ANCEL HD3100 vs. HD3200: Which Is Better for My HD Truck?

If you want to avoid any danger when you’re on your truck, consider purchasing a good scanner tool. ANCEL series is one of the popular scan tools for your truck.

Among all the ANCEL items, HD3100 and HD3200 scanners provide good quality. They are easier and quicker to install and have many more features. But ANCEL HD3100 vs. HD3200: Which Is Better for My HD Truck?

ANCEL HD3100 and HD3200 both have some similar features. They also have some differences. So let’s talk about their similarities and differences to choose the best one for you! Are

ANCEL HD3100 review

Stop wasting time and money on repairs that could have been prevented with a simple scan. With the ANCEL HD3100pro, you can diagnose and fix your truck quickly, and efficiently.

It’s compatible with over 300 makes and models. It has an easy-to-use interface, live HD video streaming, Wi-Fi connectivity, and support for a long list of OBD2 protocols. Besides, it can scan all the system codes and displays the trouble codes in an easy-to-read graphical format.

Professional tools like Truck Speed, GGV, ABS, RADAR, and more are also supported. This tool is also equipped with an easy-to-use 5″ screen, a vast amount of diagnostic information, and much more.


  • DTCs can be cleared immediately
  • Scans of different brands and models of heavy-duty trucks
  • Heavy Duty Truck Scanner with scanner capability. 
  • Have Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • Easy to use.


  • Doesn’t support all standards.

ANCEL HD3200 review

ANCEL HD3200 is the latest release in the successful line of ANCEL automotive scan tools. With this scanner, you can easily connect and disconnect to your vehicle’s OBD-II connector. Once connected, you can read and reset, check engine light codes, and view live data streams.

This scanner is one of the Heavy Duty Truck Scan Tools for Freightliner, International Trucks, Kenworth, Peterbilt, and more. With this scanner, you can monitor vehicle performance on your heavy-duty truck or 18-wheeler.

You can connect to your engine control unit long distances from the vehicle. Besides, you can monitor your truck’s fuel economy and view real-time data. ANCEL offers all-around performance with advanced features and helps you keep track of the maintenance and performance of your vehicle.


  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable price.
  • Support read freeze frame data 
  • real-time data.
  • Built-in USB port output devices


  • The button is not very responsive.

Similarities Between Ancel Hd3100 Vs. Hd3200

ANCEL HD3100 and HD3200 are equipped with 3powerful functions: live data, memory scan, and code reading. Let’s check the similarities between them.

All-System Scan: ANCEL HD3100 and HD3200 both have an auto-search function. You can use auto scan all system power supply systems simultaneously. You don’t need to worry about your scanning tools. Because ANCEL HD3100 and HD3200 both have a unique database to identify the power supply systems.

Automatic Data Recovery: Both scanners similarly support all models of engine, transmission, steering system, brake system, and stop lamp components. ANCEL HD3100 and HD3200 also support automatic data recovery from vehicle computers by a firmware upgrade.

DPF Regeneration: ANCEL HD3100 and HD3200 both have an integrated DPF regeneration function. It is similar to electronic waste unit regeneration.

Powerful OBD Functions: ANCEL HD3100 and HD3200 can diagnose low fuel pressure, EGR, EVR, TP sensor, and more. Similar to the car key for your original car, the scanner is also an essential tool for you to control your truck. So if you want to buy a good scanner or ANCEL HD3100 vs. HD3200 scanning tool to upgrade your skills and your truck diagnose ability. 

Lifetime Free Update: ANCEL always makes sure its users have the most up-to-date scan tools. ANCEL HD3100 and HD3200 support lifetime free updates. For example, if the latest software is updated, all the registered users can download and upgrade it for free. You don’t need to pay extra costs after getting your scanner.

Differences Between Ancel Hd3100 Vs. Hd3200

ANCEL HD3100 and HD3200 are almost the same, but they differ. ANCEL HD3100 and HD3200 have their own advantages and disadvantages. So, I will introduce you to some differences between ANCEL HD3100 vs. HD3200:

Oil Reset Service: ANCEL HD3200 supports resetting the oil service light, and HD3100 doesn’t. This is a big difference between them. So, if you want to reset the oil service light, you must buy ANCEL HD3200.

Printable & Graphical Data: ANCEL HD3100 have a normalizing function, whereas 3200 does not provide them. So, if you want to keep a record of data, you must choose ANCEL HD3100. There are no graphical ways provided in Hd3200 while they are available in hd3100.

The graphical ways provide a clear image of your truck’s condition, which is helpful for the driver when driving. But the 3200 doesn’t have any graphical interface. As a result, it can’t provide any visual ways for users.

Secure & Flexible & Customizable Data: ANCEL HD3200 has a secure communication function. So you can conveniently send your scanned codes to your email address or printer. On the other hand, the HD 3100 doesn’t have a secure communication function, and it doesn’t have a printer.

So if you choose HD 3100, you must send the codes through email. On the other hand, if you choose HD3200, you can send the codes to your printer conveniently.

Pin Detect Function: Ancel HD3200 contains a pin detect function included in their package. So your scanner needs to detect the pin codes of vehicles without errors. However, ANCEL HD3100 doesn’t contain a pin detect function.

One-Click Print Report: ANCEL HD3200 has a one-click print report feature. So you can print the report from your scanner easily. However, ANCEL HD 3100 doesn’t have this function.

ANCEL HD3100 Vs. HD3200: Which Is Better for My HD Truck?

ANCEL HD3100 and HD3200 belong to the ANCEL HD series and have similar features. They also have some differences. ANCEL HD3100 vs. HD3200 hardware comparison is also essential to make you choose one of two scanners.

ANCEL has two different models for you: the HD3200 and the HD3100 series. The first is a new brand from ANCEL and the second is a series from its predecessor, Powertech scanners.

Both tools have some merits and demerits. If you want the latest secure pin detective or oil rest service, you should think about the ANCEL HD3200. When Printable & Graphical output is vital to you on screen, you should go for ANCEL HD3100.

If you want to avoid re-adjusting your truck every time you run into an issue with the remote app, consider purchasing a good scanner.

Final Words

Both scanners are great, but ANCEL HD3100 and HD3200 have advantages and disadvantages. ANCEL HD3100 and HD3200 are equipped with 3powerful functions: live data, memory scan, and code reading.

If you’re confused about ANCEL HD3100 vs. HD3200: which is better for my HD truck, you should scroll up. Then check the full description and choose the best scanner that fits your requirements. Good luck!

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