Autel MK808 vs Xtool D7: Unleashing the Power of Automotive Diagnostics

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When diagnosing and troubleshooting automotive issues, having a reliable and efficient OBD2 testing tool is essential. In this article, we will closely examine two popular options in the market: the XTOOL D7 and the Autel MK808.

These advanced scanning tools offer a wide range of features to assist both professional technicians and DIY enthusiasts in identifying and resolving vehicle problems.

Join us as we delve into the similarities, differences, performance, and customer satisfaction of the XTOOL D7 and Autel MK808, helping you make an informed decision on which tool best suits your diagnostic needs.

Quick Product Review:

Based on my observations, I’ve felt that both Autel MK808 & XTOOL D7 are targeted at Workshop owners/Dealership owners or Simply car enthusiasts who work on multiple projects cars at once.

I’ve personally used both these tools in my workshop & hence will be forming my opinion wisely based on my experience.

XTOOL D7 Review

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Starting the review with talks on XTOOL as a brand – I’d say they are relatively new in the automobile industry as compared to Autel, Launch & Bosch. And by any means that does not give XTOOL a negative point.

Moving to discuss the tool itself, I would say XTOOL D7 is a great tool itself, the battery backup is great, and they offer free 3-year updates which means you will get free compatibility upgrades for newer car models, the tool also offers a few extra functions. (i.e speedometer alteration, etc)

Noteworthy points:

XTOOL d7 offers free 3-year system updates but on the contradicting side, the tool also has a bigger price tag.

Autel MK 808 Review

For transparency, please note that some of the links on this website are Amazon Associate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. The use of such links comes at no additional cost to you.

Autel is a well-known brand in the automotive industry, specializing in the production of diagnostic tools and equipment. Autel as a brand has been around for a while now. (est 2004)

Their flagship model is the Autel MK808, I’ve personally used Autel MK808 in my workshop for a while now & I’ve got no complaints about it whatsoever.

Vehicle compatibility on Autel is great, the tool comes with an auto VIN scan – this function lets the tool detect your car’s make variant, and model automatically.

The box comes with the tool itself, an OBD-II cable, an adapter, and a USB cable to connect the tool to a laptop/PC.

Noteworthy points:

Autel MK808 comes with a slightly bigger or same price tag (depending on the promotion) compared to the XTOOL d7, a very old operating system having Android 4.4, and decent compatibility.

However, one thing to note is that the Autel MK808 comes with only 1-year free updates compared to the 3-year free updates for XTOOL D7.

Head-to-Head: Autel MK808 vs Xtool D7 – A Comprehensive Comparison

Comparison table:

Both devices offer almost similar functionality, but there are some key differences to consider in terms of features. Let’s compare the Autel MaxiCOM MK808 and the Xtool D7 to help you make an informed  decision:

For transparency, please note that some of the links on this website are Amazon Associate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. The use of such links comes at no additional cost to you.


  • Both devices offer a 7” responsive display screen.
  • The touchscreen functionality enhances the user experience, allowing for effortless navigation and selection of options.
  • Both devices have a plastic trim around the touch screen.
  • The plastic trim around Autel MK808 & XTOOl D7 serves the purpose of protecting the touchscreen & providing better friction to grip the tool itself.
  • Both devices weigh over 4.5 pounds. (Autel MK808 = 5.9 pounds, XTOOL D7 = 4.9 pounds)
  • In terms of build quality, the Autel MK808 is sturdy and durable, designed to withstand the rigors of regular use in a workshop or garage environment.
  • The materials used in its construction are of good quality, ensuring that the device can endure day-to-day handling and occasional bumps or drops.

Overall, the appearance of the Autel MK808 & XTOOL D7 is both modern and professional.


In my opinion, XTOOL D7 should be given an upper hand in terms of appearance due to its lightweight & red-colored ‘shock-absorbing’ sides as an additional feature.

Diagnostic Functions:


Both the Autel MK808 and Xtool D7 offer comprehensive diagnostic functions – Including reading and clearing trouble codes, live data streaming, performing active tests, and accessing various vehicle modules.

However not all of their functions may be performable by both tools regardless of how many features they both offer, It is best to check the following before making your purchase:

Reading & Resetting Trouble Codes:

Reading DTCs or Diagnostic Trouble Codes is a basic function any entry-level OBD-II tool.

For beginners:

DTC are codes generated by the vehicle’s onboard computer system to indicate a problem or malfunction within a specific system or component.

After identifying and resolving the root cause, both of these tools offer the capability to erase or reset the stored diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs).

By performing this action, the vehicle’s computer system acknowledges that the problem has been dealt with. Additionally, clearing the codes results in the reset of the Check Engine Light (CEL) or Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard.

If the root cause of the issue is not addressed, the problem will likely persist. The vehicle’s onboard computer continuously monitors various systems and sensors, and if it detects the same issue again, it will generate a new DTC and illuminate the CEL or MIL once more.

In some cases, the computer may even store additional codes related to the ongoing problem.

It is important to note that clearing the DTCs without solving the underlying issue is not a recommended practice.

