Top 8 Best OBD2 Scanner for Pontiac

If you don’t know what an OBD2 scanner is- it is a car diagnostic scanner that retrieves all the data on your car’s current condition. The electrical system controls the engines and mechanical systems, and you can know a car’s situation from that electrical system, for example, your car’s engine, brake, suspension, and safety features.

Now you bought your Pontiac with a hefty amount of money, and most definitely, you are looking forward to getting the smoothest car experience. But sometimes, the car has a few minor problems you can fix yourself. And going to a mechanic frequently can be costly and time-consuming. You must have seen your mechanic pull out a device to check your car, which is exactly what an Obd2 scanner is! All you have to do is pug it and get access to the car’s computer system.

Owning an OBD2 scanner will help you learn, maintain, and repair your Pontiac better. However, finding the most compatible and best OBD2 scanner for Pontiac in the market is tough. So, let us help you out with our guide today!

Top 8 Best OBD2 Scanners For Pontiac Review

Looking for the best scanner specifically for Pontiac can be intimidating and excruciating. Don’t you worry! This article got your back.

So let’s dig in!

1. INNOVA 5210

The Innova 5210 scanner can be an excellent choice if you are a newbie in DIY car mechanisms. Unlike other scanning tools, it provides high-end features, like getting live data. From the Innova 5610 OBD2 scanner review, you can already tell that 5210 has a bottom half ergonomic design for one-hand quick access to all nine buttons.

1. INNOVA 5210

The Innova 5210 doesn’t require any battery, and you can power the device via your Pontiac electrical system. Plus, it is pretty simple to use. You can also download their RapiarSolution2, which will give you a real-time automotive trouble solution.

Innova has the patent for an all-in-one display, allowing you to quickly analyze 20 different information on a single screen. However, there are a few downsides to this scanner. Its cable is integrated directly into the device, which might give you a shorter space to work in.

Key Features:

  • You can read and clear the check engine light with a single press
  • Diagnoses most vehicles’ braking systems from 1996 and onwards
  • It notifies you if you need an immediate fix
  • Tells you whether your car can pass the smog test
  • Allows you to read 20 pieces of information at a time
  • It will give you all the information on the vehicle if a trouble code is triggered


Time to showcase an incredibly affordable, easy-to-use, pocket-size tool that can come in handy in a pinch. It’s none other than the automotive tech pioneer THIBKCAR and its ThinkOBD 100. It is one of the easy-to-use diagnostic equipment on the market for a price that’s easy on your wallet.


Like the traditional scan tools, it has a tethered obd2 cord attached to the device, and all the information is displayed on the 1.8-inch color LCD. It has a code reader with enhanced scan tool features like clearing fault codes for any domestic =, Asian and European vehicle equipped with obd2.

However, the fault codes are only limited to ECU faults and generic fault codes. But it does allow you to get a make a fault code search with a push of a button.

Key Features:

  • You will get full OBD2 diagnostics functions.
  • It comes with a built-in fault code library into the device for code lock-up and quicker search
  • Compatible with most of the vehicles from 1996 and onward.
  • Super simple to use because of just plug and play feature
  • Offers good value for money

3. Foxwell NT301

The Foxwell OBD2 code reader features a red, yellow, and green LED display, and it has a built-in speaker to assist you in reading the “Emissions Monitor Status” for the emissions test. The device also helps you in detecting any intermittent faults. You won’t find this option in too many OBD2 scanners.

3. Foxwell NT301

From Foxwell NT624 Elite and NT650 Elite review, you can deduce that the equipment doesn’t require any battery. And the best part is you can sit on your driving seat and check your car’s update without bending over.

One downside is you’ll need a different gadget if you want to do something more complicated, like check your airbag system or reset your driving cycle.

Key Features:

  • Comes with Powertrain diagnostics
  • Can perform Emissions diagnostics
  • Has Oxygen (O2) sensor test
  • All nine generic OBDII system tests
  • DTC code lookup
  • DTC code clearing

4. LAUNCH OBD2 Scanner CR529

It is one of the best OBD2 scanners on the market. This particular Scanner excels in the field of OCD2 scanners with the three-mode data streaming feature- value, graph, and merged. It can support the four major engine systems, Anti-Lock Braking System, transmission, and supplemental Restraint systems.

Best OBD2 Scanners For Pontiac

With the Launch can OBD2 Scanner supports graph, playback, and a print via PC. It allows you to record data and diagnoses automatically, significantly lowering your cost time.

However, you might get your screen of the OBD2 Scanner seems to scratch pretty quickly and is not compatible with Mac. Other than that, the feature it has is worth all the money.

