Foxwell i70TSII Review

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The Foxwell i70TSII is a highly advanced and versatile diagnostic tool that offers a wide range of functions for automotive technicians and mechanics. With its large, high-resolution touchscreen display and intuitive user interface, the Foxwell i70TSII makes it easy to diagnose.

Whether you’re working on a car, SUV, or light truck, the Foxwell i70TSII provides what you need to get the job done right all the time. The scanner also repairs vehicle problems quickly and efficiently.

In this Foxwell i70TSII review, I will take you a closer look at the features and capabilities of the Foxwell i70TSII. Let’s get started!

Why is Foxwell i70TSII Perfect For You?

The Foxwell i70TSII is a perfect scanner for professional mechanics and car enthusiasts. It can perform comprehensive diagnostic functions. Here are some reasons why the Foxwell i70TSII might be perfect for some users:

1. Wide Vehicle Coverage 

This i70TSII scanner has wide vehicle coverage for both OBDI and OBDII protocols. It can diagnose almost all car brands and models, including American, European, and Asian vehicles.

2. Advanced Functions

When it comes to advanced functions, the Foxwell i70TSII allows users to perform an in-depth analysis of the vehicle’s systems. This includes functions like oil reset, EPB service, SAS calibration, DPF regeneration, battery management, and more.

3. Large Touch Screen

It has a large, high-resolution touchscreen that displays diagnostic data and results clearly and precisely. The screen is easy to read and navigate, making it simple for users to operate.

4. Sturdy and Durable

The Foxwell i70TSII is built with high-quality materials that make it rugged, and durable. It comes with a protective case to safeguard the tool against damage during transportation or storage.

5. Easy to Update

With regular software updates, the i70TSII provides the easy download and install the latest updates. It ensures the tool is always up-to-date.

Overall, the Foxwell i70TSII is a powerful diagnostic tool with advanced features, an easy-to-use interface, and a durable design. It is perfect for professional mechanics and car enthusiasts who demand the best in performance, reliability, and accuracy.

Foxwell i70TSII Review

The i70TSII scanner is a great diagnostic tool, especially when it comes to finding what’s wrong with your engine. Its previous version was good but this one is better. I found a lot of useful information about my car’s performance. 

The data is easy to share with others via wi-fi. This feature works well when you have somebody who knows about car engines to check your results. It is a serious tool for any mechanic to have. It has lots of functionality, and the interface is very user-friendly. 

It’s easy to install and use. It comes with a well-written user guide with online support, if you need further assistance or have questions about how it works.


  • The screen size is just perfect for your car.
  • Very quick and easy installation.
  • Works very smoothly 
  • Easy to use.
  • Crisp and clear display 
  • Very high quality.
  • Affordable 


  • When you turn on the ignition, it shows you how long your car has been running before you started it. It is not very useful.

Main Features

The Foxwell i70TSII is a powerful scanner for professional tire shops and automotive workshops. Here are some of its main features in detail:

1. Comprehensive TPMS Services 

The i70TSII is equipped with advanced Tire Pressure Monitoring System diagnostic and service functions. It supports over 98% of OE sensors in the market and allows technicians to diagnose and repair TPMS-related issues quickly and accurately.

2. OBDII Diagnosis 

Besides, the i70TSII comes with an OBDII module that allows technicians to read and clear engine fault codes. It also provides retrieve live sensor data and performs component testing on a wide range of vehicles.

3. Wireless Connectivity

It supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, enabling technicians to wirelessly transmit diagnostic data and test results to a PC or mobile device. This feature also allows for remote support and software updates.

4. Large Display

When it is to the display, the i70TSII features a 7-inch color touchscreen display with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels. This large and clear display makes it easy for anyone to read the menus and test results.

5. Ergonomic Design

This scanner has a rugged and ergonomic design with a rubberized grip and a built-in kickstand. It also comes with a durable carrying case, making it easy to transport and store.

6. User Friendly Interface

The i70TSII features an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies the diagnostic process. It also has a multilingual menu and supports multiple display modes.

7. Premium diagnostic

Not only can you check engine management, but also emission control systems for diesel vehicles and more. Plus, it’s ready for the latest Euro VI standards.

