Rotary compressor VS Inverter Compressor: A few differences and commons

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When it comes to a refrigeration system or AC, it’s always recommended that you buy one that contains an Inverter compressor. Inverter compressors are safe and sound. They provide a cooling system quick result and the power consumption rate for them is pretty low. You can also read through other content Best Gas Air Compressor for Roofing: An All-out Solution.

But there are other differences as well. When you’re confused about which one you should buy, the rotary one or the inverter one, we’re here to help you with our article.

This is a rotary compressor vs inverter compressor article. In this article, we’ll try to share what are the key differences between a rotary compressor and an inverter compressor.

What you need to check while you’re buying one of them. Let’s discuss everything step by step!

A compressor that runs with the help of an inverter is called an inverter compressor. This type of compressor is smaller and normally used in AC and refrigerators. The working module and category are different from other compressors available on the market.

An inverter compressor can be a scroll type or a reciprocating type. Both of them are quiet, work faster, and are designed to provide you with clean compressed air.

An inverter compressor comes up with different modulating technologies and it offers you different functionalities.

Speed switching

An inverter compressor features speed switching or on-off cycling that keeps the machine running all the time at a variable speed. This type of air compressor comes up with a turndown capacity of 100%.

Heated gas bypass

The inverter compressor comes up with an extra channel that passes heated gas out. This is a great functionality as it instantly injects a certain amount of gas from the solution side.

Manifold configurations

Inverter compressors come up with a manifold configuration. With this configuration, several compressors can be installed together.

These functions are pretty much helpful for your home AC or refrigerator. When you feel like buying a compressor or investing money in a compressor, think about these facts.

Rotary compressor

The compressor type rotary means a compressed airflow that’s made with a rotation system. This compression type is less complicated than a reciprocating air compressor or a piston compressor. The rotary compressor is designed to give you pulsation-free air flow.

What pulsation-free airflow is, you can get continuous air through the outlet of your compressor. This machine is designed for continuous air service. The operation speed of this machine is great and it works for lengthy projects well.

Rotary compressors are designed for extended service intervals. Besides, this compressor consumes low starting torque. If you talk about the good sides of the rotary compressor, you can find a lot. It’s lightweight. It’s small and the shape is decent. It works in a simple manner. The mechanical efficiency of a rotary compressor is simple.

It requires less lubrication and it’s made for heavy long-term projects. However, the working speed of this machine is great and it’s normally made for commercial heavy uses.

The low torque consuming reason is the moving parts of this compressor have high mass when you compare them to other types of compressors. Most of them have frictions.

There are different types of rotary compressors. Among them, the main 5 types are:

  • Positive displacement type rotary compressors
  • Roots blower
  • Lysholm
  • Rotary screw type
  • Dynamic action or steady flow
  • Centrifugal compressor
  • Axial flow compressor

The working mechanisms for all these 5 types of compressors are different and they are made for different purposes. You can check our articles on each of them for a better understanding.

The main positive displacement type rotary compressor basically traps air and pushes it out to compress while the dynamic action type can give you a continuous flow of fluid.

The differences between a rotary compressor and an inverter compressor

Rotary compressor VS Inverter Compressor

There are several differences between a rotary compressor and an inverter compressor. When it comes to accessories like AC or refrigerator, the rotary type compressors are considered normal and the inverter type is the opponent one.

  • The cooling speed of an inverter compressor is pretty faster than a normal compressor. The reason here is the higher RPM in comparison to the non-inverter compressor. For this reason, when you start the compressor it immediately starts to compress the air and gives you an instant result. You can achieve faster cooling with higher RPM.
  • The power consumption rate for an inverter compressor is pretty lower than a traditional rotary compressor. It achieves the power and comes at an adjustable speed to continue. Unlike other compressors, it doesn’t turn off every time.
  • The adjustable speed option measures the temperature and comes up at a speed that regular rotary compressors don’t. They turn off themselves and start over again when the cooling process is done.
  • A rotary compressor is a real concern for those places where quietness is required. When comparing an inverter compressor and a rotary compressor, the rotary compressor tends to make less noise.
  • The mechanical efficiency of the rotary compressor is higher than an inverter compressor as it has less friction.
  • The maintenance factors are almost the same. Both of them require less maintenance and you don’t have to worry about things often.


So these are the main differences between a rotary compressor and an inverter compressor. Many facts are similar as well. When you’re buying, you must be careful about the features, pros, and cons. Make sure the compressors meet your requirements.

In this rotary compressor vs inverter compressor article, we’ve tried to cover the differences and similarities between these two types of compressors. When you’re choosing one, make sure you’re choosing carefully. Feel free to leave a comment and visit our website for other articles, like Best Gas Air Compressor for Roofing: An All-out Solution

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Natalie Gillham
Natalie Gillham
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Thanks for this informative article, it was so helpful 🙂