BAFX OBD2 Review, Offers Insight of the Scanner Tool 

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BAFX OBD2 is a leading name in the scanner segment. It is notable for several reasons and its best products quality. Thus, BAFX OBD2 Scanner is a beautiful addition offering premium features. The BAFX OBD2 review gives you the information on how it works seamlessly with OBD2 and other newly purchased vehicles after the model year 1996 in the USA.  

The advantage of having BAFX OBD2 is that it passes the emission test effortlessly. Get common sensor readings such as speed, throttle, fuel trim, boost, RPM’s and load value. The BAFX OBD2 scanner is at your fingertips, assisting in diagnosing the codes quickly.

BAFX OBD2 Review

The BAFX OBD2 scanner is a way of diagnosing your vehicle’s issues, eliminating the visit to a repair shop. It is a positive way of saving time by analyzing the code in your garage. It is possible as the BAFX OBD2 scanner helps read and clear codes, besides the vehicle’s sensors.

The BAFX OBD2 review confirms that it works on all the vehicles beyond the year 1996 of the USA model. The BAFX OBDII scanner only works with Android and Windows OS-powered devices. So, if you have an Apple device such as an iPhone or iPad, the wifi version of the BAFX obd2 scanner is your best bet.


The BAFX OBD2 scanner is the best, and some of its positive points are certain to ease your buying process: 

  • Reliable Bluetooth connectivity and easy to use.
  • Sturdy design suitable for long service life.
  • USA-based customer support and manufacture warranty of 2-years.
  • Can diagnose codes, including EGT and balance rates.
  • Works with newer year vehicles and all vehicles of the USA manufactured after 1996.


  • Not compatible with Apple devices to work. 
  • It is not capable of detecting VIN information. 
  • Reads more codes with diagnostic tools and paid OBD2 performance than free apps. 
  • It lacks battery save mode. 

Main Features

Read and clear code

Using the BAFX Bluetooth adapter, you can read and clear all the trouble-giving diagnostic codes and read engine data that includes the Long and Short term fuel trim, RPM vehicle speed, Intake air temp, timing advance, oxygen sensors, temp airflow, and lots more. 

BAFX OBD2 scanner is efficient in reading the vehicle sensors and codes, including the Oil Temperature, verifying Engine light, O2 sensors, and more. Nevertheless, it does not read codes relating to Oil light change or ABS. 

Live data- BAFX OBD2 review

Confirms that syncing the OBD2 reader simply through Bluetooth on the Android-based tablet, phone, or Windows computer is enough to receive and send vehicle information in real-time. It also allows reading/clearing the engine light. 

The OBD2 newer vehicles supporting the CAN-BUS protocol have around 100 generic parameters at your disposal. It means live data is available in a greater quantity to make it simple to determine the vehicle’s fault type. It also includes identifying non-engine trouble codes such as transmission, ABS, and airbag problem codes. 


The OBD2 scanner compatibility with any other device or your Smartphone is crucial. Fortunately, most of the OBD2 scanners are compatible in a comprehensive manner.  

BAFX OBD2 scanner may have issues in running the software on older phones. It is perfectly compatible only with Android devices. BAFX OBD2 scanner, on a brighter note, is compatible with many brand vehicles, including Ford and Chevy. It features a warranty of two-year against manufacturer defects. 

Ease of Use

The BAFX OBD2 scanner is easy to use. There is no intensive setup process involved. It is like any plug-and-play simple scanner. 

The OBD2 scanners are more than enough for any casual scanning. The reader is facilitated with an abundance of data. It allows modifying parameters and refuses to employ consumer-friendly language in the menu system.  


The OBD2 scanner price is worthy of consideration. Though the price is affordable, this scanner does not lack critical features. It is suitable for casual scanners which are not looking for serious technology.

People going on small and long tours can opt for the OBD2 scanner to fulfill their requirements. Scanning once a while or at times means the OBD2 scanner is worth the price, as it has power and efficiency to a moderate level.  

App Quality

OBD2 scanners employ Bluetooth technology to get set with tablets or Smartphone’s as it acts as the scanner interface and the screen. It is possible by downloading on the device and application. The app is a crucial part of any scanner as it dictates the scanner use. 

BAFX OBD2 scanners app quality is fantastic and compatible with BAFX hardware. Downloading the OBD2 generic scanner app makes sense that each hardware piece extracts the same data as per the OBD2 standard.

