How to Use a Jump Starter for a Dead Motorcycle Battery?

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You should know how to use a jump starter for a dead motorcycle battery. Especially if you are living in a cold weather country or have had an unused bike for a long time, in this case, you need to charge your bike with a jump starter. Moreover, It is a valuable skill if you know how to use a jump starter for a dead motorcycle battery. You can also benefit from remaining secure, saving money, and extending the life of your charger by following these instructions. Thus, I present the following instructions and advice for using a jump starter.

Steps to Use a Jump Starter for a Dead Motorcycle Battery

Steps to Use a Jump Starter for a Dead Motorcycle Battery

1. Preparing the Jump Starter

If your motorbike battery has died, you can jump-start it by connecting it to a fully charged jump starter. If it’s not, plug it first before proceeding. After that, you must turn off your motorcycle. You must also remove the key to avoid accidental ignition while working with the battery. I also do the same thing while I jump-start my dead motorcycle battery.

2. Connecting the Jump Starter

  • Locate the Positive and Negative Terminals on the Motorcycle Battery

You can find your motorcycle’s battery under the seat or can also be found in other places, like the fuel tank or a side cover.

After finding the battery, you can see the “+” symbol, the positive terminal. The positive terminal is generally more extensive than the negative terminal. You can recognize the negative terminal marked with a “-” sign. 

  • Connect the Red Cable to the Positive Terminal on the Motorcycle Battery

Once you have determined which connections on the motorcycle battery are positive and negative, it is time to connect the cables. At this point, attach the clamp of the red cable to the positive pole on your motorcycle’s battery. You must ensure the cable is securely connected and wiggle it slightly. 

  • Connect the Black Cable to a Metal Surface Away from the Battery

First, find an appropriate metal surface to connect the black cable. That surface can be a bolt or bracket on the engine or frame of the motorbike. Attach the black cable to the metal surface far from the battery. After securing the wire, you must fasten the clip. 

  • Do Not Connect the Black Cable to the Negative Terminal on the Motorcycle Battery

If you connect the black cable to the negative terminal and the battery leaks hydrogen gas, it can create sparks or electrical arcing, which can be dangerous. 

3. Using the Jump Starter

  • Turn on the Jump Starter

You need to click the power button or switch on the jump start to turn it on. After activating the jump starter, the display panel will show all the information, like the battery level. 

  • Wait for the Jump Starter to Detect the Battery Voltage

After turning on the jump starter, it’s time to detect the battery voltage. In this way, the jump starting can regulate its power flow and supply just the correct quantity of energy to the motorcycle’s battery. You must wait some time to set the appropriate voltage for your motorcycles. 

  • Start the Engine of the Motorcycle

To start your motorcycle’s engine, turn the ignition key or press the start button on the bike. If the motor won’t start after pressing the starter switch or key, pause and try again. 

  • Disconnect the Jump Starter Cables in Reverse Order of Connection:

You must remember to separate the wires in the reverse sequence when you are finished using the jump starter to start the motorcycle’s engine. The steps are:

  1. First, turn off the bike and remove the key.
  2. Next, switch off the jump starter.
  3. First, disconnect the black connection from the metal surface away from the battery. After that, detach the red connection from the positive connector on the motorcycle battery.

4. Precautions When Using a Jump Starter for a Dead Motorcycle Battery

  • Safety Tips

I wear eye protection and gloves when connecting my motorcycle battery to the jump starter. This protects my hands and face from sparks or acid leaks. You should always avoid touching the cables while the jump starter is connected, as it may cause an electric shock. Lastly, If the wires come into contact while attached to the battery, it could create flames and even a detonation. 

  • Tips for Success

You must carefully read the instructions with your jump starter before attempting to jump-start your bike with a dead battery. The manual’s guidelines should be strictly followed. The next step is to ensure your jump starter is ultimately charged before you use it to jump-start your vehicle. Finally, look for broken wires s in the jump start’s cords. 


Knowing how to jump-start a motorbike in an emergency is a crucial skill for you. If you follow the above steps, I hope you can use a jump starter safely. Moreover, a jump starter may damage your bike because of reverse polarity. It also causes electric shock, so you must follow the above precautions to protect yourself.

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