Autel Maxicom MK908P Review

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When you need a quick scan tool to identify your vehicle’s problem, there’s no better option than Autel Scanner Maxicom MK908P. This versatile device can efficiently maximize any vehicle’s safety, longevity, and efficiency. If you are already an expert or want to be one and get into a competitive market like ours, this Maxicom product is very suitable for you. 

 The Autel MaxiSys 908P is a user-friendly, mid-range scanner with J2534 and ECU coding tools. Whether you need a scan tool for your restoration project or prepping your car for sale, you can have this. Are you excited to know more about this scanner? Let’s start knowing it!   

Why Should You Choose It?

 There are a few reasons why I’ve selected this item is: 

  • Bi-DIrectional CAN communication, free from the control of the target vehicle. This feature allows you to connect to a vehicle regardless of whether it is factory or modified.
  • I chose it because of its unlimited vehicle coverage. You can use it on any model car, truck, or motorcycle (OBDII compliant). 
  • It comes with ECU programming, which is cost-effective and known as a high-end diagnostic tool.
  • The tool provides 13 languages for you so that you can use it comfortably. 
  • I like this item’s 36 Service Functions, which help you work faster and identify problems easily.
  • Moreover, it has advanced hardware with reliable service. Its software learns your skill and enables you to upgrade as additional functions are known by the device itself.
  • Front panel LED indicators for the display of charging status, successful read, communication capability, and J2534 programming features. It is active when the function is highlighted with a blue LED behind the specific item.
  • Diagnostic software comes with support for both MS-DOS and Windows operating systems. It is compatible with all major vehicle manufacturers.
  • The PC-based configuration software allows customization of the user menu and allows you to set up a scan tool the way you want.
  • Another reason for choosing this scanner is it comes with a memory of 2GB with 64GB with a one-year warranty, 24 hours selling service, and 30 days of the return process.

 Autel Maxicom MK908P Review

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When I use my MaxiCom with this scanner, I notice that the menus are basically the same with a few modifications. When I used it for the first time, I was unsure how it worked because of some new features on this device.

 But after using it, I like its many functions that can be accessed as soon as you turn on the scanner. The menu is more organized, which makes it easier to navigate through. The menu and screen of the device are somewhat similar to my Maxicom MK908P. 

 Additionally, the AutoScan function is similar, providing a list of vehicles in the range. When I choose my car, MaxiCom sends me a report showing me the signal strength and code on the device.

 Autel Maxicom 908P is a great device. I have used this device almost daily for the past month, so I like their service. The J2534 model allows me to quickly check my car’s computer for less than a minute. The new software update improved the BlueTooth connectivity, and now the PC would recognize it automatically without any problems.

 I am extremely pleased with this purchase from the Autel scanner. The menu includes many useful functions and settings. You can change the menu language, mode of operation like ECU, J2534, or Bi-DIrectional, and programming mode. 

 The Programming Mode allows you to select between Basic and Detailed modes, which relate to full scans or the amount of information recorded. The display style allows you to view the screen differently, such as text only or graphical. 


  • Excellent software and hardware performance.
  • Very Good design and build quality
  • Easy for custom ROM and rooting
  • Comes with an 8MP camera.
  • Fast data transferring facilities.
  • User-Friendly add-on features.


  • It can get overheated easily if the user is not careful.

Autel Maxicom MK908P main features

Autel Maxicom MK908P

Here I’ve come up with a few main features for you.

 AutoAuth Access 

 Use a single touch to update your scanner with the latest software and feature updates. The Scan tool quickly learns how to communicate with your vehicle and downloads the correct calibration without accessing internal vehicle information.

 ECU Programming 

 The ECU design is dramatically improved with the latest ECU programming software. It streamlines the tuning process and allows you to add, remove or change existing calibrations. The supported J2534 pass-through interface allows you to download codes from their vehicle and decode them using Autel Scanner MaxiSys Elite J2534 Software. 