Key Features:

  • Can record data, review, and print
  • DTC lookup and help key
  • Doesn’t require any battery
  • Lifetime update via PC
  • Retrieves VIN, CIN, and CVN

5. Autel Maxisys Elite MS908P

If you are looking forward to making a one-time investment in a lifetime on a car scanner, then AUTEL MAXISYS ELITE is the way to go. After the massive success of Autel MS908CV and reading the Autel MS908CV review, the Autel came up with MAXISYS Elite, which has 5-in1 VCMI with 36+ services functions, programs, and more cars to re-flash the car’s module system and also supports online programming.

5.Best OBD2 Scanners For Pontiac

It is integrated with many advanced programs. But the one-stop intelligent diagnostic by Autel provides a guideline with step-by-step repair guidance. Such as DTC Analysis, repair tips, assistance, and relevant cases make your job way more straightforward than ever.

However, it is a more professional and advanced scanner, and its features might not always come in use. But it is one of the best OBD2 scanners for Pontiac, and one investment can last you a lifetime.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive displays the current module status
  • Shows the communicative level more systematically
  • Views the color-coded modules with zoom in and out feature
  • Shows the fault code and enters the system execution directly
  • It has a memory of 256GB
  • Supports all the Systems

6. ANCEL AD310

The Ancel AD310 is a renowned scanning gadget in the market. It is a good option for beginners and experienced mechanics.

One of the good things about this Scanner is that it does not require any battery as it recharges itself from the car’s power system. Plus, this OBD2 Scanner has a three-year warranty, so you do not have to worry about extra repair costs. The warranty period is comparatively higher than most other obd2 Scanners in the market.

6. ANCEL AD310

In addition to that, the Ancel AD310 scanner is integrated with a great range of languages. It can support English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Finnish. And not only this. It has a blacklight that helps you read the code in the dark. The navigation of this Scanner is also very userfriendly and straightforward. Only button buttons are required for you to navigate the menu.

Key Features:

  • Doesn’t require extra batteries
  • It has a 2.5 feet long cable, enabling you to use the device easily
  • You can use it in the dark
  • Access to a wide range of languages
  • It detects evaporative emission system leak
  • Can indicate if you need to remove one of your gas caps

7. Foxwell NT604 Elite

It’s another OBD2 scanner with four diagnostic scanners in one. NT604 has the same benefits as CS4 in terms of four diagnoses. When it comes to compatibility, the NT604 is a great pick. Without having to download any additional software, the scanner can support more than 60 plus cars around the world.

Furthermore, the scanner can instantly recognize the car and conduct a simple, rapid scan to remedy the issues. The scanner is protected by a robust protective case that minimizes harm if it is dropped usage.

7. Foxwell NT604 Elite

The NT604 incorporates a touch screen as well as navigation buttons. It also includes tools for analyzing data in graphical forms. It allows you to print and keep track of your results.

It will allow you to conduct an emission test to see if your vehicle will pass the smog test, just like other OBD2 scanners. It’s also a two-in-one scanner because it can scan the codes for you and ABS/SRS/TCM/ECM.

Key Features:

  • Comes with I/M readiness
  • Shows you the correctness of your car’s emission-related system
  • Has on-board monitor check to show records
  • Equipped with an efficient O2 sensor
  • Allows you everything automatically


The Musar CS4 scanner offers several innovative features that make it suitable for a wide range of cars. This scanner is ideal for home and professional use in the automobile industry. It is a new generation of high-end DIY products integrated with the Android operating system—a perfect option for an investment that will last you a lifetime.

The primary feature you may enjoy with Mucar CS4 is that it includes protocol diagnosis with professional car diagnosis software and maintenance software. It can cover up to 126 models with many brands, supporting twenty-eight reset functions.


MUCAR CS4 offers your car’s parameter with graphs. Additionally, you can record your data and play it again at any moment to compare it to other outcomes. Finally, CS4 stands out for its stylish design and a warranty of 5 years.

Because it is a touch screen, it saves a lot of time by reducing the time spent pushing buttons and navigating; it also allows the user to have a larger screen. Plus, the CS4 supports four system diagnoses.

Key Features:

  • Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Highly responsive touchscreen feature
  • Can conduct both Smog and EVAP test
  • Offers great value for money

What is the difference between an OBD reader and a scanner?

An OBD reader and an OBD scanner are the two sorts of equipment you’ll find while shopping for an OBD system for your Pontiac. Which one should you choose, though?

To identify the fundamental problems with a car, we employ an OBD scanner. It is simple to comprehend the code and remove it to get ready for the following problem. Because they’re simple to operate, several individuals, including some Pontiac owners, appreciate this gadget. Additionally, they are economical, which is a plus.

OBD scanners, on the other hand, are more cutting-edge gadgets with cutting-edge features like the capacity to read and show live data, what they imply, and generate graphs for close examination. An OBD scanner provides all you need for a comprehensive vehicle check, despite its high cost.