It may hinder the diagnosis and repair process, as valuable information about the problem is erased. It is best to properly diagnose the issue, fix the root cause, and then clear the DTCs to ensure that the problem is genuinely resolved and the vehicle operates optimally.

➢ Performing Active Tests:

Both the Autel MK808 and Xtool D7 diagnostic tools provide robust active test functionalities that enable technicians to interact with various vehicle components and systems. These active tests allow for real-time control and evaluation of specific actuators and functionalities.

Here’s a closer look at the active test features offered by each tool:

For transparency, please note that some of the links on this website are Amazon Associate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. The use of such links comes at no additional cost to you.

Autel MK808:

Autel MK808

The Autel MK808 offers an extensive range of active tests, empowering technicians to perform bi-directional control and verification of numerous vehicle systems.

The tool provides intuitive controls and clear on-screen instructions, making it user-friendly even for less-experienced technicians.

Watch this video:

Autel MaxiCOM MK808 Special Service Reset Functions List  – AutelDiag com

Xtool D7:

Xtool D7

Similar to the Autel MK808, the Xtool D7 also excels in providing comprehensive active test capabilities.

It allows technicians to initiate and control a wide array of components and systems within the vehicle. The D7’s user interface is designed for easy navigation and efficient execution of active tests.

Watch this video:

Xtool D7 Special Functions @TechnicalNazirHussain


Both XTOOL D7 & Autel MK808 offers a long list of special functions & tests, but it is advised to double-check which tool is compatible with cars present in your local area.

Description of most common special functions:

Both tools offer almost similar special functions, let’s have a glimpse at a few of these special functions.

  • Auto VIN Scan: The Auto VIN Scan function allows the tool to automatically read and identify the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of a connected vehicle.
  • Oil Reset: This function allows you to reset the oil change lights after an oil change, ensuring accurate maintenance records and optimal engine performance.
  • SAS (Steering Angle Sensor) Calibration: This function enables you to recalibrate the steering angle sensor after a wheel alignment or suspension repair, ensuring proper operation of stability control and other safety systems.
  • TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Programming: With this function, you can program new TPMS sensors after replacing them or perform sensor relearn procedures, ensuring accurate tire pressure readings and optimal safety.
  • BMS (Battery Management System) Service: It helps you monitor and diagnose the battery condition, register a new battery to the vehicle’s system, and reset battery adaptations.
  • ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) Bleeding: This function assists in bleeding the air out of the ABS after brake fluid replacement, ensuring proper brake performance and system functionality.
  • IMMO (Immobilizer) Key Programming: It allows you to program new keys or reprogram existing keys for the vehicle’s immobilizer system, ensuring secure access and the start of the vehicle.
  • Injector Coding: With this function, you can perform coding and programming for new injectors after replacement, ensuring precise fuel delivery and engine performance.
  • Suspension System Calibration: It enables you to calibrate the suspension systems components, such as height sensors or air suspension systems, to ensure proper functionality and ride comfort.

Common FaQs:

Can the Xtool D7 & Autel MK808 diagnose all vehicle makes and models?

No, Almost every OBD-II tool in the market has compatibility issues, it is advised to visit their official website before purchasing the products,


Autel MK 808:

Do the Xtool D7 & Autel MK808 support wireless connectivity and remote diagnostics?

No, none of these tools support wireless connectivity with the vehicle.

Is the Autel MK808 & XTOOL D7 compatible with hybrid and electric vehicles?

Yes, it is advised to double-check for the specific make model, and variant of the hybrid/electric vehicle you want to diagnose.

Almost all Tesla/Toyota/Honda hybrid or electric vehicles are compatible with both XTOOL D7 & AUTEL MK808.

 How do I update the software on the Autel MK808?

  • Connect the Autel MK808 to a stable Wi-Fi network. Ensure that you have a reliable internet connection.
  • Power on the MK808 and navigate to the main menu.
  • Select the “Update” or “Software Update” option. This may be located in different sections or sub-menus, depending on the software version.
  • The device will prompt you to check for updates. Select the option to check for updates.
  • If new updates are available, the MK808 will display them. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the updates.
  • Ensure that the device remains connected to the Wi-Fi network throughout the update process.
  • Once the update is complete, the MK808 will restart, and the software will be up to date.

What is the battery backup for MK808 & XTOOL D7?

One thing I really like about the XTOOL D7 is its ability to charge while being connected to the vehicle, unlike the Autel MK808, which needs to be charged first before use.

Other than that, both the tools have a great battery backup, but to be honest, XTOOL D7 takes the lead having a greater 4000 mAh battery.

Ending Note:

In conclusion, both the Xtool D7 and Autel MK808 are powerful diagnostic tools that offer a range of features for professional technicians and automotive enthusiasts.

In my opinion, XTOOL D7 has the upper hand over Autel MK808 due to the following reasons:

  • A few extra special functions.
  • 3-year free update & 2-year warranty – (Autel gives 1-year free updates & warranty)
  • Supports Android 11.0 – (Autel supports Android 4.4)
  • Better battery backup.

Both devices provide valuable diagnostic information, but the choice ultimately depends on individual needs and preferences. Consider your specific requirements and budget to make an informed decision.

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