ANCEL V6 PRO+ – The Best Solution

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Are you looking for a car scanning tool that can be used in different ways? So, wait no more, in this article you will learn about the ANCEL V6 PRO+. There is only one choice, the ANCEL V6 PRO+. This tool is packed with cutting-edge capabilities and is perfect for both mechanics and skilled experts.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, short scanning speeds, and comprehensive coverage of all major auto brands, like Autel (Best Autel Scanner), Innovo, Foxwell(Best Foxwell Scanner), and Ancel. The ANCEL V6 PRO+ is destined to become your go-to option for all your vehicle diagnostic needs. So why persist? Try it out to see the difference for yourself. 

product overview

How To Use the ANCEL V6 PRO+

Here are the basic steps to use the ANCEL V6 PRO+ car scanner:

Use OBD-II port: The OBD-II port is found on the driver’s side of a car under the dashboard. It can have a rubber plug or a plastic cover over it.

Connecting the scanner: Connect the scanner’s OBD-II cable to the vehicle’s OBD-II port. 

Choose a Model: Select the vehicle’s model to perform a diagnostic. 

Launch the scan: From the main menu, choose “Diagnosis” and then the kind of scan you want to do. The systems in your car will now be scanned by the scanner.

Read the outcomes: After the scan is complete, the scanner will show any error codes that were found. Utilize the scanner’s user manual or other resources for understanding the codes and identify the problem.

Clear the codes: To remove the error DTC codes and switch off the check engine light, use the scanner to repair the issue.

Disconnect the scanner: Take the scanner out of service by unplugging it from the OBD-II port and turning it off when you’ve finished using it

Although the ANCEL V6 PRO+ is intended to be simple to operate, it does necessitate some knowledge of fundamental auto mechanics and diagnostic codes. If you are unsure of what to do, always refer to the scanner’s manual or internet resources.

ANCEL V6 PRO+ – The Best Solution

Many customers have been impressed by the ANCEL V6 PRO+’s strong performance and adaptability, as well as it’s thorough coverage and cutting-edge features.

The scanner’s extensive vehicle coverage, which includes the majority of vehicles produced after 1996 and all significant OBDII protocols, is well-liked by users. It has access to improved diagnostics for certain car models and can diagnose a variety of systems, including ABS and SRS.

The scanner’s large, simple-to-read color screen and user-friendly interface have drawn praise from many consumers for how simple it is to operate. Additionally, the scanner’s small size and portability make it simple to carry with you wherever you go.

Pros and Cons


  • Wide vehicle coverage
  • Full OBD II functions
  • Advanced diagnostics available
  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast scanning speeds


  • Limited customer support
  • Some users report bugs
  • May not work with all vehicles
  • Relatively high price

Main Features

Wide vehicle coverage: 

The ANCEL V6 PRO+ car scanner has broad vehicle coverage, making it compatible with the majority of automobiles, SUVs, and light trucks produced after 1996. It is adaptable and capable of diagnosing a variety of automobiles because it supports all important OBDII protocols. 

It is a cost-effective and effective option for both car owners and mechanics because you don’t have to worry about buying multiple scanners for various manufacturers of automobiles.

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With the help of the ABS feature on the ANCEL V6 PRO+ car scanner, you can identify and remove any ABS-related error codes from your automobile. This function offers vital details regarding the condition of your car’s braking system, ensuring that it is functioning properly and keeping you safe while driving. 

With the ABS feature, you can easily locate and address brake system issues with your car, saving you time and money on pricey repairs. The anti-lock braking system is essential for keeping control of your car, making this function especially critical for people who frequently drive on slick roads or reside in locations with bad weather.


You can recognize and take care of problems with your vehicle’s secondary safety system using the SRS feature on the ANCEL V6 PRO+ car scanner. This feature provides you with crucial information about your car’s airbag system, allowing you to identify and address any potential issues. 

To make sure that your car’s safety systems are functioning properly, you may quickly and precisely detect SRS system codes using the ANCEL V6 PRO+. Anyone who loves safety and wants to make sure their car is dependable and secure on the road should prioritize having this function.


You can turn off or on the immobilizer system on some automobile models using the IMMO (Immobiliser) option on the ANCEL V6 PRO+ car scanner. If you need to change your car’s key or ECU (Engine Control Unit), this function will be extremely helpful. 

You may ensure that your car will start properly by programming a new key or ECU to the immobilizer system using the IMMO feature. Only authorized keys or ECUs can start the vehicle, adding to the security of your car and assisting in preventing theft.


The ANCEL V6 PRO+ vehicle scanner can read and clear the engine control unit (ECU) codes which are crucial to the proper running of the engine in your car. Real-time data streams from the ECU can also be accessed by the scanner.

This tool will help you quickly locate and fix engine-related issues, enhancing your car’s performance and durability.