Look and Feel

OBD2 scanner directly connects to your vehicle and does not have any display on the device. However, you can see the same data on your Smartphone, the intelligent Android device. It helps you fix or diagnose problems. 

The feel and look are good as there is not much confusion. Besides, even without a device featuring a screen, the small LEDs appearing on the casing in a box shape are helpful. The device connects without any cable to your vehicle, and the Android device using Bluetooth technology. 


OBD2 scanner functionality is excellent as it is compatible with all U.S. vehicles. Most common makes, such as Chevy and Ford, are fully supported and associated with less-common ones. The OBD2 protocols feature compatibility 

OBD2 scanner uses the Android smart device to read fuel trim, O2 levels speed, balance rates of engine oil, throttle, exhaust gas temperature, and lots more. There is access to engine data and critical information. The device transmits to your tablet or phones the error codes.  

Advance Features  

Reads diagnostic problem codes

Bafx OBD2 reads manufacturer-specific and generic problem codes and also displays their meanings. It switches off the light of the check engine and clears the problem codes.

However, the Bafx OBD2 review confirms that this adapter is not suitable for reading ABS/SRS, other lights, or essential oil changes. It reads information associated with the check engine light. It also allows clearing and resetting CEL. The readings rendered relate to the vehicle’s emission system and the sensor reading for O2, A.F., throttle, etc.

Works on most automobiles

Bafx OBD2 works for all the newer automobiles and the other vehicles manufactured after 1996 in the U.S. The OBD2 scanner of Bafx connects to the android phone and the Windows laptop computer through a computer program or an app. It should be mated to a third-party app, and you get to enjoy both free and paid choices.

Useful packageBafx OBD2 review

Confirms that this scanner package features everything you require to initiate, including a handy setup detail and tool, in association with a troubleshooting guide. Besides, the device setup is a straightforward process geared towards professional and novice OBD2 tool users. Merely plugging the BAFX OBD2 scanner in the DLC port of your vehicle is enough, and voila, it is ready to sue on entering the password.

Difference between Foseal VS. Bafx Vs. Panlong

Dimensions  3.5″ x 2″ x 1″  2.8″ x 1.5″ x 1″  1.9″ x 1″ x 1.3″ 
Weight  1.6oz  2.88oz  0.64oz 
Pros  Identical physical profile as BAFX;
Good in diagnostics, including CEL;
Supports iOS devices. 
Provides several diagnostic functions;
Functions smoothly on third-party apps;
Mainly for the United States vehicles only. 
Compatible with protocol J1850; and Android devices,
Ideal for clearing and reading error codes, sensors, and  CEL. 
Cons  Wifi, no facility of Bluetooth;
Connection issues are possible.  
No support to iOS devices.  Bluetooth connection may be a problem; 
Bottom Line  Fossil wifi Car scanner is a beginner’s choice that facilitates simple diagnosis and turns off CEL.  Bax products are a good choice for average and fresh car owners.  Panlong Bluetooth scanner is a Bafx competitor. 


Who is BAFX Built for? 

Bafx is for beginners and moderate users who do not want much information or details. However, you can receive on your Android devices the required error codes.

Does it function smoothly on hybrid vehicles? 

Yes. It is the advantage that the BAFX OBD2 Bluetooth scanner functions on hybrid vehicles.

Are there exceptions? 

The exceptions include semi-trucks, dump trucks, and heavy-duty vehicles. 

Does the BAFX OBD2 scanner suit all the vehicles? 

Yes, it suits all vehicles manufactured after 1996 in the USA.  

Does it read all the sensors in a vehicle? 

No. It depends on the app, and the sensors are available through the manufacturer of the vehicle. 

Is it working on cars purchased in some different country? 

Bafx OBD2 scanner works on cars purchased in different countries, for instance, Australia 2006 vehicles and newer, while in Japan the 2010 and new models.

Final Word

Are you using any other OBD2 scanner? It is time you trust the BAFX OBD2 review. This OBD2 scanner provides more features than any of its competitors. It ensures you save related skill resources and cash as you go for scan engines. The BAFX Bluetooth OBD2 scanner is an ideal tool offering more information on varying products. All you have to do is click on the home menu and to learn about its best tools. 

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