AstroAI Jump Starter: Our Honest Review

The AstroAI Jump Starter is a modern and indispensable tool that every driver should have in their glove compartment. With it, you can jump-start your car no matter where you are, even if it’s been sitting for weeks.

Simply plug the jumper cables into the AstroAI Car Jump Starter and attach them to your car battery. The starter unit will start its built-in engine, providing an instant jolt of power!

In addition to being perfect for emergencies, this handy device can also serve as an 18000mAh power bank charger for your phone or other devices. In AstroAI Car Jump Starter review, I would like to share my using experience of this jump starter. So, let’s begin!


AstroAI Jump Starter: Our Honest Review

I was so tired of having dead car batteries and not being able to rely on anyone else to help me jumpstart my car. But this device is awesome. I finally feel like I can cope with situations myself instead of relying on other people for help. My favorite part is that the jump starter can actually start my car when it’s battery dies. It may take a couple of tries, but this amazing device makes it easy.

This car jump starter is one of the best I’ve ever owned. It allows me to charge my phone or tablet at any given time, which really comes in handy during long trips. The power bank has such a large capacity that you hardly ever have to charge it, which is great because it can take a long time to do so. I also love that there are built-in LED lights in the case and on the jump starter itself.

I love my AstroAI car jump starter! It’s always so nice to be able to charge my phone when I’m in need of a quick boost. It’s very convenient that I can just plug it into the car and not have to worry about finding an outlet. Its performance is even better than I expected, as well as its battery’s life. You’ll definitely want one for yourself!

Pros and Cons


  • It comes with overcharge and over-discharge protection to ensure safety.
  • The jump starter provides fast charging.
  • There are four LED lights that show you different levels and the date
  • The LCD screen has built-in USB ports.
  • Easy to use.


  • Cable length can’t be extended.
  • Doesn’t come with any cables or adapters for your extra gadgets.

Main Features

About discussing the main features of this jump starter will help you know about it in detail. So let’s start.

18000mAh Power bank

The AstroAI Car Jump Starter has the capacity to charge any USB-enabled device multiple times. It also has a power gauge and four LED lights that allow you to monitor the power level of the power bank.

Compact and portable

When we are talking about portability, The AstroAI Car Jump Starter is very compact and portable. This is ideal for travelers who want to save money on chargers and won’t need to pay someone to jumpstart the battery in their car.

Fast Charging

This device has the capacity to charge your smartphone, tablet, or e-reader for up to 6 hours on a single charge. The jump starter can start your vehicle up to seven times before needing another charge.

Start fully drained battery!

This Jump Starter can start your vehicle up to seven times before needing another charge. It also has the ability to start multiple engines at once when you need to jumpstart more than one car.

LCD Screen

The AstroAI Car Jump Starter’s LCD screen displays vital information about the status of its power bank and jump starter. The red “low” indicator light will turn on when it needs to be charged and the green “high” indicator light will turn on when your devices have been fully charged.

Advanced Features

The advancanced features make the AstroAI Car Jump Starter different from others.

Over Charge Protection

The AstroAI Car Jump Starter will not charge your power bank if it has been overcharged, or if its battery has become damaged beyond repair. If this happens, you’ll see a red light (over-charge) or yellow light (over-discharge) on the LCD screen. The AstroAI Car Jump Starter’s original battery is designed to last for 2-3 years depending on use.

8-IN-1 multi-Function

You can use the AstroAI Car Jump Starter as a power bank and a jump starter. It has 4 built-in LED light indicators that allow you to check the charge remaining in the power bank, the working condition of the jump starter, etc.

Smart and easy

With its large LCD screen, you can check the power level at all times and do an immediate jump-start when necessary. The AstroAI Car Jump Starter also comes with a cigarette adapter so you can easily jump start your car using a familiar tool you’re used to when plugging in the cables—your cigarette lighter!



Sleek, lightweight design

You’ll love the well-balanced yet sleek design of this heavy duty jump starter. It weighs only 1.38 pounds and is just slightly larger than the average handheld vacuum cleaner. This makes it easy to carry into your car or toolbox and ready to go when needed.

Spark proof, reverse warning

The AstroAI Car Jump Starter has built-in protection circuits to ensure it is safe for you and your car. When you’re using the jumper cables, there’s always a chance of sparking. To protect both yourself and your car from that danger, this device has built-in electric spark proof technology.

Detect vehicle voltage automatically!

With built-in smart IC chips and reverse current protection, the AstroAI Car Jump Starter can detect vehicle voltage to automatically determine the positive and negative terminals. This feature reduces the chance of a wrong connection.

Comparison Between AstroAI and Pericat Jump Starter

AstroAI and Pericat are two popular brands of jump starters that offer reliable performance and safety features. Here’s a comparison of the two:

December 8, 2023

In conclusion, both AstroAI and Pericat are great choices for jump starters, with similar safety features and portability. Pericat has a higher peak current and battery capacity, while AstroAI is generally less expensive and comes with a longer warranty. Ultimately, the choice between the two brands will come down to personal preference and budget.


Can a jump starter fully charge a car battery?

A jump starter has insufficient power to fully charge a battery. If that happens, since the jump starter won’t power up the automobile, you’ll need to charge the battery using a different method.

How many volts do you need to start a car?

Cars need approximately 12.6 volts of standard voltage being environmentalist to get and begin running. The corresponding range is between 13.7 and 14.7 volts. The minimum voltage required for a car is 11.8, but you may nonetheless start your automobile at 10.8 volts.

How long should I charge my car battery after jump start?

You have to keep the engine of the vehicle running for around 30 minutes after your jump start to make certain that the alternator has adequate time to recharge the battery.

What voltage will damage a car battery?

The battery making a vehicle run can be considered empty when it is driven below 10 volts. There is basically no energy to be found between 10 and 0 volts, and the battery is damaged when discharged below 10 volts.

Final Words

One of the main advantages is that the AstroAI Car Jump Starter can be used in 4 different ways: as a power bank and car battery charger, a super bright LED flashlight, and a power booster. You can recharge your smartphone or use it as an emergency car jump starter while on the go.

With this AstroAI Car Jump Starter review, you can easily find your keys or open the door. Also you can use it to restart your diesel car engine. Besides, it is useful in some situations like a performance modification or hard drive failure. I also find it perfect for camping trips when you don’t want to bring too many tools.

AstroAI Car Jump Starter 2000A, Large Digital LCD Screen, Safe Battery Booster, Portable Power Bank
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