 Active Test with Online Coding

 When I’m talking about the software, it includes online coding functions with the ability to download and decode. It analyzes scan data using Autel Scanner Maxicom MK908P Software. This scanner will support ECU codes from On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) and Superchips E-Track. 

 All-system Diagnose

Autel Maxicom MK908P

The all-system diagnosis (ASD) allows you to connect to the diagnostic system. It also displays the code for each system on an easy-to-understand scan result. The ASD software also provides a comprehensive service menu with 36 additional services. It can be diagnosed and repaired, such as Vehicle Speed Sensor, Ignition, Wiper or Washer Switch, Fuel Control Sensor, and more. 

 Anti-Theft Matching (IMMO Keys)

 What about next? The next is anti-theft features. This feature allows you to enter the verified pin code. You can reset the engine limit using the VVDI2 tool or Maxicom MK908P Software. It also allows you to update the VIN quickly, write random VINs, delete VIN, and more.

Besides, the freeze frame displays a chronological log of the critical events that occurred within a few seconds before the check engine light was turned on. The freeze frame log can also be displayed in binary coded decimal (BCD) format and parameters.

 Gearbox Matching

 Have you heard the name of the gearbox matching feature? Well, Gearbox Matching allows you to write vehicle calibrations that match the current gear. So you can ensure your engine is running at the most efficient point in your engine’s power curve.

The Maxicom scanner will scan the diagnostic system to check which system is on and off. When they are on, it will provide a trouble code and a brief description of the issue. 

 Suspension Calibration

 The suspension calibration feature comes with setting up your vehicle’s suspension to match the necessary parameters for the chassis on the board computer. This eliminates different calibrations and makes it possible to use a single calibration file for all types of vehicles.

Moreover, the real-time data allows you to monitor the transmission temperature, coolant fan speed, and warning light. It also comes with code information in real-time on a screen that is easy to read. 

Advanced Features 

Autel Maxicom MK908P advanced

Above I’ve mentioned the main features, and here I would like to discuss some advanced features of this scanner.

Advanced AutoVIN

 The advanced AutoVIN allows you to determine any vehicle’s authenticity and supports IMMO (Immobilizer), EWS (Electronic keys), and RFID matching. The advanced AutoVIN can also read and decode any Super ECU or ECU-H built on an LCD screen.

 Wireless Diagnostics

 This feature lets you diagnose the vehicle wirelessly and download the data to your PC or laptop via Bluetooth. It provides advanced functions such as engine oil pressure, brake temperature, fuel pressure, throttle position sensor, and more.

Additionally, the professional functions show the status of the wheel counter and display tire pressure, oil pressure, voltage, and more. Furthermore, it supports real-time data recording on a PC.

 Extensive Data Analysis

 Then comes the Data analysis process. Autel Maxicom MK908P provides a vast array of features and analysis tools such as MPG (miles per gallon), DPF regeneration, and CO2 analysis. You can combine all vehicle parameters into a single page layout for easy viewing and comparison.

 Advanced DTC Read

 The Autel Maxicom MK908P comes with an enhanced freeze frame log that displays a chronological log of the critical events. The freeze frame log can also be displayed in binary coded decimal (BCD) format and parameters. The scanner includes an improved DTC read / clear function, which can read and erase the trouble codes of all systems from the vehicle computer.

 Graphic Live Data

 The scanner provides real-time graphical data of parameters such as RPM, speed, CO2 emissions, turbo pressure, and more. The live graphic data allows you to merge automatic and easy car diagnosis. So you do not need to worry about the diagnosis or your vehicle.

 Cars Widely Covered

 The MK908P is compatible with nearly all brands of vehicles, including all types of Japanese, European, North American, and Asian vehicles. It is compatible with most of the latest Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and Ford models worldwide. The user-friendly interface allows you to diagnose your vehicle without accessing any car computer and download the data.


