Best OBD2 Scanner for Jaguar

It’s common to get the dashboard warning light while using Jaguar. So, you require a scanner tool that can clear all faults codes linked to ABS symbol, reset warning messages, and SBS airbag symbols. But, having the best OBD2 scanner for jaguar is pretty difficult based on online searching. So, here you go!

I’ve selected 5 of the top and best obd2 scanners for your Jaguar. These tools are outstanding in their performance. You’ll get them available with all the extraordinary and latest features like Injector coding, steering angle reset, ABS brake bleeding, and many more.   

You’ll also get the electronic parking brake, throttle reset, new battery registration attributes that requires no extra budget for you to have in your obd2 scanner for Jaguar.

5 Best OBD2 Scanner for Jaguar Review

Here are my top picks that will ensure a safe and accurate defect-finding job with your Jaguar. These obd2 scanners are as handy as you deserve for Jaguar. Let’s me share the details:

1. NEXAS  Auto Code Reader

While you’re in between a professional and non-professional, you require a reliable scanner to show you the exact fault codes. In this case, the NEXAS Auto Code Reader will be your right hand.

1. NEXAS  Auto Code Reader Best OBD2 Scanner for Jauger

Some of the scanners often come with a tricky process to get back to the previous menu. But the NEXAS obd2 will offer you an ESC button for a quick return to your previous menu.

Using the NEXAS obd2 scanner will enhance your confidence while you can diagnose your vehicle faults at any time. Let’s see at a glance what this obd2 scanner can perform for you. The NEXAS obd2 scanner is featured to do the calculation of:

This scanner will be easier for you to carry and operate because it requires no battery. What’s more, this scanner will offer 1 year of free repair. Incredible!

Key Features

  1. It is featured with an LCD display screen so that you can see the result trouble-free.
  2. The NEXAS obd2 scanner has an extraordinary feature with a “help button” that requires only a click to help you with data and DTC.
  3. You’ll get this amazing scanner featured with more than 170 diagnosis systems.
  4. It supports 6  different languages like English, Spanish, French Italian Deutsche, and Russian

2. iCarsoft i930 Pro Diagnostic OBD2 Scanner

We often get some devices or tools that are so attractive. The iCarsoft i930 is such a cute tool that can attract you to buy it even while you don’t need it. However, the iCarsoft i930 obd2 scanner is not only elegant in its design but has all the outstanding features. So, it will be 100 on 100 for you to choose for your Jaguar.

2. iCarsoft i930 Pro Diagnostic OBD2 Scanner

The iCarsoft i930 can clear trouble codes on the full system of Jaguar, for example, ABS, transmission, airbag, engine, etc. And, you can upgrade this full system diagnosis scanner with your PC without any trouble.

Key Features

  1. The iCarsoft i930 obd2 scanner works for all kinds of OBD2 as well as EOBD vehicles.
  2. It came with the test mode of ISO9141, CANBUS, J1850, KWP2000, etc.
  3. You’ll get a large and fastest 2.8″ full-color LCD screen with 240×320 resolution which is just incredible.
  4. With this multi-functional obd2 scanner, you can diagnose the data stream, O2 sensor test, freeze frame ( How to clear freeze frame data ), EVAP system test, check engine light turn off, etc.

 A one-year of OBD2 support with lifetime free upgrading will be available with the iCarsoft i930 obd2 scanner.

3. iEasy 310Pro OBD2 Scanner

If you’re a professional mechanic working on a workshop or garage, you require a well-featured obd2 scanner.  Here, the iEasy 310Pro hand-held OBD2 Scanner will offer you the best performance.

It will show each code with an explanation in terms of its DTC one-button lockup trait. Therefore, you need not Google every single word each time to dig up the meaning. Pretty Amazing!

3. iEasy 310Pro OBD2 Scanner

Its easy and trouble-free connection trait will help you connect it through the code reader and diagnostic cable without having a battery of any kind. 

The 12V battery tester of this scanner is super fast at reading battery voltage, viewing battery charging status, analyzing battery fitness status,  and also at detecting battery bad cells and faults. Just think about whether you need to pay a professional while only one tool can perform all these amazing functions. Astonishing! 

The iEasy 310Pro can support all the OBD2 protocols through its multi-language feature. It can support 11 different languages like Spanish, Russian, Italian, etc.

The most amazing thing about the iEasy 310Pro is its lifetime free update facility for hardware and software in terms of USB cable or PC. It’s amazing in a word! 

Key Features

  1. The one-key I/M readiness attribute will offer you 5-second quick monitoring of your car’s engine status.
  2. The compatible size is completely easy to use and carry everyday
  3. A TFT color screen with 2.8″ will make you go faster and more transparent no matter whether you’re a professional or a DIYer.
  4. The iEasy 310Pro supports live data, read codes, freeze frame data, O2 sensor test, vehicle information, I/M readiness, component test, etc.

