OBD Auto Doctor App For iOS/Android Review

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When people think of OBD2 apps, one of the first that comes to mind is OBD Auto Doctor. It’s a popular OBD app, which is compatible with both Android and iOS and takes just seconds to identify the source of car trouble. It connects to a wireless OBD adapter to retrieve DTCs and perform diagnostics while you can use the touchscreen interface of your smartphone to operate it. Let’s have a look at OBD Auto Doctor’s features, compatibility, comparison, and overall review below.

Obd auto doctor app review

Almost all modern cars have a computerized system that the OBD Auto Doctor app can communicate with. Such systems are in charge of keeping data about the various parts of your vehicle. Once the system detects something out of the ordinary, it will generate an error code to help pinpoint the problem.

In all honesty, the OBD Auto Doctor app’s free version should be sufficient for the vast majority of drivers. Professional mechanics will appreciate the added capabilities, but regular car owners may not see much use in them.

The premium upgrade to the app is not a huge financial commitment, though, because of how affordable it is. With this cheap option, you can gain access to rich yet insightful diagnostic data. OBD Auto Doctor’s overall performance and functionalities are somehow comparable to TOAD.

The free version of OBD Auto Doctor already enables you to read, understand, and clear a wide range of DTC codes, examine live engine parameters like coolant temperature and ignition timing, save and share your DTC data, and get your vehicle identification number.

With the premium edition of OBD Auto Doctor, you may log data in real time, read and log numerous parameters simultaneously, and take advantage of GPS tracking capabilities. You only need to pay $2.99 to unlock these functionalities.

Speaking of compatibility, OBD Auto Doctor is among the top choices as it’s fully compatible with ELM327 scan tools/adapters. Furthermore, it also supports WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity while coming in complete versions for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux.


  • DTC Reading: Both generic and manufacturer trouble codes are easily readable by OBD Auto Doctor. The app scans not only OBD2-compliant automobiles but also works with cars from Asian and European auto manufacturers.
  • Live Data Streaming: Using the available OBD-II parameters, you’ll be able to spot any problems with your car in a flash. Graphical representations of all the data using graphs can also be used so even individuals with no in-depth auto background can understand them. 
  • Fuel Monitoring: The app’s fuel monitoring feature allows you to keep tabs on your petrol and gasoline use in a dependable manner, allowing you to cut down on wasteful spending. You can keep tabs on your mileage and adjust your driving style for better gas mileage.
  • Sharing Trouble Data: Sending along your problem logs through email will help speed up the troubleshooting process. Simply by sharing your information with your mechanics, you will greatly improve their ability to deal with recurring situations.


  • Wider range compatibility for OBD2 vehicles 
  • Diagnostic in real-time is possible
  • Emission monitoring capability
  • Supporting GPS feature 
  • Both Bluetooth and WiFi connections are supported


  • Synchronizing with adapters is considerably slow 
  • Mediocre WiFi connection

Comparison among OBD Doctor VS. Toad Vs. AutoEnginuity Vs. Palmer Performance PCMSCAN Vs. FORScan

When it comes to overall performance, functionalities, and features, OBD Auto Doctor is comparable with at least four other products currently also available on the market. These include but aren’t limited to Toad, AutoEnginuity, PalmerPerformance PCMSCAN, and FORScan.

Let’s check the comparison table below:

OBD Auto Doctor Toad AutoEnginuity Palmer Performance PCMSCAN  FORScan
  1. Compatible with every device that can access the Internet
  2. All OBD2 scanners/adapters with ELM327 chip  should work with it.
  3. User-friendly, real-time data logging
  4. Android, ios, macOS, Windows, and Linux versions are available
  1. Functions properly with any model or brand
  2. Permanently free upgrades
  3. The Electronic Control Units (ECUs) of your car can be updated and programmed.
  4. Streaming data in real-time is fully supported
  1. Program that is simple to operate
  2. Compatible with most vehicle manufacturers
  3. Perform OBD2 scans and system tests.
  4. Compile information on a fleet of vehicles
  1. PCM scanning capability
  2. Crafted to be easily gripped in one hand
  3. Rubberized, durable casing
  4. Display is illuminated and so easy to read
  5. Information on all Honda codes, including those unique to the manufacturer, are included.
  1. Complete list of Ford codes
  2. Run diagnostics and performance checks
  3. Compatible with mobile devices
  4. Easy to find DTC codes


obd doctor app compatible devices

Both WiFi and Bluetooth OBD II scanners(adapters) can be used with the OBD Auto Doctor app. To use the OBD Auto Doctor app, simply connect the scan tool and turn on your smartphone. This OBD-II diagnostic app is available on both iOS and Android.

OBD Auto Doctor comes in Bluetooth and WiFi versions. At this point, scan tools with these wireless connections can be used with the OBD Auto Doctor app. To use the OBD Car Doctor app, simply connect the scan tool and turn on your smartphone.

All OBD scan tool adapters based on the ELM327 chip (ELM version 1.2 or higher) are supported by OBD Auto Doctor. The Diamex DX70 adapter is also compatible with the software. This app is also available in Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux versions.

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Some adapters or scan tools compatible with the OBD Auto Doctor app include but are not limited to

  • OBDLink MX+
  • OBDLink LX Bluetooth
  • OBDLink MX WiFi
  • OBDLink CX
  • OBDLink SX
  • Kiwi+2 Bluetooth
  • Kiwi 3
  • Tonwon Pro
  • Carista
  • Veepeak OBDCHeck
  • LELink
  • Viecar 4.0
  • OBDkey Bluetooth
  • BAFX Bluetooth
  • Vgate iCar Pro Wifi
  • iCar2 Wifi
  • OBDKey USB
  • OBDPro USB


Using an app like OBD Auto Doctor, you can check your car for any DTCs from your smartphone or PC. In order to utilize it, all you need is a device that is compatible with it. OBD Auto Doctor is perfect for car nerds who want to keep tabs on things like gas mileage, engine temperature, and oil pressure. You, the car’s owner, would be able to perform a thorough check for any problems. It’s generally an awesome OBD app with wide compatibility, rich functionalities, and easy operation.

OBD Auto Doctor iOS / Andriod Review with PLX Devices Kiwi 3 - AutoInstruct
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