 This scanner has a bi-directional control function, and you can get real-time data from the vehicle and change parameters quickly and accurately. It uses a dongle to connect to a PC instead of a wireless connection. The Dongle is a safer and more secure connection than wireless. It also comes with Injector Coding, Throttle Matching, Oil Reset, and more advanced features. 

Difference Between Autel Scanner Maxicom MK908P and MP808TS

The MP808TS offers a 7″ color screen, and the Maxicom MK908P supports an 8″ color screen. The Maxicom MK908P supports advanced functions such as MPG analysis, engine analyzer, transmission analyzer, and other functions. And MP808TS supports a few basic functions only.

 The main difference is the MS906P has a 11600mAh battery, and the MP808TS has a 5000mAh battery. The MS906P has 36+ service functions; on the other hand, MP808TS provides 31+ services.  

 Besides, MS906P comes with all system diagnosis features, High-end Functions, Advanced ECU Coding options, and much more. But the MP808TS contains only Comprehensive TPMS Functions, which MS906P does not have. 

How To Use This Scanner?

Autel Maxicom MK908P how to

If you are confused about how to use this tool, just follow the steps, and you can easily use it.

  • Turn ignition to LOCK position and wait for a moment.
  • While keeping the ignition to the “LOCK” position, press and hold three keys – volume+key, power key, and home button simultaneously for 10 seconds.
  • Turn on the phone’s Bluetooth option within the system settings menu under “Accessories.”
  • Within two or three seconds of turn-on, scan the vehicle identification number (VIN) from the scanner at least once and make sure that the latest version of Autel desktop software is installed on your PC or laptop for network connectivity via Bluetooth.
  • If the scan is successful, you will hear a tone indicating that the system is ready. Now perform the same steps on your vehicle and wait for at least two or three seconds before proceeding.
  • Connect the Autel MaxiSys 908P scanner to your PC or laptop with a USB cable.
  • Within two or three seconds of turn-on, scan the vehicle identification number (VIN) from the scanner at least once and make sure that the latest version of Autel desktop software is installed on your PC or laptop for network connectivity via Bluetooth.
  • If successful, you will hear a tone indicating that the system is ready. Now perform the same steps on your vehicle and wait for at least two or three seconds before proceeding.
  • If the scan is successful, you will hear a tone indicating that the system is ready. Now perform the same steps on your vehicle and wait for at least two or three seconds before proceeding.

 The process of using Autel Maxicom MK908P is straightforward and works like a charm. The only challenge is getting the scanners and your vehicle in position. And then you need to wait 10 seconds for pairing with your phone. The best feature of this device is it works like magic without a hitch! 


Are Autel scan tools any good?

 Autel is pretty good. I’ve been using their products for years. They seem to last a long time. Autel comes with most of the scanner tools with many advanced features. I like the Autel brand because it always comes at a more affordable price than other brands. 

Can you program ECU with Autel?

 Many people buy Autel diagnostic tools for programming their cars, and you can use them easily when programming an ECU. Often, you need to connect the scan tool with a laptop computer and download software from the internet. In addition, you also need some cables and other accessories. Sometimes, it takes days and more money because of the many mistakes made in programming ECU. 

Does Autel have free updates?

 Yes, Autel MaxiSys Elite usually provides 2 years of free software updates after they receive new hardware. After receiving new hardware and software, they may provide a software update that contains bug fixes. 

Is Autel a good company?

 Autel is recognized as one of the leading automotive companies that provide different types of Tire Pressure Monitoring systems, Intelligent Diagnostics, and more automotive products and services. The company has gained the trust of its users and is a successful company.

 Final Words

 Overall, Autel is one of the best automotive tool providers among all the brands. The Autel Maxicom MK908P is one of the reliable, powerful, and affordable car scanning tools from Autel. It offers an 8″ color touch screen with various features for your vehicle. 

 Though it comes at a high price, it is more affordable than the other scanners. It features an extensive feature set with dozens of diagnostic tests for virtually all vehicles on the road today. I do hope that you can make better decisions by choosing this product.

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