Ancel FD500 Vs. Ancel FD700 – Which one best for professionals?

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The FD500 is the best diagnostic scan tool on Ancel that is a versatile option for professional technicians. It has many features, including two separate handles and an LCD display for easy viewing

The FD700 is similar in design but has more advanced technology than FD500. The FD700 has an oscilloscope function that allows technicians to analyze signals over time.

While the FD500 will cost you less than the FD700, FD700 has some extra features which FD500 does not have.

So amongst Ancel FD500 Vs. Ancel FD700, which one is good for you? I would like to explain each item, their similarities, and their differences about them. Let’s talk in detail about it!

1. ANCEL Fd500

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I like this tool because it’s small and cordless, making it easy to use anywhere I need it. The ANCE FD500 Scan Tool is designed to solve the problems of vehicle faults. This digital device can diagnose the problems in your vehicle. It can also provide renewed life by instantly resetting your battery registration.

The ANCE FD500 Scan Tool can charge your battery for a quicker start-up time. The first thing that comes to my mind when I talk about the scan tool. Because it comes with a fast charging time.

Short charging time makes it more efficient and effective in solving the problems of drained batteries. Another good quality of this device lies in its memory feature. It can store the data you need in hard copy mode or print out the exact details directly from your computer.

You can also use this unit to make the test on other vehicle parts such as coolant temperature indicators, engine and transmission control module, ECM, check fuel injection pressure sensor and both fuel pump relays, air suspension control unit, etc.


  • All in one unit
  • Small in size
  • Well-built with an ergonomic design
  • Efficient.
  • Easy to use
  • Adjust the screen brightness and size


  • Sometimes it fails to detect faults even when a fault code exists

2. ANCEL Fd700

For transparency, please note that some of the links on this website are Amazon Associate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. The use of such links comes at no additional cost to you.

I am pleased to write this review because I have finally found a fantastic product which helped me save a lot of money and time. This product helps me maintain my car. It has been a year since I bought the ANCEL FD700 OBD2 Scan Tool.

And it is by far the best tool I have ever bought or will ever buy. This device comes with everything you need for essential maintenance and vehicle repairs, such as cleaning the fuel injectors, changing the oil, or diagnosing engine faults. You can also read and clear the diagnostic codes using this device.

The OBD2 scanner can read and clear a few different types of trouble codes. It includes those associated with fuel injection, vehicle speed sensor, throttle position sensor, and the engine management system.

This scan tool also monitors the operation of oxygen sensors to ensure the proper operation of your vehicle’s combustion process. This device scans for codes and displays them on the screen so that you will know what needs to be addressed before you take it in for any repairs.


  • Lightweight
  • Simple to use
  • Large screen for easy reading
  • Save time by reading codes
  • Reasonable price with quality


  • Sometimes the code scanner gets stuck in some situations.

Ancel Vd500 Vs Ancel Vd700

The Similarities Between Ancel Fd500 Vs. Ancel Fd700

Both Ancel FD500 and Ancel FD700 come with powerful diagnostic software. The Features of both tools are similar with each. Let’s know them!

