How to Extend the Life of a Jump Starter?

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A jump starter is essential for travelers or drivers. It helps the motor start by giving the battery a short burst of energy. However, like any other electrical gadget, a jump starter will eventually wear out and stop working. As it is a protector of our journey, here I come up with some excellent tips to extend the life of a jump starter.

Tips to Extend the Life of a Jump Starter

Maintaining your jump starter properly will ensure its continued efficiency and extend its duration of use. So here, I will provide some excellent tips on extending a jump starter’s life.

Use it Properly

  • Read the Manual Carefully

A jump starter always comes with a manual. You should study the instructions thoroughly before attempting to use the jump starter. Or you should assign someone aware of the instruction manual to handle the problem quickly. 

  • Follow the Instructions for Use

In your manual, you will see instructions on how to use the jump starter. When you start to operate the jump starter, you must follow them. You’ll get all the safety, operation, and maintenance instructions in the manual. In the manual, you can also get how to protect your jumper starter from being damaged early. Therefore, if you take care of your jumper starter according to the manual, you can use it for a long time.

  • Don’t overuse the jump starter

You shouldn’t overuse the jump starter. The jump start must be disconnected as soon as the car is started. If you overuse it, heat will develop within the jump starter battery. High temps may reduce its lifetime and sturdiness. 

  • Use the jump starter only when necessary

You should use the jump starter only when necessary. When your battery has run flat, you need to jump-start your vehicle. If your car battery is already charged, you don’t need to use the jump starter to charge it.  

Charge it Properly

  • Use the Right Charger

When you buy a jump starter, you will get a charger. You should charge it with that charger. Most chargers are designed for a specific voltage. Your jump starting could be harmed by excessively high or low power. So it is essential to use the same voltage charger. 

  • Don’t Overcharge the Jump Starter

I never overcharge the jump starter because it can be overheated. In addition, my jump starter has safeguards that turn off if overcharged. This features protects my jump starter’s lithium battery from overcharging. It also monitors the temperature to avoid it getting overheated. So if your jump starter doesn’t have one, you should unplug it after charging. Otherwise, batteries can catch on fire or even explode.  

  • Don’t Let the Jump Starter Sit for Too Long Without Charging

After using your jump starter, make sure to recharge it. If you don’t do that, your battery can eventually die. You should keep the device from getting too drained and sitting idle. To avoid this situation, check your device every 4-6 weeks so you can put it on charge. Every three months, you must put your unused jump starter on changing. In this way, you can enhance your jump starter battery life. 

However, in an emergency situation, you can use a jump starter to recharge a car battery. it is not a long-term solution and the battery may need to be replaced if it cannot hold a charge.

  • Charge the Jump Starter After Every Use

After using a jump starter, the battery must be recharged. As I told you in the previous section, if you don’t plug your battery in after every, your battery can become drained. It will be the cause of the shortage of your battery life. So after every use, you should recharge it to ensure it’s ready for subsequent use.

Store it Properly

  • Store the Jump Starter in a Cool, Dry Place:

A cold, dry location is ideal for storing your jump starter. I also keep it at a cold, dry temperature, between 10 and 21 degree Celsius. Moreover, I always do two things before I keep it in storage. First, I plug it into the charger for a full charge. Then I put it in my basement as it is a cold place. If you keep it elsewhere, store it in a dry area. 

  • Keep the Jump Starter away from Heat Sources:

You should keep your jump starter away from heat sources because heat can affect your jump starter’s performance. Overheating can also shorten its lifespan and cause interior harm. 

  • Don’t Expose the Jump Starter to Direct Sunlight:

If you expose the jump starter to direct sunlight, it will overheat the battery. This overheating may cause the battery to dry out. It also weakens the jump starter charge. So you should keep it at room temperature for its long last.

  • Keep the Jump Starter away from Moisture and Water:

Some jump starters are water-resistant. But, still, you should keep them away from moisture and water because they can damage the jump starter’s battery. Moreover, I never used a jump starter in the rain or damp weather as it may cause accidents.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Perform Regular Maintenance

  • Clean the Jump Starter Regularly

The jump starter doesn’t need any extra maintenance. But still, you should clean it regularly. If you don’t do so, dirt, dust, and debris can accumulate and damage the device. So, you should periodically clean and check your jump starter for smooth operation and avoid unusual occurrences.

  • Check the Cables and Clamps for Damage

Your jump starter’s cables and clamps can deteriorate over time. Here are some symbols that will help you to find out whether your cables and clamps are damaged or not:

  1. If wires have any cracking
  2. Wires are fraying close to the clamps.
  3. Clamps that have corroded or rusted

That’s why it is essential to check it daily. Therefore, you can take corrective action to prevent damages. 

  • Test the Jump Starter Periodically

If you don’t use your jump starter frequently, you must test it periodically. Sometimes its battery doesn’t charge, or any cable can tear. To make sure it functions properly and can retain a charge, you should put it through some tests.

  • Replace the Jump Starter If It’s Damaged or Doesn’t Hold a Charge

Lastly, if any damage occurs, immediately call an expert who can examine it. So the technician can replace the jump starter if it’s damaged or doesn’t hold a charge.


In summation, a jump starter is an important instrument that every driver should have, but its usefulness is limited unless its lifespan is maintained correctly. In the long run, you’ll save time and money following these guidelines to keep your jump starter’s functionality. To ensure your jump starter lasts as long as possible, follow the manual’s instructions, charge it properly, keep it safe, and give it routine maintenance.