But if you’re unsure which to choose, we’d advise depending on how you want to use it. An OBD reader can be a fantastic option if you’re trying to diagnose straightforward problems with straightforward functionality. However, if you’re a qualified technician or comfortable with more sophisticated functions, you should get an OBD scanner.

Does OBD2 read fuel level?

No, a device using OBD2 cannot read the fuel level. Despite being a part of the device standard, they do not transmit this data via the SAE-Standard PID to the OBD2 connection. The fuel level is typically set to “Calculated.” Still, you can change it at any moment by modifying the setting option.

Buying Guide: Best OBD2 Scanner For Pontiac

As you got some ideas regarding the best OBD2 scanner for Pontiac, it’s time for you to get some thorough guidelines to track getting the appropriate scanner for your car problems.

OBD2 scanners come with a variety of features. Some of them are required, while some scanners have a few extra features that are included in the price. It’s best to keep a few key considerations in mind, such as compatibility, connectivity, scanning elements, and price range.

You must consider which OBD2 scanner to buy in the extract way you feel about the automobile you want. There are a variety of OBD2 scanners available, each with its own set of functions. Some of them are essential, or what we refer to as “must-haves.” Other things are sometimes great, but they aren’t as essential.


First and foremost, to purchase the best obd2 scanner for Pontiac, it is crucial to understand that OBD2 scanners are only compatible with vehicles manufactured after 1996. You’ll need to purchase an OBD1 scanner if your Pontiac is older than 1996. Most OBD2 scanners work with light vehicles, although specialist scanners work with automobiles and trucks.

You should invest in a truck-specific OBD2 scanner if you have a heavy-duty vehicle. It’s also a good idea to obtain scanners that can read domestic and foreign cars, especially if you’re buying one for an automotive shop.


OBD2 scanner connectivity is relatively straightforward, and an appropriate app is available for most scanners. INNOVA 5210, for example, has Repairsolutions2 as an app. You can use these apps to keep track of your results and find appropriate solutions. The majority of scanners can connect to your phone via WIFI or Bluetooth.

If you have an Android device, you can connect it to the scanner by Bluetooth, but if you have an Apple device, you’ll need to connect via Wi-Fi. Furthermore, many scanners can be plugged into your computer without an internet connection.

Features of the Scanner 

There are numerous OBD2 scanners available. Some are entirely for professional mechanics, while others are dedicated to DIY automobile enthusiasts. Suppose you want to learn the fundamentals of your vehicle and be familiar with all the codes. The OBD2 scanner is the way to go.

In that situation, a simple, low-cost OBD2 scanner, such as the NT510 or INNOVA 5210, will suffice. As mentioned above, a seasoned professional should look for scanners with more complex features, such as 4-in-1 diagnosis systems.

Price Range

If you’re searching for a simple scanner to find out why your indicator light is on, you may save money by opting for a cheaper OBD2 scanner, as it’s pointless to pay extra for any complex features you’ll never use.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for an all-rounder in terms of features and pricing, midrange scanners like the ANCEL AD310 are an excellent choice. Scanners with more advanced features and diagnosing systems will cost more than scanners intended for home use.

It’s important to remember that scanners only diagnose problems with your vehicle and alert you that they need to be rectified. Even if you disable the defective codes, the fundamental issues will persist until they are resolved.


Here you will discuss some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the OBD2 Scanner. This section will clear out some of your basic questions.

How to connect the OBD2 scanner to my car? 

The access port is located below the steering wheel around the driver’s side. Connect the scanner to your automobile once you’ve found the port.

Does OBD2 connect with all cars? 

OBD2 connects to all cars from 1996 to 2022.

Can I use an OBD2 scanner instead of an OBD1? 

Most likely, no. If the car is older than 1996, you cannot use an OBD2 scanner.

Can I leave the scanner plugged in? 

Yes, you can keep it plugged in, but you can leave it unplugged if you only use it occasionally.

How many codes are there in OBD2 scanners? 

There are approximately 5000 codes in OBD2 scanners. The huge number of codes allows the user to scan any issues without trouble.

Is OBD2 safe to use? 

Yes, it’s safe to use as it only reads your car’s parameters.

Final Words

OBD2 scanners are lifesavers for your automobiles since they instantly detect and pinpoint faults. These scanners help you further understand your car and motivate you to address minor problems on your own. It saves you a lot of money by not paying a mechanic to solve issues that could be fixed at home.

Choosing the most okay OBD2 scanner for Pontiac is crucial for your vehicle since it allows you to be ready for engine problems. Hopefully, this article gave you a clear summary of the best OBD2 scanner for Pontiac.

So, when are you buying your OBD2 scanner?

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