  • Multiple Special Functions: One of the most notable features of these two scan tools is that they are equipped with multiple special functions. These functions include freeze frame data, automatic test sequence, and function test. With the help of multiple special functions, Ancel FD500 and FD700 diagnostic scan tools can test more than just your car engine components. They can take care of all electronic car issues, such as ABS, airbags, and SRS.
  • Complete Systems for Ford Lincoln: The Ancel FD500 and FD700 can test all computer systems of a Ford Lincoln. It will test the engine, transmission, ABS, and many more systems. They can test all combinations and models of Ford Lincoln vehicles.
  • Free Diagnostic Software: Web-based software is one of the best features that you will get. Ancel FD500 or FD700 diagnostic scan tools will allow you to access any type of vehicle or component.
  • OBD2 Functions For All Vehicles: The scan tool comes with OBD-II functions. This means it can perform the same functions as a scanner. Many scans for the Ancel FD500 and FD700, such as the engine, ABS, and SRS. They can connect to vehicles through the OBD-II diagnostic port on a vehicle’s engine computer. With the help of this scan tool, you will be able to check all the codes in your vehicle faster than ever before.
  • Life-Time Free Update: The Ancel FD500 and FD700’s software will be able to update themselves. This means you will receive new features for free whenever it comes out. You can also connect to the Internet and update them manually.
  • Strong Compatibility: The FD500 and FD700 have broad compatibility with different vehicles. The scan tool can be connected to Ford Lincoln, GMC Yukon, Chevrolet Equinox, GMC Envoy, Buick Encore, Saturn Vue, and many other vehicles on the market.
  • Oil Service Reset: The Ancel FD500 and FD700 are equipped with fuel pump reset functions. It means that you can reset the fuel pressure of your oil change. This is good for those who do not want to repair the lousy sensor on their engine while they extend the time of their vehicle’s life.
  • Wide System Compatibility: The Ancel FD500 and FD700 are compatible with vehicles such as Ford Lincoln and GMC Yukon. More specifically, it will test each system of these vehicles, ensuring they will work correctly before starting up your car.
  • EPB Maintenance mode: The Ancel FD500 and FD700 can be used in emergency roadside assistance vehicles. This is good for those who need a scan tool but cannot get to their car. With the help of good software, it will allow you to diagnose your vehicles in just minutes while on the roadside.

The Differences Between Ancel Fd500 Vs. Ancel Fd700

Ancel FD500 has more robust features than you see on the Ancel FD700, even though they both look similar.

  • Throttle Reset: For your Ancel FD500 or FD700 scan tool, it is essential to reset the throttle when you have an engine problem. FD500 can help you in that case because Ancel FD700 does not have these features.
  • Special Codes: The Ancel FD500 diagnostic scan tool has special codes on its software. This means it will show only the specific codes for your car and engine. The other one is the problem code reader, that only shows the trouble codes of your vehicle’s computer system.
  • ABS system: Ancel FD700 has these features. On the other hand, Ancel FD500 cannot diagnose the ABS system correctly. This means that it will not be able to test the ABS.
  • DPF Regeneration: The Ancel FD700 can help you with DPF regeneration. If the DPF filter cannot restore itself, you will have to clear out the filter. This is a good thing since it can save you time by not having to check the components one by one. Besides, FD500 does not contain these features.
  • Transmission: Ancel FD700 has a more extensive range of transmission diagnostics than the Ancel FD500. More precisely, it will trust your car at a lower speed if you have problems with your transmission. Moreover, the Ancel FD500 does not have these features.
  • SAS: The Ancel FD700 has solutions for SAS. In other words, it will detect the fault in SAS. If your car is not working correctly because of this problem, you can try to solve it yourself.
  • Fuel injector Correction: You can use this scan tool to correct your vehicle’s fuel injectors. In that case, you will be able to solve your car’s problem faster. If you have this problem, then FD700 would be more helpful than FD500.
  • Reset TCM CAM: The Ancel FD700 diagnostic scan tool can help you reset your vehicle’s transmission controller module. In order to do that, you need to reprogram it before matching. This one is not supported on the Ancel FD500.
  • IQA: IQA is computer software which has supported by Ancel FD700. It will help you connect to your car’s computer and perform diagnostic tests just like a scanner with time-saving. One of the advantages of this scan tool is that it is compatible with many vehicles such as GM, GMC Envoy, Buick Encore, Saturn Vue.

Which One Is Best For You Among Ancel Fd500 Vs. Ancel Fd700?

Hands down, both of these scan tools have their own advantages and disadvantage. Based on your needs, you can choose which one to use. However, if you are looking for a good scan tool that is affordable, the Ancel FD500 would be the best choice for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a professional engine scan tool, FD700 is much more recommended than FD500.

Final Verdict

In the end, Ancel FD500 and FD700 are two professional scan tools capable of performing multiple functions. Aside from the price and additional features, they also have their own advantages and disadvantages.

If you ask me about Ancel FD500 Vs. Ancel FD700, which one is better? I would like to go for Ancel FD700. Because Ancel FD700 has more comprehensive connectivity to different vehicle systems than Ancel FD500.

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