8. Easy installation

You need to simply connect the vehicle’s battery to the unit, turn on the ignition, and get started. Besides, this scanner also features a tire pressure diagnosis function that can diagnose tire pressure-related problems quickly and accurately. Also it maintains slow leaks, excessive tire wear, and abnormal tire pressure.

9. Scan tool

With a comprehensive scan tool, you can efficiently analyze and diagnose vehicle problems. The software also supports multiple languages German, English, French, Spanish, and Russian.

10. Multiple manufacturer coverage

This device can communicate with other brands of diagnostic equipment to ensure the response time as fast as possible. The software is packed with features and information that you can access from your computer or smartphone. Also you can print out detailed reports for easy reference.

11. Multiple controllers

There is no need to purchase different controllers for different systems. The FOXWELL NT301 supports almost all vehicle makes and models.

12. Multiple special functions

Among all the functions, it diagnoses and troubleshoots different types of vehicle problems. They are the information of the vehicle, ECU programming and coding, TPMS reset, SRS reset, serial data logging (DLC), OBD II DLC mode, OBD compatibility test, and more.

13. Finds the problem more accurately

The built-in software analyzer provides a wide range of functions to analyze vehicle systems. You can select the functions you want to do without complicated procedures.

14. USB interface

Your device is equipped with a USB interface that allows you direct communication with computers or other equipment via a USB cable. You can also use it to read data from other sensors.

Advanced Features

The Foxwell i70TSII has several advanced features that make it a highly capable diagnostic tool. Here are some of its advanced features:

1. Automatic VIN reading

This scanner can read serial numbers and check VIN codes on vehicles automatically. Besides, it can store and log data from your device to help you solve vehicle problems in the future. It also allows you to test the operation of a connector before you connect it to a vehicle

2. Active Tests

The i70TSII allows users to perform active tests. It sends commands to the vehicle’s systems and components to test their functionality. With this feature, users can test various vehicle systems, including the engine, transmission, ABS, and more.

3. Bi Directional Control

The bi-directional control feature allows you to control and activate various vehicle systems, such as the fuel pump, cooling fan, and more. This feature is useful for testing and diagnosing specific components of the vehicle’s systems.

4. Faster and more accurate diagnosis

With this function, you can set a number of areas to be tested at intervals, and then select one area to test by yourself. This diagnostic function is suitable for the technician. It is also perfect for the person who works in a garage or for the workshop manager and needs to check any problems during vehicle operation.

5. TPMS scanner

Sensors are essential for monitoring and maintaining proper tire pressure in your vehicle. The TPMS scanner check system provides tire pressure information at the push of a button.

Comparison Between Foxwell i70TSII scanner and Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT Scanner

Brand Display Processor Battery Life Bi-directional Control Live Data Graphing
Foxwell i70TSII 8-inch touch screen Quad-Core 1.8 GHz 8 hours Yes Yes
Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT 7-inch touch screen Quad-Core 1.5 GHz 4.5 hours Yes Yes


What kind of vehicles can the Foxwell i70TSII diagnose?

The i70TSII can diagnose almost all car brands and models, including American, European, and Asian vehicles that use OBDI and OBDII protocols.

Is the i70TSII easy to use?

Yes, the i70TSII has a user-friendly interface and a large, high-resolution touchscreen that is easy to navigate. The tool comes with clear instructions, and updates can be downloaded and installed with ease.

What are some of the functions that the i70TSII can perform?

The i70TSII can perform a range of functions, including reading and clearing codes, live data streaming, bi-directional control tests, active tests, oil reset, EPB service, SAS calibration, DPF regeneration, battery management, and more.

Can the i70TSII be updated?

Yes, the i70TSII can be easily updated through its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. This ensures that the tool is always up-to-date with the latest software and diagnostic information.

Final words

After considering the features and capabilities of the Foxwell i70TSII, it is clear that this scanner is a reliable and powerful option for professionals. 

Besides, the scanner is easy to identify and resolve complex vehicle issues quickly and accurately, as I have explained in my Foxwell i70TSII review. 

Overall, the Foxwell i70TSII is a highly recommended diagnostic tool for those looking for a comprehensive and reliable solution to vehicle diagnostics.

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