Creator V6.0 C110 C110+ Review – Specially for BMW

Having a check engine light can be annoying, and it is more frustrating to go to the mechanic. There are many smart car maintenance tools out there in the market. Creator V6.0 C110 C110 + is the best and the most reliable scanner you can find on the market.

This mini scanner can detect the error codes causing the check engine light to illuminate. Many other faults of the ABS and the airbag system of the car can be solved with the help of this scanner. It is made for BMW cars but can also be used with many other models.

Creator V6.0 C110 C110 + Obd2 scanner review

I researched a lot before buying this scanner and found it the best scanner for my BMW car. It also can be used for mini vehicles. I have no worries about the death of the battery. The reason is that it runs on the battery of my car.

I liked the fact that it is too handy and lightweight. I bought it for only $120, which is too cheap compared to the other scanners. I enjoy all its exceptional features like the transmission control and other faulty codes.

I noticed that I couldn’t do many advanced things like the electronic parking reset or the oil reset with this scanner. I am using this scanner only to detect the error codes and then remove them. It describes the error code so I can easily understand the issue.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and handy
  • Check engine and airbag diagnostic
  • Remove the error codes
  • Responsive hotkeys
  • It comes with a USB cable


  • Limited features
  • Only for BMW and mini

Main Features

There are many features of this car diagnostic scanner, and some of the best ones are listed below:

1. Compatible

One of the best things about this scanner is that it is compatible with almost all the models of the BMW and the mini. There are many scanners out there in the market that does not support BMW cars. The reason is that they have some advanced codes that are not solved by the old scanners.

But don’t worry if you use this scanner because it can solve and diagnose all the complex error codes of the car. It diagnoses the problems within a matter of seconds. That is why it is the Best OBD2 scanner for BMW hybrid cars. You can also use this scanner for the mini-cars if you want.

2. Display Live Data

The best thing about this scanner is that it displays the live data of the car on the screen. It has an LCD screen that can be used to see all the outputs of the scanner. The live data includes the status of the car. Some live data consists of error codes, possible solutions, accurate fixes, etc.

You can use the fast hotkeys on this scanner to access the data or the different options. Remember that it is solely a diagnostic tool and can’t perform advanced functions like the oil reset and the electronic parking reset.

3. Battery Less

Many complain that their scanners die during the diagnostic due to the battery. Most of the scanners in the market run on an internal battery, which is the reason for their failure. But you don’t have to worry about using the Creator V6.0 C110 C110 +.

This scanner is battery-less and runs on the battery of the car. You only need to plug it into the diagnostic box, and the job is done. The scanner will work as long as the car’s power is on. Thus, there is no fear of dying of the scanner during the diagnostic.

4. Smart Design

There are many old-fashioned car scanners in the market. They are too heavy or odd to carry. This scanner comes in a unique design. It has all the latest technologies. You can easily carry the scanner anywhere because it is too lightweight.

It is smaller than the human hand and thus convenient. Although, many other things like the user-friendly interface and the fast working are other reasons people like it so much.

5. Easy To Use

One of the best things about this scanner is that there is no complexity in its use. You only have to switch it to the car, and all the functionalities will appear on the screen. You can access this scanner’s options with the help of fast hotkeys.

The unique feature is that it provides code definitions so you can understand the fault. It detects the error codes within a matter of seconds and can be used to solve many faults.

6. Remove Error Codes

An annoying thing that most mechanics and people face while using the scanners is that they don’t remove the error codes. But this scanner is all you need to remove all the error codes from the vehicle.

The error codes of the check engine light and the airbag warning light can be removed within a single click of this scanner. Thus, it also tells you about the ABS Light On, causes, How to fix. There are only 5 hotkeys, and this scanner does not require any technical knowledge of the scanners.

7. Reputable Brand

There are many new manufacturers of car maintenance tools out there in the market. Their products are often faulty and do not work correctly. But you don’t have to worry if you are buying the Creator V6.0 C110 C110 +.

It is made by one of the most reputable brands of car maintenance tools. They have used the latest technologies in their scanner to provide the customer with accuracy. You can now solve all the vehicle error codes with one click of the scanner.

8. Warranty

There are many companies out there in the market that don’t provide any warranty for their products. The reason is that they are not sure of the quality of their products. But this scanner comes with a 1-year long warranty, and you can use it without fault.

The Innova 7111 Smart Bidirectional Scan Tool Review and the other reviews of this scanner prove that it is one of the best and most reliable scanners you can find in the market.

Advanced Features

Creator V6.0

Some of the advanced features of this scanner are as follow

1. Fast Diagnosis

Many of the scanners out there in the market are too slow. This means they take several minutes for the diagnostic to completer. But this scanner is so fast that it can run the diagnostic and detects all the error codes within seconds.

The best thing is that its connectivity with the car is so fast, and there is no waste of time. Thus, if you want to save time and money, then the best way to inspect your car is through this scanner. It is the best and the fastest scanner that you can find out there in the market.

2. Handy And Lightweight

It is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to car scanners. Many scanners are too heavy to carry. Also, they are very large, and operating them is a struggle. The Creator V6.0 C110 C110 + is one of the lightest scanners you can find online.

It is smaller than the palm. The plus point is that you can carry it anywhere and anytime. The best and by far the unique feature is the attest design. It comes in a color combination of white and black and looks appealing to the eyes.

3. OBD2 Codes

The latest vehicles like the BMW and the mini copper have some complex codes that can’t be solved with the help of the old scanner. Thus, if you also have the latest car and want to solve the error codes, then you can use the Creator V6.0 C110 C110 +.

It detects the OBD2 error codes, solves them, and provides you with the best possible solution for the specific problems. The check engine lights and the warnings of the airbag can be removed with the help of this scanner. You can easily select the options for removing the error codes, and the job is done.

Difference Between Innova 7111 Smart Bidirectional Scan Tool Vs Creator V6.0 C110 C110 +


The customers ask many questions about this scanner. Some of them are as follows:

What Is the Difference Between C310 V6.2 And the C110V4.7?

C110 is an old scanner version, while the C310 is the updated one. The difference is that the C310 can be used for engine oil reset. On the other hand, C110 is, however, a diagnostic tool that is used only to solve the error codes.

Can This Scanner Read the ABS Codes of The 2009 Mini Copper?

Yes, this scanner is one of the best scanners that can be used to read the ABS codes of the mini copper 2009. The best thing about this scanner is that it is compatible with the latest and the old models of the BWW and the mini copper.

Does This Scanner Read Transmission Codes?

Yes, this scanner is a diagnostic tool that can read and remove the error codes of the ABS, transmission, and airbag. All these error codes can be removed within seconds with the help of the Creator V6.0 C110 C110 +.

Can I Reset the Airbag Warning Light on BMW With This Scanner?

Creator V6.0 C110 C110 + is just a diagnostic tool, and it only removes the error codes. It cannot reset the airbag warning light. However, many upgraded versions of this scanner can be used if you want some advanced functionalities.

Does It Detect the Cause of The Fault?

Yes, this scanner detects the error codes and enables you to check the causes. It displays the reasons for the fault on the LCD. It also gives you the possible solutions to solve them at home.

Final Words

BMW and the Mini Copper are some of the cars that have some complex OBD2 codes. But you don’t have to worry about having the Creator V6.0 C110 C110 +. It is an advanced car maintenance tool specially designed for BMW and the Mini Copper. It can read the error codes and removes them within seconds. If you want to know about this scanner, then you can review the review mentioned above of this scanner.

Creator C110 V3.3 BMW Code Reader Tool
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