Innova 7111 Smart Bidirectional Scan Tool Review

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No doubt many vehicles are scanned with Obd2 scanner with Abs and Srs but having the right tool to scan your vehicle’s problems is undoubtedly a blessing. With the current advancement, many car scanning tools are available. Choosing the right one is pretty much a task. If you are also looking for the best scanner for your car. Then, don’t worry. We have reviewed one of the best scanners that are the

You may have noticed that the first thing that the technicians grab to inspect the cars is a scanner. If you are a beginner, this scanner is the right tool to choose. It is very easy to use. You only have to plug it into the car, and the diagnostic will start automatically. It has an LCD which has all the possible functions that need to be done. But if you want a wireless scanner, you can grab your hands on Autel MS908CV.

The best thing about this scanner is that it can be connected to WIFI. This feature enables you to detect the error code and provides case studies for their possible solutions. Let’s not waste much time and jump deep into the review of this product.

Review: Innova 7111 Bidirectional Obd2 Scaaner

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Innova 7111 bidirectional scanner is a must for the garage if you want the status of your vehicle to be healthy. It has so many features, which is why it stands out from the competitors. It is wireless, and it can also be corded with vehicles. The best thing about this scanner is its compatibility with different vehicles. It can be used in cars of any segment and can be the best way to solve incorrect codes.

This scanner has one of the best bidirectional controls, and this tool can be used on everything like the ABS, engine performance, and much more. It has a touch display that enables the technicians to spot specific problems and solve them accordingly. This scanner can also find detailed information like the system health status, calibration, initialization, and the status of the emission system.

The diagnosis of the car can be processed within a matter of seconds with this scanner. Most of the OBD scanners in the market do not support the Mac OS. But you don’t have to worry about having the Innova 7111 because it supports both Windows and  It can be your best purchase and a great value for your money.

This scanner also supports a built-in repair knowledge base. It offers more than 60 million fixes to different problems. Features like the trip cycles, service resets, and the enhanced level diagnostic makes this scanner unique. This scanner can solve the problem if you have trouble reading the OBD codes.

Besides, if you want better results for scanning your vehicle’s functionality, grab your hands on Autel Maxilink AL519 Enhanced Mode 6 OBD2 Scanner.


  • LCD interface
  • Compatible with many vehicles
  • Solve and remove the error codes
  • Read OBD codes
  • Both wireless and corded
  • Can check the brake pad oil


  • The storage case is not that good
  • A little expensive

Key Features

Innova 7111 is one of the best scanners in the market and can be your best purchase. Many features make this product stand out from the other scanners. Some of these features are listed below.

Erase all the trouble codes

Diagnostic trouble codes are one of the major problems to solve if you don’t have the right tool. But this scanner not only detects these error codes but also gives you an option to erase all of them. There is a checkbox in front of the DTC, and by selecting this checkbox, you can easily remove them. A confirmation popup may appear for the removal of that error code.

Service resets

Many vehicles give you an option to reset some of the common service reminders. Otherwise, you may have to visit the dealership of the car. But the Innova 7111 has also solved this problem. There is an option on the screen as the service reset. You can choose the option and services like the ABS bleeding, battery test, battery reset, and oil light reset. A message may appear on the screen if the vehicle does not support the specific service reset.

Some similar scanners with similar resets include Innova 5110, Innova 6030p, and 5610.

Provides the real-time data

The best feature of this scanner is the live data mode. It enables you to see and record real-time data. It includes battery health, rpm, temperature speed, and much more. This live data can be stored in the form of recordings, and you can save it in the tablet’s memory. Information for each parameter of the sensors, actuator, and vehicle switches can also be obtained with the help of this scanner.


This scanner stands out from the others because of its compatibility. It can be connected to most vehicles and can be used to read the OBD codes. It can detect the error codes and can also remove them very easily. It has a professional functionality that allows you to check the tire pressure, transmission, steering alignment, brake pad life, engine health, and more.

Supports Multiple languages

Another thing that makes it popular worldwide is that it supports many languages. So, this is no more a worry that it does not help your language. This scanner supports English, Spanish, French, and many others.

A scanner like Innova 3150 also supports multiple languages.

Emission status diagnosis

Among all the other features, the best one is that it can self-diagnose the emission status. It can also determine whether the vehicle can pass the vehicle smog test. It also checks the SRS system for any issues. That is the reason that this scanner makes the car much safer and healthier.

VCl is removable

For the smart working of this scanner, it supports the WIFI and the code system. If you want to multitask, then the wireless mode is best. But if you don’t want the battery of your scanner to die soon, you can also use it corded with the vehicle.

ReapairSolutions2 App

Another advanced feature of this scanner is that it has a built-in app, the knowledgesolutions2. This app contains more than 60 million fixes verified by ASE professional technicians. The best thing is that you can also see which part is required to solve the specific problem and can by them easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions are the best way to clear doubts about anything. The people ask many questions about this scanner. Some of these frequently asked questions and their possible answers are as follows.

Is Innova a good brand for scanners?

Yes, it is one of the most reputable and the best brand for the manufacturing of car maintenance tools. This brand has been in the market for more than 20 years. Currently, they are producing one of the world’s best car scanners and maintenance tools.

Can this scanner reprogram the keys?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Currently, the Innova 7111 is not compatible with reprogramming the keys of any vehicle. The reason is that the reprogramming of vehicle keys can create many problems. So, it only detects the error keys and solves or removes them automatically.

Do I need to charge the scanner every time I use it?

Yes, there is a need to charge for the functionality of this scanner. But you would be pleased to know that it can be used both as a wireless or corded device. The advantage of using it corded is that the battery is charged automatically, and you can use it for hours.

Are the updates for this scanner free?

The best thing about this scanner is that it provides free updates for a lifetime. No worry about using the outdated scanner version because you can update it easily by visiting their official website.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, it comes with a 1-year warranty. Many of the scanners out there in the market do not come with a warranty. This is because these scanners are sensitive to many things, and proper knowledge is required before use. But this Innova 7111 comes with a straight So, you can now easily learn it, and if there is an issue, you can claim another from the company.

Why should we buy the Innova 7111?

It is a must tool for the garage if you want the health status of your car to be good. This scanner comes with all the latest features. It has an LCD with a user-friendly interface and can do several service resets. And the best thing about this scanner is that it not only detects the error codes but also removes them.


Innova 7111 can be the best option for professional car inspection. Although it is a little expensive, it is worth the money. This scanner provides you with many features that include the inspection of the OBD codes, ABS, and SRS and checking for the car’s engine health. The best thing about this product is that it supports Windows and Mac OS.

The above article includes a complete review of the Innova 7111. If you are also confused about picking the right scanner for your car. You can check out this article to clear all your doubts.

Innova 7111 scanner review
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