How To Fix Lawn Mower That Won’t Start

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Virtually every device stays valid in daily use. Therefore, if your Lawnmower is closed for a few months, it may cause starting problems later. It is more prevalent at the end of wintertime. If you are a new user, then you will find the right solution to stop here. Now the issue is, why Lawn mower won’t start? And let’s find out what the result is next.

Lawn mower won’t start after winter

At the end of the winter, the electric lawnmowers are turned on absolutely, but the fuel lawnmowers do not perform. Your lawn mower won’t start? The problem may be in the fuel line and sometimes in the spark plug. In fact, If the device is neglected for a long season, restarting with the unused fuel can be difficult. It will be a problem even if the filter becomes messy.

You can keep a socket set, carburetor cleaner, hand tools, etc. at hand to solve the problem of starting your Lawnmower in early spring. So let’s find out how to solve the problem of launching.

Solutions for a Lawn Mower That Won’t Start

If you inspect every point, you can do the job instantly. If your Lawnmower is not turned on, observe all steps.

  1. These types of problems are well-known due to spark plugs. Check the spark plug thoroughly. If the amount of damage is more, change this.
  2. Accept fresh without using old gas.
  3. Make sure the tank has enough fuel.
  4. Energy is provided through the combustion of fuel. Dirty air filters interfere with the firing process. Make it cleared.
  5. Then make sure the tank vent is not blocked.
  6. Even, some times there are problems with the cable, so check it.
  7. If you have trouble pulling the starter cord, keep it clear. Keep in mind that you have disconnected the spark lead.

How to clean lawn mower air filter

A lawnmower air filter’s essential function is to filter the dirt in the air and grass to not seize into the engine. Consequently, the rotational power of the machine is maintained accurately. In Lawnmower, two basic types of filters are added. One is a Dual Filter, and the other is a Foam Air Filter.

Instrument you require 

  1. Tissue
  2. Engine oil
  3. Soapy water

Warning: Never use solvents to clean foam filters and be sure to read the manual before doing anything

Dual filter

Cleaning a duplex filter is not a difficult task.

  • Loosen the wing nut and remove all the lids on top. Separate the paper filter and gently clean it. Be careful not to use the air compressor; otherwise, the filter may corrupte.
  • Then wash the foam filter to remove grease. Filter out all the water with a tissue. Then dip the filter with engine oil and clean the rest. You can use another tissue or fabric to clean the area where the air filter occupies.

Foam Air Filter

Most relevant as a double filter. Pull the plug cord and remove the filter housing. Rinse the filter thoroughly with warm water. Use soapy water to remove grease. Then spray engine oil but in trivial quantities. However, If you have any queries, you can hit me in the comments segment; I will try to solve it.

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