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We may not need a drill machine almost the whole time. But there is a demand for a pilot hole during the home finishing process. This post is not for you if you are a professional. However, in most of the cases, we observe the necessity for a pilot hole. From wooden doors and windows to concrete walls, a pilot hole is needed for home decoration. It is not very difficult to make a pilot hole. So let’s view how to drill a pilot hole.

How to make a Pilot hole 

Everyone becomes a small drill machine to work with wood and make pilot holes for house works. This can be a bit daunting for you if you use it fast time. But nothing difficult, it’s up to you. We will simplify step by step to see how to drill a pilot hole. You can wear safety equipment such as gloves, masks, goggles to avoid accidents.

How To Drill A Pilot Hole

Mark The Location: 

 You never want to make a mistake by digging a hole without any planning. It can be a waste of both your effort and money. First of all, identify where to make the pilot hole. In this case, you can use a pencil and scale. You may not be so expert that you can make a pilot hole in the blink of an eye.

Measure The Screw Size: 

Drill exactly the amount of screws you want to insert into the wood or concrete wall. Just cut a small amount from the length of the screw’s map. Hold the screw by hand and measure it with a drill. Less leakage will not be a problem, but the screw will be given to not stick to the surface tightly if you do more.

How To Drill A Pilot Hole

Mark This Portion With Tape: 

You measured with the help of a screw, but how do you know how many holes to drill? The work is never completely successful in the eyes. For this, we have to measure accurately. Mark the area with a piece of colored tape. This will benefit you, and you will be able to get the job done perfectly.

Drill The Pilot Hole:

  1. Connect the drill to the AC connection or switch on the cordless battery. If all goes well, it’s time to drill.
  2. If it is a light object like wood, hold the wood with one hand.
  3. Hold the drill machine with the other hand and make a hole in the marked area with shoulder pressure. If the wall is concrete, you can hold the machine with both hands.

For safety, you can wear hand gloves and face masks later.

How To Drill A Pilot Hole

Install The Screw: 

Once the hole is made, it is time to install the screws. Insert the screw and tighten it with a screwdriver. When tightening the screw, turn the driver clockwise.

Take a Glance Uses For An Angle Grinder


Can I use a 5/32 bit instead of a 7/32 bit for a pilot hole?

You need to keep in mind that the screw’s diameter should be less than the diameter of the screw. Otherwise, the screw will not sit tightly.

Can you make a pilot hole without a drill?

Yes, you can try with a direct screwdriver without a drill. However, I can not guarantee how much success you will get. Another thing is to be efficient, but in most cases, the holes are not properly drilled or go after the spot on some part of the wood. I prefer to drill the hole.

How do you drill a pilot hole in metal?

That’s a good idea. Metals and steels are usually relatively hard. You can get success by drilling metal by slowing down the drill machine. Speed can be kept within 3,000 rpm.

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