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Advanced Features: 


You can perform brake system repairs and maintenance, like replacing brake pads, using the ANCEL V6 PRO+ car scanner’s EPB (Electronic Parking Brake) technology without having to take the vehicle to a shop or specialist. 

You can quickly change brake pads or carry out other maintenance procedures thanks to the scanner’s ability to retract and release the brake calipers. Those who like to work on their own automobiles or mechanics who wish to provide faster, more effective service will find this option to be especially helpful.

I/M Readiness: 

With the ANCEL V6 PRO+ car scanner’s I/M readiness functionality, you can rapidly determine whether the emissions control system in your car is in good working order. You can use it to determine whether your car is ready for an emissions test and to assist you find any problems that need to be fixed before you send it in for testing. 

By using this tool, you can make sure your car is ready for testing before driving it to a testing facility, saving you time and hassle. The I/M readiness feature is a useful tool for making sure your car complies with emissions laws and assisting you in avoiding pricey penalties or repairs.


The TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) feature on the ANCEL V6 PRO+ car scanner enables you to monitor the tyre pressure of your automobile in real time. This feature makes sure that your tires are filled appropriately, which can enhance the handling, safety, and fuel economy of your car. 

The TPMS feature is simple to use and offers precise readings, enabling you to recognize and take care of any tire pressure issues right away. By using this option, you can guarantee that the tires on your car are constantly in excellent condition, extending their lifespan and lowering the possibility of accidents or mechanical failures.


The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) regeneration mode on the ANCEL V6 PRO+ car scanner enables you to regenerate the filter by burning off the collected soot and ash. This function can ensure that your diesel engine performs at its peak performance levels and assist you avoid expensive repairs. 

The DPF regeneration function is a crucial component for owners of diesel vehicles since it allows you to turn off the DPF warning light, improve fuel economy, and lower emissions.

user manual

Oil Reset: 

Using the oil reset option on the ANCEL V6 PRO+ car scanner, you may restore the oil life indication on your car after an oil change. You can keep your automobile running smoothly and avoid needless maintenance notices with the aid of this program. 

The scanner is a flexible and effective tool for preserving the health of your vehicle because it can reset the oil life indicator for the majority of cars, SUVs, and light trucks. The oil reset feature is simple to use, can save you time and money on dealer visits or manual resets, and is thus a useful addition to your toolkit for performing routine auto maintenance.

O2 Sensor: 

The ANCEL V6 PRO+ car scanner’s O2 sensor test feature lets you find problems with your car’s oxygen sensor. The scanner may pick up and analyze the oxygen sensor data from your car, providing you with crucial performance information. 

This application makes it easy to identify issues with the vehicle’s emission and fuel efficiency so you can quickly correct them to continue running efficiently.

Throttle Reset: 

The throttle reset feature on the ANCEL V6 PRO+ car scanner allows you to reset the throttle position sensor on your car. This feature is essential for vehicles with electronic throttle control since it ensures that the throttle is calibrated correctly and operates efficiently. 

This technology enables you to improve your car’s performance and fuel efficiency while also preventing any throttle system issues. With the ANCEL V6 PRO+, resetting the throttle position sensor is quick and easy, giving you peace of mind and helping you keep your automobile in the finest possible condition.

Comparison table of the INNOVA 3160 RS and ANCEL V6 PRO+ car scanners:

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Compared to the ANCEL V6 PRO+, the INNOVA 3160 RS is a tiny bit bigger and heavier, but it features a bigger display and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The 9V battery needed for the ANCEL V6 PRO+ is not included. Both scanners can do ABS/SRS diagnostics and have complete OBDII functionality, but only the ANCEL V6 PRO+ offers a throttle reset feature. For some car types, the INNOVA 3160 RS provides sophisticated diagnostics, and the ANCEL V6 PRO+ does the same.



How can the software on my ANCEL V6 PRO+ be updated?

A Windows computer may update the ANCEL V6 PRO+ via its USB port. Free software upgrades for the scanner are available from ANCEL and can be downloaded from their website.

What does the ANCEL V6 PRO+’s throttle reset feature do?

Your car’s throttle position sensor can be reset using the throttle reset feature, which can enhance its performance and fuel economy. Vehicles with electronic throttle controls will find this feature to be especially helpful.


Final Word:

Advanced capabilities include the ability to read and clear diagnostic fault codes, display real-time sensor data, carry out component testing, and reset various systems are all included in the ANCEL V6 PRO+. Additionally, it supports a wide range of car types and protocols, making it a useful tool for both DIY enthusiasts and automotive specialists.

In conclusion, the ANCEL V6 PRO+ seems to be a trustworthy and efficient tool for identifying and analyzing car problems, and it can be an excellent choice for individuals looking for a high-quality auto diagnostic scanner.

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