnosis is over.

In the event that it is unable to pass this self-diagnostic test, the code P059F will be recorded in the internal memory of your car, and illuminate the check engine light. 

  • To further diagnose a P059F DTC code, you can then follow up with the scanning
  • Use an OBD-II scanner like Autel MS906 to look for trouble codes (DTCs).
  • Examine the wire and connectors to ensure that they are not frayed or damaged.
  • Examine the actuation wire to see if it has a short or an open. If everything seems to be in order, check that the Grille Air Shutter Motor is operating correctly.
  • if the motor unit has been broken, you better replace it. 

You can now clear the code after repairs or replacements have been done, then check to see if they appear again.

Checking for Obstruction or Icing Issues

If you receive the P059F error code, you can start by inspecting the grille for any particles. It is possible that you may pick up something on the road that will wedge in there and prevent the grille from properly opening or shutting. This is a pretty common problem.

During the winter months, there is a risk of snow and ice becoming trapped inside the grill. If you are reading this at a time when temperatures have been below freezing for an extended period of time, an iced-over grill is a distinct possibility.

It only takes a little bit of snow, garbage, or even leaves to block the shutter. Extra care in the winter is highly recommended in this context.

1. Get Manufacturer’s References

Since it does not appear that anything is preventing the grille shutter from closing, we can proceed with investigating the active grille shutter mechanism.

P059F has a wide range of Technical Service Bulletins(TSBs) covering many years of production.  This could be your reference in diagnosing what triggered the code. 

Typically distributed by manufacturers, technical service bulletins outline typical issues and their corresponding fixes for a given vehicle brand.

One might find a number of web resources dedicated to this purpose. If it doesn’t work, you can always call your local dealership and have them search for the information. 

2. Inspect Any Wiring Issue

A gap or short in the wiring connection leading to the actuator for the active grille shutter could allow unwanted access. It is more vulnerable to damage than a regular wiring harness because of its position at the car’s bottom front.

Check for any wires that appear to be damaged, burnt, corroded, or disconnected. Remove any corrosion from the pins of the connectors.

3. Check The Actuator for Any Malfunctioning

After making sure the wire harness is good and the grille has been cleared, you should look into replacing the actuator. The actuator is the component responsible for actually opening and closing the grille.

One can command its opening and closing with a suitable scanning instrument. If it doesn’t, you should probably get a new actuator and have it functioning properly.

Common mistakes when diagnosing P059F

Some typical diagnosis mistakes made by technicians while trying to figure out what caused a P059F code are as follows:

  • Failing to inspect for and fix the frayed or disconnected wire
  • Negligence in checking for an exposed and/or short in the actuation wiring.
  • When there is no visible damage to the electrical components, the motor of the Air Grill Shutter has been replaced without being tested first.

How to fix obd2 code P059f

When it comes to fixing the P059f code, you need to apply the solution based on the result of the diagnostic. These are some fixes you can do to solve the corresponding problems

  • Changing the old motor with the new one
  • Identifying the faulty wire or connectors and fixing them
  • Repairing broken parts like a frayed actuation wire or a malfunctioning switch
  • Performing another diagnostic to see if the problem has been fixed by clearing the DTCs with the scanner

Tips to avoid P059f in the future

If you’ve fixed the problems, the code should never reappear anytime soon. However, you’re urged to regularly check the shutter’s motor and actuator for any debris, damages, or malfunctions.

As a part of regular maintenance, you can check for the code or any related codes with an OBD II scanner like Innova 5610 or others. Some related codes include P0218, P059B, and C1207.


In a nutshell, the P059F code is a generic OBD II fault code for problems with the active grille shutters in your car. At this point, you should inspect for any troubled wiring or parts prior to replacing parts and clear any DTCs with the scanner like Foxwell NT510 Elite & NT530 after performing repairs. Proper diagnosis is the key to the correct solutions to solve the actual problems. 

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