4. Autel AL319 OBD2 Autolink Scanner

Getting a handy scanner with the minimum budget is a challenge. But the Autel AL319 OBD2 scanner will bid on all the latest features with a low budget. It is a compact tool with portability to get you the top facility. 

4. Autel AL319 OBD2 Autolink Scanner

It has such an easy interface that can support all categories of the user to operate no matter whether you’ve any prior experience. You can control this obd2 scanner quickly to get the required information. 12 months warranty period will be available with the Autel AL319 OBD2 scanner. As a result, you can avoid too much cost for all your repairs in the first working year.

Furthermore, this diagnostic tool has come with an automatic DTCS detection to help you save both your time and money. You can get a clear detection with only 2 seconds at your home. So, say goodbye to your long time waiting for the workshop to detect the DTCS. 

Key Features

  1. This scanner is compatible with 7 different languages.
  2. It has 1996 OBD2 protocols for various brands like Toyota, Honda, Ford, Nissan, etc.
  3. User-friendly features include an LED indicator, built-in speaker, I/M readiness key, etc.
  4. It has come with a TFT color display for your quick accessibility to fault data. 
  5. You’ll need no battery to operate the Autel AL319 Autolink scanner

5. BlueDriver Pro OBD2

To be a pro at diagnosing all faults of your Jaguar and understanding them properly requires a professional-level scanner. And, get such a scanner, an OBD2 can play the right. In that regard, the BlueDriver Pro OBD2 will be your precise selection. 

5. BlueDriver Pro OBD2

It is featured a catalytic converter to detect your vehicle codes and fix them automatically. As a result, you’ll experience a smart scanner performance that will get you all the solutions of an expert mechanic. This extremely reliable obd2 scanner will read codes and provide you with all the accurate information for the betterment of your car.

It is popular among users because of its easiest use criteria. It requires no difficult process to operate. Also, the wireless powerful function of this scanner is another reason to gain user satisfaction. If you want to know more about Blue Drive Pro, you can come here Blue Drive obd2 scanner review.

Key Features

  1. It has a tool-free installation that requires you no tool while installing.
  2. You can connect this OBD2 scanner via Bluetooth with ease.
  3. All the data can be saved and shared while necessary.
  4. It can configure and customize the data sources.
  5. The BlueDriver is compatible with different colors and viewing resolution display screens for a transparent view.

Best obd2 Scanner for Jaguar: Buyers Guide 

We know that an uncompromising scan tool can guide a car in the right direction and help fix a car problem. But, do you know which feature makes an obd2 scanner the best? So, just as a good guide this section of my article will help you choose the best scanner tool of all time.

If you know what kind of scanner you want to take, it will be helpful for you to choose the best one. Here are 4 significant factors that you must consider before you buy an OBD2 scanner. Let’s see what they are:

Types of Scanner

Typically, there are two types of obd2 scanners available on the marketplace. The first is the handheld obd2 which can enter the vehicle’s OBD port directly. As a result, with their built-in screen and cables, you can easily plug them into a car.

Second, a Bluetooth obd2 scan tool that you can connect to a smart device like a tablet or Android. By doing this, you can easily see your car’s faults on the display of the intelligent device.

Easy Display Explanation

Another important factor to consider is its easy explanatory quality. The scanner’s display is handy for a novice user when it comes to simple explanations and presentations of errors. In this case, you’ve to make sure of an easy and transparent scanning display screen.


When buying the best quality obd2 scanner, keep in mind its weight. You may have to purchase a toolbox for this when it weighs more. On the other hand, if it is very lightweight, you can keep it accessible in your car without any hassle of the toolbox when you need it.

Updated Data

If your scanner device is a Bluetooth-type smart device, you need to make sure that its connection ability is updated. This is another notable factor to focus on because it allows you to stay updated with errors. And this update means you can be aware of new solutions to the problems that are happening.


Here are some mostly asked questions that you must know if you’re in search of the best tool for your Jaguar. Let’s see:

What is the best Obd2 scanner for Jaguar?

Scanners that you get in the given list above are all 100% fit for Jaguar. But, I prefer to go for the NEXAS  Auto Code Reader due to its flexible operating features. 

What is Jaguar SDD?

The amplification of SDD is “System Driven Diagnostics”. The SDD is essential to diagnose faults of your Jaguar accurately.

Is it safe if I keep my obd2 plugged in during my Jaguar driving time?

Well, the experts suggest driving your Jaguar while diagnosing faults. In that case, keeping the obd2 scanner plugged in is completely safe. If you keep your scanner plugged in, it will prevent damage to scanning software as well.

To Wrap Up

I hope my article would be a pro guide to get you the best obd2 scanner for Jaguar. The obd2 scanners in my checklist have all the latest features that will easier your diagnostic job.                      

As a result, you can keep your vehicle in good maintenance because of the diagnostic information accuracy. Also, you will be able to detect any complex problems or defects in your Jaguar and fix them while having any one of those scanners mentioned above.

So, I don’t think you’re in trouble anymore to find the best obd2 scanner for your Jaguar. All the best to you and your Jaguar!

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